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Bitches at AO3 are horny what the fuck why are there so many explicit and smut shit here— I just wanted fluff

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If its in first person, and the original source material is not written in first person, i cant do it. Im sorry. Ive tried. I have to close the fic after a paragraph bc it feels to intimiate. I do not like

The always exception is carry on fics bc the book was WRITTEN in first person so im used to it

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I need to write this, I need to write this because I am so fucking angry. I am so, so fucking angry, and every problematic shipper I want you to read this. Read it, all the way through, because if you don’t then you are ignoring children you might have harmed.

Tw’s for: beastiality mention, sexual abuse mention, paedophilia mention, typical darkfic trigger warnings in essential

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Every few months, a bright-minded Tumblr blogger peeps up with the never-heard-before: “Ao3 is a completely amoral site. If they want to prove to us they have a moral backbone, then they need to purge X, Y, and Z tags, and then create a team of mods who will regularly check the stories that are reported because since now there aren’t tags that tell the readers about X, Y, and Z, these goddamn perverts will slip through the cracks and create toxic environment in which children shouldn’t be” take, and the posts routinely receive thousands of notes.

Well… let me tell you how things actually work on sites that don’t use tags but have a team of mods that checks the authors and stories that are being reported.

I’m a fandom old: even if I’m young, I began reading and writing fanfics back in September/October 2012. I’ve used a site that was basically’s twin, Wattpad, and then Ao3. I was there, when Wattpad slowly turned into a money-making farm and implemented micro-transactions and ads. I have seen how these platforms evolved and who they were protecting, and it really doesn’t matter how much you whine and complain about Ao3, but it’s the only platform that actually protects both its writers and readers in equal measure.

According to the many theories made by people who have already forgotten how actually lawless fanfiction sites were, having mods would solve all the problems regarding the “moral issues” presented by Ao3. In their opinion, mods would be these perfect creature who never take sides and are always impartial, ready to defend ThE cHiLdReN from the evil, amoral content. They’d scrub the site clean from the “toxic” and “dangerous” content in order to create a wholesome environment where parents and kids alike can happily frolic together.

In truth? Nothing about mods ever worked like that. No one is able to be completely impartial, and some people only need to be given an ounce of power to lose their minds and do as they please.

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Confession: I am almost happy this ao3 drama with *the fic* happened as I might not have learned how to use site skins to block works otherwise.

Annoying fic? *Boom* Blocked!

Spam or bizarre performance art? Who cares now? *Boom* Blocked!

Multi fandom one shots? Wanna see you out that door. Baby, bye, bye, bye. Blocked!

I am giddy with power!

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damn I love my friends…,

#vent tag#but like. vent with a happy ending. why am I tagging this like it's an Ao3 fic#so I think I've gotten out of whatever the hell the past week has been#which is good! I'm feeling much better. which is of course always nice#but last week I was just feeling numb all the time#and now that I'm out of that (for now) I've been feeling SUPER emotional today. and this is partly because I've been looking at old photos#but anyway I'm just. so many emotions are swirling around in my head.#I think I'm the most happy I've ever been. Like#in the long term.#because like... I mean. for the first time I have people who I love. I love them so fucking much#and like... even if they don't feel that same way about me back#I FEEL like they do. and it just... feels nice. It feels really nice.#and now like... I can wake up in the morning and be excited to talk to these people. and have a good time with them.#it's just like... this past year has been really rough with me coming to terms with fact that I grew up considering myself to be subhuman#and so like. having people like this in my life is something I thought I'd never really get to experience#because I associated that with 'being human.' and so I always just kind of believed that kind of stuff would always be out of reach for me.#so the people in my life now... and just the fact that they're there at all#is a dream come true. It's literally unbelievable. I've woken up worrying that everything that's happened was just a pleasant dream#and that they'll be gone or turn out to have not been real#but like... then I talk to them and I'm again struck by the fact that they ARE. I DO have these amazing people in my life.#and I AM a human being.#...and that was hard to type but like it definitely shouldn't be because like. admitting that is literally the bare minimum#but it feels like a step. so. Yay?#idk who the fuck ****** was#but Tina is human.
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screen reader privilege is being able to use headings to navigate past walls of tags on ao3

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a short guide on ao3 skins and how you can use them to customise your experience - crowbraiin - 镇魂 | Guardian - priest [Archive of Our Own]
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So, I emailed Ao3 Support because there’s an issue in my current fandom with a fic that is overtagged (must be close to 2k tags) and updates every couple of days (so it’s always near the top of the feed). I wanted to get advice on how I could block the fic - and they responded with some useful tips. I’m sharing them here in case anyone else is interested :D

1) An account preference that hides all Additional Tags

2) A custom site skin for blocking specific works by Work ID as described by a user on tumblr here

3) The public site skins “Shortening long tag fields” and “Freeform Tag Truncation for Blurbs”, found here.

4) Unofficial userscripts for the Archive, such as BlurbBlocker and AO3 Savior, described here.

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Ok, so you guys know the Warriors book series, the one about cats? I was obsessed with that series in third grade. I would check out all the books from the school library and the public library (I was a HUGE bookworm as a kid). I would even talk about the books to my friends and they had to tell me multiple times to shut up (which I deserved). I loved this book series so much I would go on the internet and look at art or watch memes on youtube all the time

One day, I stumbled onto Yup, you read that right, I used to be on there (I can’t delete my account because apparently they’re permanent). I ended up reading fanfics on for one or two years before seeing the light and joining ao3 (totally worth the almost two month long wait). Anyways, I was overjoyed to find that I could read stories! About my favorite characters!! For free!!! The first fics I read were pretty good and I genuinely liked them! Eventually, I found one fanfic for a popular ship in the fandom at the time. I’m pretty sure it was Cinderheart/Lionblaze if my memories serves me right.

The fanfic started off pretty okay, but then things got a little…raunchy. I knew what s*x was at that age, but I didn’t fully understand everything (schools teach you everything and nothing at the same time). So, this really enlightened me, but I had one question on my mind the entire time. “Is this how cats fuck or is this how humans fuck?” I would learn the answer at a later time and my childhood innocence would completely fade away. (the answer was humans).

The next day I tried telling my best friend at the time about what I read, but I couldn’t find the words to describe what I had read so I just gave up. Why curse them with the knowledge I had stumbled upon on accident? I learned a lot that day and I continued learning things as time went on. I know so many things now, but at what cost?

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100 Ways to say I Love You Chapter 18

Stay there, I’m coming to get you (Ladynoir)


Hindsight was a very funny thing, Marinette thought to herself.

In hindsight, it had been a bad idea to go for a run after she almost fell over just standing up to transform. In hindsight , she should have stopped when her vision had tunnelled and she’d suddenly felt as though she was running down a steep hill instead of flat rooftops. In hindsight, she should have listened to Tikki, should have climbed into bed, pulled the covers over her head, and stuck on an audiobook.

Ugh. Tikki was going to be so mad. Marinette rolled over, turning her head to retch again before flopping back down on her back.

Well. No amount of hindsight was going to help her now. She had to do something. But what?

Forcing herself to think, Marinette breathed heavily, pressing the heels of her palms into her eyes to try and alleviate the throbbing headache that pulsed behind her eyes.

It took her an embarrassingly long time to realise she could call Chat. The sun had just begun to dip below the horizon, and the air was beginning to cool-not yet freezing, but just enough for her to feel it’s biting sting on her cheeks. “C’mon, pick up, pick up,” she chanted under her breath “Dammit Chat!” Marinette hung up and tried again. They really needed a better system to keep in touch.

Chat picked up the third time she called. “Hey LB! What’s up?”

“Uh…I fell.”


Marinette looked over to the side with a grimace. “I may have thrown up a little too.”

“Ladybug,” his voice was serious now “where are you?” She tried to sit up, to try and look for any identifying landmarks, but the movement made her head spin and she laid back down quickly, squeezing her eyes shut to stop the world from spinning.

“I’m not…I’m not sure.”

“Okay-okay, um…I’m going to track your location, alright? Stay there, I’m coming to get you.” Marinette didn’t bother hanging up, putting her yo-yo down on her stomach and lying still, trying to keep the bile rising in her throat.

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Reblog this post if reading fanfiction has affected your mental health in any way (good or bad). Share your stories of how fanfiction changed you.

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gotta love how every time I am presented with an ensemble cast of lovable, reasonably attractive characters with interesting backstories and complex ineterpersonal dynamics, I will barrel straight past all of that, drag some morally questionable garbage person to the front and go “this one. this is my favourite”

every. damn. time.

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you know I decided not to use ao3 because even though I’m obviously not gonna be the target of the rampant racism poc face on there and the actual child pornography that’s still not gonna make me want to use it just because I’m not the primary target of its bullshit and I have better things to do than expose myself to 38 year old fandom moms who think it’s their right to write a/b/o drarry without so much as a way to block them

what I didn’t expect to have to deal with while just lurking and reading fanfiction without an account is someone who think it’s their right to fetishize fat people but won’t even admit it’s a fetish because actually it’s body positivity and I, a fat person, can’t possibly know what I’m talking about

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