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Day 4 is Belladonna! Also known as deadly nightshade, the uh, least edible member of the tomato/nightshade family, even for people who are not tragically allergic. 

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When I do the CLAMP text post meme thing, I do try…

it takes a special kind of disaster to reach Fai and Watanuki levels of sadness, and they are absolutely the most fun to throw shade at (ps I love your edits)

They were made for shade.

And thanks! <3

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thegorgonist replied to your photo: cityofcards: You really are. One more panel from…

Man, so pretty! The colors are cool and dreamy~

Thanks dude <3

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I also ordered these super cute rat babies 💕🐀🐁 I’m gonna put them on either side of the lapel on my jacket. I’ve ordered from this shop before and the quality of my last purchase was fantastic. Shop:

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I really like these cephalopod necklaces I got on Etsy by @thegorgonist

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hesmiledlikeaweatherman reblogged your photoset:

cityofcards: BOOKS First round of proofs showed…

These look SO AMAZING, CJ!!! I can’t wait

karimuffin replied to your photoset:

cityofcards: BOOKS First round of proofs showed…

Congrats! >

thegorgonist replied to your photoset:

cityofcards: BOOKS First round of proofs showed…


Thank you guys and to everyone that comment and shared and liked and all that this is huge and like… thank you ;___; <3 The kickstarter should hopefully be up in a week or two at the most just making sure everything is perfect.

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color test for Star Trash–Clash is a champion couch surfer

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thegorgonist replied to your post: GLOW is amazing

IT LOOKED FUN but I worried–now I’ll give it a shot!

It’s honestly way more engaging than I thought. I’m from the 80′s so I know for some younger people it might be a little… Culture-shock-ish, but to me it’s pretty accurate in terms of general attitudes while also clearly keeping a firm hand in touch with today’s more modern values. It is also super cool to see a really diverse cast of women with genuinely relatable or believable characters, I am really digging it!

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thegorgonist replied to your post “I know my track record w this is “late as fuck” but would anyone like…”

I’m always thinking about the ways in which they revisited themes from TB in holic… Maybe its because my comic career is just starting at 30, but I think a lot about how many years passed between writing those two comics for them and how that affected (or didn’t affect!) what they ended up doing with them….

:D :D :D  this is such a good question!!! it is my personal opinion that tbx is continued (thematically at least) in trc/xxxholic. most of clamp’s works deal with the idea of “wishing” and “connection to others/isolation” and “predestination” together so rg veda is one facet of that, tbx is another, clover is another, trc/holic is another, etc. the wish/legal drug clusterfuck is a subset of the wishing theme, and honestly is important to mind when talking about clamp’s thematical continuity especially in the context of xxxholic, as the series not only crosses over with it but borrows its quest-arc format

and really, i think given how much i harp on the moral themes common to clamp works, that narrative format is a good place to start here! i’m a big believer of form reflecting function, especially with clamp who are so good at reflecting thematic lessons in the narrative structure, especially re: destiny implications. this is a post where i talk abt narrative form relating to its function in clover, including comparisons to X/TRC. however, the use of non-chronological storytelling isn’t a thing in either TB or holic, because the emphasis in both stories is not on destiny but on the relationship between wishes and isolation/connection.

they both share a format of - well, not monster of the week precisely, but think detective series where each arc or story set is a case. (Other clamp works with this format: 20 Masks, Duklyon, Clamp School Detectives, Legal Drug. All are comedic, generally!) following tb -> holic specifically, of their large continuity of thematic continuations, is particularly pointed given their shared narrative format. each “case” (or perhaps for xxholic, “transaction”) has a primary plot that doesn’t so much advance the main plot as it reveals information about the characters involved. in tb it’s because there is no true conflict, unlike western three or five act structure but very much like kishotenketsu; in xxxholic, the main “plot” is handled principally by tsubasa’s characters. each case/transaction presents a problem or moral quandary which the characters must grapple with - a price to pay or a lesson to be learned. they develop, and the variation in topic from case to case to case allows for depth and breadth of character development.

so having addressed that, we can start taking a look at the parallels in individual morals of the mini-stories in tb/holic! 

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Beach Witch Club

My April challenge illustration.  The words were turquoise, blood orange, seagull, old shoes, I think?  I ended up with three 13-year-old witches who have formed a flying club in their small coastal town.  Very Kiki’s Delivery Service, I know~~~  This is a bit different for me to do a stand-alone illustration in my comic art style, but I’l doing a bajillion comic pages all the time now so it just kinda felt natural.

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Finished commission of TheGorgonist’s gemsona moonstone, the original intent was to do a comic for her, but I kinda was at a loss of ideas so I went all out on a picture. I hope it is okay.

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ravicorn replied to your post “Can backless/low drapey backed menswear start being a thing or”

let’s make it a thing.

thegorgonist replied to your post:

“Can backless/low drapey backed menswear start being a thing or”

Yes, this needs to be a thing. You would rock it!

K this is happening now. I have started sketching. 

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thegorgonist is responsible for our amazing logo & banner art, and we would love to take a moment of your time to direct you to her tumblr! Check out her Monstrously Charming Illustrations and BUY HER STUFF! Supporting local is shopping smart! We love you, Robin!

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Pride & Prejudice lit poster for Austen fans!

Mister Darcy’s first proposal didn’t go over so well.  I tried to capture his combo of ego and awkwardness, and her utter repulsion at the affront!  Her bajillion sisters are all in the back ^^

You can get a print on my etsy in different sizes!

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