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Calum and Jongho appreciation because I love them both, they are my two baby boys. Calum is my 5sos lane and Jongho is my ATEEZ bias. They are both the softest, silliest and filled with talent. I made this to show some comparisons even though they are different in their own unique way uwu. Hope you enjoyed me let out my love for both of these babies they truly deserve everything. 💘💖


Their beautiful smiles are the same yet different (you know) ☺️


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a/n: i love this sm!! i feel like cal would just always have to have his hands on you or just to be touching you? also i KNOW he’s a whore for having his hair played with. i hope this is what u were looking for!!


It’d been rough. Whenever Calum was on tour it was always rough for either one of you. The time spent between visits versus the time you spent seeing each other was incomparable. Sometimes, when you got the chance, you didn’t even want to see calum while he was away because it was so hard to leave him. Today was one of those times, but you were already on your way to the venue and knew you wouldn’t see him for a few more months after this. So you went, and it probably didn’t help that the boys put on an amazing performance that made you remember why he did this in the first place.

You’d snuck backstage before they played their last song so you would be there when they got off. Calum knew you were coming but that didn’t stop him from giving you a bone crushing hug when he stepped into the green room, his arms wrapping around you and squeezing you like he never wanted to let you go.

“How was the show?” he asked you once the two of you sat down on the couch, a drink in your hand and Calum’s head in your lap, his beautiful brown eyes staring up at you.

“Phenomenal, as usual.” You took a sip of your drink as Calum scrolled through his phone. Eventually people started filtering out of the room until you and Cal were left alone for a moment. His voice caused you to look down, and the expression on his face made your stomach churn out of worry. 

“This is so hard,” the boy mumbled, still staring at his phone with the unsettling look on his face. He looked back up at you, turning off his phone. “I hate this because I know you’re gonna leave soon.”

“I told you I’d stay at your hotel tonight,” you countered, but you knew that wasn’t what he was talking about. Soon meaning sooner than he’d like. It didn’t matter how many hours you had with him when neither of you wanted to let the other go in the first place.

“I fucking hate this, Y/N.” His voice broke in the middle of his sentence and you felt a piece of your heart go with it. He was completely, utterly right. You fucking hated this.

“Let’s just focus on now.” You tried your best to keep it together for him. Calum was always one to think long term, and you found yourself grounding him most times. Your fingers found their way into his hair, maneuvering around the curls and scraping his scalp slightly as he fluttered his eyes closed. You had to look away, focusing your attention on the stack of plastic cups across the room. If you studied him any longer you’d remember the little things about him that you didn’t want to—you didn’t need anything else to dwell on.

Calum rolled over so he was laying on his side, legs tucked like a child while his head stayed perched on your lap but his arms moved to wrap around your torso. Calum always had to be touching you no matter what, it was a sign of comfort for him and you were more than happy to assist. Whether it be holding your hand or letting his fingers tap along the side of your leg, he was always making sure that you were there. 

“I love you,” you said, glancing down at the boy. His eyes were still shut, lips parted as he breathed steadily, fingers clutching onto your shirt. 

“Love you,” he whispered softly, and you could tell the boy was seconds away from falling asleep. You had to blink your eyes a few times to stop from crying, not wanting to bring your hand up to your face because then Calum would know something was wrong. Even though you both knew it anyway. 

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I’ve had lots of messages and asks about some blurbs for baby Miles who I recently introduced to my 5sos world (there’s a fic including his birth on my masterlist) so here we go! Hopefully the first of many ❤️


Originally posted by downunderhood

Being a new mum was hard to say the least, but it came with unimaginable rewards. Seeing your baby boy Miles reach milestones and grow as a person filled yours and your boyfriend Calum’s hearts with a joy you had never experienced before. 

It’s been eleven months since Miles’ birth and you had read from Mommy blogs that around this age most babies will have said their first word or two. The pediatrician had assured you there was nothing wrong and all babies take a different amount of time but you couldn’t help the gnawing panic in the pit of your stomach. Why hadn’t Miles talked yet? You, Calum and the boys spent hours chattering away at Miles, encouraging him to speak some simple words but so far he’s only gurgled some intelligible baby sounds. 

You walked into the kitchen, placing Miles into his baby bouncer attached to the doorframe as you take the Sunday lunch you had invited the boys to, as well as Crystal and Sierra out of the oven and place it on the marble countertop. Calum comes in behind you, wrapping an arm around your waist and pressing a quick kiss to the back of your neck. You giggle. “Not in front of the baby, Cal!”

He mocks offence. “I can’t kiss my beautiful girlfriend in front of our child?”

Before you can reply, the doorbell rings. Calum pats your bum playfully before going to open the door. The loud voices of the rest of his band fill the hallway, along with chatter from Crystal and Sierra. “Hey Y/N!” calls Ashton, hugging you gently. 

You greet him along with the rest of the boys and their girlfriends, and soon you’re putting the finishing touches to lunch on the table. Crystal and Sierra are helping you lay the table while the boys play with Miles in the lounge. It’s just as you place a large plate of salad in the middle of the dining table that you hear, very softly a word spoken from a baby’s mouth that you swear sounds a lot like how someone who was just learning to talk would pronounce ‘Luke”.

Assorted gasps and cheers from the lounge confirm your suspicions and Miles giggles before yelling “Wuke! Wuke!” enjoying the reactions he’s getting from his uncles. 

You can’t rush into the lounge fast enough, scooping up your baby boy from the sofa and spinning around as Crystal and Sierra follow close behind. 

“What did you say, my sweet boy? Were you talking to your uncle Luke?” 

“Wuke!” repeats Miles, pointing a chubby hand in Luke’s direction.

Among the excitement and cheering, you hear a sniff and turn around to see Calum with happy tears running down his cheeks. Calum doesn’t usually show deep emotions around large groups so you’re absolutely shocked.

“Doing okay, babe?” You giggle, wrapping an arm around him as you pass Miles to Luke.

He nods, plucking Miles from his godfather. He presses a kiss to Miles’ head and laughs. 

“I can’t believe you said Luke before saying dadda!”

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Imma be starting a shop on Etsy and imma have multiple stickers including 5sos, one direction and greys anatomy!

Also, my main on insta @calpal5sauce96 got deactivated at 7.4k + 😭 so um my backup is @calpal5saucehqs if ur not following yet!

Im still trying to get it back tho

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Hello, I am back with a little blurb, I’ll make a part II if its requested enough! This blurb is heavily based on the song : Angela by the Lumineers which i reccomend listening to get the feel of this whole thing 

Either way here it is

She opened her eyes to meet the dark room, the constant turning and uncomfortableness finally getting to her as the summer heat grazed her skin. Her belly was big and uncomfortable anyway she laid. She sighed as she sat up, her hands found their way to her stomach. “You’re not going to let mummy sleep tonight, are you?” she hoisted herself up and off the uncomfortable bed. The quiet snores of her boyfriend sounded through the room as the smell of alcohol stank up the air.

He had been out as he usually did, and she stayed home alone like most nights. Like most nights she felt lonely, stuck and numb. But tonight, was going to be different, she told herself. Tonight, she was the last straw, she was done with him. She was done with his abrasive and demanding behaviour. Her feet felt tired and her legs ached as she made her way to the bathroom. The light illuminated her features as hurt as eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“Not tonight.” she whispered, her hands still cradling her bump. She knew her baby was almost here; she knew her baby didn’t deserve a father like him or a future like hers.

She had made her mind up, turned off the light and walked ever so slowly out of the dark stuffy room. Leaving the man, she once knew behind her, alone in the misery she’d left behind.

His car keys laid on the kitchen table and without a second thought she grabbed them and made her way to the huge front door which has stopped her from leaving many times, the regret always sinking in before she could even touch the handle.

But not tonight.

She slipped on her converse and opened the door. The cool breeze amidst the summer night caressed her cheeks, the night was inviting her to leave, to run.

The future laid in front of her, the only important thing being the little girl slowly growing inside. Stealing all the love she’s ever had to give but no one that wanted to receive it. Everyone but him.

A smile cracked across her lips as she finally had a plan, a very sudden and rushed plan, she knew that, but a plan was a plan, nonetheless.

She rushed to the old tanned coloured car, unlocking it and slipping onto the driver’s seat, her belly almost being squished in the process. “We’re leaving today Ophelia. Today is the day my darling. We’re gonna go be happy.” she muttered to her baby girl and received a kick in return. “Yeah, I knew you’d like that too.”

She pulled her seat back to comfortably fit her and her huge bump and pulled the ratty seat belt in place.

She took a deep breath and turned the engine on, the roaring of it shaking the whole car, the flimsy half opened windows vibrating as she slowly backed out of her driveway.

Two hours it was, two hours to his house. She drove through the peaceful night, the smell of the trees and breeze filling the car and replacing the horrid cigarette smell that stuck to the seats.

She bobbed her head to the quiet music in the background as for the first time in ages her shoulders didn’t feel heavy anymore. They felt free and light, the constant abuse not weighing her down anymore.

Her destination approached and the closer she got the worst her belly hurt, but it didn’t feel like a kick or a movement. It felt like it always felt every time she saw him. Butterflies.

The memory of his perfect smile and chubby cheeks popping in her thoughts brought a smile to her face. Last time she saw him though, his smile was nowhere to be seen instead tears streamed down his face as he told her to leave.

She knew she had hurt him, by choosing abuse over her friend who she had known since childhood, a friend she knew she loved more than a friend and now a year later of no words exchanged between the two she was showing up at his door begging for his forgiveness and understanding.

He was right when he told her he wasn’t right for her and although it hurt to admit she always knew he was. 3 a.m hit, and she had arrived. His house stood in front of her, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. What if he didn’t forgive her? What if she was too late? Maybe he was happy with somebody else. Maybe he had moved on and didn’t think twice about her.

She breathed in deeply and pushed the car door open, slowly shutting it behind her.

The way to Calum’s front porch felt long, even longer than the drive there, the butterflies she felt in her stomach took over and turned her whole body numb.

She pushed herself up the stairs and with great difficulty she finally made it up to his door. Her hand was rolled into a fist by her side, ready to knock, her braveness quivering and suddenly she felt like she shouldn’t be here, it felt like she should be anywhere but here, but she came way too far to just simply walk away again.

She sealed her eyes shut regaining her confidence and finally her fist connected with the door. Seconds turned to minutes as she stared at the closed wooden door.

 Maybe he moved.

Or it’s late and he won’t answer the door

Or he doesn’t care

 Her thoughts were a mess and louder than she wanted to admit, tears threatening to spill as she made up all the crazy possible scenarios in her head. Suddenly a noise from the inside jolted her out of her messy thoughts. The door slowly opened to reveal a shirtless Calum with shaggy hair and sleepy eyes.


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