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#October 15
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This gorgeous pigeon is the master of all coffee, the patron of hot beverages, and the greatest delight in the world to know! His favorite coffee only says N/A because he can’t decide on a favorite, he loves all coffee equally (even iced coffee, though it must be a properly prepared cold brew). Today, celebrate brewster with a brew of your favorite coffee, and just think! Sometime next month, Brewster will finally join us in New Horizons!!!!
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chalamet-chalamet · a month ago
Jimmy: In the film Timothée Chalamet is your son.
Oscar: That’s my little boy. My sweet little baby boy.
Jimmy: How did you guys bond?
Oscar: I would just hold him a lot and stroke him. 😅
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todaysdocument · a month ago
Tumblr media
Letter from Alexander Hamilton at Camp Before Yorktown, Virginia to Marquis de Lafayette (p. 4), 10/15/1781
“Incapable of imitating examples of barbarity, and forgetting recent provocations, the Soldiery spared every man, who ceased to resist.”
Series: Miscellaneous Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774 - 1789
Record Group 360: Records of the Continental and Confederation Congresses and the Constitutional Convention, 1765 - 1821
will be in sufficient forwardness to begin to play in the course
of this day.
The Enemy last night made a sortie for the
first time.  They entered one of the French and one of the
American Batteries on the second Parallel which were unfinished/
[last full line (in Image) above ended with "unfi-" ; "nished" should be  found in continuation of  *this* text in next page in original collection of pages (page 253) ]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[separating line seen  in Image]
---- Our killed and wounded you will perceive by
the inclosed Return.. I sensibly felt a a critical Period the
loss of the assistance of Lieut. Col[']l. [final "l" in superscript in Image] Gimat, who received a Musket
Ball in his foot which obliged him to retire from the Field. __
Capt. Bett's [sic] of Laurens's Corps, Capt. Hunt & Lieut. Mansfield
of Gimats were wounded with the bayonet in gallantly entering
the Work  __ Capt. Lieut. Kirkpatrick of the Corps of Sappers
& Miners received a wound in the ditch __  Inclosed is a Return
of the Prisoners __  The killed and wounded of the Enemy
did not exceed eight. _ Incapable of imitating examples of
barbarity, and forgetting recent provocations, the Soldiery spared
every man, who ceased to resist _ [a long, thick (separating?) line follows to end of line (in Image)]
[signature block indented and written near right margin in Image:]
I have the honor to be with the
warmest esteem & attachment
Sir your most obed[']t. & hum Serv[']t __
A. Hamilton
Lieut. Col[']l. Command[']t__ [abbreviations for "Lieutenant Colonel Commandant"]
[elaborate flourishes seen (in Image) below title in signature block]
[text material transcribed below seen (in Image) *to left of* material transcribe above (from "Sir your most[....]"):]
Camp before York-town
October 15[']th [characters resembling slanted " seen below "th" in superscript] 1781.
Major General  _
The Marquis de La Fayette -
[separating line -- or underline (?) -- seen in Image below "The Marquis de La Fayette" line]
* Vide next Page
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musickickz · a month ago
Tumblr media
Fela Kuti   *October 15, 1938
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joskriverdaily · a month ago
Tumblr media
Josephine Skriver via her Instagram. (October 15, 2021)
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cypherdecypher · a month ago
Animal of the Day!
Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus)
Tumblr media
(Photo from Image Library)
Conservation Status- Vulnerable
Habitat- Pacific Ocean
Size (Weight/Length)- 48 cm
Diet- Worms; Clams; Algae
Cool Facts- Not a crab. Not a horse. Not a shoe. Horseshoe crabs are more closely related to scorpions but thankfully lack the stinger. 10 eyes, 10 legs, and blue blood sound more like a recipe for a monster rather than the possible cure for the pandemic. Once a year horseshoe crabs haul themselves out of the ocean and gather in massive numbers on beaches where females lay over 120,000 eggs each. Going back to the whole blue blood thing, horseshoe crabs have an element in their blood that acts very similarly to white blood cells in humans. Their blood is currently undergoing extensive scientific evaluation to see if it could play a major part in the creation of a cure for the COVID-19 virus.
Rating- 13/10 (Give them a nice pat.)
Animtober- Helmet (Reminded of helmet crabs in Monster Hunter.)
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Today’s third and final birthday goes to everyone’s favorite coffee friend, Brewster!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This delightful pigeon runs the local coffee shop, and he is an absolute pleasure to talk to every day! He remembers everyone’s favorite coffee, no matter how long it’s been! I desperately want him to show up in New Horizons already, because I want coffee, and my sis Isabelle says she NEEDS coffee, (and Tom Nook also needs coffee, those two never seem to sleep). Brewster is a life saver to us all, and I check in with him every single day when making my posts on the birthday board! 
So crank open your New Leaf or City Folk, and fly on into the Roost for a piping hot cup of Brewster’s Blend! 
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chalamet-chalamet · a month ago
Tumblr media
October 15, 2021- New fan photo 💥▪️💥▪️💥
Twitter credit to habithars
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justjane-0749 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reposted from @curtisleejamie HALLOWEEN CONTENT!
Horror movies are SCARY to watch and FUN to make ESPECIALLY when it is a FAMILY BUSINESS. @halloweenmovie belongs to @missjudygreer @andimatichak
The fact that the 2018 movie HALLOWEEN and now this new movie, HALLOWEEN KILLS, are centered around the Strode Women and the generational effects of TRAUMA is what centers the movie and the bullseye target for MICHAEL MYERS. These two women deserve so much attention and appreciation and have my gratitude and RESPECT! #STRODESTRONG
@blumhouse @universalpictures @peacocktv 🎃CTOBER 15
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followyourarrows · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
catherinepowell: Kacey Musgraves | Copenhagen, Denmark #owawtour
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fuckyeahanimebirthdays · a month ago
Tumblr media
Asuka Takizawa (Tropical-Rouge! Precure)  » October 15
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bridgewaterfandiscord · a month ago
Bridgewater Games!!!
Next month, (November 13, not the fifth like originally posted) we will be hosting a listening party for the Bridgewater Podcast. It’s officially 18+ because of drinking games (NO DRINKING REQUIRED)
Various time zones mean that we will be stretching out the official listening over the course of the day, so you can choose to listen and participate when you like!!!
Also some of us will be using out webcams so you wont feel alone!!!
Hope to see familiar and new faces
In the meantime we have an awesome group of people who are participating in a fic exchange. Signups are until October 15th, all are welcome and there is even an option for artists!!!
Tumblr media
On top of all this we are fundraising for a cameo with Misha! As of right now we need seven more people to commit to $20 and we will have enough. If more people decide that they want to contribute then we will be able to put in less per person though. We are still deciding what to ask him, but it will be Bridgewater related, not Supernatural. 
I hope to see some new friends for all of these!!!
Discord Link ~
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stardestroyerss · a month ago
Jimmy: How do you get involved with this? Are you a fan of the book?
Oscar: Is there a book? Did they make a book out of it already? They’re fast. They make them fast nowadays. 😆
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fitnerd · a month ago
Tumblr media
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