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a/n: ENEMIES TO LOVERS bby aww yeah its here. this is only the first part, there will be a part two i swear!! (Maybe even part three idk). also, disclaimer: I really, really lover the name gemma!! I think its super pretty!

There were two things in this world that Gemma was certain of. One, that her parents had really fucked her over by naming her Gemma. And two, Ashton Irwin had terrible taste in friends. 

Well, friend.

Calum Hood. The bane of Gemma’s existence. Somehow, when he walked into the room, every rational thought she ever had left. They replaced themselves with the need to make passive-aggressive comments. 

Now, Gemma prided herself on the fact that she was very much not a bitch. Well, as much as possible, she wasn’t. But it was hard to not hate this man. His irritating smirks, the way he smoked, even how he always called her Germ (Gemma, Gem, Germ. Real clever, Cal).

But what ticked her off the most was how he always barged in unannounced. To everything.

This was especially inconvenient now. You know, since Gemma was half drunk and sobbing her eyes out on Ashton’s couch.

“I don’t get it, you know?” It had been a tough day at work. It was always a tough day at work. Gemma watched as her tears plunked into her wine glass, a frown reflected back to her on the maroon surface. “I’m just plain better than him. So why am I always last for promotions?”

“It’s probably the fact you think you’re better than everyone.” Oh, great. If there was one thing this night was missing, it was that ever-present nail on a chalkboard voice.

There were several different types of drunks, as far as Gemma was concerned. Weepy, fun, angry, needy, philosophical, and blackout. Normally, Gemma was a very fun drunk, the life of the party. But she was about to turn into the Incredible Hulk of drunks. 

“Cal, what’s up?” Ashton jumped off the couch, a smile on his face and a hand outstretched to greet his friend.

“Was in the neighborhood. Figured I’d stop by and see if you wanted to hang.” Cal shot daggers at Gemma then, crossing his arms. “Didn’t know you had company.” 

He practically spat out the word.

“Whatever, bitch boy. I was leaving anyway.” Gemma threw the blanket off of her, using more force than necessary and began snatching up her things. She hated acting like this in front of Ashton, but if Gemma didn’t stomp her feet to release anger, well, there was a chance Cal wouldn’t be able to have kids in the future.

“Gem, wait. You’re drunk.” Ashton caught her arm, concern written all over his face. Gemma watched him as he kept glancing over at his keys on the kitchen counter. His concern wasn’t her problem, though. 

“I already called for an Uber. It’ll be here in five.” Gemma made another move for the front door, only to find Ashton’s hand still on her arm, a tight vice grip.

“At least wait inside where you’ll be warm.” She almost said yes. It was right on the tip of her tongue, waiting to spring into the world and agree. And then.

“Nah, let the drunk wait out in the cold. Maybe she’ll sober up a bit, eh?” Calum fucking Hood. The door was slamming shut behind her before Ashton could even blink.

Gemma could see her breath in the desert air. That’s what kept her from screaming into the night sky. Well, that and basic social constructs. But Gemma kept it in. Each time a puff released out into the night sky, she felt a little more tension leave her shoulders. Yeah, she still wanted to feel her hands around Calum’s neck. And yeah, she still wasn’t promoted. But at least there was the cold.

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hehe another Calum fic in the same night 

requested? yes (from a long time ago)

pairing; calum hood x fem reader

word count; 1.5k

warnings; mentions of weed and alcohol, hate fucking (you love to see it)

feedback is appreciated 

enjoy petals 


Calum Thomas Hood. The name dripped off your tongue like poison. Every guy in college wanted to be him, all the girls wanted to be with him and you, well you hated him. His pretty dark chocolate curls, his gorgeous skin, and God that smile. That fucking smile with his eyes squinted and creases formed, dimple prominent. You hated him, every perfect goddamn inch of him. 

Your professor dismissed the class and all the students rose to scramble off for lunch. “Hey Y/N! Are you going to Andrew’s party tonight? Gonna be sick!” Ryan asked you while slipping an arm around your waist. Ryan and Jasmine were your two closest friends in college, although you and Ryan got off to a rocky start. You look up and notice Calum staring at you two with hooded eyes. You lean into Ryan’s touch to make him jealous. “Of course, pick me up at eight!” And with that you pecked his cheek innocently and walked out of the classroom, hoping to catch Jazz at the local café.

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sex with professor hood 

word count; 1k 

requested? yes 

feedback is appreciated 

enjoy petals 


“Professor Hood?” Your voice tiny as you knock on his office door. You were struggling tremendously in his class and he had told you to come by later that afternoon, via email. “Come in!” You turn the doorknob to see Professor Hood leaned back in his chair, tie off and the first buttons undone on his dress shirt. His legs were spread and his large veiny hands folded in his lap.

“Hi,” you squeak, blush forming on your cheeks. “Shut the door please,” he orders sitting back up. After shutting the door you take a seat in the leather chair in front of his wooden desk. “Y/N, let’s talk about the basics and then see if you understand.” You nod and open your notebook. “You know I appreciate verbal responses in class. I would appreciate a verbal response right now.” His voice thick with authority. Your cheeks are on fire and you look down at your feet. “Yes, Sir.”

You are not paying attention whatsoever to what he is saying. You’re basically eye-fucking him, biting down on the pen you’re holding. “Make sense?” His voice interrupts your thoughts. You jolt and sit straight up. “Um yeah, perfect sense!” Professor Hood glares at you before he gets up from his chair and slowly walks over to you, leaning on the edge of his desk. “Is everything all right?” his question full of worry. You swallow and look up at him. “Yeah yeah, everything is good,” you lie straight through your teeth. He furrows his eyebrows and bends down to your level. “I know why you’re struggling in my class,” he whispers. Your faces are inches apart, his brown eyes skimming your face. “I know you don’t pay attention when I’m talking because you’re too busy undressing me in your head. You imagine me bending you over and fucking you so hard that you see stars. So tell me, baby,” his lips now brushing over your ear, “do you want me to fuck you?” You bite your lip and nod slowly, too afraid to speak. He presses his lips roughly against yours, hands flying to your hair.

“You have no idea how bad I want this,” he growls. “You’re my favorite student. You know that? I literally can’t wait to see your pretty face walk through the doors every week. And the way you bite your lip and blush while answering questions gets me going.” He pulls you up from the collar of your shirt softly. “Bend over my desk, baby.” You smirk and drop your pants and underwear, wiggling your ass as you wait. He smacks his hand against your left cheek, making it bounce. “Fucking tease,” he giggles. He kneels down and spreads your ass cheeks apart, tongue meeting your hole. “O-oh Professor!” “It’s Calum,” he tells you before returning back to lapping you up. Calum spits on his finger and slowly prods his finger into you. He works his way up to three fingers, slapping your ass cheeks, you a whimpering mess under him.

“Please Calum,” You wail. “Please what baby?” “Please fuck me, fuck my hole, let it stretch around your thick cock, let the other professors catch us cause you’re fucking me so good!” Calum lines himself up with you, his body pressing up against yours. “Christ baby, you’re so fucking filthy,” he spats. He’s all the way in you now, fingernails scratching your back. He pulls out and slams back into you with no mercy. “Fuck, you feel so amazing around me babe,” he moans. He has your face pressed against his desk so you can barely breathe properly. You knew your teacher had to be somewhat kinky but you didn’t expect it to be anything like this.

“Uh uh uh, Calum!” not even caring who can hear you at this point. “That’s right baby, scream my name. Let the whole university know who’s fucking you this good.” He tightly grabs your pudgy waist, slamming into you. “I’m cumming!” And with that your let your orgasm drip onto his office floors. He pulls out of you and slaps your ass multiple times, releasing his hot spunk all over your backside, letting it fall onto the floor with your orgasm as well. Calum grabs you and flips you over to look at him. “Alright?” He asks helping you back up. “More than alright,” you say kissing his freckles on his cheek. He blushes and holds you in his arms. “Listen, I would like to take you out on a proper date. Dinner, wine, dancing. What do you say?” He asks nervously. You giggle and kiss his cheek once more. “It’s a date.”

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okau so I heard this story once about this couple who got married and spent the first 30 minutes of being married (like after walking down the aisle) together and I thought that would be a wholesome idea for cal

“cal surprising you by playing disconnected at your wedding with the other boys (lowkey a bop)”

I combined these two, it is tweaked a little bit but you’ll see why! I hope you like it!

• • • •

It was Calum’s idea as your wedding became closer and closer. The venue was set, the cake ordered, dresses, tuxes, flowers, guest list, guest seating and everything else was finished. 

“I saw this video online that a videographer captured the couple having thirty minutes to themselves. It was from distance but they both looked super happy after the ceremony,” he suggested.

You agreed in a heartbeat. 

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i’ve also seen people talk about how they are a little annoyed with how much promo 5sos are doing and how much merch they’re releasing. you guys gotta understand why they’re doing it though. they are not begging for CALM to be #1, THIS is the only way they can do promo and stuff while under quarantine. i feel like if covid19 wasn’t a thing, release week would be very very different. they would be out in the world doing promo and not as active as they have been online. i’ve personally loved having them be more active on twitter and instagram, it’s given me stuff to do while i’m stuck at home. i understand from an outsiders point of view how all this newly released merch and stuff could come off as pleading for promotion and sales, but you gotta think about this crazy circumstance we’re all under right now. we probably all wish it was different and that everyone could be out living their lives & stuff, but for now we’re all doing the best we can. that includes 5sos. that being said, stay home, stay safe, and continue streaming CALM. (let’s get it to #1 in the US too! they’ve worked so hard, poured their hearts and souls into this album, and they deserve it!) 🤍

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