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lessrthanthree · 9 months ago
The weather is changing and autumn is about to arrive and im so incredibly happy you dont even know. Probably a lot of you guys know that im from vegas, and this is the first time ive lived anywhere else. This is the first time ive seen all the trees and plants start to change colors. This is the first time ive been able to sit by water (water of all things! imagine! a lake!!! dont get this nice shit in vegas!) outside in nature drinking hot coco in september, when it's 50 degrees before noon. This is spectacular. This is everything. I cant wait to see snow for the first time in like 5 years. God i love this so much
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dykedelion · 9 months ago
my mom just tried to talk to me again and like. i can’t even bring myself to say it out loud to her. i’m so fine being out to friends and even strangers but my mom? i can’t do it. like she knows but she doesn’t actually know anything specific or real, just that i’m not straight and like. i’m so scared i’m so so scared
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redrosefields · 9 months ago
dream has such a beautiful and pure heart. he truly just wants to make people happy and be a good influence i haven’t seen that in a cc in forever and it’s so genuine
you’re so right!! every time i think we’ve seen him at his kindest, he goes one step further and it’s so lovely to see
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apricot-antlers · a year ago
My mum called me out of the blue to tell me she was watching The Umbrella Academy, that her favourite character is Klaus, and that she needs to go to bed because she only started watching it today but is already halfway through season 2.
"Jesus-man Klaus has such lovely hair doesn't he? Those hand tattoos must have hurt though"
Tumblr media
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siriuslyjames · 2 years ago
Minerva: Black and Lupin just kissed.
Pomona: Helga, can't they wait a month?
Horace: Or even a day??
Minerva: Pass me the money bitches.
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eventingarab · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm not normally the type to take photos of my food, but these meals were a little special.
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lladyariall · 2 years ago
Before Asterix sees Obelix:
Tumblr media
After he sees him:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xxsanshinexx · 2 years ago
Cali girl in Virginia
My initial observations:
• green so green why so green
• trees!! So many big giants!! How!?!?
• where mountains ?? Where my big rocky friends??
• water ?? WATER ?? SO AGUA ?? much water why you have so much water?? HOW is there this much water ??
• I’m going to jump in one of these man made ponds no law can stop me and my lack of seeing standing water
• where r your fences ? Why houses so big ?
• everything so big and open here ?? How ??
This ends my intial oberservations
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dannybagpipesarecalling · 2 years ago
When you’re frantically writing that thing but you aren’t even sure if you like it because it’s kinda dark in places and you usually write fluffy stuff.  Hmmmmm.
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captain-booty-bae · 3 years ago
A cute HC for Miyusawa: Miyuki becomes a undercover body Model (after being scouted) instantly recognized by the one and only Sawamura during his final year of high school. After Sawamura found out, the team finds out and chaos ensues
Omg this is so cute! So I tried writing it and I forgot that supposedly Miyuki’s already gone pro and Eijun should be on his final year so sadly this turns out differently. 
Annnnd I apologize if this is bad cause I wrote it for like half an hour, and my grammar sucks.
So in this one, Eijun is still a first-year and Miyuki is the captain. AHHHHHHHHH I’ll try rewriting this as pro!miyuki and 3rdyr!Sawamura but I’m still busy with college right now so please bear with this one instead.
As he stepped inside the cafeteria, he noticed a bunch of his teammates was huddled in some table. He quickly made his way to his pink-haired friend and take a sit oppositely to Furuya who is trying not to fall asleep while eating.
“What’s the commotion, Haruchi?” He asked as he takes a glance across the room.
“They’re looking to some sports magazine, Eijun-kun. And you should get your fair share of food before the others eat everything.” Haruichi replied and smile when he saw his friend scramble to get up and get his lunch to the cafeteria lady while shouting “LEAVE ME SOME PLEASE!!!”
 When Eijun got his portion, he bowed and quickly offer his thanks to the cafeteria lady. He started to make his way back to his friends when he noticed his teammates again who were, haruchi said, looking to some sports magazine. Curiosity got the best of him and he made a beeline to where Kanemaru is hunching down and situate himself across the blond.
 “Hey what’s that?”
Several heads turned when his voice rang out the table. Scratching his head, Kanemaru answered, “We’re looking for a new sports shirt and we heard that this magazine is really popular for sports attire.”
Kuramochi snorts and rolls his eyes, “Well no wonder it’s popular, seriously, it’s like their selling bodies instead of things!!!” His green-haired senpai exclaimed while waving his hand to show his frustration.
Gleaming gold eyes stares back at Kuramochi and he asked, “What do you mean they’re selling bodies?”
Kuramochi sighs I forgot, Sawamura is an idiot. “No no no. I’m not explaining it to you. You’re too stupid to understand it anyway.” Kuramochi snickers as he reached across Sawamura to smack him on the head.
Eijun winced as he strongly disagrees with Kuramochi’s statement, “I AM NOT THAT STUPID!!!!!”
So, you do really admit that you’re somehow stupid. The rest of the Seidou team thought as Kuramochi slaps the table and laughed at the southpaw pitcher.
Eijun huffed as he swiped the magazine away from Kanemaru’s hand that earned him a “HEY” from the blond. He quickly mumbled, “Just let me see.”
His attention then turned to the magazine on his hands who is currently featuring a half-naked male wearing a white baseball tight pants that hugged his form perfectly. He gazed downwards and blushed furiously when he noticed the huge bulge in the model’s crotch area. This is bad. The southpaw pitcher thought as he continued staring at the male model’s body. Can this be considered as cheating? I mean liking somebody else’s body than K-Kazuya. His eyes grew wide, W-wait.  
“Oi Sawamura! You’ve been staring at the model’s body intensely. Don’t tell me that shits turning you on.” A voice pipes up but he ignored it as he continued to study the model’s body.
“Y-you-san?!” Haruichi exclaimed. He didn’t even notice Haruchi and Furuya at his side. He gripped the magazine tightly as he rakes the body on the magazine with his eyes.
This can’t be. The chest, the mole on his collarbone, the abs, the little scar on the left side close to the ribs, the belly button….. this is not right. It looks like—
 “M-MIYUKI KAZUYA!!!!!!!” He now wonders why his eyes didn’t fell out, his eyes couldn’t grow possibly wider than this now.
“Oi oi oi, don’t just casually shout that four-eyes name. Seriously, what’s with you bakamura” Kuramochi scowled at the southpaw pitcher form as he thought of the possibilities as to why Sawamura is acting like that.
“No! no! You don’t understand Kuramochi-senpai!” He shouted frantically, his hands shaking as he slams the magazine back to the table and he looks up, eyes screaming of disbelief as he said, “WHY THE HELL IS MIYUKI KAZUYA ON THIS MAGAZINE?!!!!”
Silence engulfed in the cafeteria, all eyes trained on the First-year southpaw pitcher.
“W-what do you mean, Bakamura?” Kanemaru manages to croak out as he glanced around the table and saw all of the Seidou team had stopped eating.
“THIS!” He points at the model, “WHY THE HELL IS MIYUKI KAZUYA IN HERE?!” Eijun throws his hand in the air, “THAT CHEST, ABS, ALL OF THAT!!!!!—” He stopped and frowned That damn tanuki. Why didn’t he tell me this? his hands formed into a fist as he tries to calm his heart down. No, this can’t do. He grabs the magazine and dashed his way to room 203.
“What just happened?” Maezono said and no one answered him.
A loud bang resonates in the room, He groggily stands up as he reached for his glasses and half-heartedly answer, “What did I do to have you banging at my door so early in the morning?”
He sighs as he made his way to his door with a scowl plastered on his face, he mumbles back, “It’s our day off, of course, it’s still early.” He turned the doorknob and came face to face with a magazine and a shout, “WHAT IS THIS MIYUKI KAZUYA!”
He swatted the magazine away from his face, “You’re too loud.”
“I have every right to be loud right now, Kazuya!” He perks up as he heard his first name uttered by the first-year pitcher, a swell on his chest, he unknowingly rubs his chest with his left hand as he tries to stop himself from smiling fondly at the brunette.
“Okay. Let’s take this inside.” The Catcher steps in the side as Eijun grudgingly made his way inside the room and drop himself to Kazuya’s bed.
“To what do I owe the pleasure to have my favorite first year visit me so early in the morning?” He said cheerfully as he situates himself beside the pitcher. The grimace on Eijun’s face didn’t go unnoticed by him and He snickers as he waits for Eijun’s reply.
The pitcher’s reply isn’t what he expected though, “Kazuya, what’s the meaning of this?” Eijun throws something on his lap and he stiffened when he realizes what the thing is.
“Uhh… That’s a magazine?” He answers back nervously as he glances at his boyfriend’s frame and notices that his knuckles turning white from gripping the bed sheet. “Eijun—” He didn’t manage to finish it when his back hits the bed. Eijun straddled his lap, hair covering his eyes and He jerks back when the pitcher slides his shirt upwards, revealing his chest.
“Oi oi you could have just told me—” He was interrupted again when Eijun slaps his sides and loudly exclaim, “THIS IS MINE!”
His eyes grew wide like saucers as he studies Eijun’s expression. His eyes stray back to the magazine at his side and saw his picture, well his body’s picture, on the magazine that he had a photoshoot last week. He quickly put the pieces together Ah, my Eijun’s getting possessive. He chuckles as he sits up and snakes his hand on Eijun’s back. He smirked when his pitcher shivers from the touch,
“W-what are y-you doing, y-you tanuki bastard?!” The southpaw stutters and circles his arms on the other man’s neck as he steadies himself on his boyfriend’s lap.
He freezes when a hand cradles his face and Kazuya noticed this, he quickly brushed the stray hair on Eijun’s face and he smirked, “Is my Eijun getting possessive over me?”
Eijun flushed but he immediately regained his composure. He scowls back at Kazuya and said, “You’re mine. No one else’s but mine.” His arms tightened on Kazuya’s neck, “I—It angers me, knowing that others can see this—” He slides his hands on the catcher’s chest and Kazuya’s breath hitched and he croaks out a reply “You do know that we have a public bath here so technically, almost all of the Seidou team has seen me naked.”
“But it’s not the same.”
He locked eyes with Eijun,
Copper meets Gold
“Yes, it’s not the same. They can see this, but they can’t touch it.” He captures Eijun’s lips and bites back a moan when his pitcher kissed him back. Eijun pulls away and said—
“I’ll let this slide today bastard.” And dives back for a kiss.
Back in the cafeteria where all of the Seidou team stared at the door dumbfounded. One question rang up in their head repeatedly,
How the hell did Sawamura recognize it as Miyuki’s body?
 Then they all thought back when Sawamura shouted earlier, “The chest, the abs—”
A dark aura suddenly spread in the cafeteria as a green-haired man mumbles dangerously, “That fucking good-for-nothing captain.”    
Then just like a lightning bolt, almost all of the first strings scramble their way out of the cafeteria and dashes to room 203 where a certain tanuki captain resides with one thought ringing through the baseball team members, “MUST AVENGE SAWAMURA’S PURITY.”
Furuya who was left behind at the cafeteria, with a stoic face, lets out a quiet voice, “Miyuki-senpai’s body looks nice in the magazine.”
Disbelief flashed across the remaining team members in the cafeteria as they stare back at the monster-rookie.
Later on, a yelp can be heard throughout the Seidou’s dorms,
And no one even bats an eye when they heard,
Surprisingly, Miyuki Kazuya, as an undercover body model, was left forgotten as almost all of the Baseball team are too busy protecting Sawamura’s purity.
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bit-of-whimsy · 2 years ago
i love my boyfriend so dearly, he's so so good to me and i rlly and truly do deserve it all bc the bar was on the ground and my exes DUG, but xander be out here raising it higher and higher and also bein in love is NEAT
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rainrose · 3 years ago
happy pride month
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galchenyum · 3 years ago
Tampa like actually broke down huh
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the-blind-geisha · 3 years ago
Doing a voice chat with an artist you admire like:
Tumblr media
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gaiapapoila · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Day 14 | violet vibes
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relaxxattack · a month ago
tbfh i love when people will headcanon characters as being of their culture and then draw little comics of them participating in traditions that the artist is clearly intimately familiar with. like YESSS share your personal cultural experiences with me through the blorbos!!! i love to see it!!!!!!!
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heckyeahponyscans · 4 months ago
So in the past few years I’ve seen so many videos / posts that are like:
“Actually wolves don’t have hierarchies!  They live in family groups where the ‘alphas’ are mom and dad and the other wolves are their CHILDREN and offer their respect willingly! :D”
and I just have to say
how dare you try to make normative nuclear families out of wolves
Yes, a lot of the old “nature red in tooth and claw” stuff about wolves is nonsense. (Like anything from Jack London.) And anything ‘alpha’ you see sleazy men trying to relate to dating (yikes!) is especially nonsense.
But wolves are complex social creatures and they create complex social structures. Just as you can’t say “THIS is the way human society is structured. Just THIS single way and no other”, so too there is no single form for a wolf pack.  
Some packs are a mom wolf and a dad wolf and their wolf children.  Others are two small ragged packs that combine to form a large pack.  Others are packs where a lone wolf joins and eventually becomes a leader. Others are packs where a grown child-wolf has pushed their parent out of the leadership role.
Speaking of the latter, let’s look at the tale of Wolf 40 and Wolf 42.
Wolf 40, Wolf 41, and Wolf 42 were wild Yellowstone wolves, daughters of the alphas. Their father was illegally killed by hunters and shortly after ambitious Wolf 40 ousted her mother, driving her out of the pack.  Wolf 21 became the new alpha male, and 40′s mate.
Tumblr media
Wolves have personalities, and Wolf 40′s personality was “volatile”.  Imagine Scar from The Lion King combined with the boss from Office Space, and you have Wolf 40.  She habitually bullied the other female wolves, attacking them until they expressed abject submission.  And the wolves that got the worst of it were her sisters, Wolves 41 and 42.
Wolf 41 got tired of the bullying and left.  Wolf 42 remained, perhaps because she was close to Wolf 21, the alpha male.  Despite that, Wolf 21 did not interfere when his mate harassed Wolf 42.
Unlike 40, Wolf 42 got along well with the other female wolves, spending time grooming them and relaxing with them. Wolf 40 could have followed her sister’s example and built up positive social bonds. But she didn’t.
One day, Wolf 40 went out on an important task.  She was going to kill another litter of her sister’s pups--having done the same in two previous years.  This isn’t uncommon wolf behavior (but is not universal, as we will see.)  Typically only the alphas breed.
However, Wolf 40 never returned from her important task because Wolf 42--who previously had submitted to her alpha and sister, who had allowed the killing of two previous litters of pups--had had enough.  She fought back.
And the other female wolves jumped to aid her.
Collectively, they killed Wolf 40. Because “alpha” isn’t a magic cloak of protection, it doesn’t even mean “strongest wolf”, it’s just a job title.
The next day Wolf 42 carried her pups, one by one, to her sister’s den.  She set her children among the pups of her dead sister and raised both litters together. And when another wolf in the pack had pups, Wolf 42 carried them to the den to be communally raised as well.  She was the alpha female now and she made the rules, and the first rule was “we don’t hurt pups here.”
As for Wolf 21, he became the mate of Wolf 42.  Maybe he understood that Wolf 40 had been riding for a fall. 
Tumblr media
As alpha female, Wolf 42 continued to be supportive and kind towards the other pack members.  Wolves who had been nervous wrecks under Wolf 40 began to relax and come into their own; one of the former omega wolves gained self-confidence and became one of the best hunters.
“Alpha”, for wolves, just means leader.  They might be good leaders, whom you respect, or they might be bad leaders, who fill you with dread.  They might be your parents, or they might not.  Even if they are your mother or father, wolves don’t contextualize those relationships the same way humans do.
But one thing wolves have in common with humans is that they have individual personalities and experiences, and their actions derive from those.  There is no “typical wolf pack.” And I think that’s beautiful.
If you want to learn more about wild wolf dynamics, I recommend reading the annual Yellowstone Wolf Project Reports.  Which are FASCINATING.  There are also some good wildlife specials out there.
Wolves are my favorite animal. <3  It pains me to see them misunderstood as crazed bloodthirsty brutes, but it also pains me to see them woobified.  They deserve better than that.
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creekfiend · 16 days ago
Ok so the thing about reading like books which are "predictable" is that I, a story enjoyer, go completely bonkers about it bc its like Enrichment in my Enclosure. A scene parallels another earlier scene between different characters thus serving to highlight the differences in their views and priorities???? A line makes me think "hmmm I bet that's gonna be relevant later" ends up being relevant later????? I am a tiger chewing ice cubes out of a pumpkin. I'm so so happy. Please foreshadow more things. Throw the completely anticipateable plot beats at me like catnip mousies!!!!!
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magnusedom · 3 months ago
that "robert pattinson could do batman but christian bale couldn't do twilight" post is so funny cause do y'all even know who christian bale is. have y'all watched any of his movies. girl he could literally play bella swan if he wanted to
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mumblesplash · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this is still so funny to me
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