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#the buckley secret
itsclolostinstereo · 8 months ago
Mags & Phil: “You’re not a mother yet you wouldn’t understand “
Maddie thinking about how she raised Buck:
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aworldwithoutme · 7 months ago
Established Buddie.
Buck doesn't forgive his parents. His entire childhood can’t be condensed into his parents not mattering, because they do. The abuse and neglect left him haunted by problems and symptoms stacked which he’s barely touching the surface of with Dr. Copeland. Instead, he cuts them off.
He finally moves in with Eddie because Maddie slipped his address to their parents and he knows that if they are capable of stopping by his work to talk about private matters then they will ambush him at the loft.
Eddie tells Buck it’s not his responsibility to absolve his parents’ of their abuse and neglect. They let the grief of losing a child consume them enough to make their living children ghosts in their own home and that's not on Buck.
Buck is clear with Maddie about cutting them off. If she wants them in her life, wants to build a relationship with them, she keeps him out of it. No surprise dinners and no last minute “they’re here.” She will tell him with amp time so he doesn’t bump into them. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want her to coerce him into being her support system if she is willingly inviting her parents into her life, she will not say they are better, trying, nothing.
When she tries to protest, he reminds her that if she had no problem telling Chimney about the secret because he was family while not telling Buck, her brother, for 29 years, then she can continue to discuss their parents with Chimney and leave Buck out of it at his own request.
Eddie is just proud of Buck. How he’s sure of his boundaries and is clear on what he wants and has opened up to the people around him about it. He’s made it clear to the 118 that if they want to know something about the Buckley parents they can talk to Chim when Buck isn’t around. And Eddie is 100% happy to be the enforcer, a body guard of Buck’s. Because, despite him loving his found family, Buck is his immediate family now, his priority, and he will not stand by if Buck’s made uncomfortable or his boundaries are ignored because of nosiness or gossip--or even well-meaning, but invasive, concern.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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station-118 · 8 months ago
Why do I get the horrible feeling that their brother died from a disease after a long and drawn out battle fighting it, and the reason the Buckley parents had Buck in the first place was cause they need a donor kid who could help save their son but their first son died before Buck was born or maybe even right after. Or maybe like the first year or two of his life was spent donating bone marrow and shit and basically being a pin cushion but his brother still died anyway and he was just to young to remember all of that and that’s why his parents could never love him. Cause they put all the blame on him for not saving his older brother despite literally being just a baby!!! Oh look I’ve gone and hurt myself, if anyone needs me I’ll be crying in a corner for the forceeable future 😭
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mfontaine · 8 months ago
I want to see a word where danny lived
What would buck have been like
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buckleysbegins · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“There’s clearly something going on here but we're not ready to unpack all that”: The Series
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andrewjosephminyard · 8 months ago
okay but i wanna talk about maddie. i wanna talk about how she was the one who taught buck to ride a bike, she was the one who patched him up every time he got injured. she was the one who stood up for him against their parents. imagine how hard it would of been for her to say no to her baby brother when he begged her to let him stay with her because she knew keeping him away from her ex was what was safest for him. she loved her brother so much that she gave him the jeep knowing what the consequences could be because she wanted her brother to be free. you can see how desperate she was to just leave with buck, to just go and start a new life. she kept every postcard he sent her because they were the only connection she could allow herself to have. she kept them for years because the reminder of buck got her through hard times. she consistently encouraged buck to find his place in the world, always believed him, was always in his corner. she loves him so much and i’m sobbing
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skylessnights · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For who can be ashamed to lose to such beauty?
                                                   ― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles
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liesoverthec · 2 months ago
Buck saying that Maddie gave him baths when he was 2 is a really cute little memory offhand when he mentions it in 2x01.
.....until you think about the fact that Daniel had only died a year before so Margaret and Phillip were most likely still catatonic with grief. Maddie was probably the only one who made sure he was bathed, with no shampoo in his hair, and in clean clothes, and tucked into bed safe at the end of the day at that stage in his life.
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maddiebuckettebuckley · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I just remembered buck begins basically starts next week
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gins-potter · 8 days ago
my head is too empty at the moment but there is a connection somewhere about how buck was raised to believe that keeping secrets was how you protected someone (maddie not telling him about daniel) and having to come to the very real and very sudden realisation that keeping secrets can actually really hurt someone as well (him not telling chimney about maddie).
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princessfbi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happily Ever After
Bodyguard Boyfriend Beside Himself as Prince Checks into Rehab
“I Want to Live with Bobby!” says Young Prince
Royal’s Lover Splits: “Too Much Baggage!”
The headlines weren’t anything new—Eddie was pretty sure that he and Buck had broken up at least forty times in the last year according to the tabloids— but it was overwhelming to see them all at once.
But then Eddie’s phone chimed followed by another one and another one in rapid succession. The first was a stern email from the media liaison reminding Eddie to remain no comment. The second was a text from Chimney telling him not to say anything. The third wasn’t even a text message. It was a notification for his news app and the words across the banner had Eddie swearing as he abandoned his cart.
The Sequel No One Asked for to Prince Buck AU
Read on Ao3
Rated: M | Oneshot | Words: 22,435
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httpstaygold · 8 months ago
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datleggy · 5 months ago
Oh! For the potential pain but also h/c, maybe Buck explaining the Daniel situation to Christopher? As in he's a curious kid picking up that something happened and Buck doesn't want to lie to Chris
“Hey Bucky?” 
Buck looks up from where he’s shoveling a slice of pizza into his mouth. “What’s up?” he asks, ignoring the way Eddie eyes him for talking with his mouth full. 
Christopher purses his lips and tilts his little head sideways. “Um, are you ok?” 
Buck and Eddie trade brief looks before Buck replies, in a decidedly confused tone. “Yeah bud, of course I am, why uh, why wouldn’t I be?” 
“I heard Dad talking to you on the phone. Who’s Daniel?” The question is innocent as can be; Christopher is a kid, so obviously he’s curious. 
Still, the inquiry makes Buck’s chest tight and his palms clammy. “Oh.” 
Christophers face scrunches up with concern. “You look sad. Did I make you sad?” 
Eddie grimaces. Shit. He’d called Buck and invited him over tonight specifically so he could take his mind off the Buckley’s revealed tragic family secret. “Um, hey, how about maybe we finish dinner and then we can play some mario kart?” 
Buck shakes his head, though he’s grateful for the attempt at changing the subject, however clunky it may have been. “No, it’s fine, really. Christopher, you didn’t make me sad, ok? So no need to worry, I promise. Um, Daniel is--was--my brother.” he’s not sure how to explain the situation this complicated to a child. “He was...sick, and so we lost him when I was still too young to really remember him.” 
Christopher frowns sympathetically and rests a comforting hand on Buck’s arm. “Are you sad ‘cause you can’t remember him?” he asks. 
“Well, the truth is,” Buck gulps. “I was born to save him. But I couldn’t do that and so, yeah, finding that out did make me sad, but it was a long time ago and now that I know about it, I can move on.” 
“Born to save Daniel?” Christopher peers up at him past long lashes. “What does that mean?” 
Eddie loves his kids natural curiosity and the fact that he often learns so much just by continuing to ask questions and explore every avenue, but right now? Not so much. He can see Buck struggle with how to answer that and decides to try and step in again, hoping he won’t mind. 
“Chris, remember when Tia Lola in Texas had to go to the hospital for surgery?” 
Christopher nods, recalling the incident. “For a new liver!” 
Eddie nods. “Yeah, exactly. She needed a new liver and we were lucky to find a match and that someone was willing to donate a part of their liver for her. Buck’s situation was kind of similar to that. Daniel was really really sick but they couldn’t find anyone who was a perfect match.” 
"Oh!” Christopher hums thoughtfully. “So then they made Bucky?” he turns back to Buck, eyes wide. 
Buck’s smile is wonky at best but it’s there. “Yup. Unfortunately I was no good.” he shrugs. 
Christopher shakes his head adamantly, “You are good! You’re my Buck!” he wraps his arms around Buck’s shoulders and pulls him down so that Buck’s head is left to rest on Christopher’s tiny shoulder. “I’m happy they made you, ‘cause you saved me, remember?” 
Buck is careful not to hug back too tight, but he can’t quite hold back the tears when they start. Eddie quickly rounds the table and gathers the two of them against him, huddling down between them. “You’re gonna be ok, kid.” he mutters into Buck’s curls. 
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lovebuck · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
nothing to see but buck and eddie cleaning the truck :)
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patroclusdefencesquad · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
seen a lot of bashing of my favourite lady going around. y'all wanna fight?
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plistommy · 2 months ago
Robin: Why the hell are you sitting like that?
Steve, sitting legs crossed and on his right hip while leaning into the table: Like what?
Robin: Like you can’t put your ass down on the chair, you hurt or something, Little Stevie?
Steve: No, just-
Billy, smirking: Still sore from last night, Harrington?
Steve: BILLY!
Robin: ….
Robin: I fucking knew it.
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prettyboybuckley · 2 months ago
i just want something to hold on to (and a little of that human touch) by twofirefighterdads
3.7k | 1/1 | General Audience | No archive warnings apply Characters: Evan "Buck" Buckley, Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV), Howie "Chimney" Han, Henrietta "Hen" Wilson, Bobby Nash, Christopher Diaz (9-1-1 TV) (Mentioned) Additional Tags: Touch-Starved, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Touch-Starved Evan "Buck" Buckley, Secrets Revealed, the secret is Buck not telling anyone he's touch-starved, it's not a secret that he's an idiot, Love Confessions, of sorts, Hugs, Cuddling & Snuggling, Mental Health Issues, Insomnia Series: Part 6 of Buddie Bingo
I hurt myself by writing this... Buck, I love you, but you are a stupid, stupid boy... This is my fill for the 'Secrets Revealed' square for my @buddiebingo Card combined with touch-starved Buck, as prompted by @zorraansiando beta'd by the lovely @honestlydarkprincess and @morganofthefairies 💕
So yeah, he’s not really getting his fix when it comes to physical affection, but he thought it would be fine. Surely he could deal with that, right?
Except he can’t.
It’s not just the overwhelming sense of loneliness that coming home to an empty apartment after not having any privacy for months brings.
He hasn’t had a proper hug in weeks, all he’s been getting is small, accidental touches on the job, a slip of a hand here, a shoulder bump there. It makes his heart soar every time, but it can’t lift the weight that seems to have permanently settled in his stomach.
OR: Buck is touch starved, but decides to hide it, you know, like an idiot
Read on AO3
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