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Not to acknowledge canon but like…

Do you think they realize that all they had to do to avoid a good chunk of the outrage was remove three words?

Like imagine this

“Why does this sound like a goodbye?”

“Because it is. I love you.”

“Cas. Cas…”

“Goodbye, Dean.”

Like just leave it at that. No debates about what “Don’t do this” meant, it would’ve given the message that there was more Dean had to say, more that he wanted to say, he just didn’t have the words. So he said what mattered most.


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i’m sorry but. dean winchester as death. The Death. heaven gets boring and dean is like “well. billie is dead and the other reaper died. who else is gonna do it?” jack is like okay!!! just. dean taking the sycthe and walking into the empty for cas. he might not be the best but dean is perhaps the most dedicated to fairness and everyone getting their due. dean is Death and cas is his angel. on weekends they do brunch with everyone in heaven

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Need” and “Want” are just two different things, ain’t they?

Because the one thing I want… It’s something I know I can’t have. 

We’re family. We need you. I need you.

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Supernatural 9x06 “Heaven Can’t Wait” // Richard Siken // Supernatural 15x09 “The Trap” // Sleeping at Last, “Neptune” // Supernatural 15x09 “The Trap” // Friedrich Nietzsche, “Ariadne’s Lament” // Jane Austen, “Emma” // Supernatural 15x18 “Despair” // Supernatural 15x18 “Despair” Script // Octavio Paz, “Sunstone” // Supernatural 15x18 “Despair” // The Magnus Archives MAG 64 “Burial Rites”

Of course he can’t scream.

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Okay okay wait hold on I am THINKING. So the shoulder grab and the hug are two of the most blatant and sacred of the intricate destiel rituals. So the left shoulder grab is the first time they EVER touched (handprint) and it immediately became their thing, Cas grabs Dean’s left shoulder (so much so that when Casifer grabbed the wrong shoulder Dean knew something was wrong), so it became their intricate ritual. Then the first time they ever hugged was in Purgatory, and it was a fierce, a desperate hug, so from that point on whoever initiated a hug, gripped the other tightly and it became an intricate ritual.

So we know that their last hug was in Purgatory, after Dean’s love confession in 15x09 and we know that their last shoulder grab was after Cas’s confession in 15x18. So Dean initiated their first hug, so it was HIS ritual, so Dean hugs Cas after he confesses his love for Cas. And Cas started the left shoulder grab, so that was HIS ritual, so Cas grab’s Dean’s left shoulder have he confesses his love for Dean. So the two most intimate rituals, their most sacred methods of touch, were present in both of their respective love confessions

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I’m about to start episode 18

I’m scared

I’m really scared

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  • you know that joke about how gays will watch any length of tv for 5 minutes of shitty representation. its about me im the idiot gay. i wish i had the last 2 months of my life back
  • but im so close to the end i can’t stop now
  • sigh anyway prior to watching any spn, i saw this scene and thought “wow. its a middle aged white man and another middle aged white man trying to be gay but being painfully straight” 
  • (i now know that i was kinda right)
  • definitely thought it was fan service and destiel was not nearly as explicitly canon as yall made it out to be 
  • (i was so so wrong. sorry yall)
  • (cannot stress this enough my biggest takeaway from consuming this show over the last 2 months has been oh my god im so sorry spn fandom for making fun of you for the last 2 decades yall were literally right to be so batshit)
  • anyway i remember thinking the big bad in that scene was hot. and i was right billie fucks.
  • i thought jensen was just a bad actor bc manz was standing there refusing to emote. i suppose once i rewatch it with context ill be able to confirm/deny that but 14 seasons of him doing the absolute most for this horribly written character lead me to believe that there’s no way he just stood there stoically while cas confessed to him
  • ummm what else what else. i thought it was ambiguous and not explicitly romantic enough. i now recognize that that is kinda the hallmark of spn writers slipping destiel scenes past network censors but still. very excited to see if i like it with 15 years of context
  • into the madhouse. will reblog after watching 15x18 to let yall know how im doing
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Part 1 is here.  Misha’s posture in the confession scene was classic bad body display 101: hunched, shoulders rolled forward, and head thrust forward, you can see the rather extreme curve in his thoracic spine even through the trenchcoat.  I thought Misha said he had acting training or am I mistaken?

For example, here is untrained Lena Dunham standing rounded and hunched in comparison to a well-seated and collected looking Katie Lowes, who was trained at NYU Tisch School of Arts.


During drama training the common feedback the poor-posture students wil hear is “you’re not being grounded into the floor”, “you’re moving around awkwardly”, “your’e being disconnected” etc.  When you have poor posture, you:

  • look ill or depressed
  • don’t appear confident
  • do not appear approachable

It’s one thing if the character is supposed to look the above, but Cas’s confession is supposed to be about new found confidence in his self discovery.  Does anything I listed would appear that Cas is confident, content, and happy?  Worse, bad posture identifies a victim or victim mentality.  Good postures indicates confidence and self esteem.  Have you ever seen a sex symbol with bad posture?

Now have a look at the Misha and Jensen’s scene, and scroll back up to Lena and Katie’s scene.  


Jensen has the ideal straight posture (thanks to modeling training), his neck is straight and his shoulders level.  Both Lena and Misha are wearing long coats and led me to think it was attempts to hide their bad posture. 

 Even in this scene when Cas is at the height of his happiness, confidence, and self acceptance, he is still hunched, shoulders rounded, and head jutted forward.


When I see bad postures on screen or the red carpet, I sometimes want to do this to actors ….


You notice the cross prevents the recruits from pulling their shoulder blades together and attempt to train them to roll the shoulders down instead and keep them wide.

When you pull the shoulder blades together, you’re flattenin the thoracic spine (and compress the thorax), causing a forward head position, upward jutting collar bones and hyperextension in the lumbar spine.   We call this ‘rooster chest’.

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Thinking about her (the fact that c*w pushed their new show on spn fans by using tags like #spnfamily after giving us the worst finale in history and gaslighting a lead actor because he thought his character got a bad ending not to mention the way they treated a lead actor as if he wasn’t and tHEN THE WHOLE CONFESSION SCENE AND BLURRY WIFE AND NOW THE FAVORED LEAD IS TALKING SHIT ABOUT THE SHOW WHICH MADE HIM FAMOUS AND RICH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP)

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obsessed with the fact that supernatural had the potential to give us the best finale literally in tv history, and instead we got wincest and a crusty wig

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It’s the centering the entire love confession specifically around the importance of simply being allowed to state your feelings because they knew the sticking point would always be dean’s inability to speak forced silence- the entire arc of two major characters remains forever in limbo until the Jensen reboot and that’s why the show feels unfinished and why we can’t forgive and can’t move on and why it’s so damn clear things were altered by the network

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Imagine if in the destiel confession scene,

Cas chokes out, “The very touch of you corrupts,” Because this feeling will send him to the Empty. But he doesn’t care and reaches for Dean, “But I’ve already fallen.”

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