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I had an idea of plankton having heterochromia, which is why he wears the eyepatch (ill explain later in the post) so I drew it. also him having his hair down, which accidentally made him look like thor


okay now to explain the heterochromia idea: heterochromia is when someone has like,,, two different color eyes, that’s the basic, watered down version but whatever. also, light blue eyes are more sensitive to light than other colors. so, what if plankton has heterochromia and his blue eye is just absurdly sensitive, so he wears an eyepatch to protect it? its silly, but I love the idea that he doesn’t actually have anything wrong with the eye, so everyone expects a crazy scar or something, and instead its just a blue eye. anyways that’s my bullshit, enjoy!

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oh my gosh, my birthday was saved by the sweetest, most heartfelt message ever from Wesley Taylor!!! hes an amazing performer who I really look up to, and his performance is my favorite thing about the spongebob musical (which is a hyperfixation that’s getting me through a lot recently) and to hear so much kindness directed right at me, by name, was incredibly special.

If you dont know, hes doing these shout-outs on a website called Cameo, where basically you pay for a short video from a famous person. Wesley is donating all of the money from his to the Actors Fund, which “supports performers and behind-the-scenes workers in performing arts and entertainment :)”

here’s a link if you want one!

Mariah Rose Faith has a page too, she’s donating proceeds to Feeding America!

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Sometimes you simply have to sit down and think about how you moved to a small town once your mom healed up from being sick… how you moved in with your grouchy artistic uncle… how you tried to get a job at the restaurant he works at, but were so offended by how the boss was treating you that you left to go work for his rival instead… and once you walked in through the doors and smelled the food they were cooking you realized why the place had no customers… and then you saw the owner and forget the food I’ll work here just to look at him everyday.

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musical bootleg people, is there a bootleg for cabaret? specifically the cast with Wesley taylor? I know being picky about the cast is a shitty thing to do, im sorry, but im just a die hard fan of Wesley and know he was in cabaret so I wanna see it. if there is, someone please dm about it lmao. if ya want to trade bootlegs, I have spongebob, evil dead, and alice by heart.

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Up half the night enjoying how cute this is, but wondering how it’ll work humanized. Would Wesley be behind Ethan, using him like a human shield? Or would Wesley be climbing onto Ethan’s back piggy back style? Or would Wesley be holding a doll of Plankton on Ethan’s head?

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actortherapynyc: NOW ENROLLING ACTOR THERAPY SUMMER INTENSIVE 2020! First deadline for scholarships March 20! NEW YORK OR BUST (July 27–August 7, Ages 18-29) and COLLEGE PREP (July 27–August 7, Ages 18-29)! Register now at ☀️

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