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Well. I was so optimistic that first Sunday of 2021 that things were on the up and up. Anyway… someone please write up a commission of that coup that was thwarted on 1/6, and hopefully things can go more peacefully from here on out? 🥺

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Hey, so I’ve been into Ninjago since the beginning, heck I’ve been into Ninjago since 2012.

I’m a writer, for sure, so leave one shot requests and headcanons for any ship and I’ll provide what you request!!!

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Another bruise healing nicely cuz this week has been absolute shit and I relapsed after 52 days but least I didn’t cut this time

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Idk I’m fucking drunk, maybe I’ll delete that shit later

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I’ve had this bruise for almost a week now, legit this is just from being grabbed, woop.

Day 2 & day 5

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 As on winter with frosts , ice are often fallen displaying, ans here are bruises also, sometimes they are light as self healing, something are not, healing hard with serious results.And let s here to met about a right first aid to give and what are avoiding doing ,that avoid are hard results for your health.

Damage without a damage.

Injury  is close mechanic damage of soft tissues or organs without theirs destroy theirs anatomic integrity, or a simple is injury  after a which skin cover kept not damage, but soft tissues are damages in a place for force application.

As a gap of small vessels with a forming bruise or hematoma.

Cells destruction with a rising quantity a inter-cellular liquid and edema forming.

Also damaging a subcutaneous  fat tissue as destruction are individual fat pieces, collagen tissues, rare are muscles and fascias are membranes of connective tissue,covering all muscles and organs.And in a places when bone lies over skin a clavicle, front top a skin, as fingers of hands, and possible damage for periosteum with a forming  subcutaneous  hematoma with a strong hurt of a rich innervation is a big quantity  nerves.Clinical injury displaying with a local edema as on a first 2 days is rising , with bruise, hematoma in damage for big vessels her size within a day is rise, local ache syndrome, rising in trying moving.

And character with a heaviness for damage depends from a peculiarities a injuring item as heavy, smooth with a shar edges and etc and from a condition, and tissue tighness on which he affected as skin, bones, muscles, inside organs.As in strong, big injures as on a big body parts are displaying detachment of subcutaneus fat tissue, damage for big vessels with a forming edemas as filling blood in a space between muscles and big hematomas,which is a most case are to opne and remove. If not to do this,hematoma will enlarge in sizes and squeeze surrounding tissues and vessels, that leading to hurt a very hard and heaving  injury till abcess.

And therefore in a big size for damage and very clear visible hurt syndrome and hematomas a need  visit traumatology for excepr or timely find seriouse injures.

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See that nihga in the back? See his neck?? Yeahh, I did that. I stay with that energy.😳😤

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Sign - Chapter 35

Soohwa discovers that his neck is bruised after being strangled by the antagonist in an earlier scene~

Sign is such cute and funny manhwa with plenty of smut scenes~ The story is interesting and the characters are adorable and complex.

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May or may not have dropped a flatbed trailer on my thigh….


Day of


Next day

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<div> —  <i>Darkdawn (Jay Kristoff)</i><br> </div><span>There was an allure to him - that much was undeniable. But it was an allure bound to leave bruises on your skin, and blood on your sheets.</span>
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