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inthefeedback · 11 minutes ago
Thoughts on TAZ Balance?
god it’s such a fucking GOOD campaign, it made me cry multiple times which is a feat by itself. i’ve debated on restarting it despite not having listened to the other campaigns yet bc i love it so much
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ijaazat · 46 minutes ago
whenever i see you on my dash its just *heart opening animation* ijaazat my beloved
everytime I make a post I'm like "I'm so fucking annoying I should like [redacted]" but it's supporters like you which make me keep on going 😳🫂😔🍇🍊🥰... on a serious note I've never been in a heart locket this is my first I will cherish it forever <3
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Tumblr media
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loveaholic · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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minadreams · an hour ago
Missing Piece
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You have always felt like you were missing something...
Pairing: Kuroo x y/n
Tumblr media
You had always felt like there was an important piece missing from your life. You couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first and tried to ignore the constant nag. However, fate wouldn’t let you ignore destiny.
Fate had your missing piece crash into you from around the corner. This was pretty bad as you had a cup of coffee in your hand at the time. The cup had ended up flying out of your hands, luckily it was a recyclable cup and it didn’t break. The person who had crashed into you apologized profusely and asked to take you to a café to replace your lost coffee. You had said yes to his offer, not knowing just how much it would change your life.
Ever since that day you and Kuroo had become inseparable. He was there to help you up when you fell down; he made you feel appreciated more than anyone else ever could. He had you feeling something entirely new that you couldn’t explain. It was a warm feeling; one that gave you butterflies and pangs in your chest.
“Y/N, what are you trying to say?”
“Shh, I’m getting to it,” you put your finger to his lip to shush him.
“What I’m trying to say is that I’ve felt like I’ve always had a piece of me missing and now I’ve found that piece,” you blushed and continued, “that piece is you.”
Kuroo grabbed you and pulled you close. He stared down into your eyes. “Y/N, I feel the same. I love you.”
You stared up at him in shock, not expecting him to announce it. Once you got over your initial shock you said, “I love you too.”
Kuroo pressed his lips to yours and kissed you passionately. After so long you finally felt whole and at home with his kiss.
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hunterxfics · an hour ago
YALL🥺🥺🥺 I need to show off my newest Campika commission bc it just has me so soft I can’t get over how 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 PERFECT IT IS!!!!
Tumblr media
soft mornings with my love🥺🥺🥺 I’m SO in love with this man mmmmm<333 HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND JUST EEEEE I LOVE THE SOFT ROMANTIC VIBES I’m not even a morning person but he’s turned me into one bc I just love spending every moment with him<3333
(art by the AMAZING xeno_vulture on insta!)
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rodrikstark · an hour ago
for the ask game! - 🎤
thank you bb!!!!
i gotta go with my favorite fic here (faith in ever after) and if i could copy and paste almost the entirety of part 3 i would, but...👀
   His hands move to grab at your hips, a couple of his long fingers clumsily slipping underneath your little pajama shorts. He pulls you closer, slowly, down the length of his solid thigh, as he props his foot up on your coffee table, so you can’t fight the pull of gravity and the pull of him trapping you against his chest.    “And then in the morning we’ll finally grab that coffee, yeah?”
GAH 😖💕😫❤🥺💕
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straggy-luvs-u · 2 hours ago
helloo first of all i love you<3 and how exciting you make everything and just seeing you on my dash honestly makes me smile everyday. you're such a kind and thoughtful person and i really really hope you get everything you want in life (plus you objectively have the best url in the phandom) <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UUHHHHMM hi bestie this so sweet thank you i love you 🥺💞✨🌸💕💘💖
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julek · 2 hours ago
these hands make clean
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The innkeeper frowns deeply as they make their way in. Geralt’s armour is dripping onto her floorboards, the stench of the fight seeping into her wooden walls, and Jaskier, well — his clothes have definitely seen better days. He’s drenched in sweat, blood splattered across his body like he’s a blank canvas, the mud drying on his boots and knees, reaching all the way up to his chin. Still, he flashes the woman his best winning smile, but as Geralt snorts beside him, he realizes his teeth are also caked in dirt.
He needs a bath. Desperately. 
“This is the last time I come to your rescue,” he says as they make their way up the stairs, aiming for a severe tone but coming up soft. “Our agreement was that you’d take care of all things bloody and dirty, while I’d sing prettily about it.”
“I agreed to no such thing,” Geralt replies, pushing the door open. “Nor do I recall asking for your help.”
Jaskier walks in and steers himself in direction to the bath, before he unthinkingly collapses onto the bed. He starts undoing his doublet — by heart, given he can’t see the buttons — as he paces around the room. “Oh, I know,” he says, flicking some mud at Geralt’s tired expression. “But what would you have done if I hadn’t been there to come sweeping in and, and— save the day? Admit it, you benefited from my help.”
“You fell face-first onto the mud and almost got killed,” Geralt says, amused. “Don’t see how that could’ve possibly helped.”
Jaskier clicks his tongue, like he’s done a thousand times at the Witcher’s nonsense, but murmurs a soft thank you when Geralt fills the tub with igni-warm water. He fetches his soap from his pack, and goes boneless as he sits in the bath, a small sigh escaping his lips — he’s tired. He starts scrubbing vigorously at his skin, the soap turning scarlet as he goes over his knees, his chest, his chin. He’s singing softly as he works, but his voice cracks when he turns the soap into his injured hand — he’d forgotten the cut, dirty and deep, and now it throbs viciously. 
“Fuck.” Geralt quirks an eyebrow at him from his chair. “It’s, uh— it’s nothing,” he says, reassuring.
“Show me,” Geralt says softly, kneeling by the bath, concern edging on his face.
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inkykeiji · 3 hours ago
Don’t mind me, I have just been stalking through your master list. You are an amazing wordsmith and I hope you are having a great day 💙💙
aaaaah thank you SO much 🥺🥺🥺 i really appreciate your kind words!!!! seriously, they mean a lot to me <33333 thank you friend, i hope you are as well!!!!
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bratz-kitten · 3 hours ago
MENTIRA q vc é brasileira
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icecreamscxups · 4 hours ago
This is an Amazing Creator Award! Your creations are incredible, and they light up every dashboard they land on. Pass this on to eight of your favorite creators to show your appreciation and let them know their art is loved! 💕
ahhh julia!!! stfu omksjfskfjskfj ily <333 you’re so sweet omg how are you a real human every time we talk i end up with a goofy smile on my face bc you say the kindest things 🥺🥺 
also literally right back at you!! you’re content is 10/10!! i love your gifs the shots you pick are always precious and i can’t wait to see more of what you make in the future <33 sending literally all the virtual hugs in the world to you mwah
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atsu-mia · 4 hours ago
thinking of him <3
Him rn: thinking of her <3
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mithaai · 4 hours ago
hmmm for the outfit ask game... I just got a new chaniya choli, it’s got a sea mist blue skirt and a dark bottle green blouse with gold starish shaped floral threading, the duppata is fairly simple with a dark bottle green material. Over all, the outfit’s not really as heavy as traditional gujarati chaniya cholis but it’s still one of my fave tradition dresses to date
omg... this sounds absolutely heavenly
— re bawree by prarthna indrajith, govind vasantha
— in ankhon ki masti by asha bhosle
— masha-allah by monty sharma, kunal ganjawala, shreya goshal
— madno by kshitij tarey, chinmayi
— sajna ve sajna by sunidhi chauhan
send me an outfit (description or pics) and i’ll make u a ~desi~ playlist inspired by it <3
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