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I Can’t Sleep - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Y/N x Luke

Summary / Notes: You have troubles sleeping, and luke helps. Lowercase intended.

Warnings: None

Words: 1.1k


Authors notes: I honestly debated posting this or not because im not sure I fully like it but I decided to post it anyways. Any suggestions for Imagines? Lmk! -

Luke was well aware of the issues you had with sleeping. Every time you would try to sleep you just couldn’t.

It wasn’t much of an issue at first, but slowly just got worse. Random thoughts kept you up at night. They weren’t good ones either.

It got overwhelming for you. Once luke started to notice this, he would stay up for you. He would wait for you to sleep before he felt comfortable sleeping himself.

You were his princess and he always needed to make sure you were okay. And if you weren’t, he wouldn’t leave your side until you were. He loved you more than you could ever know.

It was the same as almost every day, you were up in bed waiting for luke to come home from the studio. You were cuddling petunia, and didn’t hear the front door open.

Soon in the dim room you saw luke by the doorway. “Hey baby!” He says smiling as he walks over to you. “Lukey!” You say getting up and hugging him.

“How was your day?” You asked him smiling, giving him a quick kiss. “It was alright, got some finishing vocals for the new song” he says sitting down on the bed next to you.

“How was piggy?” He asks you petting petunia.

“She slept all day” you laugh. “Of course” he smiles laughing with you. “Im gonna go take a shower, you can head to bed” he says looking at you.

He knew you hated sleeping without him there, so countless nights you would stay up late to wait for him to get home. “I’ll wait for you” you say yawning and laying under the covers.

Be nodded and went off to shower. It wasn’t much longer before he had gotten out, and dressed. He came back to the room getting under the covers next to you and petunia cuddling up with you.

“I love you” he says kissing you and holding you tightly. “I love you too, lu” you say kissing him back and cuddling your face into his chest.

You sat there for awhile trying to sleep. You slightly moved positions every once in awhile trying to get as comfy as possible. The thoughts flooded your head again.

You grabbed onto lukes shirt gently trying to push the thoughts away. But it didn’t work. “Why is he even with me? Im not pretty” you thought to yourself along with other things like that.

You opened your eyes looking around the dim room. The only light you had in the room was due to the tv quietly playing some random movie. You sighed quietly not wanting to wake up luke.

You looked at the clock which read 2:35 am. “Maybe I’ll just stay up” you thought to yourself, just laying staring at the wall. It had seemed like hours before you decided to try to sleep again. It had only been 30 minutes but it felt like hours.

You slowly moved to cuddle up to luke again. You shifted slightly to be closer to him, and grabbed ahold of the bottom of his shirt again. It was a habit you had to be holding onto him while you slept, it made you feel even more safe.

You put your head in his chest slowly breathing, closing your eyes again. You inhaled his scent, almost seeming to calm you down more.

You opened your eyes for another second. Looking at lukes facial expressions. He was extremely calm as he slept, breathing slowly, eyes closed lightly. You always wondered what he thought while he was sleeping.

You soon closed your eyes once again. Not noticing, you accidentally tugged on the bottom of his shirt causing him to slightly wake up.

“Baby?” He said, almost coming out as a whisper from him just waking up. His voice after he woke up was the best thing you could hear. His voice was slightly deeper than usual after he woke up. His voice was also very rough after waking up.

“Hm?” You said quietly looking up at him.

“Have you slept at all yet?” He said opening his eyes, and stretching. “N-No.. but I’m fine you should sleep anyways” You say.

You hated when he stayed up for you because you felt you were disrupting his sleep. You wanted him to sleep good, and to not worry about you.

He pulled you so you were laying on top of him and wrapped his arms around you. “What time is it?” He asks you putting his head on your shoulder. “Almost three in the morning” you say laying your head on his chest.

He let out a small sigh as he held you. “Try and sleep for me?” He says rubbing your back slowly. You nod and close your eyes.

You sit there for almost an hour as luke watches some movie on tv. But after nearly an hour, you still aren’t asleep. “Can’t sleep lu” you mumble into his chest moving to get comfy again.

“Whats keepin you awake babe?” He says kissing your forehead. “The thoughts..” you say, and he lets out a small sigh.

“Wanna try talking for a bit and maybe it’ll calm you down? Get stuff off your mind?” He asks as as pulls you close. You nod and he starts talking.

“What did you do today?” He asks. “Mm cuddled with piggy, showered, your mom called and asked if we wanted to go to Australia over summer and stay with everybody” You say and move your hand to be able to hold onto luke’s shirt better.

“You think you’re ready for that?” He asks you, you both had been dating for nearly 2 years but you have yet to meet his family because of the fear that came along with it.

What if they didn’t like you, or wanted luke to break up with you? It was just too hard to come to be able to go with him to meet them.

“Im not sure.. I mean what if she doesn’t like me?” You say sighing. “She will, I know her. Baby I love you so much and I know she’ll like you” he says rubbing your back making you nod.

“Im ready” You say back to him. “You are? We’ll have to go soon though, maybe next month?” He says and you nod.

You both talk for hours and you finally start to fall asleep. He doesn’t stop talking though, because he knows it helps you sleep.

Sooner or later you end up falling asleep, peacefully in Luke’s embrace. “Love you so much princess” luke mumbles before also falling asleep with you.


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hiii this is the first part of my Lashton series! I am so excited to share this with you all and I cannot wait to write more! 

paring; female reader x lashton 

word count; 2,277

warnings; blowjobs, fucking, threesome, mentions of aftercare 

feedback is greatly appreciated

buy me a coffee ;)

enjoy petals


Several months ago you started up a relationship with Ashton Irwin, the drummer of Five Seconds of Summer. It had started as late-night hookups or drunken blowjobs until one morning you were getting dressed to leave when Ashton told you to stay and you did. That day the two of you laid in bed, lazily making out and talking about relationships. He confessed that he wanted you and only you and no more of just one night stands. He wanted to have play fights, make you breakfast in bed and everything else in between. 

The boys were currently in the studio discussing the new album with their management. You decided to tag along with your boyfriend, wanting to support him and his bandmates. Ashton was sat on the other side of the room with the crew while you were on a very worn out leather couch, scrolling through Twitter. Every once in a while you would glance up to check on your boy, giggling and messing with Calum’s cheeks. As you looked back down at your phone you felt eyes upon you. You slowly raised your head back up to see Luke staring at you. A blush formed on your cheeks as you gave him a small smile and returned back to Twitter. 

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idk how many more sexual scenarios i can push, but i am loving on the character and relationship development. @kindahoping4forever​ cheered your girl on as she always does.


Ash comes home from work early one day, neither you or Luke were expecting him. You just knew he’d been tired a lot and there had been a lot of late nights at the office and him coming in and collapsing in bed with you and Luke. You can only remember one night he spent in his own bed since the three of you had the incredibly intimate night, and that was only because he had zero energy to join you. 

You’d made note and made sure anything you and Luke wanted to do was done before he got home. He seemed to need to be with the two of you, re-energized by the closeness, at least enough to get through another crazy day. 

But he was in high spirits. He grins at you, calls for Luke and collapses with you on the couch. Luke looks confused when he walks in, handing you a sandwich wrapped in a napkin and a bottle of water and sits on the other side of Ash, taking a bite of his own sandwich.

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Omg Kaya you’re so wonderful😭 can I make a blurb request? I’m in a bit of an angsty/smutty mood so something involving a club, lonely heart blasting, Luke and just angst and smut. Do with it what you will as our friend Calum would say😉 thanks in advance lovely💜

, youYou found yourself dancing alone in the club, your boyfriend, well now-ex, long forgotten in the midst of the drama.

“You can’t honestly be trying to wear that out in public,” you remember him saying, looking you up and down and you rolled your eyes. You looked amazing in the dress you bought online. It was already a bit of a stretch to buy clothes online, no one can fit those sizes and you did! And you looked hot as fuck!

“I can wear what I want,” you told him and adjusted your hair one last time before grabbing your car keys. You decided to get ready at his place since you spent the night the day before and you were starting to regret letting him see you get ready for girls night.

“You can wear what you want and look like a slut, huh?” Derek said, crossing his arms and blocking your exit from his apartment, “How would you feel if I walked around with my dick hanging out?”

“The difference is people want to see my boobs not your shrimp dick. Move out of the way,” he just looked at you instead, “What?”

“If you leave wearing that, we’re done.”

“Okay bye!”

That was two months ago.

Fast forward now and it was girls night again, that memory still fresh in your mind and how you let yourself date some absolute idiot who seriously cramped your style. You found it felt way better to dance next to your best friends in the club.

Soon after the new Weeknd song came off, the club slowed it down for a second with a smooth acoustic guitar playing.

Your type of mind, so hard to find
Native of mine, you’re just my kind

Hey, I’m going to go get another drink!” you called to your friend, Britt, and she nodded.

“Stay safe, babe,” she said and continued talking to the others before you walked over to the bar.

The bartender looked at you with a smile, “What can I do for you?”

“What’s with the song?”

“A requested one.”

“A slow as hell one,” you were a fan of 5SOS and could appreciate it but right now it hit way too close to home. You ordered your preferred drink and sat down at the bar as you waited.

“Sorry for the bad request,” a man said beside you, “I’ll suggest better next time.”

“You should,” you barely looked over at him, probably disinterested in the thought of dating some man again and the bartender handed you a drink.

“You leaving?” the guy said, a hint of an Aussie accent coming off, causing me to turn to him.

His golden blonde hair was shining under the bar lights, baby blue eyes resting on your face. He smiled at you.

“You’re gorgeous. That dress is almost as amazing as you look,” Luke said holding out his hand, “I’m Luke. I sing that song.”

We dance inside, you’re hurtin’

Would you like to dance, Luke?” You said, taking his hand. Nothing in hell would make you miss the opportunity to dance with Luke Hemmings, “We can dance to this.”

You danced with Luke til the night ended, talking about whatever, falling in love with the idea of dancing with him. Dancing and talking was fun, in fact, it was amazing to actually be with a man who didn’t make you feel like shit for expressing yourself.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Luke said a bit later after buying you one last drink, this time some water. He said he didn’t want to deal with a wasted girl on his hand.

“And go where, Lucas?”

“Not my name but my place,” Luke said, “I have a dog, she’s a cutie. You can play with her.”

“I’m sorry, why didn’t you tell me before! I am there!”

The second you walked into Luke’s home, the cutest dog was waddling over to you.

You squeaked at it, quickly dropping to the ground to pet her, “Oh my gosh she’s like the perfect circle.”

“She’s not fat!” Luke said with a laugh, “Want a drink?”

“Water, please.”

“Be right back.”

You petted Petunia until he came back and he smiled as he handed you the bottle of water. Himself drinking some vitamin rich thing.

“She likes you,” Luke commented, sitting on the ground beside you.

“Good, I like you,” you rebutted and he smiled, taking your face into his hands and pulling you closer.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you?”

“I’d be hurt if you didn’t.”

Luke’s kiss was sweet, not to forceful at all. His tongue darted against your bottom lip, causing you to open your mouth at that touch and your tongues quickly swirling around to each others.

He pulled you closer, his hands moving from your face to along your body, searching and getting to know every inch to you.

After making out with Luke for a good minute, he laid you down on the ground, Petunia running off with her toy away from the two of you, and continuing his kisses all the way down your body, his hands traveling underneath your dress, slowly pulling it above your head.

“Is this still fine?” Luke said with a small, nervous smile, “No pressure.”

“Dude, it’s sex with Luke Hemmings, its great,” he laughed and yanked off your dress before going back to kissing and decorating your chest.

His mouth closed around your nipple, softly sucking at it before tugging on it. You’re hands moved to his belt loop, pulling it off of him and dropping his pants around his ankles, he quickly kicked them off. Luke smiled up at you as he yanked your underwear off, taking his long fingers and darting them inside of you, testing your wetness. You moaned at the touch of him as his lips came down on your mouth again, swallowing your moan with his kiss.

You got a good look at just how big Luke was before he slowly inserted himself inside you, still kissing your lips, deepening the kiss as he moved in and out of you, one hand massaging your breasts, the other gripping your thigh.

It was amazing being under him as he went in and out of you constantly, you moaning with every movement, into every kiss. You found your high together, he quickly pulled out and looked up at you.

If you leave in the mornin, I’ll have such a

Stay the night?” Luke said hours after you sexcapade, you both in his bed cuddling, Petunia coming in only after you all stopped making scary noises wanting to be pet.

You looked up at Luke and he gave you his award winning smile, “I make great toast.”


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