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i know we often talk about how the supernatural we watch is mere cave shadow of the real supernatural (the good one in our heads), but have we considered why? chuck wrote it. that’s why the ending was Like That™

after chuck becomes human, he has to go back to writing the supernatural books for income (and maybe it eventually gets picked up for a tv show…). why were 15x19 and 15x20—and the series overall, tbh—so bad? because chuck is an unreliable narrator and he’s a terrible writer!! he has no imagination and he is no longer omniscient!!! the best bits of his writing were always the moments that were not his writing, the good was in cas, dean, and sam exercising their free will. and he can’t even see that anymore. he can no longer plagiarize their lives, so what he does end up writing is mediocre. 

we really did get chuck’s ending. maybe a cleaned up and slightly edited version of what he gave becky, but that was it. no cas, no classic rock, stale climax, villain monologue… yeah, he lost and he kept that in, but his big fuck you to the boys was killing dean off anyway. he ended it the way he always wanted to: one of them dead and the other living a miserable life. 

no cas, not talk of the confession, no eileen, no confirmation that everyone that was snapped away came back, no hell conflict resolution, no empty resolution, etc. he left all these threads loose because he simply does. not. care.

fact is, we don’t know how things end for jack, sam, eileen, dean, and cas because we got chuck’s story. not theirs.

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when people say stuff like ‘but why do you hate the finale that was always how dean wanted to die, have you even watched the show’ i want to CHEW GLASS if a traumatised and borderline suicidal person says 'i think i’m going to die a young and violent death because i can’t imagine any way out of the harmful lifestyle i have’ do you seriously look at that and think 'yeah sounds legit, death is the perfect ending for that character’

anyway yes i’m still bitter about the finale months later

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Everyday i remember the time Dean got arrested for a gay hate crime

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if you’re not a supernatural fan you don’t get to insult supernatural, that’s our job

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I really miss conventions (despite never actually going to one) but the content is always fun and hell it would be nice to go. But also I never want them to come back because I truly believe we won’t be able to talk about anything. Asking about the finale or destiel would be a disaster and avoiding the finale or destiel would be a disaster. There is no winning here.

Time to ask what their favorite colors are I guess.

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This is so cute 🥺🥺 let Sam and Jess bond over art like this. You have such a brilliant brain.

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I am bored out of my mind, so I just wanted to share a list of characters I write requests for:


  • Frank castle
  • Billy Russo
  • Jessica Jones
  • Natasha Romanov
  • Karen Page
  • Amy Bendix


  • Dean Winchester
  • Sam Winchester
  • Claire Novak


  • Jensen Ackles
  • Kathryn Newton
  • Jon Bernthal
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Tom Hardy
  • Deborah Ann Woll
  • Giorgia Whigham

Other characters ,rules ,etc.

  • I am in a ton of fandoms , the characters above are generally what I like to write about but if you want another character feel free to send in a request. I can’t guarantee but maybe I will pick it up and write about them.😉
  • I don’t really write smut, I would write fluff and maybe light suggestive smut scenes but nothing too heavy
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I just think Cas was justified ending the angelic war in Heaven by killing so many of his siblings because you know :/ they were trying to kill off a large percentage of the population of planet Earth just for idk the drama.

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Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris are roleplaying Supernatural on twitter. Season 16 is wild y'all.

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Dean “turns off the tv because a random lady called Cas sexy” Winchester

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I just personally think that it would be better for the entire world to end than for some nice guy having to be tortured for centuries by the literal devil like. People will go to Heaven big deal yadda yadda. But um? Sam Winchester shouldn’t have to be tortured :/ okay send post

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“She wanted me to finish the story
“The story you made up? What was it about?”

Observations: Does this make any sense? Yeah, well, it’s done, so.

You might find some badly-made blatantly ripped-off elements of @drewsbarrymcre ‘s style, btw.

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I love Sam Winchester so much I love him so much I love Sam Winchester soooooo much I loveeeeeee him. He’s so good and so layered, and his smile is like summer trees and iridescence! He’s so good and does everything he can constantly for what he thinks is right or what he can trust is right. He’s so smart and lovely and his goodness radiates in all his acts like yes he’s a bitch, but he’s kind to people, and he’s respectful, and cares and cares and cares! Anyways. I love Sam Winchester

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