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#9-1-1 spoilers
eric-dierr · 2 days ago
eddie’s just like “you get my kid if i die buck, shut up and eat your lunch” and do you know what? good for you my little gay pumpkin
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agentlemuse · 2 days ago
Eddie’s chosen workout is carrying the world on his shoulders. 0/10 do not recommend
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whitefluffyyeti · 2 days ago
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9-1-1 “Peer pressure”
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deluweil · 2 days ago
okay, my take-away from this episode is: “You guys are so weird!”
I do not understand the writers’ insistence on Buck, supposedly almost leaving.
I would have understood, if it was about leaving to find Maddie, or making the wrong call about the CO2, but guilt about Chimney?
Not getting that. Chimney went to get his wife back, that’s it, he was mad at Buck but really keeping a grudge after lying to Buck’s face about the family secret for weeks, is really hypocritical and I refuse to believe that the Chimney we normally know, would do that. - I will say this though, I did not like Chimney in S1, his personality rubbed me the wrong way, Maddie made him, relatable, likable, to me anyway.
I figured with Maddie gone for a while, we would get to see Chimney being relatable and lovable as he learns to be a father, and him and Buck growing closer as they take care of Jee in Maddie’s absence.
This particular storyline, does not work for me. Also Buck almost-leaving didn’t make sense either. He would be leaving Ravi with no backup, Eddie and hen won’t be having sufficient cover as they pull patients from burning building, as we saw today, when Buck and Ravi came back in the nick of time to put out the flames surrounding Cap and Eddie and the patient. - Not to mention he would be leaving the 118, not one but two men down.
That may have been who Buck was up until S3, but now? I don’t buy that. Sorry. Not impressed with this scene.
I did love Eddie’s “You’re stuck with us.” 
Which btw, there would have been no world where Buck announced he’s leaving the 118 without talking to Eddie first. - Eddie would have knocked some sense to him long before, whatever it was at the dining table - just saying.
Also at no time did cap come and told Buck to stop being a drill sergeant - not buying that either.
Hen and Eddie learning to work together, is priceless! The entire time I’m torn between my love for Hen and feeling sorry for Eddie lol They will rock together until Chimney comes back and I can’t wait to see more.
But even though we didn’t get to see many buddie scenes together, officially that is, we can see them still orbiting each other the entire episode, even though they’re partnered with other people, they still work together seamlessly, whenever needed or possible and that is a treat to watch.
Last bit, not about buddie, even now that I know (even though I did before) about Claudette's motives, I still don’t like her. - Sorry.
Love May, she’s been rocking the first few S5 episodes so hard!! I’ve never loved her more!!
And Athena needs to stop calling that creep by his first name, he doesn’t deserve that and I agree with Michael she needs therapy - a lot of it. 
And Harry, it feels to me, has reached the stage where he questions his mother’s motives and actions, a little like May did (a bit more low key) in S3. I believe he will come around eventually. - But Athena hitting him, imo, broke something of the trust the two of them had, he will hold her at arms length for a while.
I’m not going to talk much about Taylor, I do however think that she’s making an effort, and they’re together quite a bit in this episode, so kudos for that? I guess.
and from that last scene, you can see in her eyes, that she loves Buck, in what capacity, remains to be seen. 
But her “Not everything is about you” (as right as she may have been) felt like a call back to S3 where Buck was constantly told that by the people he trusts the most and that completely wrecked his self esteem (which wasn’t high in the first place).
Also that hug, when he comes back to the apartment and Taylor hugs him, he looks like he’s a thousand miles away, a bit like Eddie did after he talked to Carla. - buddie crumbs?
Anyway, I can’t believe we have to wait another two weeks for a new episode!!! 
It’s too far!! - somebody hold me...  😭
Happy Tuesday everyone - I’m off to the pool    😁❤ 
“You guys are pretty jacked, what kind of work-out do you do?” 😂😍
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Tumblr media
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scarletyeager · 19 days ago
Ok I thought I was done but I'm not. Because this? Eddie is panicking and he can feel it. He knows he's 0.5 seconds away from losing his shit and he looks to BUCK. A silent plea for help yet Buck, Buck has no idea what he needs help with but refuses to brush it off. That look has me reeling cause Eddie, in a moment of need just looked for comfort, and it wasn't the woman standing next to him, it was the man across from him.
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perfectlynervousbeard · 9 days ago
This makes me laugh because the scene I was reviewing right before watching this episode was in season 3 when Eddie gets Buck out of bed, right?
And now he's all "ice goes on the eye, bud."
And I just
I'm seeing a pattern
Eddie's love language is caretaking. It just is
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cherishingstydia · 5 months ago
Buddie fandom rn
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whitefluffyyeti · 16 days ago
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9-1-1 “Desperate measures”
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buckleyirondad · 5 months ago
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You can have my back any day. Yeah. Or, you know, you could... you could have mine.
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shelby-love · 5 months ago
9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// GIF //
Requested: yes [x]
Prompts: direct lines from S04E04
Warning(s): This fic is heavily based on the episodes surrounding Buck, Maddie and their parents in season 4. Set directly in S04EP04 (9-1-1, What's Your Grievance?) of the show. I highly advise you to watch the episode before proceeding unless of course you don't mind being spoiled.
Word count: 2.7k
Author's note: Ah, Buck in this episode! My heart goes out to him. My poor little baby my heart was like UGH. But the end though…POP OFF BABY!
Important: Here is the link to the scene! ☛ click here
Tumblr media
"Well, what do you think about all of it?"
Your boyfriend sat on the kitchen bar, his head in hands. Buck wasn't looking in your general direction instead focused on the marble countertop. You were tossing the salad, mixing up the lettuce with the vinaigrette. "Buck?"
His head shot up, and he looked confused. "Did you hear anything I just said?"
"I, uh…"
"It's okay," you smiled, catching a sight of his eased face. You turned to the stove where dinner was cooking, deciding not to press him to listen because he'll have enough of earfuls when his parents arrive. "Could you set the table please?"
Only the two of you lived together, so setting the glass table wasn't hard. He doubled everything he took, maneuvering around the kitchen with a sudden air of relaxation. It was you who had the ability to make him feel so comfortable.
Buck kissed your cheek playfully when he stepped in behind you to peer over at the food. He would've had done a lot more if you didn't swat him away with a spatula.
"I think," he called from the living room, the cluttering of cutlery hitting the table as he set it following. "Everything will be fine as long as you're with me."
"Oh my god I'm so hlad you're here!" 
When evneloped into a hug by a pregnant female, one can only do so much to make her let go. Maddie's belly was big and she looked ready for delivery. At least that's what she told you. Beaming, you placed both hands on her belly, fascinated by it. Both of you giggled until a woman broke into your line of vision, coming to stand behind her daughter. She was curious, you could tell, as she looked you over with a tight lipped smile. You stepped away from Maddie, watching Buck gingerly hug her. 
Her short, light blonde hair fell around her face, framing her blue eyes that looked so like Buck's. You could see him in her when it came to looks, but looking at the way she held herself, you knew immediately Buck was nothing like her. He was simply better.
"Mom, this is my girlfriend Y/N," Evan introduced, coming to stand next to you as he lead you to his mother. "Y/N meet my mom. Margaret."
You were glad to have worn a dress and with heels, you towered over the woman. She looked up at you, pulling on a fabricated smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Buckley."
"Oh please, call me Margaret." She brushed you off. Oh I will.
"This is my dad," he pointed to a man near the kitchen. Your boyfriend had a hand on the small of your back all through introductions. You were sure you wouldn't have been able to live through that dreaded part, if it weren't for him next to you. You realized at that moment that Buck had you on a leash the same way you had him. It was damage pervention, what both of you were doing.
"Y/N," you shook the mans hand with a smile. His touch was brief, like he didn't think it was necessary to shake your hand a second longer. It almost felt like Buck brought over a friend, and not a girlfriend of near 2 years.
"Let's eat!" Chim clapped his hand, begging you to sit with his eyes.
"Always the hero, aren't you?" You asked in a whisper. There was a glint of amusement in your eyes.
"Shut up or we both die," he threatened and all but pushed you toward the table. "Remember: we're the partners. We mean them nothing. Our words are irrelevant to them."
"You're being paranoid," you told him. 
Chimney raised both his dark brows at you and nodded his head toward Buck, who was pouring a great amount of wine in his glass. Daggers were swirling in his blue eyes. 
All you could sigh and give yourself a mental pep talk, closing in on your seat next to Buck. You leaned toward him and whispered after giving his cheek a kiss. "Give me the wine."
"I mean, from what I hear Evan has spent quite a lot of time in hospitals."
His father's words sounded casual, and at first glance one wouldn't be able to detect a complaint. Yet Evan's face spoke volumes.
"From what you hear?" He asked, looking over them. "Cause you coulda come. Seen for yourself."
His mother turned to say, "Evan I've told you—"
"You, uh, you're not good with hospitals. I got it."
"I'm not good seeing my children in them. You don't know!"
There was something in her eyes, you noticed, something she would rather have stay in the past. There was more to her sentence, more to her words. To everything about them.
You placed a hand on your boyfriend's thigh, a silent reminder that you were there with him and that everything was going to be okay.
Chimney shared a look with you as Maddie looked her mother's way, controlling the damage. "I'm ready for dessert."
You sighed.
This was going to be a long night.
"Oh, Howard, where'd you put that box we brought?" Philip Buckley asked, looking over at Chim with excited eyes.
"Dad, more gifts?" Asked Maddie.
"Not exactly."
"It's over by the couch. Let me grab it." Said Chimney and fled the moment those words left his mouth.
This time round, Buck had one of his hands disappear under the table. You took it instantly and placed it on your lap, holding tightly because whatever they had brought Maddie didn't include Buck in the slightest.
"I like him, Maddie." Their mother shared proudly. "You picked a good one this time."
"What? It was a compliment."
"Oh, was it?" Buck asked her, angry for obvious reasons.
Margaret fought, glancing at you just as you were about to roll your eyes. There was fire and desperation to protect herself in her eyes. You were thankful you hadn't rolled your eyes because her next words were scrutinizing. "Is he always this way?"
You squeezed Buck's hand immediately, "Excuse me?"
"He—he," she didn't seem to find words to share and instead shook her head in disbelief before Philip started whispering into her ear, telling her whatever he could to calm her.
Chimney returned shortly. There was a dark box in his arms, but not the one you'd see in a junk yard somewhere. The box was old, and a single glance at the name on the front had understanding dawn upon you. A baby box.
"That's so sweet," you said with a kind smile, one Margaret returned. She was beaming, enjoying the fact that she could pass on something like that to her only daughter. Maddie handed you a little baby shoe, as white as snow with a little bow on the tips. You took it carefully in your hands, laughing lightly with Maddie at the thought of her once wearing them.
Buck leaned over, looking at the shoe in your hand and at the box. "That's cool. I—I didn't now you made these for us. When do I get mine?"
There was something in the air after that innocent question left his mouth. You could almost smell the apprehension in the Buckleys. They looked between each other, silently talking with their eyes. Just like you and Buck always do. Philip and Margaret looked at him, then you only to in the end switch their shameful gaze back to Maddie.
Something tugged at your heart.
"Hey, you're not even a grown up yet. They're probably still adding stuff to it." Chimney tried to cheer him up, bringing his teasing voice into action. "Besides, from what I can tell Y/N's not pregnant yet."
You felt blush invade your cheeks  and for a second Buck's disappointment was overthrown by the thought Chim brought into his mind. You felt him squeeze your hand.
"We may not have agreed with all the choices you made, but we never gave up the hope that you'd come to your senses. And you did."
 "You never gave up hope?" Buck's voice suddenly cut through. It sounded bitter, like he couldn't believe his mother had the audacity to say something like that.
"Evan, let's not do this." Maddie told him quietly, not looking at him.
"No let him talk Mads," you said firmly. You did your best to be a silent pillar for him. A touch that would bring him back to his senses, so he didn't say something he didn't mean. Meeting his parents like this wasn't on your agenda, but you'd be dammed if you let them step on him the way they did. You didn't have the ease Chimney did, or his way with words but you had what you needed.
You loved and cared for him and thought he was the best and most wonderful man in the world. Even if his parents didn't.
"You guys didn't even go to her wedding." He stated as a matter of fact.
"She was making a terrible mistake. We told her that."
"Yeah, people make mistakes," he said. "Doesn't mean you just give up on 'em. I've made mistakes, but Y/N stayed with me and forgave me. You're her parents and you left her. She married Doug and you cut her off."
"At the time we thought it was…for the best."
"We didn't know what was going on. I swear, Maddie."
"Well, you should have." Buck said and you noticed the way his voice grew, his shoulders turned tense and his breathing got rougher. He no longer held your hand, but you knew you needed to do something. You wrapped your arms against his taut arm, holding onto his bicep as if letting go was going to be the beginning of the end of the world. "You shoulda known! You shoulda known! You—you were right there in the same town. How could you not know?!"
"Baby calm down," you said, begged him at that point.
Buck looked down on you, his eyes softening for a second before an apologetic looked flashed across his features and he was back being angry, disappointed and tired. All understandable feelings. "No, I can't calm down! And actually, you know what?"
The whole table was dead silent. His mother was pleading for you to calm him with her eyes, and you found yourself shaking your head at her. "Maybe it does track, 'cause you barely knew what was going on with your own kids when we were under the same roof. Maybe you never gave up hope… You sure as hell gave up on her. You gave up on both of us."
"Oh, and, uh, you wanna know why I'm really in therapy?" He asked amusingly, yet there was not a trace of wit in his voice. He looked exhausted by them. Fighting for his place was getting him to a point where he didn't even know what he was fighting for anymore. Buck stood up, and you couldn't hold him down even if you tried. He simply found and took your jacket, folded it in his arms like he always did when you were done dining, finding it in himself to not push you away. Because you were everything to him. Because he knew he was everything to you. Your first in everything.
With you, Buck finally felt like he was enough.
You could feel him looking over your chair as he spoke the next words to his parents. "It is because I have spent my entire life feeling like a constant disappointment. And you wanna talk about our jobs?"
You felt tears prick at your eyes. Your heart was beating hard, your lips were quivering, and your hands were clammy. You still sat at the table, feeling out of place because he wasn't next to you. "You think my job is dangerous? I have walked through fire every single day of my life because of you."
"That's why I'm in therapy! Because nothing I ever did was good enough!" Buck never yelled. It was impossible thing for him: to get angry, and it took everything in you to not flinch at the truth and raw pain in his words as he yelled.
His father began, "We tried. But you always—"
"You never made it easy on us. Either one of you." Margaret was louder, her cries were hollering through the apartment with force. She looked like she was tired too.
But under what right?
"We were supposed to? We were kids." Maddie's voice was quiet, eyes glazed over with unshed tears.
"Evan, I don't know what you expected us to do!" His mother turned to look at him.
You were scared to turn around, because just picturing his broken face was enough to have tears spilling down your cheeks. You bit your tongue, not to stop words from spurring out but to stop the downfall of tears. "Love me anyway."
You brought a hand to cover your mouth. Evan's voice was faint, "Y/N I'll wait for you in the car…"
And then the door shut with force.
"I can't." Maddie choked out and disappeared into the bathroom.
With only Chim and you left, you didn't know what to do except shake. You knew one thing though, and that was that staring down at your lap and fighting tears wasn't the way. Buck needed you.
"Thanks for the dinner, Chim." You said stilly and stood up. Your jacket was on the armrest of the couch, neatly nesting against it so you didn't have to rummage around the house to find it on the rack. He is always so thoughtful. Even when he's falling apart.
"Yeah, it's no problem." He stood up after you.
You took you purse in your hands, smiling up at him as you realized you have yet to give him your gift. You took something out, feeling the soft material under your fingertips. "We, uh," you glanced at Buck's parents, feeling uncomfortable by Margaret's tears and Philip's curious eyes. "Wanted you to have this. It's only the beginning, we still have a lot of orders coming in. Buck chose this one."
You pulled out a pink baby romper out of your purse, and handed it to the expecting father. He took one look at it when he unfolded it and burst into laughter. "You guys are funny."
"What does it say?" Piped in Margaret. Chim turned it around.
"Me + Mommy = One Broke Daddy," he read out the crooked letters with joy in his eyes. "You guys are the best."
"I wanted the one in white, you know, since we didn't know the gender," you explained. "Buck knew she'd be a girl so…"
"So, he's a psychic now?"
"No," you said simply, giving him a hug. "He's just Buck."
With hands clasped around the band of your bag, you took a look at your boyfriend's parents. You no longer had tears in your eyes, but the lingering feelings of sadness were present as you watched them. You wondered what his childhood looked like from someone else's point of view, and parents were the perfect storytellers. 
But apparently his are anything but that. "I better go. Buck's waiting for me."
Saying it was a pleasure meeting them would be a lie you didn't want to tell, so you withheld it.  
"Thank you."
You were at the door when Margaret spoke up, voice quivering, "Thank you for being there for him."
"Yeah," you agreed. "Someone had to."
"Did you give him the gift? I completely forgot about it."
It was well after 10 while you drove through Los Angeles. It felt earlier than that, because people were bustling in the streets like it was the afternoon. "Yep. He loved it."
"Really?" A smile tugged at his lips, like he forgot all about what had occurred. "I knew he'd love it."
"Mhm," you mused, looking out the window. A few silent minutes after that passed when you spoke up again. "Hey babe?"
You looked at his concentrated face, the way he looked beautiful under so many lights of the passing shops and streetlights. "Are you okay?"
"I told you already," he spoke calmly, the tease in his voice returning. "I'm okay as long as you're with me."
Tumblr media
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bvckandeddie · 22 days ago
thinking about how if buck and chris go to the zoo as often as eddie says they do, then there is an extremely high chance that they have a family membership pass to the los angeles zoo. no i’m not crying, you’re crying 🥺
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perfectlynervousbeard · 16 days ago
I just. I just thought about Eddie holding baby Jee-Yun? And singing to her while she clutches at his finger with her tiny meaty baby hand??
Maybe Buck freaked out a little because she was being fussy and wouldn't settle, and its probably nothing but hey, who better to call than Eddie, who conveniently has the day off and cuts off Buck's panicked rambling with a soothing;
"Its okay, Buck. Give me ten minutes, okay? You're doing great. She's probably just restless."
Eddie gets there and sends Buck off to cook dinner or shower or take a nap, scooping Jee-Yun out of her travel crib and making sure she's changed, warm, fed and content. And its been so long since Christopher was this tiny, but holding Jee-Yun makes him think back to that tiny, wriggly little bundle in his arms for the first time, back before it all went to shit.
Eddie pacing slowly around the lower loft, singing quietly, tickling her little chin, grinning when she giggles and gurgles at him. And he can see so much of Maddie and Chimney in her already. She's got Maddie's eyes and Chimney's lopsided grin.
(And for a little crack, maybe Buck catches this scene and is so overwhelmed he just blurts out; "put a baby in me!" And Eddie is like; "... What?" 👁👄👁 Which cues a hilariously awkward but heartfelt confession of feelings on both sides.)
Hey hey! So I like I told you I started this a while ago and then got SEVERE AND DEBILITATING writers block, and it sat waiting for new life. And then 5x03 happened, so Hello, new life! I hope you love it!
With You, My Life, I Will Get Married
Warning: mild spoilers for 9-1-1 season 5 episode 3.
Chimney was out searching for Maddie.
After shifts, on weekends, whenever he had a second, he was either spending time with Jee or out searching for her mom.
In times when he was on the search everyone at the 118 was making time to watch Jee Yun. Mrs. Lee was doing what she could, but couldn't always be available, and when that happened, Jee would spend some time at Bobby and Athena's or by Hen and Karen. And when they had too much going on, or when either of the uncles felt like they weren't getting enough time with their beautiful niece, she would spend time at her Uncle Buck's or Uncle Albert's.
Uncle Buck got lucky this time.
Eight hours in and everything had gone wrong. Buck shoulders were damp with spit-up, baby drool, and snot and all Jee seemed capable of doing was crying, crying, crying.
"I'm so sorry! I don't know what I did wrong, and, and now--just, Jee, please, it's okay, I'm here--!"
She continued to yell and Buck got more and more panicked. "Your Uncle Albert's gonna be here in like 5 minutes, Jee, okay? And then, maybe, maybe he's better with you? And will make you happy, and then--Oh God, what have I done wrong--"
A knocking at the door sent him back on his feet, swaying toward the loft entrance. It opened before he could get there, however, and he stopped where he was, a furious Jee Yun screaming in his ears as Eddie Diaz, not Albert Han, walked in.
"You look like you're having fun." Eddie's eyebrow was raised and his mouth quirked in a teasing smile.
"Eddie...?" Buck's momentary shock was interrupted as Jee let out another wail. "Um, sorry, this isn't the best time at the moment, but Albert--"
"--has a date tonight and sent me as his relief." Eddie reached out and plucked Jee Yun from Buck's arms. "And you have a date with your shower and a few hours' sleep."
"I--no, it's okay, I know you just got off shift--"
"Buck." Eddie shifted Jee to one arm, and the other rested on Buck's chest, over his pattering heartbeat. He met Buck's eyes, his own calm despite the bundle of adorable chaos still screaming bloody murder into his shoulder. "Go shower."
"...Yeah, okay."
She truly was one of the cutest babies, even when she was liable to wake up the neighborhood with her noise, Eddie thought with a smile as he re-seated her over one shoulder and began to firmly but gently tap her back.
"Your Tio Eddie is going to assume this is a gas issue, okay, chiquita? Christopher used to have this all the time, and he would scream and cry." Eddie huffed ruefully. "I was useless at it then, but Shannon showed me what to do." He kept tapping at her back. "Good set of lungs means a healthy baby, good job, Jee. Now, let's see if we can't get this gas out of you so you can calm down and you and your Tio Buck can get some sleep, okay?"
Eddie started circling the room, the sun beginning to set as he heard he shower turn on.
"There you go, see? Your Buck is going to get all showered since you drooled all over him, and then you both can get some sleep, how's that sound?"
He was answered with a burp far louder than Jee's small body should be capable of making. Then a sweet gurgling sound as she nestled her chin into his shoulder.
"There, feel better, mi princesa?" Eddie whispered against her soft, downy hair. "When I was small and got upset, and my parents got annoyed with my sulking, they'd send me to Abuela. And she would sit me down on her lap, just like this," he sat down on Buck's couch, and settled Jee Yun against his broad chest, rubbing her small back with a large warm hand. "And she would hug me until I forgot what I was so upset about. All I could think about was the smell of her perfume and how much I wanted to be like her one day.
"Then Pepa would come out and yell at both of us that it's about damn time we came into the house, dinner doesn't make itself." Eddie laughed at the memory. Jee made a small discontented noise and Eddie stood up again, walking toward the kitchen, where he saw the half-formed works of bottle making on the counter. "Shhh, princesa, Tio Eddie's gonna make you a bottle." With Jee over his shoulder, sounding more and more on the edge of hunger-panic, Eddie quickly assembled a bottle then leaned back against the kitchen island and cradled Jee Yun in his arms, pressing the nipple to her mouth, which she accepted gratefully.
"Better, yeah? Where was I...? Oh." Eddie smiled. "Once we were inside, Pepa, Abuela and I would make arroz con leche. Abuella would wash the rice, Pepa would be tutting the whole time about too much sugar, but she would always wink at me and add just a bit more before the cinnamon." Eddie couldn't help the smile that stole over his face as he remembered Abuela's warm kitchen in her El Paso ranch house before she and Pepa relocated to LA. In winter, the windows would fog over from the heat of whatever was on the stove. When she left, a lot of Eddie's heart left with her.
"They used to sing me the song too, you know?" Jee gurgled around her dinner and Eddie smiled again. "Well, I wasn't planning to sing it, but you drive a hard bargain." Eddie's poked Jee's soft cheek with a finger and began to sing.
Arroz con leche se quiere casar con una viudita de la capital, que sepa tejer, que sepa bordar, que ponga la aguja en su campanal.
(English translation: Rice with milk (rice pudding) Wishes to get married With a little widow from the capital. Who knows how to weave (or knit), Who knows how to embroider, Who puts the church steeple in the bell tower.)
Eddie was no American Idol contestant, but his voice was soothing and good. Strong. Listening to him sing from his seat on the stairs, Buck almost felt like he was where Jee currently snuggled, right against Eddie's chest, as his bass voice sung the gentle Spanish lyrics, harmonized by the occasional happy noise from Jee Yun.
Yo soy la viudita la hija del rey. Me quiero casar y no sé con quien. Contigo sí, contigo no, Contigo mi vida me casaré yo.
(English translation: I am the widow The daughter of the king, I want to get married and I don’t know with whom. With you, yes. With you, no. With you, my life, I will get married.)
Buck's head knocked lightly against the banister, body relaxing. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just the softest sweatpants he owned with a towel draped over his shoulders to catch water from the mess of wet curls on his head.
Eddie's so hard on himself all the time. I don't get it. He's such a good dad.
Dazedly, Buck's eyes fixed on Eddie's mouth as he repeated the verses again. Then Eddie sighed.
"Afterward Pepa would ask me who I want to marry and Abuela would laugh at me, and I'd always complain--" Jee gurgled again. "Like that, yes. But honestly, it was nice... Even though between you and me, Pepa can't sing very well at all." Eddie's lips quirked again in a smile. "Kind of like your Uncle Buck."
Buck startled at his name and looked up at Eddie's eyes. They twinkled back at him in the dying last light of the day, Eddie's golden skin lit by the last rays of the sun. Buck felt his face heat with a blush, knew there was nothing to do about it.
"Sorry, I should've--"
"Feel better after your shower?"
Buck sighed and smiled. "Yeah. World's better." He stood, stretching out his long legs as he descended the stairs. It was full dark now, but Buck didn't feel like turning on a light. "I can take her now."
"Nope." Eddie met him midway, hand on Buck's shoulder turning him around. "You're both getting some sleep now." One hand on Buck's shoulder, the other holding a drowsy Jee Yun, Eddie guided him back up the stairs, and pressed Buck down until he was sitting on his bed.
"Eddie, are you sure--"
"Shhh." Eddie deposited Jee into Buck's arms, then sat down behind him. "You can hold her for now." Eddie's hands skimmed up Buck's warm back then pulled the towel off Buck's shoulders, laying it on top of Buck's head, where a corner flopped over his eyes.
"Hold still, Buck."
Eddie's strong hands curled into the towel and Buck's hair, rubbing vigorously to get it dry. "Seriously, anyone who has ever seen your hair at work would marvel at how different it looks before you comb and gel all the life out of it." He rubbed vigorously, and Buck felt himself relaxing back against Eddie's chest. Tomorrow, he might look back at this and feel embarrassed. He might have to apologize. Tomorrow, he would go back to hiding how much he felt for the man who was drying his hair, still absent-mindedly humming the Arroz con leche tune under his breath. But for now, Eddie was too near and too warm and too... Eddie. And Buck found that he couldn't deny himself Eddie right now.
Buck cleared his throat and made himself focus on their conversation. "I used to wear my hair naturally, but people said it looked floppy. Made me look like a puppy."
"People are stupid sometimes, Buck. You know this." Eddie's thumb traced the shell of Buck's ear. "And if you think slicking back your hair makes you look less like a puppy, you really shouldn't be bothering." He snickered as Buck tried to shoulder his chest and Jee made a noise of complaint.
"So I just look like a puppy all the time, huh?"
The towel dropped. Eddie's arms came around, holding onto Buck and Jee Yun both. "I think you're a beautiful man, Buck."
The air in Buck's chest hiccupped out of his mouth. His heart picked up speed as the places where Eddie's hands rested on his stomach seemed to heat from within. "Y... Eddie?"
"Shhh. Sleep now. Jee's asleep, but who knows for how long." Eddie's voice was gruff, embarrassed. "I'll just--"
"Stay?" It came out too high, too soft. Buck cleared his throat and tried again. "I mean, if it isn't any trouble, and--"
"I can stay." Eddie's arms tightened around Buck again and he pulled him backwards until Buck could lay out flat on his back, before pressing Buck's head down on his pillow. Then Eddie pulled Jee from Buck's arms and sat back against the headrest, legs folded together, Buck's niece cuddled again against his chest. "Sleep now."
"Okay." There was so much Buck wanted to know. To say. It all got stopped in his throat as fear tamped it all down to squirm in his chest.
"Eddie?" The word found its way out.
A sigh. Then, "Come here."
Buck didn't hesitate, moving his head off the pillow and onto Eddie's lap. Eddie's spare hand found its way back into his curls and tugged lightly before stroking through them, gently, so gently.
"Sleep now."
"Okay. But," Buck's jaw cracked around a large yawn. "Before... you have to know..."
"You are... so beautiful... Eddie Diaz."
Buck felt Eddie's hand tighten in his hair again, before releasing, fingers wandering down to trace his eyebrows, his nose, his lips.
"Sleep, querido."
As Buck's eyes slipped closed, and awareness almost dropped away, he swore he could feel lips press lightly right above his eye, on his birth mark.
"Contigo mi vida me casaré yo."
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