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#the guardians of the galaxy

Peter: I must keep my identity a secret! It will keep me and those I love safe.

Also Peter: *introduces himself to a wizard dude he just met, with his mask off, as Peter Parker and THEN as Spider-Man* *and takes it off again when the Guardians meet them* *and again to Mysterio, whom he also doesn’t know*

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the funniest thing is that thor has ABSOLUTELY no idea what he’s signed up for when he squaded up w the guardians of the galaxy. he’s just like , space ??? check. tree and rabbit???? COOL. let’s do This let’s GOOOOO. but he’s really not ready for the messy family of part time good guys part time criminals he’s cruising w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quill: Hey, Tony! What master do you serve?


Tony, rolling his eyes and smirking: What am I supposed to say? Stephen?

Stephen: I’m putting them both in the Dark Dimension.

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It’s been forever and I’m still thinking about the fact that Starlord, Drax, Mantis, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Iron Man almost took down Thanos with four Infinity Stones on their own

Meanwhile all the Avengers and a whole ass army needed all six Infinity Stones to take down a Thanos with no Infinity Stones

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