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#calum hood smut

Originally posted by bcbylons

**gif is not mine**

i was reading a calum fic just now and thought back to my old writings which sprung this idea in my head and i had to whip my laptop out and get to work. the lowercase and awkward grammar is intended ig i hope you enjoy <3

i had previously written a request for fwb!cal and as my mom would say “not my best work” but as i would say “it fucking sucked balls” so im making this kind of the rewrite for that monstrosity.

anon, if youre out there this is for you bby i hope this satisfies your soul <33

Explanation: so basically this is fwb!cal along with sub!cal and a bit of femdom!y/n which y/n gets pissed off that calum won’t interact with her, conflict/resolution as some might say.

Warnings: femdom!y/n; sub!cal; this is a WHOLE lotta smut, a few minutes of angst here and there, and a little fluff at the end (bc who doesn’t love a happy ending?)

Also I’m sorry for the spacing, I really don’t know what happened there :/

it was the last straw with calum, he’d been constantly on his phone the whole day and since it had been pouring outside for the most part you couldn’t go nurture your garden like you had intended. all day he’d been sitting and giggling at his phone, maybe the boys sending him some stupid texts or maybe it was some of his fans tagging him in memes on twitter, who the fuck knows but y/n was thoroughly annoyed. being stuck in the house all day with calum and not interacting physically with him had gotten to you, he hadn’t even said a word to you since breakfast! you even asked if he wanted to fuck around just to pass the time away and he just shook his head and mumbled out a, “not in the mood.” needless to say, you were irritated. so irritated to the point that you stood up from your comfortable position on the couch with a huff, stalking to your room and shut the door with your foot before laying face down on your bed, finally being engulfed in silence from his constant snickers and you could hear the rain hitting your bedroom window as it gave you a sense of serenity.

after lying on your bed for what felt like maybe ten minutes, you hear the front door open and shut, assuming that calum went out for a smoke. this was the time that you took to go out and grab as many snacks and anything that you’d need for the whole night, having the whole weekend off from work, you decided that you’d be staying in your room, giving calum a taste of his own medicine. after raiding your shared kitchen, you head back to your bedroom and decide to find something on netflix to watch and drown out calum when he comes back.

after awhile of mindlessly watching something on netflix for who knows how long, you hear the door open and shut and a couple pairs of feet walking around downstairs before they make their way up them and pass your room. feminine giggles erupt from the stranger and you hear calum’s door shut and you knew exactly what was going to happen in the next few minutes. you thanked every god above that you couldn’t hear what they were doing behind the closed bedroom door, every now and then you could hear a squeal from the end of the hall which only made you turn your television up louder.

you and calum made the agreement when you started your friends with benefits situation, you would be allowed to see other people and do whatever you wanted but you had to have some type of respect for the other; if you had another friend over, you’d be considerate and let the other person know ahead of time. to which he did not inform you that he was having a friend come over. you’d tried earlier to get it on but he rejected you which made your mood skyrocket into the ground along with your heart. it wasn’t calum’s rejection that stung you but the fact that he wouldn’t even give you the time of day without letting out a sigh and mumbling an answer before giggling at his screen again. suddenly it dawned on you, he wasn’t giggling at his phone because the guys of his fans were being funny, no, he was giggling because he was texting the girl that is probably laying in his bed right now, in the same spot you were lying in just the night before. the sounds have subsided but the ache in your heart stayed the same, ‘guess the last few months have just been time wasted that you could’ve been spending on somebody else’ you thought.

this was an all new low for calum, sure you’d had your fair share of other hook-ups but they never were there when calum was home, you had respect for him and yourself but apparently the feelings weren’t reciprocated. the message has been heard loud and clear. he didn’t care about you nearly as much as you care about him.

you hear silence from calum’s side of the hall which you take as a sign they’ve both passed out to which you make a break for it. jogging down the stairs and to your car through the rain that still hasn’t let up, you climb in the vehicle and you’re on your own to find yourself a meaningless hookup.


about an hour later you have your side piece’s head between your thighs as you’re belting out every curse word you can think of, your mind racing through nothing but tunnels as your vision darkens sans the stars you see around your head. jason was the nicest man you’d met since you moved to los angeles, he knew how to treat a woman’s body but also how to make you feel like you were floating. of course you two didn’t go farther than just sex, jason didn’t want a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and you had calum at home so nothing would come of this affair.

jason came up and pressed his lips to yours, laying one hand up next to your head and the other was laying between your folds, collecting your orgasm before pulling away slightly and inserting his pointer finger into his mouth and sucking you off of him before he slides his middle finger into your mouth letting you both have a taste before you attach tongues again, tasting you with a bit of mint thrown into the mix. he pulls his fingers out of you mouth to blindly slide a condom on, never breaking the kiss before he slides himself in your tight walls then returns his hand to the side of your face. he definitely wants as big as calum is but he definitely knows how to use his cock, swirling his hips to make a beautiful rhythm between your bodies. much to your demise he pulls his mouth away from yours and attaches it to your neck and toying with your breasts with his free hand. he bit and nibbled on your neck, making sure to keep you stimulated, earning light squeals from you as he gently bit your throat then swirled his tongue to soothe the sting, though his hips never faltering. your hands were buried in his hair, tugging when he would do something you particularly liked which made him want to burst right there. jason was a peculiarly attractive man, he had long enough brown hair that you could grab ahold of and tug on as much as you wanted to, (calum’s was long enough to pull but you couldn’t really get a good grip on it) his eyes were a deep shade of emerald but he never really kept eye contact long enough for you to notice the little specks like calum’s deep brown eyes when the sun hits them just right you can see the flecks of yellow and almost auburn. jason’s hands were smaller than calum’s, he could hold your whole breast in his hand while jason’s hand was smaller and his fingers didn’t reach quite the same spots inside of you as calum’s long digits do.

jason’s hips practically had a mind of their own filling you up deliciously downstairs while his hands and mouth explored your upper body, never staying in one place which had your mind reeling.

by the time you both spilled over the edge, you were putty in his hands, despite your body’s buzzing of the aftershock, you gave jason a wave and jogged to your car from the rundown apartment building that jason lived in, he’s a messier man than calum ever could be, never really cleans up after himself. you would never judge somebody for their income or their living style but having known ahead of time you’d expect him to clean up a little before you’d arrive… maybe he did, that thought alone sent shivers down your spine. the fact there were multiple pizza boxes and other pieces of garbage lying around the living room as you two were walking through to the bedroom; calum was one to always make sure that if anyone was coming over, even if the maid he’d hired came over, he’d always make sure the house was presentable.

once you left jason’s and embarrassingly compared him to your other affair, you decided to go to home, making sure once you parked that you didn’t see his friend’s car there, which you didn’t and you walked up to your bedroom. on the way through the house you noticed calum sitting on the couch with his phone in his hands and his attention on the television, he hadn’t even acknowledged that you were home. you silently scoffed to yourself before shaking your head and ascend up the stairs to your room. in the moment you found yourself wanting calum to want you.

you found (in your opinion) your sexiest bra and panty set that you were aware that calum hadn’t known about; he never needed to know about your lingerie collection due to never having to really seduce him, he was the one who always started things off and tonight that was going to change. for once in you and calum’s relationship, you were the one who was going to show him the ropes, you are going to be in control. once you were satisfied in your outfit choice, you went to your bathroom and showered jason’s funk and sweat off of you then made your way to your bedroom, and made sure you had moisturized yourself before blow drying your hair and making it look almost as if you actually were trying to get calum’s attention, which you were but you wanted the fact to be subtle. you changed and slid a long white shirt on top that was almost see through which you most definitely could see the dark blue lace of the lingerie which complimented your skin almost too well.

you made your way downstairs, the first floor being lit up by the spotlights on the ceiling as well as the tv, calum’s head was still watching the show he was so invested in until you walked past the screen and turned to look at him innocently. you turned back around to the dvd movies under the tv cabinet and bent over, your behind stuck out from under the shirt just enough that calum could see what you were wearing underneath. calum let out an annoyed sigh as he craned his neck to keep watching his show as you picked out a random movie. you stood tall and looked at him with all of the pent up annoyance you’d suffered with all day.

“calum what the fuck is up with you today?” you say almost yelling.

his reaction was only making you angrier by the second, he barely even moved a muscle he just shrugged one shoulder and put his eyes back on the screen. you tightened your grip on the dvd case before you stood directly in front of him to block his view to which he just looked down at his phone and started scrolling through any form of social media. you grabbed his phone and laid it on the table, despite your subconscious saying to throw it as hard as you could against the wall, it fell to the table with a light clunk noise. you leaned over in front of him, hands on either side of the chair he was sitting in, giving him a good view down the front of your shirt but he stared past your eyes to the wall behind you. you gently but firmly took his chin between your thumb and index fingers and turned his face to look at you, which he looked into your eyes for a brief moment before he averted them to your legs.

“calum i swear to god if you don’t fucking look at me i’m gonna go batshit,” you say, your hands trembling with rage. “please just tell me what’s wrong, i can’t take this,” your voice cracks towards the end and you damn your genes for making you so sensitive during confrontation.

calum heard your voice crack and he looked at you, finally saying a real sentence to you, which broke the crack to your heart and shattered you like the porcelain doll that was your heart.

“we need to end things,” he simply said.

the dvd in your hands clattered to the floor and duke ran over and started sniffing to inspect it; this was your first time seeing duke all day despite your heart shattering you would’ve scooped him up and rubbed his ears like he loves. your eyes never left calum’s and vice versa. he could see your heart shattering and his was cracking straight down the middle, he never thought that this day would come but he finally found a girl that he thinks could be the one he could finally settle down with and open his heart to, that girl wasn’t you though, so he had to take the first step into winning this woman over.

“it’s her isn’t it? the bird that you had over here today?” she says, tears threatening to fall but staying at bay until calum’s nod confirms her heartbreak, the tears fall just as the pieces of her heart fail to stay together.

“can she fuck you better than i can?” y/n says confidently, despite the tears making paths along her cheeks. calum was stunned, he’d never heard such words come from y/n, even in the hottest moments of passion. she kept her eyes on his as she slowly climbed up into his lap and sat upon his thighs, caging him into his seat. “come on cal, tell me, i’m the only one who can get you this hard, i know how to make you feel good. come on baby, tell me and i’ll give you what you want, i’ll make you feel so fucking good.” he had to avoid her eyes otherwise he’d give in, those were his weakness, the eyes were the windows to the soul and y/n’s was bared to him, he was totally under her spell as he felt his hands going up her waist, meaning to push her off but only brought her lips to his. the day’s activities truly only made him want her more, he’d never wanted to hurt y/n by giving her the silent treatment but he had no idea how to bring up the fact that he wanted to start dating someone, for real. having fucked mariah only made him want y/n more and her words, those damn naughty words only made him realize just how much this situation meant to him, sure he wasn’t in love with y/n, no but she meant so much to him that he couldn’t even remember the other woman’s name with y/n on top of him. y/n made him weak and she knew it.

“p-please,” he whimpered which made y/n smirk, he hated that she had so much power over him. she on the other hand was loving the fact that she was the alpha right now.

“please what? baby, i need to hear your words, what to you want?” y/n knew exactly what she was doing, calum had done this same taunting to her many times. she wasn’t going to let calum get away this easily, this entire relationship was built on sex and this was the way she was going to win him back.

“w-want your mouth, your pussy, your hand, a-anything, please, love.” calum’s brain was swimming, he didn’t even know the words that were coming out of his mouth, his mind was in overdrive and she was driving him even further up the wall.

“should i give you what you want? i think you’ve been quite naughty, think you can get rid of me that easily? you’d be mistaken,” y/n continues, grinding herself down on cal’s cock, keeping a steady rhythm. she was not going to let her emotions and need get to her this time, she was in control for once and she wanted to revel in it.

once feeling y/n grinding down on him, he laid his head in the crook of her neck, whimpering as the uncomfortable hardening in his pants. his hands were attached to her hips like glue, trying to get her to move faster against him, anything to cause friction, y/n took the opportunity while he was distracted to take her long shirt off and show him her set. y/n’s breasts were perfectly hung in the push up bra, her tits almost spilling out, causing calum to stare at them as they bounced with her movements. he set his hands lower to grab onto her lace-clad ass and grip it tightly before laying a quick spank to it before he massaged his hands over both cheeks again to soothe the sting. her whimper was heard through the apartment just louder than the tv was playing, sending a rush of blood to calum’s cock and wetness to pool in her panties.

much to calum’s demise she climbed off of calum, her tits directly in his face and he sent his tongue out to get any bit of skin he could reach. she grabbed a throw pillow off the couch and sat on her knees in front of calum, her mouth watering at the sight of him hardening by the second, who knew calum was such a sub.

y/n gently tugged on calum’s shirt and he quickly pulled it off before she leaned up and kissed his chest gently, running her bottom lip all the way up. he tilts his head back as she uses her tongue to lead her mouth to his then leaned up and pecked his lips all so gently. if he was going to end this, she wanted to make the most of it. he of course kissed her back, grabbing the sides of her neck gently to keep her still for him, savoring the taste of her lips. they pulled away at the same time, breathless, and y/n went to work, she grabbed onto the waistband of his boxers, careful not to pinch his skin and gently peeled the boxers down to reveal him. she kissed his tip then bit her lips, licking the bit of precum off her mouth before her throat worked and spit into her hand, bringing it up to him and pumped the bit of his shaft closest to his balls before she took the head in her mouth and sucked and licked the tip, making sure he was lubricated. his head was spinning at the feeling of her mouth on him, she was an expert on calum’s body and they both knew it. she pulled off a bit before looking up at him,

“if you try to fuck my face, i wont let you cum at all tonight,” her eyes teary but dark and full of dominancy—he’d never seen this side of y/n before—he nodded and looked at her like a little kid, agreeing to anything if she’d keep going. she then bottomed him out, both of her hands on either of his thighs, taking him all the way in her mouth and sitting there for a second before coming back up for air, then doing the same, her nose touching his pelvis, breathing in and then out before pulling off of him, a trail of spit connecting her mouth to his cock. The gags and deep breaths coming for y/n make calum come back to reality, her head bobbing at almost a professional pace, he grabbed onto her hand and tugged on it, she shook her head as if to say that she wasn’t done, he tugged on her once more before she pulled off of him and swallowed the mix of precum and spit on her tongue.

“what?” she breathed and before she could say anything else, he motioned for her to come to him, his mouth attaching to hers, this kiss was something neither of them had experienced with each other before, both of them feeling more than just the heat of the moment passion, this kiss was a knee weakening, heart stopping, head spinning passion that they’d never shared before. y/n grabbed onto his face and they slowly stood up with each other, calum wrapping his arms around her thighs and she jumped up onto his torso, their clammy skin acting as glue to hold them together. calum carried her all the way up the stairs, practically kicking y/n’s door in and then shut it by pressing her against it. the kiss was never broken, neither of them wanted to ruin this moment, y/n’s dominant nature, calum’s conflicted mindset and both of their needs to please each other. he peeled her from the coolness of the door and her back was met with the soft fabric of the quilt on top of her bed. her hips were reaching to meet his, and he had to break the kiss, her back was caving a little so they could meet their foreheads,

“i’m never leaving you,” calum whispered as he looked deep into her irises, something only calum did when he was serious, her heart was slowly piecing back together. something told her that he meant more than he was saying but now was not the time. she gently pushed him up and laid him down against her quilt, climbing on top of him and his hands found their favorite place between her hips and her ribs, “please ride my face baby, i need to taste you.” calum whimpered at her and look up at her with almost child-like puppy dog eyes.

“how could i say no,” she whispered and stood up on her bed, looking down at him before sliding her blue laced panties down her legs and threw them across the room, moving up the bed and finding herself sitting right above his mouth and as soon as she was within reach, he was aiming her hole right above his mouth, his breath fanned over her wetness, cooling her heat off as he did and his tongue shot up stiff and flat as he licked a strip up her slit. he slid his hands up from her thighs, grazing her ass before holding onto her lower back holding onto her tightly as if she’d float away. she ground her hips against his mouth, eliciting little whimpers from her mouth, her left hand finding his short hair and her right flew to the headboard, knuckles turning white as her vision went black, her head flew up to face the ceiling, using the headboard to keep her grounded as he sucked on her clit, nipping at it a bit which made her let out a loud squeal of his name and a string of curses. calum seeing and hearing that made him never want it to stop, he made sure to nibble her clit once more. y/n had to do something, she wasn’t on earth, she was on cloud fucking nine and she had to ground herself, she reached behind her and grabbed onto his cock, pumping her fist rapidly before she struck an idea.

“cal, cal ssss-stop,” she hissed and he immediately thought something was wrong, he looked up at her with glossy eyes.

“are you okay, what did i do?” he whispered and gently pushed her up to look at her, this was the same way he’d always done it and he was scared that he’d hurt her.

“nothing, you did absolutely nothing wrong, that was… perfect. i want to try something, if you’re down.” she said and slowly moved down from near his mouth. he looked at her wearily and nodded.

“will it hurt?” he whispered, holy shit he was so fucking cute right now. looking like a little puppy that lost his way home.

“no baby, i want to try a sixty-nine, we’ve never done it before and i want to make you feel good, while you’re making me feel good,” she says and turns around in the reverse cowgirl position but over his mouth, she looks down at him through her legs and he nods for her to sit down. she slowly sits on his mouth and he immediately starts licking and sucking at her hole and her clit simultaneously which sent her almost flying as she bucked her back involuntarily. she leaned down and kissed his tip once again, sending a wave through him which only got better as she sunk down on him, her chin grazing his lower abdomen. she let out a gag noise and gargled in her throat to keep her esophagus calm, calum practically came just from the friction and the noises she was making also from her own pleasure. she sat up pulled herself off of his tongue and turned around, “such a pretty boy,” she whispers and runs her finger down his cheek gently, “put your arms up here,” y/n says a little louder. she sits upon his sternum, taking his hands in hers and laid small pecks on his knuckles before she raised them above his head, laying them on the posts of her headboard, “keep your hands here,” she whispers. calum nods and follows her orders. his grip tightens when she runs her fingernail gently up his sensitive shaft, he gasps and bites his lip.

“please baby, i need it,” calum whimpers and looks down at her. the smirk on her face makes calum almost angry, they both know that he’s putty and she’s drinking it up shamelessly.

“are you my little slut? thinking that you can fuck another girl in our house while i’m just down the hall?” she whispers through her teeth, anger just at her surface. “do you think you should be punished for being a little slut?” y/n says, her fingernail still grazing his swollen cock. calum’s brain quite literally cant form a full sentence, y/n’s words, her touch, his guilt, his brain is swimming in mush.

“please mama, punish me,” he whimpers “i’ve been so fucking bad,” he grips the posts tight, his knuckles turning white.

“roll over and lay on your stomach, hands go back just as they were,” she commands and sits up to let him roll over, even though she’s showing dominance she’s still trying to be gentle, calum thought. he feels a sting on his bare ass along with a loud smack. he grips the posts in his hands and bites his lip, his gasp is the only thing that is heard in the silence of the room. y/n gains a little confidence and slaps his ass again, biting her lip as she watches it bounce against the friction of her hand.

“such a bad boy,” she whispers into his ear. she’s leaning beside his head, looking him directly in the eyes. cal’s face flushes and she leans down to kiss his cheek, “if any of this is overwhelming in anyway, please tell me to stop,” she says, totally serious and runs her hand through his hair gently. he nods and she leans down to peck his lips softly.

“please keep going,” he whimpers against her mouth, “been so bad i need to be reprimanded,” he says, shooting her a smirk.

y/n goes back between his legs, toying with his balls, laying another smack on his ass, making his body jolt up. she sits up, spreading his ass cheeks and spits a wealthy amount onto his puckered hole, he lets out a high pitched whimper while he anticipates her next move. looking up at him as she uses her hand that is free from his sack and uses her thumb to spread her saliva around, lubing him up nicely. she looks up at him for approval to keep going which he grants quickly. her thumb dips into his tight asshole, he lays his head into her pillows, tightening his grip on her bed posts and shuts his eyes as she stretches him out.

“holy shiiiiiit,” he whimpers after he turns his head back to try to get a glance at her. she slides her thumb out making calum whimper at the loss but is quickly reassured as she slides her pointer finger in, sucking his balls into her mouth, his brain is overwhelmed with pleasure and all his body can do is spasm at her touch. his orgasm just around the corner. y/n knows his body language too well and can tell that he’s so close. she doesn’t want him to release just yet.

“so needy,” y/n says and bites onto his ass cheek. “think you’ve been punished enough?” she asks leaving one last smack on his ass before she nudges his hip for him to roll over.

he immediately rolls onto his back and tries to grip her hair, wanting some type of control which she slaps his hand. hard. “hands back up…” she says taking his wrists and leans him up back to the posts “…and lean up against the headboard,” she adds and helps him sit up, “I’m gonna ride you, keep your hands on the posts.” he nods, his ability to conversate has gone out the window along with his sobriety. y/n is his drug and he’s an addict.

she reaches up onto her headboard to use as leverage before she turns around, getting in the reverse cowgirl position then she aligns herself and slides down on his cock, sighing at how he fills her up perfectly.

calum can’t stop staring at her ass bouncing deliciously on his cock, the way she wraps around him so tightly. her movements start to speed up as his cock is hitting her spongy button, her body writhing above his. she’s using her hands to keep her leverage which gives calum the best angle, his moans mixing with hers.

“fuck, your pussy swallows my cock so good, always,” he whimpers which brings y/n so close to her edge.

“oh my god i’m so close, fuck,” she moans out, he takes her vulnerability as a chance as he takes his hands off of the posts, lifting her ass up and starts fucking up into her, her screams start flowing out like water. he pulls her back against his front, bringing his hand up to her throat squeezing just enough to make her breathing labor.

she starts grinding down on him, pushing his cock into her g-spot and she’s done for, her orgasm takes her over as she gasps. his hand moves from her throat to her breasts, swallowing them with his hands and before he can comprehend the squeezing and clenching of her pussy, he’s releasing inside of her, both of them trembling as she leans back against him and he leans against the headboard, both catching their breaths.

“you think you can just leave me for somebody else? we both know damn well that nobody else can fuck you like that,” she whispers, her head leaning against his shoulder. he shakes his head with a breathless chuckle, his mind still in subspace.

“god i love you,” he whispers, biting his lip.

“calum-“ you start to which he interrupts.

“no, y/n nobody cares like you, nobody loves like you, nobody feels like you. you are the most unique person i’ve ever met; I don’t want anybody else to have you and I don’t want to have anybody else.” he says and runs his hand up your leg and intertwines your fingers.

“are you just saying this stuff because you’re still in subspace?” you whisper, giggling a little making you clench around him which makes both of you let out a little moan at the realization that he’s still inside of you.

“no, i’ve been thinking about this for a while, i tried to distract myself with other girls but i physically cant fathom not having you in my life,” he says. your heart stops and you look back at him, biting your lip, your mouth not being able to move.

calum, Calum, calum, Calum Hood, the man that you had moved in with when you moved to los angeles, the man who so graciously took you out your first night and there you met jason. you’d drunkenly stumbled into him and made a complete fool out of yourself, he thought you were charismatic and gorgeous so after sharing a drink or two, you exchanged numbers and the rest was history. if it weren’t for calum, you wouldn’t have met him. if you didn’t have that same night, all those drinks with jason, you and calum wouldn’t have started this whole situation together, you two wouldn’t be here. right now. together. his cock still inside you, warming and filling you up. that first time that you two shared wasn’t only the first for you two, it was the first time for you in general. he was your first and your last (a couple in between but we won’t ruin the moment). he was your first passionate kiss as well, even though you shared it just an hour ago. now you can see, he’s the only man you could ever see or think about. in a crowded club, on stage, in your house, in your bed, he consumed you.

“y/n please say something,” he says his voice low, nervous, he brings you out of your thoughts. you literally couldn’t say anything so you did the next best thing, you reach around yourself and cup the side of his face, looking into his eyes—your favorite color—then kiss him, the most magical, sparkle between the two of you had lit. You lift yourself off of him, causing yourself to whimper into his mouth at the emptiness in your abdomen before you turn fully around climbing onto your knees, feeling a subtle drip between your legs. he wraps his arms around your waist and he sits up with you, reciprocating the kiss as well not daring to break it. he runs his hand up your clammy back and gently lays you back into the bed, your hands burying themselves into his hair out of muscle memory.

cal runs his hands down your front, gently taking your breasts into his hands then runs his mouth down to your neck, leaving love marks into your tender skin. your eyes roll to look at the ceiling, calum’s touch so gentle like he’s afraid he’d break you. you both were so fragile, so vulnerable. his mouth taunts at your right nipple, his hips grinding down into your core. the heat rising in your stomach, you whimper into the quiet air.

“calum, come here,” you whisper, your hand tugging on his hair and he lifts himself up, his mouth hovering over yours.

“yes?” he whispers, his lips grazing over yours and his breath fans over your lips and chin.

“i love you,” you whisper. he chuckles, his smile bright and his eyes squint. you meet him in the middle as he kisses your lips, both of your tongues dancing together.

he pulls away just for a second to look into your bright eyes—full of love and lust— for your consent. with a gentle nod he slides himself in once more, filling you up even more than before the extra full feeling being your newfound love.

you suddenly feel just how sensitive you were which causes a whimper to escape your mouth and your pussy to clench around him. he groans in your ear at the friction and he bites onto your earlobe.

his hips start thrusting at a faster pace, knowing neither of you were going to last much longer due to the sensitivity you both were sharing. he swivels his hips just at the right angle causing him to hit your g-spot and you let out a yelp.

“oh god yes, please cal, fuck me,” you whimper, he obliges. his hips going on the same route to meet your g-spot with his tip repeatedly, each time you clench around him. he goes even harder and faster until he has you seeing stars, your eyes meeting as you feel a snap in your abdomen, your body convulsing under him at the same time he snaps as well climaxing inside of you, his hand coming up to meet yours beside your head, intertwining your fingers and squeezing.

as he pulls out you both wince and he lays down next to you. he pulls you into his side and lays a kiss where your shoulder and neck meet. you smile dazed and hum intertwining your fingers with the hand that’s wrapped around your waist. he outstretches your hands and plays with your fingertips, making you giggle.

“i love you,” you whisper.

calum hums, “say it again,” he whispers.

“i love you… i love you, i love you, i love you,” you whisper right back and he smiles against your shoulder, looking at your hands as he still plays with your fingers.

“i love you, too,” he whispers and lays another kiss against your neck.

he was also your first love…

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“You know, Sirius isn’t the brightest star out tonight,”


pairing: calum hood x reader

word count: 6.1K

contents: friends to lovers, duke!, fluff, pining, alcohol, skinny dipping, sexual intercourse, bff!cal

requested: here!!

a/n: after a long discussion with ambersara, this piece was born. i also want to thank @5sosnsfw​ for the help and support they provided in terms of keeping this gender neutral. i hope you like it.

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Caught Out Part 6(Luke Hemmings imagine)  

Summary: Y/N and Luke have been Friends with Benefits for a while but what happens when someone catches them out?

Words: 2,060

Warning: sexual content,swearing


Y/N’S Pov  

“i dread this English test, I’m going to fail I know it. Me and Luke tried to study for it yesterday but we got distracted” Hannah says and I almost stop walking but I continue pretending I didn’t hear what she said.  

We get to out lockers and she turns to me and say “sorry I forgot; I’ll try not to mention him”  

I shake my head and put on a big smile and say “it’s fine but maybe not talk about what you two get up to when I’m grumpy and in need of some coffee or more sleep”  

She nods her head and the school bell rings.  

I bang my head against my closed locker not ready for class, we don’t have the first class together so she wishes me the best as she makes her way down the hall.  

I open my eyes and find the hallway empty and I realise that I’m late for class, groaning and lifting my head on the locker I bump into someone behind me.  

The fuck?! I think and when I turn around, I find Luke holding two cups of Starbucks.  

If my English test wasn’t at the end of the day I would just leave, find a hotel room and sleep.  

“i know how much you need your coffee in the morning, especially a Monday morning” Luke says and holds one of the cups in front of me.

I look down at it and back up to him and I do the best thing I could think of.  

I knock the coffee out of his hands making it spill over his legs and shoes and I think it was just exactly what I needed.  

“what the actual fuck Y/N?” Luke shouts jumping back from the now spilled coffee.  

I turn to walk away so i don’t get in that much trouble with my Chemistry teacher when I feel two hands grab onto my shoulders and I’m backed into the lockers by Luke who does not look happy at all.  

“What the fuck was that for?” Luke says angrily and I can’t help but laugh in his face and he pushes me more into the lockers and somehow his legs intertwin with mine.  

“someone is going to see” I say trying to pry his hands of me but it’s no use  

“what if I kissed you right now?”

Part 6  


“and what if you did Luke?” I say confidently but it just edges him on more and his eyes look down to my lips and back up giving me a smirk.  

“that’s what you want isn’t it, you want me to kiss you” he says, I turn my head looking away from him hoping that we don’t get caught because it would be around the school in no time and Hannah just started speaking to me.  

“maybe you should go kiss your girlfriend” I say then I try to break free from him which actually works and he stands back from me giving me a serious look and then he shakes he head and walks away with his coffee.  

Well that was weird.  

I know I’m late for class so I decide to skip it and go to the nurses office to complain that I don’t feel well, which works quite well because I magically have a temperature and I pretend I’m going to throw up which allows me to go home.  

No one is home when I check through the window before entering just in case, I send a text to everyone saying I don’t feel well and I needed to rest.

It’s no word of a lie I need to sleep.

I don’t even bother taking off any clothes as I get into bed and I close my eyes snuggling into my pillow finding comfort in being able to sleep.  


It’s so many hours later it feels like when I feel myself wakening up, it’s still light outside I can tell by house my eyes hurt from the light as I try to open them.  

But when I open my eyes, I find I’m not alone.  

Screaming with fear I sit up brutally on the bed in shock and say “Luke what the hell are you doing here and how did you get in?”  

He should not be here right now; I find my phone just as he joins me on the bed and I see I’ve only been asleep for an hour and a half.  

“Hannah showed me the text and I wanted to see if you were alright” Luke said looking genuinely worried this boy confuses me so much.  

“you could have texted me, no need to leave school” I say still trying to wake up from that sleep.  

I still feel pretty tired so I’m going to kick Luke out so I can sleep some more.  

Luke groans and he stands up from my bed and says “why do you make it so hard for me?” then he walks over to the window and looks out.  

“i don’t know what you’re talking about” I say instantly back getting out of bed realising I was fully dressed and wanted to change.

Luke says nothing and I take that as a chance to change so I walk over to the wardrobe to find some comfy clothes, once I grab some shorts and a hoodie, I feel Luke behind me, I close the wardrobe and I turn around to find him really close to me.  

“you know it’s you i want, I only asked Hannah out to make you happy but you know it’s you who I actually want” Luke says, he moves a little closer and my back hits against the wardrobe.  

“Luke, I told you all you and me we was just sex, I got bored of it so there was no need to keep it going, Hannah really likes you and just give her a chance. You haven’t even kissed her yet” I say trying my best to not sound like I’m totally lying.  

What he said made me want him even more but I care about my best friend even more so this is what I have to do so I can have both in my life.  

Even if that means having Luke mad at me a little.  

I can see the rage in him, I can almost feel it. His face gets a little red as he looks away from me a second then he backs away from me and walks over to the window looking out of it. Finally, I can breathe but I don’t move as I wait to see how he reacts.  

“so, your telling me that you’d be okay with me kissing her?” Luke says turning round and slowly making his way over to me.  

shit I think as I know he’s going to have me backed up in a corner again.  

“would you be okay with knowing I fucked her just as good as I fucked you or even better?” he says even closer to me, I hold the clothes against my chest not knowing what his point is  

His hand comes up to move a piece of my hair behind my ear but his hand doesn’t move as he says “could you be okay with her hearing me moan, telling her how good she makes me feel as I thrust deep inside her?”  

I turn my head from his gaze trying to not let him see how uncomfortable I feel right now, no I don’t want to know any of that. Being honest I feel slightly jealous about it but I don’t tell him that.  

He moves my face round to him and I realise he’s moved his face near mine, his lips are just an inch away from mine.  

“answer me” Luke says looking into my eyes then back to my lips.  

I struggle but I manage to say “i wouldn’t mind that at all” I think he’s going to kiss me.  

I want him to kiss me, I really want him to kiss me.  

“I don’t believe you” Luke says and I try to turn my head but he stops me and his lips press against mine roughly, dropping the clothes to the ground as Luke’s hands grip my hips pulling me closer as his tongue licks my bottom lip against for permission.  

I grant it to him and our tongues collide together, he lifts me up against the wardrobe, my body slams against the wooden doors as my hands find his hair pulling him closer as his hands are rough against my hips.  

I moan inside his mouth that makes him pull away from me and say “before I lay you on the bed and lick that pussy of yours, I want you to admit you like me”  

Breathing heavily against him, I’m hot all over but I still don’t speak.  

“would you like me to put you down and walk out of here, because if you say yes then we are done forever… Is that what you want?” Luke continues to say

I shake my head saying nothing because I know if i speak I’ll say more than I should but Luke isn’t happy with it.  

“I want you to say it or I’m walking out of here” Luke says.  

Fuck it I think and I open my mouth and say “you win, I like you more than I should and if you don’t put me down on my bed then I’ll make myself cum with my fingers”  

He smirks and says nothing but turns with me in his arms, I don’t bother wrapping myself around him because I know he has me and I’m safe.  

I bounce against the bed as he throws me down, pulling my ankles until I’m at the edge of the bed.  

He still smirks at me while he pushes my thighs apart and I close my eyes knowing he’s going to touch me; he’s going to feel how wet I am. It’s been a while since we fucked and I’ve missed him.  

“Don’t ever lie to me again” he says strongly leaning over me, both hands are beside my head and I start to wriggle feeling very needy, I almost want to grind against his leg that is in between my legs.  

He bends down until his face is directly above mine, “did you hear me?” he says then his right-hand moves to unbuckle my jeans and his hand finds its way to my panties but I didn’t put on any today which makes his eye widen and I think I shocked him.  

“tell me you like me and I’ll get down on my knees and lick you until you can’t remember your own name” Luke says  

I can feel his hand just right above my clit, I can’t help but move my hips a little hoping his hand would move down a lil further but it doesn’t.  

“I like you” I say without hesitation and he keeps his word.  

My jeans are pulled right down to my ankles but not taken off. His face buries its self between my legs and I moan when I feel his tongue lick me. His tongue plays with my clit, teasing me.  

It’s torture and he continue this assault until I tell him I need more. His head lifts up from in-between my legs and just before he speaks, we hear it.  

Hannah is on the phone shutting her car door and walking up the little path to my house.  

We both look at one another in shock.  

SO, guys I hope you liked this part!  

I honestly don’t know how long this is going to last but let me know if you would like a part 7!  

Also, I am sorry uploading then disappearing for weeks, during this lock down especially I’ve just been trying to spend time with family and try not to be on my laptop as much.  

But I am writing whenever I can for you guys!  

I hope everyone is doing okay and everyone is staying safe!

Until next time  

Thank you  



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Chapter Three

Warnings: angst, swearing, hospital setting with medical emergency, SMUT

6,533 words

A/N: Friendly reminder that this fic still exists since I’ve been hella MIA for the last like month (hello selling my house, moving cities and starting a new job) BUT here’s chapter 3 for y’all! Feedback is so so so appreciated! :)

» » » » » »

Parker was working another night shift on Saturday night and it was slow. She was sitting at the front desk with a few other co-workers, chatting and passing the time. The clock ticked on, a few minutes before two in the morning. She had one patient, an elderly man that was scheduled to receive medication every two hours via IV, so she stood and began making her way to his room.

On her way there, she passed by Grace’s room and noticed her bed was empty. Parker’s brows furrowed in confusion—Grace should be sleeping at this hour. Parker worked in a hospital facility connected to the main hospital and emergency department. Parker’s patients were free to roam wherever they wanted, but they still required someone to keep a close eye on them. Grace had taken a bad fall and ended up with a head injury and a broken leg. She needed a caregiver while she was recovering from surgery, so she moved into Westhill because she refused to be a burden on Calum.

Parker checked around Grace’s room quickly. She noticed the bathroom door was closed, and there was light filtering from underneath it. She knocked softly on the door.

“Grace?” she called out. No answer.

“Grace,” she tried again, louder this time.

“Grace, it’s Parker. Is everything okay?”

Still no answer. Panic setting in, she pulled the master key for the bathroom door out of her pocket, fumbling it in the lock and pushing open the door. Grace was lying on the floor in the bathroom, convulsing.

“Oh, my god. Grace!” Parker dropped to her knees, rolling Grace onto her side to prevent her from aspirating. Parker hit the panic button on the wall, signaling an emergency to the other staff. Several nurses came rushing in within a few minutes, helping Parker lift Grace onto a stretcher. After five minutes Grace’s convulsions were showing no signs of slowing down. They rushed her to the emergency clinic entrance where a team of emergency nurses and a doctor took over.

Parker had a phone call to make, one that she was dreading. She hoped for Calum’s sake that Grace would be okay. And for her own, because if something happened, she had a feeling she knew exactly who Calum would blame.

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warnings: slightly nsfw


  • getting a dog together
  • taking said dog (plus duke) on lots of walks
  • morning walks, night walks, just walks with calum in general are always fun
  • having trouble getting him out of bed in the morning cause he’s a sleepy king
  • like seriously this man sleeps a lot
  • “babe, noooo, the sun just barely came up.”
  • “calum it’s noon”
  • stealing his sweatshirts
  • specifically his iconic sweatshirts
  • also stealing his beanies, and just generally all of his clothes b/c you like how they feel on you
  • “babe, have you seen my- oh, you’re wearing it”
  • tons of cuddly!calum
  • and when you cuddle your favorite thing to do is to trace his tattoos
  • he likes the feel of your fingers tracing his skin as you both hold each other in silence
  • and use cute nicknames on him… (cal pal, cal, baby, honey)
  • he honestly responds to anything at this point
  • lots of calls when he’s on tour
  • like he’ll call you constantly
  • on the tour bus
  • before a plane ride
  • he also likes calling you when he knows you’re asleep just so he can hear your sleepy voice
  • “calum, it’s two in the morning!”
  • “i know”
  • expect lots of makeup sex when he’s back from tour
  • this man can be a complete horn dog at the drop of a hat
  • he doesn’t have a totally high sex drive but when it comes to you it’s very easy to turn him on
  • also you and calum being end game and dating for a longtime before he proposes
  • but he knew from the moment you met he’d end up marrying you
  • it just took him a long time to find the right moment


  • ashton takes care of things that mean a lot to him so… lots of protective!ash
  • like holding you close to him in large crowds/when you’re in the middle of paparazzi
  • lots of “you okay, baby?” and whispering in your ear
  • a hand constantly near or around you at all times
  • a relationship full of giggles and inside jokes
  • leaving the rest of the band members questioning what the hell you guys do in your free time
  • expect a ton of laughing until your sides hurt
  • and tickle fights b/c this man loves seeing you laugh
  • lots of handsy!ash b/c he loves constant touching and affection
  • like cuddling and the occasional moment where he’ll just randomly pick you up
  • and on top of all the touching a bunch of hickies
  • ashton loves marking what’s his
  • and taking care of you
  • like when you’re sick or just in general
  • he cooks a lot for you or you and your friends
  • silly pet name nicknames
  • “baby, honey, bunches of oats”
  • cute phone calls/facetime calls when he’s on tour
  • he’ll walk around the venue and just show you around where he is in that moment
  • “and this is my drum set for the night”
  • “ash, you’ve shown me it three times now”
  • he just likes to see your face for as long as possible while he’s away
  • and when he’s home expect lots of cuddles and constant touches
  • lots of sex yes, but not just that
  • he can be a touchy feely person, especially when he hasn’t seen you in a while
  • there’s a period in your life designated to whenever ashton comes home from tour b/c he’ll constantly be at your side for a couple of days
  • and he’ll need you especially since he’s recovering from the long winded tours
  • just in general dating this man would be amazing
  • and he’ll repeatedly make sure you know how needed you are in his life
  • forever&ever
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34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” + 1: “Come over here and make me.”

Requesting for prompts is now closed!

Enjoy my masterlist!

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**No one has permission to repost, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020**

No specific race, gender, or sexuality. 


When Calum texted you in the morning about what your plans were, you apologized off the bat, having to babysit your baby cousin. The sitter got sick and the plans had been in the works for months now, so you offered to take over. You figured a couple hours with an eight year old wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. However, you hadn’t seen Calum in weeks since your last visit on his tour. 

The phone rings as your in the middle of saving the people off the train tracks. “Can we take five from being superheroes? Just want to make sure it’s not your parents.”

Your cousin pouts, but nods. “Only five mintutes though!”

“Aye aye, captain.” Picking up your phone from the coffee table, you see it’s Calum. “Hey, baby.”

“Still babysitting?”

“Yeah. Gonna be another few hours, I think. But I’ll be free in the evening.”

“Would it be okay if I came over? Really miss you.”

You sigh, looking over to your cousin. They’ve met before and get along super well. “Hey, what if Calum comes over?”

The nod is eager, head bouncing rapidly. “Yes, please! I love him!”

You laugh. “Looks like the kid approves.”

“What can i say? Everyone loves me.” He locates where you are, at your place, unsure if you’d stay over at your cousin’s house. In the meantime, you manage to save all the citizens tied to the track and make it back home for bedtime. 

When the knock sounds at your door, you laugh as they race to beat you. Calum’s immediately greeted by your little cousin, hugging them quickly before standing again to press a kiss to your lips. He hums, smiling against your lips. “Needed that.”

“Calum!! I saved the best adventure for you. It’s a three man job. C’mon!” 

Calum laughs, allowing himself to be dragged further into your place. “Tell me the plan boss.”

Halfway through the pretend mission, you get injured and use that excuse to fix lunch for everyone. You can hear them, in the living room, made sound effects as they dive between buildings, dodge punches, save citizens. It warms your heart, watching the way Calum allows himself to fall to easily and deepily into the play. 

“Even superheroes need water, mate,” Calum laughs. His presence in the kitchen with you is punctuated by him kissing your neck. 

“Quit it,” you laugh, keeping your voice low. You spin around in his hold though, arms looping around his neck. It’s silent for a moment. Your cousin still playing away in the living room. 

Calum notes the soft look on your face. The ways your eyes have seemingly melted, the color of your iris oozing with something, affection, adoration. Possibly even something less innocent. “Why you lookin’ at me like that?”

“You’re just really good with kids, that’s all. Just thinking, I guess.”

His lips are gentle as they press down on your nose. “Yeah about what, hmm?”

You shake your head. You didn’t think you had been caught. “Nothing.” This time you kiss him, open mouthed, pressing even closer into his chest. A moan threatens to pass over your throat. 

Calum breaks away, panting just a little. “If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed. And I don’t think you want to risk getting caught right now.”

“Not ideal,” you laugh, kissing him one last time. “Besides, you were getting waters for the superheroes.”

“And making sure our team member is doing just fine from their injury too,” he giggles. His hand slide down and cup your ass. “But you seem to be doing just fine.”

“Cal! C’mon. Doc Occ’s gonna rob a bank!”

“Duty calls.” He grins, pecking your lips and grabbing two waters from the fridge. 

Just after one in the afternoon, your baby cousin is picked up. After lunch and several times of saving the city, you managed to keep a movie on long enough to sustain their attention. Now it’s just quiet. Calum’s reclined into the corner of the sofa. He looks all too perfectly placed in his sweatpants and blank tank on your couch. 

“A little birdie told me that earlier someone mentioned about not making it back to a bed.”

“That birdie should’ve also told you that you need to spill your guts about whatever you were thinking about in that kitchen earlier.”

“Is that so?” You recline into the wall, arms folded over your chest. 

“Oh, yes. That is so.”

Come over here and make me, then. Huh? Make me spill my guts then.”

The challenge lights a fire in Calum’s eyes and he’s slow as he stands. “You want me to make you?” You can only nod as he closes in on you. HIs arms press into the wall on either side of your head. “I can make you and I don’t even have to touch you.”

“That’s a lot of game you’re spitting Hood.”

Then it’s silent. Nothing said between the two of you. You’re taking in the cut o his jaw, and he’s so close you can smell his cologne. It’s all going straight to your core. His full lips are extra pouty today, begging to be kissed. “Fucking hell,” you grumble before reaching up and cupping his cheeks. “You’re too goddamn good looking for me not to have a taste.”

Calum can only smile. 


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okay okay one last question babes! i have a lot of drabbles to choose from that’re already in 2nd person. here’s titles & short descriptions. all are in the perspective of a female reader.

out of the blue (established relationship, random quarantine sex. loving boyfriend!cal)

open up (overstimulation…….. lol……. overstimulation! heavy on the giver vibes & a little body worship)

breathless (post-gym, long day, needing an outlet boyfriend!cal… maybe a hint of breeding kink here lmafkdsjfeiojklea)

reflections (post-argument that makes cal spend date night being a little.. como se dice.. passive aggressive… till you get home.)

full disclosure i might not even post them till tomorrow because i’m a highly critical asshole when it comes to my own writing boop

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okay. so. what piece of smut I post is entirely dependent on whatever answers I get to this question:

when you’re reading, do you prefer you/your pronouns (no name mention) or third person pronouns? (with a random name?)

I have a couple different blurbs written that i’d like to post but the only thing that makes them substantially different to me is the POV they’re written from so like… yeah

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The day was hot, you and Cal opting to stay inside in your air conditioned home and be a little lazy. In the cool sunshine the two of you stole kisses and I love you’s while your legs tangled together under the sheets, Calum eventually letting his hands wander to lead you to your favorite acitivity together.

When Cal reminded you that the boys and their lady friends were coming over you groaned a little, wanting your lover all to yourself, but you accepted the reality and started getting yourself ready.

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Watch and Learn (C.H)

Category: M

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Calum and you are enjoying your breakfast, but Calum’s still hungry. Oh and you get some visitors.

A/N: So I’ve re-fallen in love with the 5sos boys and I want to express myself through the art of fanfiction again. Had this idea and wanted to get it down! Enjoy some smutty smut smut.!


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

It was the best start to the weekend that you could imagine, dancing around the kitchen in fluffy socks and an oversized tee as you cooked breakfast at 11am. 

Calum sat at the kitchen island on his phone, occasionally laughing at your dance moves. You knew the boys were coming around that afternoon and wanted to give Cal a decent meal before he got whisked away with the lads. You set the plate in front of him and he pulled you towards him by the front of your tshirt, pulling you in for a gentle kiss. 

“Thank you for the food, you’re too good to me kitten.” His words are mumbled against your lips and your cheeks glow red as you smile against his kiss. You weren’t a housewife by any means but you did love how grateful Cal was when you did things like this. 

You both ate, casual conversation filling the room as you laugh together. You patter towards the fridge, looking for some juice as Calum clears the table. You hear the plates drop into the sink as you stretch your body out lazily, your tee lifting to show a pair of mint green lacy undies underneath.

You hear a choked breath behind you and grin, feeling his eyes on you. You make a show of it and bend lower to reach the juice on the bottom shelf. 

You feel a hand on your hip pulling your lower half against the front of his as his other hand pulls on your shoulder before sliding round your neck to pull your face back for a kiss. It’s a sloppy wet kiss and you can feel your stomach tighten as his hand tangles in your fluffy bed hair, giving it a small tug. You both pull away for air, panting slightly. 

“You liked your breakfast then?” You tease, grinding your backside against his growing bulge in his shorts.

He laughs, nuzzling his lips onto the skin where your neck and shoulder meet. You whine softly, the contact of his mouth sending direct heat to your core. 

“You know, I think I’m still hungry.” His words register and you tilt your head back on his shoulder as his mouth roams your neck. He starts to walk backwards, his lips still attached to your neck as the fridge door swings shut. You definitely weren’t thinking about juice anymore.

His hands hold your hips and turn you around, his hands sliding down to your thighs and picking you up, placing you down on the island.

“You know our bedroom is down the corridor right?” Your words come out husky and you blush, your body betraying you by revealing just how turned on you are.

“I’m well aware of that Y/N, it’s still too far. Plus this is where I eat right?” He winks at you and you smirk, biting your lower lip. His hands slide up your thighs, hooking his pointer and middle fingers in the waistline of your underwear and pulling them down, quirking an eyebrow at you to get you to raise your hips - not that you needed any encouragement. He leans down and kisses your knee, slowly trailing his mouth up your thigh, leaving little nips and kisses along your skin. His other hand pushes your other knee to widen your legs, pushing the tee out of the way so that you are on full display.

“Cal please.” Your eyes meet his and you plead with him. You run your tongue over your suddenly dry bottom lip and his eyes follow the movement, a grin on his face. 

“I like it when you beg, baby.” He leans up and kisses you softly, his tongue running over your lip as he brings a hand up. He presses his thumb onto your chin to open your mouth, his tongue pushing against yours in a hot wet kiss.

“Please cal, I need you to kiss me.” You mumble against his lips and he chuckles darkly, his free hand gripping your thigh so tightly you know a bruise will form.

“Where kitten? Here?” His lips kiss along your jawline softly. 

“No,” your voice is a barely there whisper.

“Here?” His lips travel across your sensitive neck and one of your hands tangle in his hair, guiding his mouth against your neck.

“No.” The word comes out in a gasp as he sucks the skin of your neck, biting it softly before smoothing his tongue over in gentle licks.

He mouths your skin, dipping his head to your braless boobs, mouthing over the t-shirt on the pebbled nipples that can be seen through the material. His mouth carries on, skipping where you need him to suck on the skin of your thigh. 

“Cal,” You whine out his name, your legs spreading wider over the edge of the counter, your hips jutting forward slightly. 

“Beg.” Your cheeks blush dark as you look down at the plump mouth of the man between your thighs. 

“Please baby. Please, I just need you to- Oh god Cal please I need it so bad.” Your words are feverish, your eyes dark and your lips swollen and pink from his kisses. Your cheeks are blushed pink and all Calum can think about is making you cry from pleasure.

“You’re such a fucking good girl.” His words make you gasp before you choke out a breath, Calum’s tongue having swiped from your hot soaked entrance all the way up to your throbbing clit in a wet hot lick.

“Fuck,” You shout, your fingers gripping his hair to keep him in place, his lips curling around your bud and sucking as hard as he physically can. You’re so sensitive that this makes you throw your head back and whine loudly. He flattens his tongue, repeatedly licking your nub in such a speed that you grind your hips up against his face.

He groans against you, the sound vibrating against your plump dripping skin. One of his hands slides underneath the tee up to your chest, his fingers searching a swollen nipple which he pinches - hard. You cry out, vaguely aware of the sound of a click of metal in the distance. You grip Calum by the hair, about to ask him to stop when he slides two fingers roughly inside you and curls them up to find your g-spot.

You choke out a sob, writhing against the intense stimulation of wet slippery tongue and the rough fucking of his fingers. 

“Oh fuck Cal.” You cry, rocking both away from and closer to the intense sensations.

“Oh fuck indeed.” A low gravelly voice whispers from the left of you and you open your eyes to see Luke, Michael and Ashton staring from the kitchen doorway. You squeal, pushing at Calum’s head as hard as you can trying to get him to stop. “Cal you need to fucking stop, the boys are here.” Both of your hands go to his shoulders, trying to push him away to no avail, your arms going weak as he sucks hard on your clit again and you half moan half sob at the feeling.

He pulls his mouth away but keeps his fingers thrusting inside you, as deep and as forceful as he can make it. “Y/N they’ve been stood there for a over minute already. I think you knew they were there, you heard the door open didn’t you? I want them to watch you come undone, to see how much of a good girl you are.”

You blush a deep red as your eyes go over the boys. Ashton’s watching your mouth, his eyes darkening at how plump your bottom lip is from biting it to hold in your moans. Michael’s watching Calum’s fingers, his tongue running over his bottom lip as he adjusts himself, his cheeks slightly pink. Luke’s looking into your eyes, his eyes darker then you’ve ever seen them, a smirk on his lips.

“Yeah Y/N,” Luke’s words are a dark drawl and the combination of him looking into your eyes and Calum’s fingers plowing into you are making your stomach feel tight and your legs tremble. “Be a good girl.”

You whimper loudly at his words, your eyes looking to Calum and finding a twinkle in his eyes and a grin on his mouth, his chin shining in the midday sun. 

He keeps eye contact with you as he lowers his mouth to your core again, blowing cool air onto your heated and soaked skin. He removes his fingers, holding them up so the boys can see how they’re coated in your wetness. Three groans meet your ears as he raises the fingers to your lips and you open, sucking on them hard as Calum closes his mouth over you, licking up and down your folds. You moan around his fingers, sucking them like they’re Calum’s cock - though not nearly as satisfying. He removes his fingers and uses them to spread your legs wider.

You can’t help but flicker your eyes to the boys, watching as they intensely stare at the sight of you getting pleasured. 

“Does it feel good Y/N?” Michael’s words are husky, he adjusts the jumper he’s wearing, feeling heated. You make eye contact with him just as Calum speeds up the movements of his tongue, his fingers entering you again as he feels you clench, a sign that you’re close.

“So damn good… I’m so fucking close,” you whimper out the words, Michael audibly gulping as he adjusts himself again. 

“This is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” Ashton’s grinning like a fool, openly palming himself as he walks further into the room and leans against the fridge, straining to get a better view. You don’t have the chance to feel shy, your orgasm creeping closer. 

“C-cal. I’m gonna-” A sob racks through you as Calum pulls away from you, his breathing laboured and his lips swollen and extra pink. “Why? W-why did you stop?” 

“I want you to beg for it. You don’t need to cum. You want to.” His voice is lower than ever and you can see how turned on he is. “Beg for it kitten.”

You turn your head to look at the boys and they’re all looking at you expectantly. Calum starts kissing your thighs again, closer to your core and then moving back. Your pussy is clenching around the air, desperate for release. You close your eyes and the words flow out of your mouth in a desperate sob.

“Please, god, Cal I can’t wait anymore. Please baby make me cum, I need it so bad. I’m your good girl, I’ve been so good please.” Your words are full of need and you tug on Calum’s hair hard, knowing full well he will probably have a headache later.

You suck in a gasping breath ready to beg again when Luke’s voice registers in your head.

“Let her come Calum.” His words mirrored Callum’s actions as he sucks your clit and slams a slap against your thigh and your hips lift off the counter, a silent scream coming from your lips. Your body writhes slightly as your body goes through the motions. Calum keeps his mouth on you, licking up the juices gushing from your hot centre. 

After the initial orgasm asides you lay still, your breaths coming out in short pants, your thighs trembling. Calum uses his thumbs to circle your skin, the motion calming as he helps you back down to earth.

The room is silent, only the sounds of heathy breathing present until your barely there whisper fills the space. “I don’t know if I can look you guys in the eye again.” 

The four boys chuckle and you feel redness tinge your already flushed face as you cover your eyes with your arm.

“Y/N babe, it’s harder for us,” Ashton laughs, “Everytime we look at your face we’re going to get a hard-on.” This makes you laugh and you lean up on your shoulders at Calum who’s grinning at you, his eyes shining. You smile back, feeling tired but extremely satisfied.

“Dude you have two bathrooms yeah?” Michael points down at his pants and you giggle, understanding his meaning.

“Mate I have three, the two mains and there’s an en-suite in the master.” Calum’s voice is full of mirth and he points towards your bedroom. “Guy’s I think we scrap this meeting and watch a movie, I think this one needs some down time.” He ruffles your hair before pulling you in for a sweet kiss. 

“I will only sit on the couch with you four if you don’t discuss what you just saw.” Your words come out as shy but there’s a shine in your eyes that the boys like.

“Does that mean we can’t watch again?” Luke’s words sound teasing but the look in your eye tells you that he would definitely be up for a second viewing.

You slide off the counter, holding yourself up as the headrush you have subsides before walking to the fridge, pushing Ashton out of the way teasingly and grabbing yourself the juice you had gone to get over an hour ago.

“Now now,” you murmur softly, a shy smile on your lips. You grab Cal’s hand and head towards the lounge, pushing past Michael and Luke slowly. “I never said that.”

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Summary: Calum has a crush on his neighbour and when her boyfriend brakes up with her, he’s there for her.
Words: 2.3K
Warnings: smut

AN: I’ve heard the short clip of the girls need love remix on tiktok too many times, so I wrote this kind of based on that song. And solely for self indulgence 

“Ugh you’re here.” She groans as she walks to the treadmill, looking straight at Calum. He smirks and shrugs his shoulders as he watches her hips move while she walks. They had been neighbours for the last two years, and often ran into each other when using the gym or leaving their apartments. Their relationship had started off rocky, but Calum kept on wanting to talk to her and make friends. There was something about her that drew him to her and he couldn’t deny it. He saw the way that her boyfriend treated her and that infuriated him. 

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29. “If you cant sleep…then how about we have sex?”

30. “Put that thing away!”

this ended up being a little bit more fluffy than smutty like i wanted i’m sorry!


Calum was late getting home, no doubt losing track of time at Luke’s house while you sat up in bed with a good book. It hadn’t expected to wait for him to get home, but apparently your mind had other plans; you couldn’t shut it off, and you felt like it was running a million miles an hour. 

The latch of the door downstairs caught your attention, pausing in your reading to watch as Duke got up and trotted towards it, Cal’s coos to his dog warming your heart. You went back to reading, hearing Calum make his way to you. 

The bed dipped as he crawled up to you, arms wrapping around you as he kissed your forehead. “Hey,” he said softly. “It’s late, why are you awake?”

“Can’t sleep,” you responded, eyes not leaving the page you were on as his lips moved to your cheek, then to your jaw. 

“Well,” he said, attached his lips to the sweet spot behind your ear. “If you can’t sleep…then how about we have sex?” 

You chuckled, always loving how bold your boyfriend was. “I would love that,” you said, turning the page in your book as Cal groaned. 

“Put that thing away,” he pleaded, readjusting so he was between your arms. His face filled your vision and you giggled, his lips interrupting the sound as they captured your own. 

When he pulled away you tucked your bookmark into the book, setting it aside as he grinned wildly. “Now that I have your attention,” he started, hands traveling down the sides of your body. “I’d like to fuck you.”

A laughed bubbled out of you, Calum’s own joining yours as he moved down your body. It was a night full of laughter, love, and a lot of kisses, your goofy boyfriend always making it fun for you.

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pairing: michael clifford x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst (if you squint)

word count: 8.1k

involves: bad boy!michael, college!au, jealous!michael, established relationship, a lot of cursing, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, daddy kink (really mild), choking, dirty talk, pain kink (slight), size kink, thigh riding, face slapping (consensual), hair pulling, spitting kink, throat fucking, impregnation kink, praise, degredation/name calling, innocence kink, virgin kink (kinda), smoking, mentions of drugs/drinking, maybe more but nothing too big just pretty filthy ngl

summary: your high school classmates come over to michael’s house in hopes of being friends with the famous bad boy on campus. this includes your one-sided high school crush that may not have been so one-sided after all. unfortunately for him, michael is not someone to piss off. fortunately for you, michael’s anger and jealousy isn’t always so bad, at least for you.

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7. “You want me to give you your book/phone/item back? Make me.”

34. “Tell me what you want.”


“Baby,” Calum called, voice a little bit distant through the walls of your home. When he came around the corner into the living area he finally spotted you, eyes glued to your phone as you scrolled through Tik Tok while you lounged on the couch. 

Coming up by your head, he reached over and plucked the phone from you, hitting the lock button as he held it above his head. 

“Hey!” You said, looking up at him with a little bit of annoyance. You stood held his gaze, crossing your arms over your chest. “Give it back.” 

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Author’s Note: I definitely got carried away with this, so i apologize for it being so long. This is also the first time I’ve written smut in a long time so be kind. Also I’m not writing this series to exclude any body type, shape, or size because everyone’s bodies should be accepted and celebrated. So I am very sorry if this in any way excludes anyone, that is not my intention. If there’s anything you’d like to read please leave a request in my asks and I will try my best to do it justice. 

Summary: Y/N wakes up the next morning in Calum’s bed.     

Warnings: Swearing, 18+ lots of smut

Part OnePart Two

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