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Tumblr media
— Mary Oliver, North Country
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Obsessed with the fact that both Undertale and Deltarune straight up crash if you try to name your character "Gaster"
What a primadonna ass temper tantrum to throw while every other character just tells you to pick something else lmao
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2pretty · 8 months ago
the first step in healing is realizing that you can use your stickers. you don't need to "save" them for the perfect spot. set them free from their vinyl sheet and let them fulfill their purpose. whore.
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Tumblr media
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he’s not “just some guy” he’s my girlfriend. don’t touch him.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Two types of thinkers: the ramblers and the pacers.
Idk why i went hard on the lineart for two whatever comics…..i think sometimes i just like drawing genuinely (lineweight go brrrrr)
Also the things they are talking about were random scripts I jotted on my phone’s notes — pls dont correct me on all the pokemon battling stuff if it makes NO sense. I am just a little piggy.
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have you seen this official art of gilgamesh sonymusic japan made to greet lil nas x a happy birthday? now you have.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
hello kitty cake! ૮꒰•༝ • ꒱ྀིა
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ingo getting his memories back one miserable piece at a time, realizing all the good stuff he left behind in a time he can't even remember, the poor thing 😔
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Tumblr media
they fancy a cozy closet
commissioned by @suvroc 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
welcome spring 🍃
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Tumblr media
— Adonis, The House of Love, tr. by Mirène Ghossein
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Tumblr media
CHARACTERS. hanma, ran, izana
AUTHOR'S NOTE. a cherry chaser is someone who pines after someone’s virginity. first time writing for izana!! let me know how you feel about it :-) 19 and below, ageless, and blank blogs DNI!
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNINGS. female!reader, reader gets slapped, weed, blood gets drawn (not from reader), reader’s kinda dumb, noncon
There was no way you weren’t a virgin.
From your doe eyes to the way you attempted to maintain your modesty by pulling down at the hem of your skirt in a den full of lecherous men, Shuji was nearly convinced that this was too good to be true.
“You a virgin, sweetheart?”
Snapped out of your own little world, you cautiously look over at the bespectacled man who then promptly took a hit from his joint.
“And what if I am?” you dare to ask despite the unsettling feeling Shuji Hanma gave you. He chuckles before blowing the smoke into your unsuspecting face. You cough and splutter rather ungracefully.
“No need to get so defensive. S’just a question.” He smiles at you, all pearly whites and danger.
Blinking, you tentatively answer. “Yes.”
This, of course, was no surprise to Shuji. This time he laughs and you feel your eye twitch. “How precious,” he drawls, golden hues shamelessly traversing your stiff posture. As virgin as they come, he thinks to himself before passing the joint in the hand that was inked with ‘sin,’ which soon joins its partner ‘punishment’ as he steeples his fingers together, resting his elbows on his knees as he regards you curiously. You break eye contact quickly to study the marbled floor.
“Ever cared for a creampie?” he asks.
“No, I was never one for sweets.”
The boisterous cacophony of laughter that joined Shuji’s makes you shrink back into yourself in burning embarrassment. Had you said something wrong?
Shuji gestures to you as he rises to his full height. “Well, let’s change that, yeah?”
You were more confused than ever, and it must’ve been sprawled across your features because the loan shark before you shifts over to you in two short strides. He takes your smaller hand into his ‘punishment’ hand, grinning all the while.
“Follow me.”
You wish you had never followed the towering man. With your thighs next to your head, you wince at the unfamiliar stretch of Shuji’s cock against your tiny hole. “Let me in princess,” he coos while you blink away tears.
“S’too big… It’s not going to fit even after you scissored me open,” you whimper.
“Don’t you worry your pretty little head over that. I’ll make it fit.” Shuji replies with a fearsome finality and all the color drains from your face.
“Th-This wasn’t the contract, Han–”
“The contract’s clauses include you being my property, baby girl. Maybe you shoulda’ read the fine print.”
That bastard.
He must’ve wedged the clause in between the copious amount of papers denoting your future by Shuji’s side.
Tears blur your vision, and you shake your head furiously. “Please Shuji… don’t do this to me! I’m not ready!”
Shuji arches a perfectly groomed brow. “Do you seriously think you’re in any position to make any demands? Besides, you’re ready when I say you’re ready.”
You feel your heart drop to your stomach, and the tears just keep on coming.
“Please! I’m begging you!”
“Shut up,” Shuji growls as he lands a heavy-handed smack across your face before gripping your chin in between two long digits. “Quit your bitching. Or else I’ll really give you something to cry about.”
You hiccup and sniffle, impending defeat swimming within the depths of lachrymose eyes.
“Are we clear?”
Nodding, you close your eyes, because if you had to endure this then you’d rather do it without looking at that devilishly handsome face.
“Aht aht– eyes on me.” Shuji says, and your dignity sinks; you were hoping he would grant you at least that little modicum of mercy. You reluctantly open them to see a lecherous look with a grin that bared fangs and a maw that threatened to swallow you whole.
“Good girl… Don’t make this harder than it has to be on yourself, yeah?” Shuji coos at you. He slowly begins to stretch you out even more to accommodate his sheer size, a burning sensation killing you from the inside out overtaking you.
With clenched teeth, you take your chances and land a swift hit to Shuji’s head with the vase that stands next to you atop of the mahogany office desk. He grunts and reflexively brings a hand to his head while you stumble away. You’d risk it all if it meant you’d get to keep your virginity for your boyfriend.
All hope drained from you the second Shuji wrestles you to the ground just as your hand reached for the doorknob.
“Stupid girl,” he hisses, and you think to yourself how much more terrifying he looks with that manic yet thunderous look in his eye as blood rolls down the side of his furious visage.
“You’ve really done it now.” he chuckles.
In one expeditious motion, he sheathes himself to the hilt inside of your unprepared cunt. You scream so loud that Shuji shoves his forefinger and middle finger down your throat, forcibly gagging you.
The cry for help dies on your tongue with the action, and suddenly, everything begins to seem so far away.
You stop kicking your legs.
You stop struggling.
You stop thinking.
Hanma Shuji was said to have always been a man who got what he wanted, and you were starting to see why.
CONTENT WARNINGS. female!reader, alcohol usage, drunk sex, daddy kink, manipulation (gaslighting), noncon
“We’re not twelve last time I checked,” Rindou grumbles to Ran’s right.
“C’monnn, it’ll be fun!” chirps Sanzu who unceremoniously takes another swig from the champagne bottle he was nursing between long fingers. He moves to place an empty bottle within the circle all four of you formed.
Truth or dare. A classic party game that you always remembered as being a little too invasive. But there was no stopping the adamant pinkette from ‘making the night a touch more interesting,’ he had said.
Those same lithe fingers spin the bottle, and you internally groan at your luck; of course the nose was pointing directly at you.
Sanzu smirks. “Truth… or dare?”
You ponder for a moment before sealing your fate. “Truth. I’m not in the mood for your outrageous dares tonight, Sanzu.”
With a cheshire grin, Sanzu narrows his eyes at you. “Are you a virgin?”
You momentarily stiffen, caught off-guard as you always were with Bonten’s unpredictable number two. Exhaling, you say the one word Ran Haitani had wanted to hear ever since the question fell from Sanzu’s lips:
“...Yes. I mean, I know what a man’s touch is, but I’ve never had anything… up there.”
The room falls deathly silent as Sanzu and Rindou share a look. The eldest Haitani had been pining for you sexually ever since you stepped foot in Bonten’s hideout, and the two was well aware of their fellow colleague’s intentions when he’d chat you up or send a seductive smile your way, you being none the wiser.
Sanzu shrugs. “Go figure.”
You bristle, voice not lacking in offense. “The fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“Shall we carry on with the night?” Ran’s amused voice pipes up.
And so, the game continued until everyone was surfeitly inebriated off their asses, Rindou passed out on the chaise lounge chair and Sanzu slurring his words and giggling like an overgrown child behind his palm. Ran was a touchy drunk who had you somehow suddenly pulled onto his lap, hands wandering here and there but you didn’t care. You were much too interested in his candy-colored locks.
“Raaaan,” you slur, “I want to eat your hair.”
Ran loudly laughs, thoroughly enjoying the attention you were showering him with that he typically didn’t get when sober. “Oh yeah? Want to find out if the curtains match the drapes, doll?”
Hiccuping, you continue playing with the lavender and black strands, effectively ruining Ran’s work at styling them to perfection that morning. “Maybe,” you singsong, oblivious to Ran’s eyes darkening.
Without a word, Ran hauls you to your feet, throws you over his shoulder, and playfully pats your ass as he walks out of the room.
“We’ll be taking our leave now,” he says without turning back to a suddenly distraught Sanzu and a snoring Rindou.
“Wait–! I wanna see too!” Sanzu whines just as the door shuts.
All the way to Ran’s office, the two of you stumbled there, a tangle of giggles and kisses. When Ran finally manages to unlock his door, his gaze turns half-lidded and salacious. “Ass bent over my desk right now.” he demands. You do so with your skirt hiking up and showing off the way your panties mold to your pussy lips as well as the wet patch that has Ran’s cock hardening even more than he thought it could.
“My my, what a slutty view,” Ran muses as he closes the distance between you two. He grinds his hips into your ass and sighs dreamily. “Been dreamin’ of this moment…”
Your voice takes on a whining tone. “Play with me already!”
“Your wish is my command,” he chuckles as he pulls his erect cock out and runs it up and down the fabric separating him and your honeyed seam.
“Just not inside me…” you softly say, and Ran smirks to himself. As if he was passing up this opportunity.
“Of course. Now, can you take off those panties and show me that pretty princess pussy?”
Obliging, you do as you were told with the addition of throwing your doe-eyed gaze over your shoulder. “Use me, daddy.”
Ran didn’t need to be told twice.
He wastes no crumb of time in sliding his cock in between your puffy, slickened folds. You moan lewdly and a bit too loudly.
“Fuck babydoll, is all of this f’r me?” the Bonten executive asks, alluding to the accumulation of your juices slathered across his length.
“Mhm!” you answer, hand snaking down to play with your throbbing bud. Ran continues his ministrations for a few more moments before he has you gasping with a jolt at the teasing of his bulbous tip at your virgin entrance.
“N-No… Not there…”
Ran shushes you before taking it a step further and slowly breaching your hole. You squirm around uncomfortably.
“Ran please–”
“It’s okay, I’ll take care of you love,” he whispers in an assuring way that you certainly did not see as assuring.
“I don’t want– Ah!” Suddenly you were cut off by Ran successfully pushing past your tight ring of muscle, his hips canting forwards. “Shhh, you want this, remember?” he says.
Dazed and confused, your walls clench involuntarily around him. “Did I?”
“Yes. You wanted me to use you, right? Let daddy make you feel good.” The twisted words pouring from his lips messed with your foggy brain.
After a pregnant pause, you slowly nod your head. “Yeah… Okay.”
Ran’s smirk returns to his face without your knowledge, and he snickers to himself.
Too easy.
CONTENT WARNINGS. female!reader, toxic ex!izana, yandere themes, fingering, noncon
You jerk awake at the sharp three raps against your apartment door. Yawning, you blearily blink away the grogginess and click off the television program you were watching prior to dozing off for a few hours or so.
Who could’ve been at your door at this hour?
Padding across the tiled floor, you take a cautious peek through the peephole and stagger back in surprise. What was your former boyfriend doing here?
As if he read your mind, he speaks up. “Hey. I just came to collect the rest of my stuff.”
You shake off your surprise as you unlock the door for him. Recently, you had a nasty breakup with Izana; things were thrown, daggers made of words were exchanged, and hearts were broken. The sooner all of his belongings were out of your sacred space, the better, which was what you thought to yourself as you gesture for him to come inside.
“It’s all in the corner over there. Take it and leave,” you curtly said.
“Woah, so no hello? You’ve gotten colder than I remember.”
“Well, you did tear my heart in two.”
“Fair,” Izana chuckles.
You almost wished you could punch him for driving the knife in deeper, but you restrained yourself for you knew it wouldn’t end pretty aside from the strength difference being too strong.
“But to be even more fair, you tore mine apart too.” Izana continues, and you level him with a glare that could murder the most courageous of men. Without acknowledging it, he nonchalantly shuffles over to the boxes marked with his name.
He stares at them with an unreadable expression before his gaze shifts to you once more.
“Say princess… I know the damage’s been done, but…” Izana trails off while you impatiently wait for him to stop dallying and finish, irritation spiking within you at his persistent usage of the pet names that you once adored.
Something in his orchid colored eyes flashes dangerously, but it was too late. You had given the devil access to your home.
Gasping as you were thrown to the ground, your ex-lover straddles you and pins your wrists above the hair that sprawled out around you like a halo. Izana inhales sharply, and whispers bewilderedly to himself those three words you had once loved hearing from his lips.
“My sweet angel…” he breathes, and you stare back at him with wide eyes.
He leans in to nose at the clavicle of your neck, breathing in your dulcet scent all the while. “Where have we gone wrong…?”
“Get off of me, Izana.”
“Can’t we be beside each other for one more night? I missed you, y’know,” Izana says in hushed tones.
“No Izana. It’s over for us. Now get off–”
The slap across your face takes you aback. Never in all the three years that you had been with Izana had he put a hand on you.
“I’ve spent countless nights crying for you, stayed awake till dawn wondering how I could mend things, and broke down to my therapist about you. About us. And I’ve been thinking… If I can’t have you, no one can.”
Flabbergasted, you gawk at him from below as you find your voice again. “Wh-What the fuck are you on, Izana? No, it’s over. Get out.”
The man atop you darkly chuckles. “Remember when we promised as kids that we’d grow up, get married, and be happy together forever? We can have that. We will have that,” he says as he keeps your wrists in one hand while the other rips apart your button-up pajama shirt.
You struggle in his hold, not liking where this was going one bit. “Wait Izana, please– We can talk this out–”
“Talking time is over, my love. Don’t you want to get to the fun part already?” Izana inquires with a tilt of his head, hanafuda earrings following his every movement. He trails a finger down to your clothed slit, one fingertip teasing at your hole. “It’s about time I take what’s always been mine.”
Connecting the dots together, a sinking feeling of dread spreads from within the pit of your stomach. “Let me go! Please, I’ll do anything! Just don’t do this,” you shout, dignity be damned.
Izana ignores you, and you hate yourself for how you moan when his fingers sneak into your panties which begin to finger you like he would in the past.
“If you don’t want this so bad, why are you moaning?” he laughs, a treacherous sound that inspires fear within your very core.
“I-I’m not–”
“I-I’m not– Please. Spare me.” Izana mocks you as he abruptly curls his fingers up to hit that spot inside you that guarantees your pleasure.
You keen and whimper.
“I ought to go in raw with how you’ve been talking to me, but I won’t, because I still love you,” he says in such a way that makes your stomach flutter with unease.
He goes on to pull his fingers out of you to lewdly suck and slurp at them. “Mm. As sweet as always.”
Tears gather at your lashlines and you sob with a tremble in your lip. You weren’t even thoroughly prepped, and something tells you that was intentional. “This is wrong and you know it…”
Izana shakes his head. “Hush baby, daddy knows what’s best,” he coos down at you. “Now, when daddy lets go of you, you’re not to fight back. Do I make myself clear?”
You hesitate to answer a moment too long as Izana pinches a nipple, cruelly twisting it within the pads of his fingers.
“Yes!” you yelp.
“That’s a good girl.”
Izana gets to work on undressing your bottom half, his breath hitching in his throat at the sight he had been craving ever since you shut the door on him that one, fever-dream-like night.
“Gorgeous,” he croons before undressing his own lower half. His cock springs up and slaps against his abdomen, bobbing under its own weight. Lining himself up with your entrance, he momentarily pauses. “I love you so much,” he sighs happily.
Without giving you a chance to respond, he drills himself deep within and shudders at the hold you had on him; he relished in the way your insides rightfully molded to the shape of his cock, and he thinks to himself about how you’d look so beautiful round and full with his brat while you wondered if this was truly the man you had once knew all along.
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baetheinsider · 3 months ago
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭 "𝐈𝐓" 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐
It’s always been my dream to be viewed as a living goddess. When anyone encounters me, I want them to feel as though they have just come in contact with an ethereal being. Someone who is so uniquely feminine, elegant, skillful, kind, elegant, and charming. I want them to be captivated by my beauty and enraptured by my intellect. There is no spell that can accomplish this. Only dedicated and precise hard work. You have to be dedicated. You have to show up for yourself every day, even when you’re tired. Even when you’re sad. Even when you feel totally uninspired. Put in the work for what you want. Here is your guide.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Consider your diet. Be mindful of how much you’re eating. Try to stray away from overeating. You should cut back on the amount of sugar and processed foods that you eat (cut back ≠ cut out). Make sure you are getting enough greens, protein and fruits.
Drink at minimum 3L water.
Incorporate daily fresh pressed juices.
Drink hot tea.
Keep alcoholic beverage consumption to a minimum.
Take daily vitamins and supplements.
Exercise 5 times a week at minimum, even if it’s only 30 minutes on the treadmill. Do something that will help you maintain your weight and your figure. The goal is to maintain a tight and toned figure.
Incorporate a consistent stretching routine into your daily routine. Stretching lengthens limbs and improves gracefulness.
Play tennis in warm weather and start learning how to play golf.
Go on walks whenever you’re not in the gym. Fresh air is good for longevity.
Get chiropractic adjustments and massages to keep the muscles limber and free of tension
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Clear face and body of acne and hyperpigmentation.
Get skincare treatments that help the skin look clear, radiant, and age gracefully.
Practice consistent oral hygiene routine: whitening mouthwash + floss + scrub tongue + brush teeth + act fluoride rinse mouthwash
Get a teeth whitening kit and start drinking through a straw so you don’t stain your teeth.
Stick to a consistent bathing routine.The body should be exfoliated and shaved 2-3 times a week. Use kojie san soap to maintain skin’s even complexion. Use a yoni shower gel for the vaginal area. Use exfoliating gloves + exfoliating cloth to wash with. Scrub feet to maintain between pedicures.
Post shower (spring/summer): hempz body lotion (add glycerin) + avene body oil + dove dry spray + (pink rosa) + femme rejuv oil + perfume oil + fragrance of the day
Post shower (autumn/winter): hempz body lotion (add glycerin) + cerave healing ointment + dove dry spray (vanilla + cocoa butter) + femme rejuv oil + perfume oil + fragrance of the day
Stay on top of wellness check ups:
Start taking care of your natural hair. Get a relaxer with every 10-12 weeks. Get sew-ins with closures/ minimal leave out to grow hair. Box braids and feed in braids for the summer time with. Deep condition hair under the dryer whenever not in protective styles. Dye your hair back black for a more classic + natural look.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Start using hair perfume
Once a month, get a deluxe pedicure at Bally once a month
soft pink for spring
white for summer
french pedi with fleshy pink base for summer
black for halloween
red for the holidays
Do gel manicures at home with a gel mani kit
Milky white
Baby pink
Baby blue
Red for the holidays
Keep eyebrows groomed - trim them every 2-3x weeks
Get your lashes done every month and fill ins as necessary at LaLa Lash. Always go for the classic style
Keep your makeup natural. Do not paint your face. You should look as natural and real to you as possible. For night time or special occasions, of course you can do a little more like a sultry look. Your makeup should just enhance your natural beauty and the work that you’ve put in to have good skin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Makeup routine:
Primer + powder to prep
Lighter concealer for under eyes to brighten
Perfectly matched foundation
Concealer closer to your skin tone for any other inconsistencies
Powder foundation to set the makeup
Bronzer to warm up the face
Fill in your brows lightly and conceal to clean up
A little bronzer on the lids
Lash extensions should be done but if not, lashes that look natural or mascara
Top off with a neutral lipstick or a gloss
It’s critical to keep on top of your beauty treatments so they don’t pile up and your look remains consistent.
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tinyskirts · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
forever my dream car.
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itookyourheart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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strawberrycartt · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mammon snapping
Set in the og timeline where MC never returned from their time travel
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si1kvoid · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Beautiful stainless silver chatelaine from the 1860s
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kikuowo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS: lots of cussing lmao, not great writing i tried lmao
A/N: i think i spend too much time on tiktok, anyways heres a trend i found funny on the boys. lmk how ya liked this cuz idk if i do lol
Tumblr media
after watching a few videos, one trend in particular had caught your attention and led you to wanting to see how your boyfriend would react to girls coming up to him while he wasn’t with you.
You skip over to where Rindou was lounging on the couch watching tv, a gleam in your eye told him you were up to something causing him to sigh and sit up to face you, ready for whatever you had come up with this time.
Crawling to sit on his lap, you practically shoved your phone in his face to show him the video, and told him you wanted to test it out on him. After rolling his eyes and grumbling, he agreed to go along with it. Cheering in excitement you stand up and prepare yourself for your role as a stranger trying to chat up your man.
Slowly you walk up to him, a hand rubbing up his thigh, “Hi handsome, can I get your number?”
Immediately Rindou slapped your hand away from his thigh, “nah i don’t got a phone sorry.”
“what are you apologizing for? huh? you sorry you can’t text her? Do it again.”
You step back, ready to re-approach him.
“Hey baby, h-”
“nah, you ugly as hell. Batshit ugly bro, fuck out my face.” Rindou interrupts you. His bored expression and monotone voice cause you to burst out laughing.
You step back once more, going back up to him and wrap and arm around his neck and attempt to sit om his lap. Rindou is quick to throw push you off of him and onto the other side of the couch.
“ew, damn bitch you stink, you musty as hell”
“…is that good enough for you? Or do i have to fuckin beat up this bitch to make you happy?” Rindou asks, smiling at you laughing your ass off.
honestly 10/10 I think rindou would pass the test, he can drag a bitch no problem. I feel like he would just straight up ignore the girl, plus he’s too down bad for you to even think about other girls.
Tumblr media
You and Ran sat in a parking lot of a salon waiting for Rindou to get his hair cut and re-dyed. Scrolling through your phone you came across a video about a girl testing her boyfriend on how he would react to a girl coming up to his car asking for help. Seeing the perfect opportunity to do this on Ran, you told him about the video and after letting out a quick laugh he immediately agreed.
Getting out of the car, you walked over to his window and tapped on the glass, as he rolled down the window you crossed your arms over the side of the car, purposely pushing out your tits.
“Hey, my car broke down, could you help me out?”
“Sure I can beautiful, what kind of car you drive?” Ran answered with flirty smile and eyes glued to your chest.
Your sweet smile dropped and you smacked his chest, “Man fuck you, go again.”
Ran laughs at you and nods, “sorry sorry, okay. I’ll do better this time.”
“My tire blew out, you think you could help me change it handsome?” You ask pouting at Ran and reaching out to rub his arm.
“Hell no you’re ugly, plus i got a girlfriend, get out of here,” Ran replied hitting your arm away from him.
“Ugly? You think i’m ugly?”
“Well, lets see turn around for me baby”
“Ran what the hell”
Ran starts laughing again at your annoyed face, “ok I’m serious this time, do it again.”
Rolling your eyes you lean back into the car.
“Hey I ran out of gas, think you could give me a ride to the gas station”
“i don’t care” Ran replies starring straight ahead.
“could you help me please?”
“You gonna pay me?”
“What? I-“
“you takin too long, no money, no point in helping”
You suddenly feel something move under your arms, looking down you quickly retracted your hands. With a cocky smile on his face and middle finger up, the heavily tinted windows rolled up, and to add to it you heard the door lock.
“you dumbass, let me back in!”
“nah, I got a girlfriend”
8/10, would definitely respond to the girls flirting, maybe even give her some help if she truly needed it, but otherwise he’ll bring her hopes up just to let them come crashing down by dragging the bitch with insults that’ll have her thinking about for the rest of her life.
Tumblr media
Known as the “loyal mad dog”, you were ready to test just how loyal Sanzu could be. You tell him about the videos you watched and how you were going to test him on how he reacts to girls coming on to him, after giving you a thumbs up he sits back and gets ready.
You walk over to him and attempt to wrap your arms around him, “Hi handsome, wanna go dance?”
Suddenly you’re pushed off of him, “I got a girlfriend back off WOOF WOOF”
you stand stunned as sanzu starts barking at you, maybe you should have asked him to be sober for this.
“that was fun, do it again I got more babe” Sanzu lets out a laugh.
You were a little nervous at what he had planned, but again you came up to him and started to rub up his arm, “Hi baby, can I get your number?”
Sanzu smacks your hand away and gives you a dirty look,“First of all, you are nothing but a trashy hoe. Second of all, your-you suck dick. Third of all, you’re not a boss ass bitch, you a boss ass trashy hoe,”
Holding back a laugh, you continue with your flirting.
“You’re so fine baby, wanna go up to a private room? I’ll give you a show pretty boy”
Immediately he starts screaming, scaring the shit out of you. You try shushing him, not wanting a noise complaint from your neighbors, but he just keeps on yelling.
another 10/10, hes not the loyal mad dog for nothing (even if the title refers to mikey). While high i feel like he would scare the poor soul that approached him, but the times he is sober he’ll straight up murder the poor girl, with words of course (but if their a little too annoying and persistent maybe he actually will murder them…)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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