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Today was okay. I woke up and washed my face. Started my laundry 🧺 that took up space. As time flew by it felt like a race. I took a shower and that took hours. That steam is hot 🥵 came out feeling like i had super powers😂 today nothing can stop me. Not even hobos that my coworkers want me to cuss out🧏🏾‍♀️. Me? Wild out? Nah im calm as fuck. $2 raise man we on. On a new timing. “Essential workers” is now what’s popping 🤷🏾‍♀️ by next month.. conditions or not I’m trying to see me pushing🚘 with all this going on.. covid-19 even got my moms cooking, and I’m still looking for things just to do at home rather than be alone. Ignoring abody who hit my line and waiting for him to call. For him just to respond once. Thinking because we ain’t speak that why i have to force myself to eat. I’ve been starvinnnnnng. Not intentional. With me being a fat kid and all.. my appetite just dropped like the weather. I’m convinced it’s this medication. Not gonna lie still reminisce of the last good time me and my lover were together. But I can’t let that shit get me down. Happy thoughts is now or never. During work. the pumps shut down a quarter to 11🤨 I’m like w..t..f.. who pressed the button🧐 turns out it was nothing. Called store support. They let us know the store just has to close. We’re listed under “Covid-Curfew.” Hours ago that would’ve been good to know but that’s cool. Lock it up i’m off tomorrow.. early nights.. just happy to see my bed in a few 💃🏾👏🏾🙆🏾‍♀️

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what kinds of cooking shows are people watching now? is it still all that awful competition horseshit or have some new standalone ~personalities~ emerged? i don’t have cable but i’m informed enough to tell you i will never watch ree drummond make a sadness casserole for her menagerie of Todds and Tads and Tidbits, i feel like if walmart had a personality she’d be it

ina is always a comforting presence. i finished the old nigella episodes and now i’m moving onto rewatching giada at home. i’ve always unironically loved giada because a.) italian is my favorite and b.) there’s a dorky stiffness to her that suggests she’s always at least mildly uncomfortable in a given situation, and i have an unconfirmed/largely baseless but intuitive suspicion that she lives with OCD? when i was 16 or 17 i bought the entirety of everyday italian on dvd

also i know they have to do this for relatability or whatever but the worst part of any cooking show is when they drag in the loud children/extended family/disproportionately homely drip of a husband into the mix which adds nothing to my learning how to cook something but it does introduce an obvious awkward tension i don’t care to be a part of

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my garden is coming along so well :)

side note / import!:

  • — I just wanted to let everyone know that I changed my account name from Aprilvalley to ghost duet
  • I’m still posting animal crossing but also stuff that happens in my everyday life.
  • Things I like: photography, nature, animals, outdoor adventures, camping, positive mood boards, 80s rock, vintage, antinque things
  • ^ i’ll be sharing all that stuff through reblogging or stuff I post myself :)

Thanks for sticking around :)

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