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#zutara incorrect quotes
stardust948 · 4 days ago
[Sokka finding out he's an uncle]
Sokka: *unwraps a baby's onesie*
Sokka: Let's go!!! This is sick!
Sokka: Come here Momo *tries to put the onesie on him*
Zuko: Sokka it's not for Momo.
Sokka: Then who's it for?
Sokka: NO!
Sokka: *Spins Katara around laughing* LET'S GO!!!
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heleq · 4 months ago
Katara: *running towards Zuko with open arms*
Zuko: *moves out of the way*
Katara: Hey, why'd you move?
Zuko: I thought you were going to attack me.
Katara: I was going to hug you!
Zuko: Why would you hug me?
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itsfirelordazula · 4 months ago
zuko: hey can you hold this?
katara: this is your hand
zuko: I know
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pineapple-frenzy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Based on this post by @stardust948
Pov: you're one of those people who talk shit about Katara and Zuko is having none of it
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comradeszuko · 8 months ago
Zuko: You're the love of my life and my best friend, I'd do anything for you.
Katara: I want you to eat three meals a day and sleep a decent amount.
Zuko: Absolutely not.
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soopersara · 7 months ago
Katara: Zuko, didn't I ask you to be my impulse control?
Zuko: Yes, you did.
Katara: So why did you let me come home with five kittens?
Zuko: I'm really curious what you thought was going to happen when you put my name and 'impulse control' in the same sentence.
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starry-nights12 · 5 months ago
Katara:(shivers) I'm cold
Zuko:Well here,take my jacket.
Katara:I love you.
Aang:I'm cold too.
Toph:Well damn,Aang! I can't control the weather!
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hi-zuko-here76 · 7 months ago
Zuko: would you consider me your boyfriend?
Katara: yes? what else would you be considered as?
Zuko: I don’t know. an embarrassment? a way to rebel against your parents? a cry for help? i don’t know, the list is endless.
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hi-zuko-here0 · 9 months ago
Katara (concussed): *reaches out and touches zuko’s hair while he’s talking*
Zuko, stops talking:
Katara: I like your hair
later (a couple days)
Katara (no longer concussed): good night, Zuko
Zuko: wait, *grabs her arm* Do you still like my hair?
is this just a queen gambit’s scene tweaked? yes. i have no shame because i thought it was cute.
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omgkatara · 7 months ago
zuko: guys katara kissed me.
sokka: she did what!?
aang: tell us everything.
zuko: it was... unbelievable.
aang: ok, but we want to hear everything.
sokka: no we don’t.
aang: sokka shut up and go get some snacks. zuko, does this end well, or do we need to get the tissues?
zuko: oh, it ended very well.
sokka: what’d you mean it ended very well!?
aang: yeah zuko, let’s hear about the kiss. was it like, a soft brush against your lips? or it was like a, you know, “I gotta have you know” kinda thing?
zuko: well, at first it was really intense, you know? and then we just sort of sunk into it...
sokka: woah woah wooaah!! buddy you better stop right there.
aang: noooo I wanna hear more, ok so was she like holding you or were her hands like on your face...
katara: and then I kissed him.
toph: tongue?
katara: yeah.
toph: cool.
suki: nice.
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stardust948 · 17 days ago
Katara: *yawns*
Zuko: Yeah, being that pretty must be tiring.
Katara: Then you must be exhausted.
Toph: Will you two shut up? Some of us are lonely.
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liliesforeveryfandom · 5 months ago
(Katara staring at Zuko)
Zuko: Um, is there something wrong Katara?
Katara: *sighs* How many times do I have to stare at you until you confess your undying love for me?
Zuko: W-what?
Katara: Nevermind, Prince Oblivious.
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likefirings · 9 months ago
Modern AU at the hospital!
Katara: You're bleeding! Can you tell me your type?
Zuko: Brunette, blue eyes, bright smile--
Katara, dying: Your blood type!
Zuko: Oh. Red?
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itsfirelordazula · 11 months ago
*zuko and katara after their life-changing trip*
zuko: so hm... are we friends?
katara: I guess
zuko: you sure?
katara: sure
zuko: should we kiss?
katara: NO
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comradeszuko · 8 months ago
Aang: Truth or dare?
Zuko: Dare.
Aang: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room.
Zuko: Cool. Sokka?
Sokka: *blushes* Yeah?
Zuko: Can you move? I'm trying to get to Katara.
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soopersara · 8 months ago
Zuko and Katara are having their morning tea when their two year old daughter toddles in.
Zuko: Good morning, Kya.
Kya: No!
Zuko: ... It's not a good morning?
Kya: No! It not morning!
Katara: Sweetie, the sun is up. It is morning.
Kya: No, Mama! No, Papa!
Zuko: ...
Katara: ...
Kya: It still nighttime.
Kya: *sprawls out across Zuko's lap*
Kya: Night-night.
Kya: *yawns and falls back asleep*
Zuko: Katara, I think our daughter is starting to take after you.
Katara: Don't be ridiculous. I've never done that.
Zuko: Three days ago. You laid on top of me so I couldn't get out of bed in the morning.
Katara: Yeah, but I told you that you couldn't get up because it was morning. I didn't say that the sun was wrong. Big difference.
Zuko: ... We're going to have to have this exact conversation with Kya in about four years, aren't we?
Katara: Probably, yes.
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zhtara · 8 months ago
Zuko: I made tea.
Katara: I don’t want tea.
Zuko: I did not make tea for you. This is my tea.
Katara: Then why are you telling me?
Zuko: It is a conversation starter.
Katara: That’s a lousy conversation starter.
Zuko: Oh, is it? We are conversing. Checkmate.
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