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#ashton irwin fanfic

prompt: you and Ashton have five kids and he persuades you to have more

word count; 2,289

warnings; smut and fluff 

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feedback is appreciated

enjoy petals


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

credits to gif owner!

“Ashton! Will you come in here for a minute?” you called from the doorway of one of your son’s bedrooms. A few moments later your husband appeared into the room and walked over to you. “What’s going on babes?” he asks, kissing your forehead. “Will you please tell your firstborn son that fifth grade isn’t scary and he’ll make plenty of friends?” Ashton grins, kneeling in front of the bed to talk to Ethan. You sigh as you walk out of the bedroom, leaning against the wall. You and Ashton have five kids. Your eldest son, Ethan is 10, your second-born son, Jaxon is 7, your third born son, Oliver is 6 and your twin daughters Amelia and Charlotte, are 4. “Mummy! Jaxon stole my toy!” You hear Oliver yell. You rub your temples before stepping into the boy’s room, to take care of the situation. 

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Hey love im having the worst day and i just need some Ashton fluff. Maybe where the reader gets home and they have a total breakdown at the door and Ashton sees and just loves on them and just takes care of them?

im sorry you’re having a bad day, i hope this makes it a little better :)

Your day couldn’t have been worse. The final straw was stepping in the biggest mud puddle ever on the way back to your shared apartment with Ash. You take your shoes off before stepping into the apartment, tears threatening to spill.

“Hi, baby!” Ashton giggles from the couch when he hears the door open. “How was your day?”

His question triggers the flood gates. You can feel tears spill out as you break into heavy sobs. You drop your muddy shoes and find yourself sliding down the closed door as Ashton rushes over to you.

“Oh, honey,” He sits across from you and scoops you into his lap. “Shh, its okay. I’m here.” His fingers trace shapes onto your back as you sob into his neck. “Can you breathe with me?” He asks softly, wanting to get you to calm down as quick as possible. He waits to feel your soft nod before taking slow, deep breaths to get your breathing back to normal. “Good job, baby.” Ashton praises you as your breathing starts to regulate more. “Lets get you on the couch okay?”

Ashton carries you to the couch and places you down gently. The spot he was sitting in is still warm, and he wraps you in the blanket from the back of the couch. “I’m going to get you some water alright? I’ll be right back,”

You wipe at your eyes with your sleeve. You were sure you looked like a mess and that only made more tears spill. Ashton quickly returns with your water and holds the glass to your lips.

“Slowly,” He watches as you drink the water and puts the glass on the coffee table when you’re finished. “Come here,” Ashton opens his arms to you and lets out a soft giggle when you flop onto his chest. His heart beat drums softly against your ear and you find yourself relaxing into his chest. He tucks a piece of hair behind your ear and plants a soft kiss on the crown of your head.

You can feel yourself falling asleep against Ash. Between his arms around you, his heart beat in your ear, and his fingertips tracing soft shapes into your back, you can’t help but let your eyelids flutter shut. It doesn’t take long for you to fully fall asleep, feeling fully protected from the world by Ash.

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An AU where Ashton works at the campus coffee shop, and you, someone who never even drinks coffee, find yourself wanting to come back to see him…

A/N: Hello babes! I haven’t wrote in a while, but I’m back with this very soft cute AU. This is a part of the 9to5!sos series i started a while back! 

Warnings: None, just a lot of fluff, very cheesy

pairing: Ashton Irwin x reader

Word count: 2.7k

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synopsis: blake has the voice of an angel and ashton can’t help but listen

pairings: ashton irwin x OC blake robbie

warnings: none besides swearing, as usual. im too much of a softie

songs used: hey jude by the beatles, anxiety by julia michaels, sad beautiful tragic by taylor swift, apple juice by jessie reyez


Ashton entered the small coffee shop, notebook in hand. To his relief, no one seemed to pay much attention to him. 

He made his way over to the counter and ordered a huge black coffee. 

“Is Allen here?” he asked the barista. It was Allen Poe’s coffee shop. Ashton had met Allen a year or two ago when trying to escape paparazzi and the two young men had quickly become fast friends.

“Yes, would you like to speak to him?”

Two minutes later, Ashton and Allen were sitting at a corner table, trading stories and laughs. 

“How’s business been?” Ashton asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“Not bad, not bad,” Allen shrugged. “Much better now that we’ve got some entertainment.”

Ashton raised an eyebrow.

“No, not that kind of entertainment. We’ve got a girl that comes in every afternoon and plays a few songs with her guitar.”

Ashton nodded in understanding. 

“How’s the planning going for the tour?” Allen asked, changing the subject.

“Pretty good, actually. Dates are set, venues, all that jazz. We just need an opener. “

Allen looked suddenly very interested.

“What kind of opener?” he queried.

“At this point, they just have to have original music, a good voice, and a decent personality.”

“Okay.” Allen thought for a second. “Well, if you want, you can wait about ten minutes and Blake’ll be here.”

“Blake who?”

“The girl I mentioned.”

Ashton weighed this decision. On one hand, this Blake person might be shit. On the other, she might be the next Kelly Clarkson. One never knows.

“Alright, why the hell not?” He grinned.

At precisely three-thirty, Blake Robbie entered Poe’s Coffee. Ashton’s eyes followed her as she hugged Allen, plugged her guitar into the amp, and began playing. People started filling up the small shop. Allen wasn’t wrong, this girl did bring in a crowd.

After a few minutes of just guitar, she began to sing. And sing she did.Her voice filled the coffee shop, bringing just a little more light. 

Ashton didn’t recognize the song. She probably wrote it, he realized.  

Feel like I’m always apologizing for feeling
Like I’m out of my mind when I’m doing just fine
And my exes all say that I’m hard to deal with
And I admit it, yeah

The brutally honest lyrics floated around the cafe. Blake finished the song and immediately began another, this one a slow, sad love song. 

Long handwritten note
Deep in your pocket
Words, how little they mean
When you’re a little too late
I stood right by the tracks
Your face in a locket
Good girls, hopeful they’ll be and long they will wait

Eyes closed, Blake kept singing. Ashton felt like he could listen to her all day. Making up his mind, he looked at Allen behind the counter and nodded in thanks. Pulling his jacket back on, he squeezed out of the shop and back to his house.


*the next day*

Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum walked briskly to Poe’s Coffee, full of anticipation. At three-twenty, the group ordered their drinks and found a table. 

“Remind me why we’re here, Ash,” Luke yawned, having been woken up solely for this reason.

“I might have found an opener for the tour.”

At this, all the boys looked significantly more intrigued.

“Who is it?” Michael asked, looking around as though Ashton had hidden them behind his chair. 

“A girl called Blake Robbie.”

Ashton looked at his watch. 3:29.

The bell above the cafe door chimed, and once again Blake entered the cafe, followed by a small crowd of people. 

“That’s her.”

Ashton pointed out Blake’s tall figure in the sea of customers.

“She’s pretty,” Calum commented, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Wait until you hear her voice,” Ashton smirked. 

The sound of Blake’s guitar began drifting through the cafe, inflicting its magic on the customers.  She started with a different song than yesterday. 

You’re always fighting something
You never stop running
You don’t even bother tryna keep your smile
Let me take you back, boy let me try
We might be alright
Perfect ain’t coming but we’ll be alright

Luke raised an eyebrow, impressed by the control she was demonstrating. Michael was watching her hands as the plucked and strummed the strings of her guitar. 

“Those lyrics are crazy deep, man,” Calum half-whispered to no-one in particular.

Ashton mentally high-fived himself. 

Blake played a few more of her own songs, each one better than the last. 

“Alright, I want to finish with a song that most definitely isn’t mine,” she said, eyes sparkling slightly. Picking up the microphone, she moved over to the piano.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

The coffee shop had gone completely silent, save for Blake’s voice. Ashton saw an older woman wipe her eyes, and noticed many other customers lost in thought, seemingly under a spell.

Blake finished and whispered, “Thanks,” into the microphone. 

The applause was so loud she covered her ears, grinning. 

Ashton looked back at his stunned bandmates. 

“Yes,” they all said in unison. 

Ashton looked around to see where Blake had got to. TO his dismay, she had just opened the door. 

“She’s leaving!”

The four quickly scrambled after her.

“Excuse me?” Ashton said, tapping her shoulder.

She turned around and Ashton looked into a pair of green eyes so bright they were basically emeralds. 


“Hi. Um, so here’s the thing.”

He quickly explained the whole tour to her. Her eyes were even wider than before.

“So basically, you’re asking me, a random person whom you’ve never met, to open for your band, who’s touring all across America?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

Blake shrugged. “Alright.”


*about five months later*

Blake and Calum snorted with laughter as Ashton attempted to communicate with the seals swimming around the harbor. Tour was underway, and with five shows already under her belt, Blake was feeling better than ever.

“C’mon Ash It’s starting to rain,” she laughed, grabbing his arm and pulling him and Calum back inside with the rest of the boys. 

Ashton, on the other hand, was faced with a problem. The good kind of a problem, but a problem nonetheless. Over the last five months, he had found himself becoming more and more attracted to Blake, noticing things that people don’t usually notice about their just-friends. Like the way she crinkled her nose when someone told a dirty joke, the way her hair fell over her shoulders as they sat backstage together. 

Luke had already told him the best way to deal with it was to just suck it up and ask her out. The boys had all quickly become good friends with Blake, and it was no secret to them that Ashton had more than a friendly interest in their pretty opening act. 

Finally, one night, when Blake was over in the boys’ bus and Luke, Calum, and Michael had all gone to bed, Ashton kissed her. She kissed him right back.

“Told you!” Luke yelled from his bunk.

Ashton and Blake laughed.

“So…”Ashton said, looking into her eyes. “Wanna try us?”

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Requested : Hey i was wondering if you could do an imagine where Ashton is just so out of it because of the new album that he doesn’t notice he’s neglecting his relationship with the reader and one of the boys has to point it out to him. And he tries his best to fix it thank you! 

Warnings- light angst, fluff, hurt/comfort


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

It doesn’t bother you when Ashton leaves early and comes home late from song writing. It doesn’t bother you when he gets up in the middle of the night to go write down lyrics he can’t get out of his mind. What does bother you is the fact that your relationship has basically disappeared as the albums release date approaches.

Ashton and the boys were gathered at the studio, chatting over a quick take-out dinner before recording some more. It was getting late and you had been asking Ashton if he was coming home for hours, with no response.

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Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader

Words: 1300+

Author’s Note: So, I love this man. And I hope he has a speedy recovery and I wish I could give him cuddles. I thought of this idea after watching this video and I love how it came out. I hope you all enjoy 😇 xox

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Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader

Words: 600+

Author’s Note: So, I really love domestic Ash and somehow came up with this idea! I hope you enjoy! It’s a bit short. xox

You and Ashton are walking around Target together, out and about and decided that you should pick up a couple of things. Your fingers intertwining with one another as you two begin to pass by the baby section. Ashton’s hazel eyes stare at the small baby clothes, his heart fluttering when he glances at you for a few seconds.

He practically stops in his tracks and he unintentionally tugs you back since you were still walking forward. Giggles leave both your lips as you step closer to him. “What’d we stop for?” You ask him, your thumb rubbing against his hand.

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Amara has a crush on Calum. Calum has a crush on Amara. is this what it feels like?

i finally updated i am sorry yall, hopefully this chapter makes up for it 



Originally posted by calumstruly

It was extremely stormy outside, which wasn’t a surprise to her considering it was October, yet she was upset she needed to wear bulks of clothes, she had two pair of socks and ankle high rain boots plus three layers on top, shirt (long sleeve) hoodie and raincoat, plus a beanie. Amara hadn’t planned on being called by the one person that made her the most nervous the minute she exited her college. Calum had called her asking a ‘very serious’ question.

“Can you come over and dye my hair?” 

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A/N: so this one shot was a LONG time coming. i promised this to @irwinkitten​ MONTHS ago and i finally finished it, so it’s dedicated to her and @sexgodashton​ aka my two favorite Ashton hoes. 

this one shot was inspired by my love for the show Supernatural and my curiosity as to what happens to a person after they’ve been possessed by a demon and that demon is no longer in control of them. i think the tone of this piece is heavy, as is some of the subject material, in a sense. there’s also smut and some lowkey violent scenes. it’s 26k of just….a lot. so ya know, grab a snack and enjoy. 

happy reading!

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Amara has a crush on Calum. Calum has a crush on Amara. Is this what it feels like?

word count: 2.2k



Originally posted by 5sos-giiffss

The window rolled down as Amara parked in a space, she was outside of Helena’s apartment complex, they were gonna pick up a portion of their group to go to the lake, it was the only time in October that was perfect to go to the lake in their town. Amara scrolled down her contacts list and found Helena’s name, she did not want to walk about the million flight of stairs. 

“Hey you, I’m outside come down.” Amara stepped out of her car with her phone in between her ear and shoulder as she open her back seat door to move her stuff to the open trunk. When Helena gave her the OK she hung up and fixed up the back for more space. She did it record time considering she only brought one bag of extra clothes and one basket of food, as she waited for her friend to come down she took the opportunity to put on sunblock, she may be naturally tan but she didn’t want to burn.

“You! You with the riggidy old car! Come help me.” Helena yelled from the gate that lead up the ‘four million stairs’ Amara looked at her and saw that she had both her hands full plus her camera bag hanging from her neck, she made her way over.

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How about for the song requests either "Good" by Kehlani for Calum, or "Physical" by Dua Lipa with Ashton. Fluff,smut, angst, w.e.,your choice

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m hooking you up with some Physical with Ashton. A little bit of an AU, some smut adjacent. So if you are under 18, please do not read! (Read more is higher up than normal for this reason!)

Anyone can support me on Kofi! It helps me to continue to provide this content and save up for graduate school. 

Requesting for furthur song blurbs is closed! 



He’s addicted. 

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You | Part 16

Part 15Part 14 | Part 13 | Part 12 | Part 11 | Part 10 | Part 9 | Part 8 | Part 7 | Part 6 | Part 5 | Part 4 | Part 3 | Part 2 | Part 1

(This part contains sexual content, and so do 1-8 and 15, so I hope that, if you’re under 18, you’re not, I repeat, NOT reading any of these parts.)

(Since this one has 3.4k words, I put a read more link to it.)


When I woke up, you were still deep asleep. Our hands were still loosely holding each other and I was hugging your arm close to my body. Your skin was soft to the touch of my cheek as I slowly tilted my head up to look at you. 

The shy sunlight coming from the window was defining your features. Your chest slowly rose and deflated as you dreamt away, looking like an angel. A black-haired angel. I didn’t dare move, I didn’t want to disturb your peace, but I lightly pressed my lips to your shoulder and smiled. I was happy. I hadn’t been that kind of happy in a while. The kind of happy that makes you smile for no reason except for the fact you exist at the same time as someone else alongside them. I had been too busy working and trying to not get involved with anyone emotionally after I promised myself I wouldn’t let anyone shatter my heart again, but this… you… it was… it was… new… different… unexpected… comfortable. I didn’t feel pressured to be anything else other than myself. You just came into my life and made me break a promise. One that I should have never made in the first place. 

As I lay there holding your arm, I wondered what you were dreaming about. Were you dreaming about our trip? Were you dreaming about playing on stage? Was a new song being born in your head right now? I never knew what was going on in that mind of yours. You were a mystery. One that I wanted to unveil. You shifted, letting your head turn to me, and took a deeper breath. You looked so cute with your mouth slightly open like that. I rested my head against your shoulder again and let my thumb lightly rub the back of yours as my thoughts kept dancing with my feelings. 

After a while of me getting lost in my head, I felt your hold on my hand tighten, so I looked up. Hi, I quietly smiled. Hi, you whispered. I could drown in the tenderness of your voice and in the honey green of your eyes when you finally opened them. You’re so beautiful, you said in your low morning voice, stealing a shy smile from me and making my blood flood the apples of my cheeks. Our hands disconnected and you lazily turned on your side to face me. You put your arm under my head and let the other one rest on my waist. A strand of your hair fell onto your face and I cleared it away, and you embraced me and kissed the top of my forehead before I buried my face on your chest, holding you close with my arm around your waist. I couldn’t stop smiling. My heart was happily beating; my blood, pumping; my mind, quiet. In that moment, I realised I didn’t want it to end. Maybe I was being reckless but you were a risk I was willing to take. I was terrified yet completely fearless. That was the effect you had on me.

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Calum, Michael, Luke, and Ashton have made it to the other side. A bond that surpasses and even breaks the ideologies for following and leading.  They are brothers in every sense of the word. 

Enjoy the entire series in the link in the source!

Please consider donating to me via Ko-fi. I need some help with graduate expenses. 


The youngest steps into the red blanket Opal has open and the eldest lets Calum wrap him up in the blue one. The spare clothes Opal always thinks to stash in her backpack came in handy, but it still isn’t warm enough for them. Calum helps both of them into the truck, one by one and Opal climbs into the driver seat. “I’ve got hot soup and cookies on the menu for lunch,” she grins and throws the truck into reverse. 

Not the smartest deal to make but they’re no older than thirteen, Calum figures. Alone in these woods isn’t good. Neither one of them has given a hint as to why they’re out here and while it worries Calum that they could be seperate from their families, he knows questioning too much could only push them away. It took two days for Calum to convince them that he only wanted to help. Luke hadn’t served to be the best help but when he brought Opal around, they took to her faster. 

Halfway through the drive, Calum can feel more weight on his side than usual and sees that both of them have curled up into each and then into him. Just a mass and blue and red with black hair sticking out at the top. Calum let’s them go on sinking into him–no doubt they’ve been wandering for a couple days and need their rest. At the front doors of the station, each of them takes a child. “I’ll take him,” Calum says reaching for the oldest boy. 

“You saying I don’t lift, bro?” 

Calum has to laugh at the question and concedes, taking the youngest instead. “I know well enough that you do lift, bro.”


Tagging: @irwinkitten @5-secondsofcolor @pinkbubbles-and-bigtroubles @glitterlukey

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Summary: Can a sudden meeting really change your life for the better? Or will it be just another mistake they made?

A/N: I have nothing to say for my own defence with how long it took. It’s also a little smaller than the previous parts, but i hope, still not that bad

Warnings: none, apart from a little sadness and lack of proofreading of course

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Here it is! Part 2. 

Calum’s still learning to just be a friend. And with trouble knocking at their front door, it’s time the four of them to bind together. 

Find all parts on my Wattpad. Link in the source!

Support me on ko-fi!


“It’s not your fault,” Michael says. He can see the slight glassiness to Calum’s eyes and the way his jaw locks. “We made this choice together.”

Calum nods. Yeah, they did make this together. But he was always trained to be thinking two and three moves ahead. He was supposed to be aware of everything. “I need a second,” Calum says, his voice tight and hoarse as he pushes up from the table. He carries on through the kitchen, down through the living room and out the front door.

Luke pushes up to go after him. Calum’s stride is unmatched, almost as if he’s floating. Luke normally isn’t the type to deal with a lot of emotions or deal directly with the elephant in the room. But he knows Ashton’s a little too hot to speak sense and Michael’s probably exhausted himself. So Luke keeps on. Besides, who knows how far Calum could go, and no need to go alone. The door slams closed in his face, the fixtures shaking against the wall. The floors quiver under his feet. Luke carries on. “Where are you going?”

“Out. Anywhere.” Calum answers, peeling the clean shirt over his head.

“It’s not like you are alpha. It’s not like we’re still a pack.”

Calum spins on his heel. How could Luke say that? Just because they had left Kyle didn’t mean that they weren’t still bonded. “We–”

That’s a simple truth. One that was becoming clear Calum didn’t want to quite accept. “We’re not. We’re not a pack.”

“All of you are my brothers and I’ll be damned if anything happens to you three.”


Tagging: @5-secondsofcolor @irwinkitten @pinkbubbles-and-bigtroubles @glitterlukey

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(gif made by me)

Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader

Words: 1500+

Author’s Note: so, the video Ashton posted is the cutest FUCKING THING EVER and needed to write something off it. And this is the result! I hope you guys enjoy it 🖤

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gif credit goes to the lovely @maluminspace <3

Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader

Words: 1100+

Author’s Note: So, 2020′s good so far. 5SOS put out a new song. I finally get to see Ashton’s face. I’ve missed him loads and the video he put on insta almost made me cry, he’s so cute. I roughly thought of this idea upon seeing his video and it kinda reminded me of the fic @gotta-try-something-new wrote that I requested in 2018. It’s short but cute. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

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