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Obi-Wan calling Ventress “my sweet” sir this is a Wendy’s

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So I read Dark Disciple two days ago and I love it so much I can’t even put it in words. I was crying and sobbing then and I sit here today still crying and sobbing over the ending and its brilliance

i love i love i love it


I did heave some expectations when I bought the book although i did not know what they were. I simply hoped that it would be good. All of those hopes and expectations have been exceeded and more.

I did not think much of Quinlan Vos before but now I love him, I liked Ventress much before but now i love her. And i could have never imagined I’d love the two of them together that much.

The story begins and it’s amazing. I realise LOVE STORY LOVE STORY YAYYY IT’S BEAUTIFUL and read on and on and it gets better and better. They talk about running away together AAAHHH I LOVE IT


I read on and realise I’m not even halfway through the book. BUT THEY’RE HAPPY NOW. Let’s just end it here and say they lived happily ever after.

But then they go on to their assassination and of course everything goes terribly wrong.

Up to this point I had to stop after everry fey lines because it was so beautiful and sweet and amazing and I needed to cope with my felings. But then startet the part where I had to stop every line because I was afraid to read on. MY POOR BABYS being seperated and tortured and suffering- both on their own. And then when she came to rescue but he was already gone and broken by all the agony and anguish and torment I didn’t dare to read more than a line at once.

 I love it so much I couldn’t stop reading but at the same time had to pause to recover frommy feelings

And then he was back and you cold tell something was not right BUT WHAT IS IT. Very smart of you (writer) to not show his perspective and let me in the dark, figure it all out as it goes on

And all the time, whenever I think CAN IT GET EVEN WORSE. CAN’T THEY JUST LIVE PEACEFULLY HAPPILY EVER AFTER there’s another turn or revelation

And we come to the last part. Quinlan seems lost. He’s acting dumb dumb DUMB. IDIOT JUST LEAVE THE DARK SIDE BE  AND RUN AWAY IT’S NOT THAT HARD: And he acts just like Ani in ROTS- he simply doesn’t stop when he could be happy. AAAAHHH he deserves to be happy

And then theres suffering. Everyone is suffering I’m suffering because I think it can’t again turn worse.

And just like that the last few chapters happen. And I’m shattered as I realise Ventress wom’t recover from this. I didn’t realise it immediately but when i did it hit me - and I started crying and sobbing and more crying and more sobbing. NONONONO THEY WERE HAPPY. BUT MY POOR QUINLAN VOS TURNED TO THE LIGHT AT LAST NOW THeY COULD BE HAPPY and i still can’t believe she’s gonna die. SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN: SOMETHING IS GONNA HAPPEN, RIGHT? SHE’S NOT GONNA JUST DIE LIKE THAT and then she just dies like that and i have to read the part again because i can’t believe my eyes. Im crying and sobbing and as i read it again i cry more and realise she’s actually dead

How did I not know she was gonna die? How could I think she would just live on. Befor this book i thought she would just live on on her own. THen I thought she would be happy WITH QUINLAN VOS

Still in tears i read the last chapter and cry some more as it ends

Dark Disciple is a piece of art. Its truly wonderful and i can’t put my love for it in words. I love Star Wars as a whole and I love this book in specific.

It’s a masterpiece and perfectly fits into Star Wars.

I love the story, the lovestory. And I love how both Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos get their redemption arc. Ventress got pardoned for her war crimes and actually showed that this pardon and the trust the jedi placed in her was justified. Vos got his redemption as well, and i think both his fall to the dark side and his redemption arc are perfectly done. I especially love how we get to see him fall to the dark side and how all of it unfolds.

We also get to see how desperate the jedi council gets towards the end of the Clone Wars, they’re willing to assassinate their enemy and they talk about executions, both measure are obviously far from the jedi way. And I also think that this is perfectly leading up to ROTS.

The lovestory between Ventress and Quinlan i think is beautiful and it is written amazingly, as is the whole book. It is just tragic how they start off and seem so happy and then everything falls apart somehow. i simply love this book and i ca’nt say it often enough. They certainly deserved a happily ever after and im already looking forward to seeing what brilliant fanfictions there are.

I see that to those who prefered the old Canon/Legends story of Quinlan Vos    - i’m not really familiar with it and therefore only know it exists and that it’s very different- and those who insist on Ventress being a Lesbian, that it might not be what makes their hearts and souls happy and that they would preferd to have canon different. I love this book and the story and it just makes me happy and sad and a ton of other emotions at the same time.

As there already is so much toxicity within the Star Wars fandom, I just want to say that i respect when sombody doesn’t like a certain part of Star Wars but I think we should still come to see that Star Wars as a whole is simply beautiful and there should never be hatred against somebody based on whether or not somebody likes something or not.

I truly love Star Wars and i’m excitet for all that is to come. This book has a very special place in my heart and I can only say, one last time:  I love it.

If anyone read this far, I’m impressed and want to say thank you. Writing all of this helped me cope with my own feelings about this book because i love it so much I can’t stop talking about it and I can’t concentrate on anything else but i think now i’m ready to go on with my life. When I look into all of social media there is so much hate among us all, and if we can’t even stop this and get along WITHIN ONE FANDOM how can one think about harmony for the whole world, which is something I sincerely hope we achieve some day.

I wish all of you a bright and shining year and hope only the best for the future

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Count Dooku is going to Dathomir every time he needs a new apprentice like he is Gandalf in the Shire picking up a new Hobbit for an adventure.

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Where is Asajj Ventress? Is she safe? Is she alright?

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Since Dooku trained Ventress, isn’t she technically part of the disaster lineage? Even if she was trained by him as a Sith and not a Jedi.

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Aftermath of Revenge - Spotted_Newt - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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I sure do love my soft boys and men loving men but I’m going to make it a big point to create and share more content of female and NB characters on this art blog.

With that being said, what are your favorite wlw, femme, and NB characters/ships that you’d like to see art of in the Star Wars, Tolkien, and Dragon Age worlds? Thanks!

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Do add your thoughts if you come upon this post :)

Determining who is a Jedi is easy enough - if one is part of the Order, then they are a Jedi. (That is, until the Order fell, and the definition changed to whether one was trained by a Jedi + shares their ideals.) But what makes a person Sith? That definition has always seemed a bit looser to me.

As always, I’m taking Legends into consideration, as there isn’t all that much canon content on Sith.

According to the Rule of Two, a person is Sith if they are part of the Line of Bane. But things start to get fuzzy when a Sith takes on multiple apprentices, as there are now people out there who are part of the Line of Bane but are no longer apprenticed to the master. Our canon example is Maul, whose very apprenticeship already broke the Rule of Two. He was then disowned by Sidious in favor of Dooku, and so the Line diverges. As both Maul and Dooku were trained by Sidious, they are both part of the Line of Bane, yet Sidious only views Dooku as such - again due to the Rule of Two. But the thing is that he’d already made Maul a Sith Lord before he killed Plagueis, so we can assume that the rule no longer applies by the time the prequels come around. And yet Sidious continues to use it to denounce Maul’s status as Sith.

I’ve had the argument made to me that Maul, like Ventress, was never Sith in the first place due to his role as an assassin, but like… he went through his trials. Trials are the point at which an acolyte of the Dark Side becomes a Sith, as seen in pretty much all Legends content. But then people have also said to me that trials are symbolic, but ????
So now that begs the question of whether someone has to go through certain trials to become Sith. Or can they be Sith automatically once they Fall?

So what makes a Sith? Is it personal belief, or is it the public perception of the individual?

The Brotherhood of Darkness shared all the Sith values and beliefs, and defined themselves as Sith, yet Bane denounced them, and so history did not view them that way. On the flip side, Maul shared the Sith values and beliefs and those around him viewed him as such (except Sidious, but again, we’re disregarding the Rule of Two here since it’d already been broken by the man himself), but as he did not view himself as Sith, he was not Sith. And what about Revan? He adopted the Dark Side but was not consumed by it, and thus did not view himself as Sith, but others labeled him as such because those around him believed he was. So he definitely wasn’t Sith despite public perception. And those within the Eternal Empire, like Arcann - they could perfectly fit the description, and yet they weren’t Sith because the Eternal Empire had no concept of Sith or Jedi.

So I’m thinking that it depends more on personal perception of oneself as well as sharing the core Sith beliefs and values: that emotions make one stronger, that conflict will better a person, and the importance of power. There is of course a lot more nuance, but as stated by the inquisitor in SWTOR, there are so many different readings of the Sith Code that the definition of these core beliefs and values are blurry. People can interpret the code in vastly different ways and still be Sith. Hell, people can draw from the Light Side of the Force and still be Sith (again, seen in SWTOR), as Light Side powers can still be used toward Sith ideals.

But then there are people like Dooku who don’t buy 100% into the Sith ideology and are still official Sith, so that blurs that definition, too.

I guess another possibility is whether one’s master specifically views them as Sith or not. But then again Vitiate viewed Revan as Sith when he wasn’t, so that can’t be it, either.

But maybe all this is the point. Maybe the Sith have survived for so long and just keep resurfacing because there is no rigid definition of who they are. Anyone can be Sith, and so it’s practically impossible to destroy them.

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We’ve reached a full 7 days of shitposty Star Wars headcanons! Enjoy today’s clusterfuck!

-Ezra Bridger likes to feel tall and will perch in random places. The roof, top bunks, cupboards, the fridge on the ghost, literally anywhere higher than ground level. It only got worse when he got a better grasp on the force and could get to even higher places. But after a while when he realizes he can trust the Ghost crew fully he stops doing it as often, but every now when he’s up high they tend to go sit with him and chat. Zeb gave him his first space beer on one of these nights.

-Thrawn has a lot of clothes. Just random crap he’s been gifted or worn undercover and not returned. We’re talking armor, capes, suits, shades, jeans, jerseys - anything and everything you can think of, he probably has. So many options. But he has no taste and will wear an Armani shirt with tesco cargo shorts together without any hesitation. Because of this Eli dresses him for most major events. Everyone thinks Thrawn is the pinnacle of fashion, but it’s actually all his backwater boyfriend’s doing.

-Every clone battalion has a “most attractive clone of the year”. The winners compete for sexiest clone in the GAR in a public poll on Coruscant. This leads to many fights between pretty clones trying to give each other black eyes on photo day in an attempt to win. As reigning champion, Kix is attempting to sabotage the new clone, Bombshell (shoutout to @maulusque and @simping-for-fives cos that boy is a beaut) in an attempt to maintain his title. It did not work, Bombshell was the cover of the GAR calendar every year from that point onwards.

-Jesse and Fives bake cookies and pies when they’re is stressed. In a crazy coincidence, Kix and Echo tend to eat cookies and pies when they’re stressed.

-We’ve seen Loth-Cats, Loth-Wolves and Loth-Rats but we have never met the true nemesis of Zeb and Chopper: Loth-Raccoons. It’s a full on turf war when they stay on Lothal cos these furry fuckers will try to rob the Ghost in the night. It does not help that Ezra keeps feeding them and inviting them inside, but only Hera can prove that and honestly she enjoys the show too much to do that.

-Asajj Ventress owns an apartment on one of Coruscants lower levels, and will rent it out to force sensitives with nowhere else to go at a third of the price. There’s just a constant stream of former Jedi/Sith wandering through the streets to chill for a few nights before going on the run again.

-Aayla and Anakin were actually pretty close because when Quin had to go on prolonged solo missions, Obi-Wan would take over Aaylas studies. Ani and Aayla managed to cause more trouble than their masters ever could dream of, but never got in trouble because no one had the guts to accuse Aayla of wrong doing, even when she was caught trying to smuggle an Oggdo into Yodas quarters cos “he asked for dinner and they’re basically frogs, right?”. This lead to Ahsoka loving Aayla, and Ani and Aayla talking about their “hypothetical” marriages at great length.

-I heard Kallus’ hair is insured by the rebellion for 10,000 republic credits.

-Thrawn’s hair does the same as Kallus’ (the coming down over the eyes thing) if he’s hit hard enough. Eli is spent years trying to figure out if this is true or not. Thrass confirmed it by clocking Thrawn in the nose and Eli has never been the same since.

-Yoda’s people don’t believe in child support and that’s why he didn’t pay Yaddle a penny to look after Grogu. Well, at least that’s what he told everyone; he actually was just in the process of building a frog farm and didn’t want to divert funds from that.

-Dancing is important to Dathomir’s culture. Maul was a great dancer, and the real reason he’s so mad that obi-wan cut his legs off isn’t the attempted murder, it’s because he can’t move as well as he used to and that hurts, especially when it was one of the few ways he had to connect with his heritage.

And there it is! One week of shitposts. Hope y’all enjoyed it, if you’ve got any thought, criticisms etc, feel free to let me know! Have a goodun lads!

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So. I’m on an episode where there’s a suspected traitor amongst the Clones. This is in their barracks. I just…

Then you have Chopper who is clearly having trouble with his mental health after battle. Poor guy, I want to hug him. He needs to talk someone and have a long break.

Obi-Wan and Ventress flirting is something. Like y’all need to just get married already.

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Part 18 of ‘Sparks of Hope - A Star Wars Advent-Calendar


Asajj Ventress usually held men in boundless contempt. They were brutish, eager for power, sure of their own value, and she still enjoyed breaking them, because she was a Sister, a Witch and a woman.

There were a few, though, that Ventress could not sweep away so easily. Men that had broken her, thwarted her strength and confidence. Men she could not forget, men who had wormed their way into her very essence.

Her former Master Ky Narec – because he had died.

Dooku – because he had betrayed her, used her, and such deserved to die.

And Kenobi, who was quietly entering coordinates on the screen – who kept defying her, and who would have died but for her saving him.

Ventress still struggled to wrap her mind around it. To believe she had actually let him wield one of her sabers, had felt his back against hers, his signature wrapping itself around hers as he had helped her Force-jump back to the cockpit.

Crystal, body and signature – he had all touched it, and Ventress was shuddering with something she thought was hatred and revulsion but felt so fragile she was disgusted.

Kenobi turned towards her and looked up at her. She was still standing, feet firmly set apart – Kenobi however remained seated. The bruise around his right eye was darkening quickly, there was a thin crust of blood on his brow, and he had wrapped his left arm around his chest, fingers resting against his ribs.

“Is this the moment of sudden clarity where we both remember who we usually are for each other, my dear?”

That taunting, cultivated tone had always managed to kindle her ire – back then, when she had been Dooku’s pawn and assassin. When she had fought him, sought to break him, hating him for the man and Jedi he was. Yet she had always thought he was the only one truly worth destroying.

Now, however, Ventress realised his voice was also familiar.

A landmark in her psyche, telling her how to be, behave and become – the very opposite of what he embodied. A woman for a man, a Sith for a Jedi, rage for righteousness. Fierce darkness for quiet light, revenge for forgiveness, hatred for compassion.

She had loathed every bit of him – her polar opposite in mind, body, essence and choices.

But seeing him there, in that ridiculously small cockpit, bruised, battered, fragile and so very breakable, Asajj Ventress realised that, should Kenobi be destroyed, there would be no compass left. No one defining her, no one knowing her so very wholly as she knew him – because opposites were a hairbreadth away from kin.

It was disturbing and made her want to bolt – but those grey eyes had always spurned her on, and so Ventress simply raised a cold eyebrow.

“Do not even consider droning about how much you need me, Kenobi.”

He smiled, silent laughter turning into a muffled cough he silenced in his sleeve, eyes never leaving hers – there was no fear in that gaze, though. No threat either – just genuine curiosity. But then, Kenobi was a powerful shielder, and Ventress was very aware of the way he was currently wrapping the Force like a hood around his mind and body.

“I can hardly argue with that, can I? With you barging in and rescuing me – why in the Force would you do such a thing, dear? I thought we had agreed on fighting each other to the death?”

“It can still be arranged, sweetheart”, Ventress drawled, taking slow, very deliberate steps towards him.

He did not budge, the Force still wrapped like a swirling column around his very being. Not even as she placed herself right between his legs, raking her left hand through his hair, bending above him – only to reach for a button on the cockpit, pushing several down, opening compartments until she found a medium-sized, cold metalling nut.

She could feel him tremble, arm still wrapped tightly around his chest, chin raised in one of those small, defying moves she used to despise. She could sense the sharp angles of his knees against her shins, the soft dampness of his dirty, sweaty hair under her fingers and the warm, swollen skin around his eye when she pressed the cool nut against it.

“We have to keep those pretty eyes open, don’t we? We wouldn’t want you to stop ogling me…”

He just huffed, hand raising to brush hers away, pressing the nut against his brow himself, left eye glowering with exasperation.

“You, my dear, are a nymphomaniac.”

She was still standing right between his legs and he was still shivering, but arousal had nothing to do with it. And so, Ventress simply sat down, thighs pressing against his knees.

“And you, sweetheart, have turned unbecomingly skinny.”

To Kenobi’s credit, he did not even flinch at feeling her against him. Not even when she unwrapped his arm, freeing his chest and placing her palms against his ribs, feeling the cracks through the Force – the frailness and pain she hated and despised so much.

“What can I say?”, Kenobi rasped, stifling another cough when she pressed down, slightly. “I’m a picky man, and one can only eat as many ration-bars.”

“You are lying, sweetheart.”

There was so much sadness. Behind those shields of iron. Such incredible, overwhelming sorrow – shock and horror fading into a grief so gentle it was still pure. Ventress could sense it, because she was his very counterpart in the Force. The Nightsister of this Lightbrother.

“You have lost your landmarks, Kenobi. And now you are reeling.”

He was a fierce warrior, behind that façade of calm and gentleness – she had always known it. And she felt it in the way his hands grasped hers, prying them away from his body, nut falling to the ground with a metallic thud.

He was looking at her, bruised eye slowly turning purple, and the Force around him swirled, turned, swelled… before it surfed back like a fading wave, the feelings he was keeping behind his shields gently released without touching her. She watched his shoulders lose their rigid set, the grey in his eyes turn even clearer, and then Kenobi’s hands released her.

“What has happened to you, Ventress?”, he asked, softly. “Something changed. I can feel it. Around you and in the Force.”

“Deflecting now, are we, sweetheart? Someone here is sca-ared…”

“I am not scared.”

Those four words were as defiant as Kenobi could be, but he was not lying. She could see it, in those eyes that were still searching hers. Seeking to understand. Because, contrary as they were, they were one and the same in the Force – polar opposites of the same essence.

“I have been.”

His voice was still low, and he was still trembling – shock gripping his body, unwilling to let go.

“When I was still a Padawan. Maul… he killed my Master. Exactly as he said. He gutted him, and I could only watch. And I… I gutted him in retaliation. I cut him in half. I broke his middle and his balance – and I lost mine, for a while. And now… it is time to face what I have unhinged.”

He fell silent, and she studied him for a while, frowning slightly. She placed her palms on his shoulders, and he let her. She closed her eyes, reaching out for his signature – and there he was, so different in the Force yet so familiar. All softness where she was angles. All acceptance where she was rebellion. All self-reflective where she was unhinged.

She did not understand him. And yet, she still knew every trait that defined him – because she was lacking almost all of them.

“I hold no loyalties anymore”, she told him. “I only hold grudges.”

Sadness and compassion coloured his eyes, softening his features – he was already breathing in, ready to argue, comfort and help her, but Ventress just placed a hand against his lips.

And he let her.

“Dooku betrayed me. Left me there to die. He promised to train and raise me, but he only used me. You share your clever tongue with him, sweetheart – but unlike him, you are no real liar. You are so pure you disgust me, Kenobi – but not as much as he does. And that is why I am going to kill him, no matter how long it takes. But until then, I go my own way.”

She lowered her hand, freeing his lips once more. And realised he had stopped trembling, her body-warmth bleeding into him. There was some colour on his cheeks, making him look less battered – somewhat more alive.

Their Force-signatures had been brushing against each other for a while – and Ventress realised it had started long before, with her hand slapping him back to consciousness. With him wielding her crystal, curbing its fierceness before handing it back to her. They had fought each other, danced around each other – not realising that they were the Dark and Light of the same essence.

Or perhaps he had.

Perhaps Kenobi, in that infuriating, calm, cool-headed and almost feminine way of his had sensed long ago that he was as much a landmark to her as she was to him.

Something beeped softly behind them, and Ventress realised that they were almost arriving – they were entering the nearest planet’s atmosphere, almost ready to part ways. Until they would cross again.

“May the Force be with you”, Kenobi murmured – and she was not as soft, not as gentle, not as good, shuddering at the mere thought of it.

So Ventress simply placed a hand against his chest, and pushed herself up from his lap, brushing dust from her thighs lazily.

“Remember, Kenobi. I like my boys a bit heavier.”

He rolled his eyes, shaking his head, turning back towards the cockpit, ready to fly them thought their landing. They parted without a word, mere minutes after that – he somewhat warmer, and her somewhat softer.

Not friends. But not enemies anymore.

Opposites of the very same current.

Kindred landmarks in the Force.

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“in what star system would i ever help you?” i didn’t realize how much i missed ventress

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Aww, I’m glad my blog is a comfort for you!! 🤗 I’ve done similar-ish asks, but nothing particular to this I believe! Some entries are inspired by what their actors have done in real life.. 👀 

vader: has a TV show where he builds intentionally-dumb/ridiculous machines or demonstrates basic robotics concepts for general audiences. dad jokes abound.

sidious: plagues bookstores with his novels on Sith philosophy, political commentary, and several “Senate Pin-up Calendars” (which are known only in the black market)

maul: a Twitch streamer that mainly keeps to himself, but has made several appearances in others’ videos. he has a soft spot for tabletop and sharing videos of his cat.

savage: a wrestler and Nightbrother rights activist. a voice for his people by day, WWE LEGEND BY NIGHT

asajj: indie singer and owner of an etsy shop for all things witch-y. has an instagram for her goth fashion that has many many followers.

dooku: also a musician, for sure, though of a very different type. classically trained in opera and piano. if your ensemble features sir dooku as a guest, it is sure to be a marvelous night. 

kylo: definitely a grunge/emo singer who teams up with asajj sometimes. mostly known through that but also dabbles in acting when he has the time.

nihilus: makes mukbang videos forms a famous magician trio with sion and visas. all of them are also spokespeople for disabled communities (chronic pain, blindness, ASL speaker)

grievous: (inspired by this) runs a YT channel where he unboxes/talks about unique weapons, especially recovered artifacts from Kalee. 

inquisitor: a book Youtuber with his own ASMR podcast as well (y’all have heard his voice, right?). he has merch that, of course, has plenty catered to pau’an tastes and fit.

lana: seeing as she canonically writes poetry, she’d definitely be a writer! poetry would be her main focus, but she’d probably branch out to essays and such.

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Asajj by Dermot Power.

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