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So, I’m rewatching Merlin, and the way Arthur and Merlin’s relationship develops is kinda hilarious to me.

Imagine you’re the prince of Camelot, and one day a random guy with amazing cheekbones calls you out on tormenting a servant and calls you friend. You put him in the stocks because you’re royalty, but then you see him again in the street, so you start poking fun. He responds with the comeback of the century, so you start trying to take his head off with a mace, but for some reason you keep tripping over. You don’t throw him back in jail because god damn that was brave and cool (and hot) but you kinda hate him now. Next day at a feast a singer starts singing and you fall asleep. When you wake up that singer was secretly the mother of the boy your dad/king killed the other day and also a witch!! And she’s throwing a knife at you!! And the boy that you tried to kill earlier just saved your life!! And now he’s your manservant!! Suprise!! You go on to have many adventures and be completely gay. It’s just so wild.

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So I ran out of episodes of Death in Paradise and have time for one more show. I just found Voltron is on Netflix! I’ve been meaning to watch it. Will I be sucked in? Will I gain another fandom? Only time shall tell~

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