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#alex recs fics

Happy Friday! Today’s fic is by one of my favorite authors in this fandom and who I have the honor of calling a friend. 

Blue Morning by @othersideofthe-universe

Summary: The beeps of the monitors in the medbay are familiar, but not comfortably so. It’s too sterile, too quiet at night. Peter misses the near-inaudible whir of Tony’s arc reactor, the soft blue glow that illuminates the room like a night light.

Or: Tony’s arc reactor makes Peter feel safe.


I had the privilege to beta this fic, but by the time I read it there was nothing to change and it was absolute perfection. The way that Lana uses imagery and makes you feel like you could touch the scene is incredible. It’s poetic and written so, so freaking well. 

Everything Lana writes is perfection and it makes me so emotional in the best way. I’ve screamed at her multiple times about how good this fic is. If you want to read something that’s well written, in character, and makes you feel all the feels, look no further. 

This fic is perfection. 

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So... I've been reading your stuff for little while now and I'm always curious about my favorite writers' favorites (if that makes sense). Any chance you want to give us some spn fic recs?

Only SPN? Well, okay…

So there’s Point Pleasant (which I haven’t finished reading yet, but I’m 95% done with!). AU, Destiel, complete, excellent of course.

Parallax is AU, Destiel, incomplete, but the author just updated yesterday after a year-long hiatus and she says it won’t be nearly as long of a wait for the next one (she says she rediscovered her love of this ‘verse).

Long Road to Ruin is AU, Destiel, incomplete as well, but it updates every month or so. And it’s a really excellent story and sort of inspired my fic The Family Business.

Beware the Trojan Horse is Sabriel, not AU, complete. Gabriel is a bit different than in canon, but it’s still an excellent read.

I also really like the Sanctuary ‘verse. It’s Adam/Samandriel and set in canon. Lovely stories, adore the premise. Very good!

I don’t have any Balcifer fics to rec of course, but it’s a very small ship. I also love AU fics for the most part, but my standards for “favorite” fics are very high. All of these stories have a great plot, excellent spelling/grammar, few usage errors, and really great smut. So… There’s that.

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setting fire to our insides (for fun)

Isobel is in the middle of the desert.

It doesn’t look like the desert around Roswell. In fact, it’s not quite any desert. Turning around, she sees that she’s on the edge of what looks like a small town. From the shape of the buildings, this isn’t anywhere in America.

“Iraq,” a voice provides. Isobel jumps, and looks over her shoulder. Alex. Of course. “About a hundred miles outside of Mosul.”

“What are we doing here?” Isobel asks. “This is your mindscape. Why did you bring us here?”

“I don’t know,” Alex shrugs.

M | @emma-arthur | Alex Manes & Isobel Evans

Why We Love It:

Ever read something that just stays with you for a while after you’re done? This beautifully heartbreaking fic will do just that. Truly a love letter to Alex Manes in all its painful glory. Isobel and the reader are witness to the most painful and vulnerable moments of Alex’s life, as she goes inside his head to try and help him. She doesn’t stop, she’s the Isobel we’re beginning to see on the show. She’s kind and gentle, and relentless and pushy. She truly cares about him and it’s so satisfying to see that he’s in the right hands for where he’s at. Where Alex is at is so tired and so broken. His mental and emotional journey in this story will leave you wrecked. The memories relived are painful but necessary. And the ending is beautiful and so rewarding after everything. They tagged it “angst with a hopeful ending” and they couldn’t have been more accurate.

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there is love in our bodies and it holds us together by AndreaLyn

It’s finally happened - Michael proposed to Alex and there’s a wedding on the horizon. Isobel offers her planning talents and in the process of putting together a wedding for the men, she and Alex develop a friendship that leaves Isobel with someone closer to a brother than a friend.

@andrea-lyn has gifted this fandom with many gorgeous shipping-focused fics, but this fic provides us with something different and something so many Alex Manes fans want, an Isobel/Alex friendship. While Isobel plans Alex and Michael’s wedding, she and Alex bond over struggles with love, struggles with self-understanding and self-acceptance, familial issues, heteronormativity, and more. While it does have Malex elements, the real joy in it is getting to see Alex and Isobel become friends, support each other, and help each other grow.

If you have any Alex-focused fics you’d like us to spotlight, please let us know by dropping an ask in our inbox!

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One of my favorite authors on FFN (ancient, I know) was control of chaos. Their entire catalogue is a delight particularly if you are a fan of Ben (actual Ben not Wolf, some people get that confused, apparently) . They focus on Ben’s relationship with a qualified and competent Alex both in the SCORPIA fic below as well as in their stunning SafeHouse Series that spans multiple fics and will make your heart ache. Sometimes it hurts but in the best ways and there’s an underlying sweetness beneath the snark and sass and fear and high stakes. There are so many well excerpted details that really bring the universe to life. Another delight that deserves more attention.

Genre would be action, adventure, found family, and drama.

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