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so after my college gf and I split up and before I officially came out as a lesbian I did date a guy and we got along really well but something was missing and I was fully in denial

we broke up nearly 15 years ago but we’ve stayed in touch and I finally came out to him tonight

the weird thing is that he wasn’t even surprised… no one I’ve come out to has expressed surprise… I’m beginning to think everyone knew even though I tried so hard and so long to hide it

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I’m guilty of this and I’m going to comb my blog and delete any such pictures, but reposting fan pics? I don’t know. I’m not comfortable with it. Should probably be a big no-no.

Fan pics are the holy grail of photos. They’re precious to fans. I know if I had a photo with Tommy, and some fan account reposted my photo, I would be livid! According to copyright law, the owner of the photo is the person who pressed the shutter button. This can be too technical. I could remove every photo if we got too deep into it. However, most of these fan pics are on personal social media accounts. If you are going to be that fucking creepy and skim the entire internet for photos, you need help. I don’t care how good he looks in the photo. Don’t repost without permission. Same goes for anything Tommy personally posts. Make sure you link him. Credit him. Something. You could get into some legal issues if you’re not careful.

Get permission. Credit the sources. Don’t be a fucking creep.

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#witchcraft #weathermagic #witchythings #altars #divinationspaces
#witchlife #weatherwitch #castingspells #candlemagick
#MyPath #mywitchery #mymagic #myspiritualpath #witchesofinstagram

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As she spilt her secrets to the stars,
a dream stole her from this world. 
All of the things left unsaid swirled in her head, like distant memories, 
as she succumbed, 
while whispering a lullaby to the moon. 

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Originally posted by meowinahole

I shouldn’t be sleepy at barely 10pm but this is what happens when you’re out shopping by yourself literally all day. Normally I’m sleeping half the day away. But today was Bri takes the car and leaves the boys stuck at home for once Day. Hit my favorite secondhand store, antiques shop, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and WalMart (because groceries too). I also spent more than necessary on Panda Express which I will now be almost exclusively eating for probably 3 days. I even managed to come home with money still in my wallet. A miracle in itself.

Tomorrow, I will unload my non-food goodie bags and maybe clean my mountain of crap in the living room. Maybe start the project I came up with and bought supplies for at HL. We’ll see. But today was much needed. I haven’t had a proper day to myself in a long time.

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Good Saturday Night to all InstaFriends

#anartist (hier: Frankfurt, Germany)

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