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#5sos fic
Hi!! I have a request 🙈 could you write me a lil something about having a lazy day with calum, like just singing randomly together, reading books together, going for a walk & cuddling with duke,... 🥺 pls kill me with all the cuteness :p

I got so carried away, again. There’s something about writing about Calum that absolutely entrances me. I don’t mind it one bit though. xx

His head was buried in her lap, her fingers combing through his hair. The bleached strands had begun to turn dark at the roots, isolation preventing him from going out and doing something else with his hair. Her nails had grown out, the acrylics beginning to grow out longer than she would have liked, but she had to quarantine, for everyone’s sake. But, he liked the length of her nails as she scratched at his scalp with one hand and holding a book in the other. 

He was on his side, holding his book in one hand while stroking Duke’s coat with his other. Duke had curled into his stomach, dozing in and out of sleep, Calum’s movements lulling him in and out of sleep. He used her knee to help support his grasp on the book as he too drifted in and out of a conscious state. She had her glasses perched on her nose, arm resting against the side of the sofa to keep her book upright. The house was relatively silent except for the breeze brushing through the open windows, rustling the curtains and blinds. The wooden blinds clattered somewhat rhythmically, aiding Calum’s descent into sleep.

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Can I request an awkward meetcute blurb with Calum? Something about bumping into him and Duke with your pitbull and getting tangled with the dog leashes? Ilysm

I can do that for you. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-Fi.

Enjoy my masterlist!



The morning isn’t cold. But it’s not warm either. No real indication if the rest of the day is going to give into the bright sun or if the feathering of clouds will become more prominent. Either way you’ll take the slight chill underneath the light weight jacket. As the sip slides down your throat, you feel the leash grow taunt and grin, watching as your dog stand at attention at the people passing by. One or two of them stop to pet them, a few skirt away. You try and not let that bother you because you know your baby is the sweetest. It’s just the stigma. 

After the generous affection of a few strangers, they settle back down next to you and you work on finishing the last few sips of coffee in your cup. You’re thankful as hell that the coffee shop opens up as early as it does or the early morning walks would wreack more havoc on your body than it already does. Though as the years has passed with your dog, it’s getting easier. 

Their cold snout presses into your arm and you grin. “I know, almost done, bubba. I promise.”

They settle their head on your lap, eyes blinking up at you to urge you to finish. You have been sitting for a while but you just wanted a couple extra minutes with the breeze on your cheeks. Soon there are no more dregs that can slide down the innards of the cup to your tongue and you have to call it quits. 

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Hi!! Can I request a soft! ashton fic? Like yall take a much deserved vacation some where warm?:3

a quiet vacation to the beach sounds so amazing rn so i could help myself hehe

You sigh softly as you stretch out in bed. The plush white blanket is pushed to the side and the sun is shining through the curtains. Your boyfriend is next to you, one arm behind his head as he lounges against the pillows.

“Hmm… Ash,” You roll over and lay your head on your boyfriends chest. “Let’s go outside,” You mumble.

He hums, resting a hand on your exposed back. “Alright, my love,”

The two of you make your way out of the small hut you had rented and onto your own private beach. The cool, ocean breeze kicks some of the humidity off you for a split second while you and Ashton battle the hot sand to the water.

The water is significantly colder than the air but feels amazing on your skin. It makes you completely forget about the sticky warmth that covers the island. You can’t help but admire Ashton’s tanned skin and the perfect curls perched on his head. The ocean mist had really defined his hair more than any product could.

You two spend some time splashing each other and sun bathing while the sun begins to set. The sky exploded in shades of orange and pink. You and Ashton cuddle under the setting sun and stay until the sky is dark, only the moon and the stars lighting the beach.

“Look!” Ashton points straight up. A shooting star flies above your heads and you open your mouth in awe.

“Did you make a wish?” You ask your boyfriend. He flashes you a smile before shaking his head.

“Why would I need to when I already have everything I could ever want?”

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Pratego was brilliant and you're an amazing writer. Where can I find more? Could I get a song blurb please? "Do I wanna know" by Arctic Monkeys with our boy Michael 😍😍😍

Thanks for reading Praetego! I’m glad you enjoyed! If you’re looking more of that fic, it’s a standalone. But more fics can be found on my masterlist!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi. 

Feel free to send one song + your choice (including Shawn Mendes, Chris Evans, and Marvel). 

No mentions of race, gender, or sexuality.


The Nights are Mainly Made for Matters of the Heart 

Michael knows he’s gone off the deep end when he wakes for the fourth time in the week, with an ache in his chest that the sheets next time him aren’t filled with you. His sheets aren’t warm because you were sleeping there and then got up early knowing he will always have a tendency to sleep in a little late. He drops his head back into the pillow. It’s better in his subconscious, where you’re with him and he can curl up onto your chest. That way he’s already got your heart and isn’t standing at the door, after knocking, waiting for you to let him in. 

And maybe it was a little dumb of him not to move on. You had told him that with the way things had to work for him and his lifestyle that you might not have been cut from a cloth to withstand that. And he understood. It’s incredibly hard to leave the ones you love. He’s still not quite sure how he ever made the decision to leave his family at sixteen sometimes. And part of it surely was naivety. The world felt shiny and bright, and it was all he wanted in the world to get the fuck out and way from everything that hurt him. 

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Calum and Jewels thought the road for them was over. But all it takes it an act of kindess to bring them together again. Part 3 of Birthday Boy. 

Calum x Black OC.

There is 18+ Content (Smut). If you are under 18, please do not read or interact, thank you!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Also, enjoy my masterlist! (Parts 1 and 2 can be found here!)


Calum squints, adjusting the dial on his radio to bring the volume down. He reads the sign on the front of the building just to confirm that his GPS hasn’t gotten him lost. Content that it’s the bakery he is looking for, he turns into the shopping center and finds a parking spot. It’s not like Calum expected this to be part of his best man duties but when Crystal mentioned not knowing where to start for the cake, Calum said he had no problem helping out. Michael was just as lost as she was and Calum figured while it was a little out of the way for some of these places, it wouldn’t hurt. So they split up the list that she had narrowed down from and each of them went to scout out the locations. 

Calum had been sent out solo but the criteria was strict for him to follow. After consulting with Crystal after each visit, only one had survived so far to the even shorter shortlist. This was his last one and he hoped it was better than the others. Not that he didn’t like them, but they just didn’t feel right. Though it really wouldn’t be his gut feeling that would make the final call. Really, Calum was supposed to go to this one first, since it was the farthest out. But because two of the three being right next to each, he tackled those first. 

The rain seemed consistent, having rained for a few days prior as well. Even though it brings Calum down a little, he thinks there’s beauty to this too. The soft patter of it against the roof of his SUV and the way it sounds splashing into the asphalt are sounds that he didn’t get to hear too often. With his head ducked down, he carefully walks through the rain, inhaling the way the grass emits a smell with the weight of the water. 

The bell above the door chimes as Calum’s entrance. It smells sweet, which isn’t a shock, but it’s not overly so. It’s like the sweetness is just clinging with the last of its strength to the air in the shop. The soft mint green of the walls is inviting as he glances around quickly. No one sits in the small dining area but there are people lingering at the register. Calum takes a moment to contemplate the menu in front of them, to see if anything happens to tickle his fancy before having to find an employee to run down this script with.


The voice is high and he swears his heart is going to jump out of his chest. “Jewels?” 

He hadn’t seen her since her birthday. That was about three and a half months ago. Not that he didn’t have her number still saved and not that he hadn’t drafted text messages to her. And not that she hadn’t texted him once during that. But it wasn’t anything serious, just a quick, hope you’re doing well text message. He responded in the same, but it wasn’t clear where things stood. Calum didn’t want to push any boundaries or try to make something that wasn’t there. 

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Inspired by @ammwritings​ custom moodboard

A/N: So, I was inspired by Anne’s moodboard that she made for me about getting stoned with Calum and listening to records, so I thought I would write a fic about it. As always, let me know what you think and send requests if you have any! I’ll be finishing ships tonight. xx
Genre: angst / fluff / smut
Type: blurb / imagine / series
Warning: heavy mentions of drug use (smoking weed), some sexual content (not sex, but very close)
Word Count: 6k (I got so unbelievably carried away. I wish I could say I was sorry. But I’m not.)
Taglist: @gigglyirwin@loveroflrh@ammwritings@calumscalm
Playlist: Weed Music

Red eyes watch as she throws her head back, laughing at some meaningless joke thrown around the room. Her laugh echoes with others, bouncing off the painted white walls surrounding them. Her head swims back around when someone elbows her gently and hands her the joint. She smiles, bringing it to her lips and inhaling hard. She feels the toke sit in her mouth before filling her lungs with another breath. She holds it, gently opening her mouth and allowing the smoke to spill out of her mouth. She sits, shivering slightly, focusing on the joint and sparing a glance around the room.

Her friends sit, smiling amongst their newly formed conversations. She watches languidly, lazily repeating her motions a few more times before passing it to the person on her right. She feels her body begin to melt into the sofa underneath her, slowly relaxing. She can feel the way her muscles welcome the plush couch, the black, soft fabric brushing against her bare thighs and warming up her body even farther. Her mind eases into its far corner, letting the high slowly crawl its way into her system.

She hears the end of a conversation before starting a new one with Crystal, sitting to her left. She smiles and asks about her day, listening to the accent drip around her slowly. She watches as her friend talks with her hands, her thick American accent capturing her attention. She listens to the pronunciations and lilts in her tone. She sits and listens and listens.

The anxiety that had made a home in her shoulders slowly rests, her neck tilting to the right and letting out a satisfying crack. She repeats thoughtlessly with the other side, feeling the way that her body is responding to her high. Her toes begin to tingle lightly whilst the warmth bubbling in her chest spreads through her bloodstream, occupying the tips of her fingers and her lower tummy. She still concentrates on her friend, responding only when needed.

She hears the start of a song, another one of her friends, Ashton, connecting his phone to her Bluetooth speaker that had fallen silent a few moments before, letting the song play out. Her focus turns to the music when her friend receives another joint and stops talking. She can feel her head tilting back against the cushion behind her head, resting as her blood pumps at its own pace. She soaks it in.

Her eyes switch between the people in front of her, observing mannerisms in the way they sit and express themselves that she was always aware of when sober, but particularly aware of as she sits high.

“You okay over there?” Ashton asks her and she chuckles at his question.

“I’m fine,” her voice is smooth, low and raspy from the smoke that had been brushing her airways a few moments before then. The friend on her left passes her the joint and she smiles at her with thanks, “Do you guys know how much I smoke?”

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Chapters: 5/13
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Relationships: Calum Hood/Ashton Irwin
Characters:  Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood’s family, Mali Koa Hood, Michael Clifford,  Luke Hemmings
Additional Tags: Okay here we go again, Astrophysicist!Calum, Nurse!Ashton, Christmas AU, Anniversary, Alternate Universe - No Band, New Zealand, Australia, confronting the past, Established Relationship, Love, Loss, Growth            


“Stargazing always seemed to me like looking into the past.” Anahera smiled, her eyes reflecting the stars up above.
The thought made Calum smile too because his grandmother wasn’t wrong. Most of the stars that lit up the sky were long changed by the time their light reached the Earth. From here he could only observe them as they were years or even a millennia ago.
“Maybe that’s why people think their loved ones are up there, among them. It’s a beautiful thought, eh?” She turned to look at him with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Maybe.” Calum conceded.


Growing up is hard and scary and you may find yourself lost more often than not. But if you surround yourself with good people, you can always find your path.

Chapter 5 is up! Link here! ^^

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I really love your work! I don’t quite remember how this works and I am not handy with tumblr at all so i hope I’m asking in the right place! Could I request you write something with Cal with the song Love Affair by Umi? Or Die For You by The Weeknd? I love your stuff so much I literally read everything.

Hi, love. Thanks for such kind words and thanks for your song suggestion. I went with Love Affair by Umi since it was the first one listed. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Enjoy my masterlist

Feel free to send me one song + a boy or small blurb request. 


Just a Good Time

 It’s so easy. Whenever your phone rings and Calum’s on the other end, things just feel light. You don’t have to worry and you don’t have to fret over what you’re saying and you don’t have to worry about the way you come across because he just gets it. And you get him. You get the late nights. Most often than not, you’ll stay up late on FaceTime watching him work in his office at home while you’re cozy in bed, offering soft praises. 

“You should get ready,” Calum says. Through his receiver, you can hear the crackle of a breeze like he might driving with the phone on speaker. His voice echoes too and you know for sure he’s in his car. 


“I’m ten minutes from your place.”

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sorry I haven’t been active, I’m gonna try and write more. my mental health has been bad but I think it’ll be good for me to do something creative like writing, and you guys always cheer me up. if you have any requests or prompts feel free to fill my inbox too.

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last chapter

i know absolutely nothing about the law except how to break it babyyyyyy so if this chapter is inaccurate you can’t blame me. I tried. As always, if you’ve got comments, questions, feedback, lmk! content warning for some PTSD-like elements. 

tdwk masterlist

ttlb masterlist (in progress)

* * *

Aspen would have really liked to drive with Calum to the DA’s office, but she was a logical person, she understood the value of taking separate cars. 


  • She could go straight home from the DA’s office
  • It looked less suspicious 
  • She could pick the music
  • Calum got driven everywhere by Alfred anyways so it really didn’t matter to him


  •  There was no chance of stopping for car sex

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The original request: Hey if you’re open to suggestions could you write about cal coming home one day and saying “uhm you look.. not sober?” And convincing him to join drinking with you and having a fun time 😉

This original prompt has since been adjusted. I did get permission (x). Thanks to you anon, for being so understanding and working with me so I can serve you best. 

Remember folks, consent is important in all matters of life–sex, romantic relationships, platonic, whether you’re giving a hug. Does not matter–allow the person to consent or even reject and respect those boundaries. Consent is also ongoing!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy.

Enjoy my masterlist–linked in the source!

Feel free to send me a song + a boy or small blurb request. (Can I beg for Michael content and request? Yes, thanks.)

This is a reader insert (you). Open to all races, gender identities. Just general light-weightness for the consumption of alcohol. 


It was only going to be one drink. One drink while you dipped your toes into the pool. And you had even poured it with a light hand, just to avoid feeling too out of your head too fast. But that light pour for one drink became a second one. And maybe they did become heavier pours as you went about it. But it was so hard to really taste the rum in the drink. That you figured maybe just a little bit more wouldn’t hurt. 

And now you’re sinking into the pool, your swimwear reflecting from under the water as the sun beams down. You relax your head into the slightly white marble. It feels good and for a second you’re not worried about the world outside, you’re not worried about work, or school, or bills. You’re not worried about anything because nothing else matters but the sun warming your skin and the water holding up your limbs. 

Before you can even realize, you’re three drinks down. It’s not that bad. Not until you go to pull yourself out of the water and suddenly without the natural buoyancy it’s a little harder to keep your limbs in coordination. A laugh pricks up your ears and you look up to Calum. “You do not look completely sober. I’d give us mostly.”

“It was only supposed to be one drink,” you huff. 

Calum nods. “You okay? They say you’re not supposed to drink alone.”

“I’m okay. The water just tricked me.”

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Just something I thought about since I’m stuck in the house now…. Hope you enjoy! Stay inside, don’t be the asshole that ignores the rules, wash your hands, stay safe, don’t be an idiot :)

You didn’t know what emotion you were supposed to feel. Calum was going to be staying with you while the world went into quarantine. The two of you had been dating for three months and while you had both spent the night at the other’s house, staying together for weeks on end was something entirely different. You wanted to be excited to spend time with him, in fact, you were excited to spend time with him, but you didn’t know if he was going to be as excited. The two of you hadn’t exactly planned on it happening, but flights were getting cancelled and Calum told you it would be irresponsible for him to fly in the midst of a global pandemic. He asked if you would mind if he intruded for a while and you had invited him to stay without a second thought. 

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content: pure smut, with feels™ my brand
word count: 1k
a/n: i’m still breaking into the writing side of the fandom and this is my first time writing for luke but he’s my baby so obviously i have to. please be kind and any feedback is welcome 💕 

you’re comfortable when you wake up, on your side facing away from the window so the morning light filtering in won’t disturb you. you could easily drift back off to sleep, but you find yourself with a familiar pang in your lower tummy. you kinda want to be touched, and your boyfriend is asleep beside you.

you roll on your back and look over at luke’s sleeping form, a few curls falling over his forehead and in his eyes. he looks so soft and you almost don’t want to wake him, but you press your legs together and know you need it. you roll onto your other side and lay your palm on his naked chest. you snuggle in close, your lips meeting his neck softly. you start planting kisses along the curve of his neck, stopping to suck on the skin when you feel like it - just not hard enough to leave a mark.

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Hello! Can you write an Ashton imagine where you visit him on tour for a few shows and you just felt like stealing one for his shirts and while he’s doing his hair for the show or whatever you go in his bag to grab a shirt and you find a ring box...... (maybe he proposes in front of all the fans🤷‍♀️)

wow y’all really wanna marry Ashton huh? no judgement, I certainly do too. Anywho, here she is! hope you enjoy, lots of love and cuddles 


She hasn’t seen her boyfriend in two months, and boy does she miss him. Ashton had invited her on tour, and she’d almost considered saying yes, but then remembered that being an intern was not exactly the most forgiving schedule, and had to sorrowfully decline.

Thankfully, vacation days exist, so she booked a flight to meet him in London to join him and the guys for a few show dates of their Euro leg of the tour. Ashton picked her up at the airport and they’ve spent the last blissful 24 hours curled under the sheets of his hotel bed, making up for lost time.

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