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#damian x raven

Lil sneak peek to new stuff, because I feel like it.

Honestly might delete later because I might edit this out but 🤷🏻‍♀️.

“Impressive, little birdy!” he reached for three throwing stars and rested them in between his fingers, “Heads up!” he threw them at the young girl, hoping to distract her enough to attack Damian from behind her, only she put up a portal surrounding her and Damian. “Not bad kiddo, maybe I should keep you alive.”

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[DamiRae AU] The Demon’s Head

Damian Al Ghul for a moment was a hero. And in that time that he was a hero, naturally he would meet other heroes.

That was how he met her.

His Raven.

He would describe her as a very graceful woman. She was quiet, kind, generous and lovely. Despite her name sounding as if it should belong to a lonely person or an unkind being, she was none of these. But her name did befit her origins. In the sense that she is the daughter of a being synonymous to satan; and of intergalactic alien origin, the conqueror of worlds. Therefore, the name Raven as ominous as it was, befit her well, and yet also– not so well.

But that was the thing, he was only a hero for only a moment. That moment was all that mattered, since—after all, that was how he met her. As she continued on her heroic path, he returned to what he knew to be right as a child, the path of darkness.

He took upon himself, the name Al Ghul, a name synonymous to a demon, and he used it well. And thus, Damian Al Ghul was reborn anew, he became the Demon’s Head. The name became associated to a cruel, cruel man. But he changed the ways of his organization, and tread very, very strictly on a grey line. And in doing so, he keeps his Raven. And remember it well and do not forget, he only stays on that grey line to keep her by his side.

And if anything were to happen to his beloved Raven, he will cross to the darkness before one could even blink his own eyes, and will burn everything and anything in his path with his bare hands.

So, make no mistake by taking his Raven away or you will live a life even more painful than death. For Damian Al Ghul has a league of assassin as his army, who are extremely loyal to him. And him alone.

Killing for him was as easy as dropping a needle on a hay stack.

Damian Al Ghul, the leader of the league of assassins, stood inside his throne room made of beautiful marble in ivory and gold. The sun high up in the sky, its light entering the space so blindingly. The sunlight weaves through the pillars and mashrabiya* leaving beautiful intricate patterns on the marble floors. The sunlight helped give an illusion of brightness and happiness and warmth to the chamber.

Damian was facing his throne, his back against the door as he read the papers he was holding with his right hand. His left hand resting against his back, atop his green cape. He was wearing his black with gold uniform and armor with a green cape in contrast to the almost white room. And with his cold facial expression one would be reminded, that all the sunlight was giving after all, was just an illusion of warmth.

Damian Al Ghul was not kind at all. But of course, there is an exception to the rule.

The door suddenly opened with a burst and a loud bang, and Damian’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. He had strictly told them that he shouldn’t be disturbed unless necessary. He coaxed himself thinking that it had to be an emergency. With narrowed eyes he tilts his head a bit to the left to acknowledge the presence of the intruder.

“My Lord!” A man in an all-black suit says hurriedly as he kneels on the floor with a thud. His left leg against the floor while the other propped up to let his right arm rest on top. His head bent toward the floor.

“What is it that you have to report?” His enunciation of every word unhurried and heavy. Damian could hear the gulp from his poor frightened little underling. Even if said underling was twenty meters away.

“It’s—it’s the Lady.” The poor man could barely say. And even though the sun was high up in the sky, and that it’s light shone brightly in the room, making the chamber look as if it was glittering, it became cold. So cold, that both people seemed frozen in place, but the poor underling was the one fighting his shivers.

“What about the Lady?” Damian asked a little too clearly, that the poor subordinate could only kneel on both knees, bend his body and rested his forehead against his hands that was now on the floor. At this point, Damian turned slowly, as his green eyes landed on the man in black.

“What about the Lady?” He repeated even more slowly than the last. And Damian saw his assassin shiver in fear.

“She-she has been missing for a few days, and we searched for her—but—but—she is nowhere to be found.” He reported as calmly as he could. The subordinate thought the room couldn’t possibly get any colder than it already was, but he was wrong. The moment he finished his report, he was kneeling there in pure horror, he was sure he will die today.

“It seems that my league of assassin who are supposed to be like a shadow, cannot protect their lady in the shadow.” It was spoken slowly that it was certain: that this was the calm before the storm. “It seems that my league of assassins lack training.” He concluded.

“You cannot even track down your lost lady, why do I even keep any of you!” Damian’s voice echoed through the chambers; his fury clear. And yet, anyone who knew their lord, would know that was not the full extent of his anger.

No, it really wasn’t.

“Lady Shiva!” He summoned and instantly a woman with black hair up to her neck in red appeared beside the kneeling assassin.

“It seems that you have been lax in training the league.” He tells her and as she bends her torso to bow. Before she could start with her apologies, he continued on. “Prepare the top ten men in the league, and have them follow me. We will look for the lady.” He started walking down his throne.

“No, in fact, I will be looking for her. And if you so choose to have people follow me then so be it.” He said when his eyes landed on Lady Shiva as he approached them, the assassin up on his feet, his head bent low as to be respectful to their Lord.

“When I find Raven, I hope my league’s errors would be corrected. But that would be wishful thinking, won’t it, Lady Shiva? I will personally see to their training when I return.” Lady Shiva and the assassin gave way to their Lord.

“Of course, my Lord.” She mutters as he completely disappears.


 Damian held a woman in blood stained and dirt-filled white robes on his arms. Her face had cuts and bruises and she looked so weak and small against his shoulder. When he looks down at her injured face, there was a softness in his glance. A gentleness unbefitting of the Demon’s Head.

But as gentle as he was as he held her, the scene behind him was not. Orange flames flickered as he walks out from the heat and the building calmly.

“I want anyone who is even remotely related to this tracked down, and I want them tortured.” He said so calmly as he held the woman he loves in his arms. His gentle glance has become cold as he looks at his subordinates in front of him. The crunch of green grass under his feet as he continued on into the night that was illuminated by the orange flames behind him.

“If done well enough, then maybe I won’t be so strict when I train you all. Prove that you all aren’t so useless after all.” His tone stone cold.

The gentleness from before must have been an illusion. Because this was the Damian Al Ghul, they all love, respected and oh-so-feared.

“Of course, my Lord.” One replied with a bow.

“No.” They pause as they wait for Damian’s final instructions. “Keep the master mind alone, I would love to capture and torture them myself.” And the shadows that was surrounding him disappeared. Raven stirred in his arms, against his chest.

“Damian?” She called out weakly. And he stood frozen as he took a peek eagerly at the woman in his arms. “They didn’t know.” She mumbles and he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes on her. She means that it wasn’t the Justice League’s fault.

“They didn’t know it was going to be a trap.” She tried to keep her head a float.

“And look at the price you had to pay.” He said bitterly as he sneered a little and continued walking to the jet.

“I—” She couldn’t even say anything to defend the Justice League, because she felt the turmoil in Damian. How could she defend the Justice League knowing what he was feeling?

“I didn’t mind that you wanted to continue being a hero. I would not take that from you.” He sets her down inside the jet. “And I know that you know this to be true, I only stay in between good and bad for you. If you are taken out of the equation, I have no qualms in being the Demon’s Head, in its truest sense. But you choose to love me, despite of who I am. And I will not have any one harm you. Less others think that the Demon’s head is weak.”

“You are not a bad person, my love.” She replied, as she cups his cheek. He closes his eye and places a hand over hers. He opens his eyes and meets her violets irises.

“But I can be, if I am without you.” He whispered so gently as his forehead laid against hers. The words completely true. They stay like that for a minute in silence, and he pulls away.

“You shall stay in Nanda Parbat as you recuperate. I will inform the Justice League.”  He stares at her sternly but she does not refuse him and he turns away from her.

The Justice League has been quite cautious about Raven. They knew of her relationship with the leader of the League of Assassins. And what the risk of putting her in imminent danger would mean considering Damian’s nature. Therefore, Raven was treated as if she was glass and yet, also fire.

“I begged them to give me the mission.” She said softly, she took note of Damian’s body twitching but she had to continue on. “After you left, and made a name for yourself as the new Demon’s Head, they were uncertain of where my loyalties lie.” She found it difficult to talk due to her injuries, but she had enough strength to heal herself a bit, to keep herself conscious and stop internal bleeding. And so Raven did, as she continued on.

“And then you made a point to show that you were not like your predecessor. And yet, you also made it clear you could be far worst. And I, your beloved, was someone who they could not risk in the forefront anymore.” She moved in her seat, as she felt her insides return back to how it should be. “I just wanted to do one more mission, where I wasn’t treated like a bomb, and after that, I will be done.”

He turned to look at her with a shocked expression. Her voice was calm as her face was gentle. Despite her battered appearance, she looked like a saint to him. The words he couldn’t seem to say aloud, she felt, and she responded as she closed her eyes.

“Yes, I was going to leave the Titans, and be with you. Commit fully to you.” Her voice was soft but his thoughts were a mess. And it was clear to Raven, all of his thoughts, as if they were all written on the air for her to read.

“The Justice League thought it was a harmless mission; therefore, they could let me go. It was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission, nothing more. But we were ambushed, and I was captured.” She sighs and opens her eyes to look up at Damian. The water in his eyes finally gave way as he blinked when their met, and she inhaled a breath.

“You could have died.” He said it lightly, that Raven’s heart started beating fast in her ears. His cold eyes that had never been directed at her, has finally landed on her. “You could have died, if I was just a minute too late.” And like his eyes that could no longer contain his tears. Raven could not ignore his emotions. And she broke into a sob, as she covered her lips with her fingers. He knelt beside her, as he put a hand on her cheek.

And his face was not cold nor was it warm. The eyes she had seen him use with his fellow assassins had disappeared. She didn’t expect that the day he would look at her, the way he did his subordinates, would happen.

“Are you crying for me?” He whispered and she sniffed as she looks at him. But still, even if his cold stare was frightening. She could never be afraid of Damian Al Ghul, even if he was an Al Ghul, and the current Demon’s Head.

“I’m sorry.” She tried to contain the emotions. And she could feel the apology he was about to say. And before he could, she leans her forehead against his. Places her right thumb over his lips as her palm rested on his jaw. “But I swear to you, I am done with being a hero. I want to walk that grey line with you.”

And his lips turned up into a smile. A smile that was only ever directed at her. His gentleness and kindness only exclusive to her. His warmth only reserved for her. And she could feel it all in her chest, and in her very bones.

The love he has for his beloved Raven.

And the danger, if he loses his bird.



*Mashrabiya = those wooden windows with intricate design; (wiki says: is an architectural element which is characteristic of traditional architecture in the Islamic world and is a type of projecting oriel window enclosed with carved wood latticework).

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Raven’s body moved on the bed, her pale and delicate figure covered by the cream-colored covers. The day had been born a short time ago, the soft sun gave the forest a golden shade of green. The birds sang softly outside, intoning a harmonious melody that gave life to that place. Other than that, a gentle breeze occasionally dragged the dead leaves from the trees, making small noises that contributed to the life of that forest. The wooden chalet was positioned a few meters from the lake and was covered with vines on the side walls. The little house had a calm energy, but it was as if its little windows had eyes and the house was alive, full of mystical secrets and stories that only a cottage with centuries of experience could tell.

Upstairs in the old house Raven slept. Her body was covered with a thin shiny layer of sweat and her face, even in the deep sleep she was in, showed distress. Her breasts stood out for the white nightgown, which was beginning to stick to her skin. His fingers moved slightly, and a weak sigh came from her lips. Solitary tears streaming from the ends of her eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love more than anything, Raven. You taught me how to live, Raven. I couldn’t ask for anything else.” Raven’s spirit watched that scene as an external character, but she felt a strong pain in her heart, as if she were really going through it. She felt her muscles contract, her body and soul give their all to endure the forces that were falling on her. Everything she saw, however, was blurred, like a painting by an extravagant and vague artist, where feeling was the only thing that was clear and outlined. Her soul flew over that place.

“I love you, and I will forever love you.” She felt a terrible tightness in her chest, as if death and pain were eating her alive, but in the midst of the turbulent storm of feelings she felt pure and true love. Raven was at her extreme, she felt it clearly in every inch of her, and when her mouth touched the man’s she felt the world giving in over her head so she reached the maximum capacity of her powers. A heavy crash broke over the skies, the man beside her gripped her body tightly, and Raven raised hers arms to the sky, making a bright, blinding light burgeon out of their figure. Soon the flash started to swallow everything that was around, soon reaching everything it could, killing her and the man …

“No!” The girl’s body suddenly stood up, a deep and intense cry coming from her lips. She didn’t suppress it and soon the furniture floated, as did the bed. The cottage soon began to shake violently. Her face was wet and her eyes were red, thick tears running down one after the other and falling into her lap, wetting her nightgown. It took a few minutes like that before she realized the environment around her. Her soul and mind finally returning to the plane where she was on. Raven looked around, a heavy sigh leaving her chest. The back of her hands cleared her face.
The furniture adjusted itself again and Raven’s sweaty body rose from the bed. Another day just starting. Poor girl, little did the young woman know that that day was the beginning of her end.

It had been long weeks, long weeks of intense training and no rest unless needed.

It had been a long week only because his grandfather had allowed it. Before reaching 100 meters from the base of the mountains, the witch Jinx, with her black cloak covering her figure, lowered her face shield so she could chant a powerful magical invisibility spell, putting the whole troupe and her in disguise so that the creature could not smell or sense their presence neither near nor far.

The helpless and giant sky had that same dead and desolate hue as the day Damian had come, however, the cold was now more intense, snowing much more thickly. The only noise that was heard was the whistle of the wind.

Jinx took the sharp dagger from her waist; it was pearly fist with a black body. Then she tore part the flesh from her left hand, tearing the skin and making it bleeding.

“Take my blood, my king, it will help protect yourself even more.” Conner Kent watched it all, swallowing from a bad feeling that crossed his mind when Damian licked the blood from the sorceress.

The young woman, with white skin and pink hair, recited for a few more long minutes a powerful spell. Her hands held a dark pink glow mixed with black, and her eyes were soulless white stones. Nothing seemed to happen to the naked eye, but the powerful magic was broken in the air. Jinx stopped then walked towards Damian.

“It’s done, my king.”

“Great.” The prince did not need to shout or draw the attention of the men in black, as everyone was alert and ready for his orders. They already knew their part in the plan. Damian pulled on the dark mask covering his entire face, then tugged on the same-colored hood. He waved his fingers at the direction of the mountains and soon half of the assassins started to follow him; the other half would wait with the black cubicle to put the creature on it.

The climb had taken hours. But this time Damian didn’t find the girl in the same place. He would have been lost; however, Jinx’s voice rang in his ears.

“Go on, I’m feeling her energy a few meters away.”

The witch was invisible, just behind Damian. They then came to a cave.

“It’s here, go inside.” The two entered the cave, the only sound to be heard was of Damian’s boot hitting the ground. A light at the end indicated an exit.

They were shocked when they entered a huge cemetery. But what the fuck was that young woman doing there? There she was, just as Jinx has said. The brown hair was falling over the blue cover that protected her from the cold. The young woman was crouched. Jinx held his hand making his steps inaudible as he approached the girl. He let himself be noticed, and the invisible witch followed near Raven.

“My agents already have this mountain surrounded.”

“I can still outrun all of your men.”

“I did not call them here to capture you. Ra’s Al Ghul merely wishes for your presence in his court.”

The young woman gets up, wiping her dirty hands on the fabric of her clothes.

“And why should I go? What is there for me to come with you?”

“You wouldn’t be as far from the world as you are now. There you would be close to powerful beings like you. Perhaps he can even offer you a title as the king’s official sorceress.” The witch’s face showed surprise.

“I like my life the way it is…” Raven lowered her head as she pronounced that.

“Is living in solitude what you truly desire?” The young woman’s beautiful face turned to the side avoiding the man’s gaze, her hair hiding her countenance.

“How would you know if I am alone?”

“None live here. These ruins indicate as much. The graveyard indicates more.”

Raven then got irritated by his ignorance.

“Your bastard! Don’t you say things that what you don’t know!” The young woman’s face took on a strong dark red hue, her eyes turning to pure black darkness as she screamed. “How dare you to come to these sacred lands again?!”

Raven didn’t understand how and why the man with the green eyes was there again. The first time she had almost killed him. And there was a spell she placed on that land. He shouldn’t have been able to get into that part of the mountain. The cave was protected. The spell warded off those of ill intent.

“Come with me, please. I will ensure no harm will come to you or to this place. I am truly sorry my lady, for the last time I saw you I shouldn’t have been so arrogant and rude. Forgive me for entering this sacred land without your permission.”

The young woman seemed to hesitate for a minute, her face returning to normal as before. Damian looked at her figure, his eyes hungry as a tiger to fly over its prey. Just a few more seconds … He then approached more of her.

“Don’t you dare to take another step.”

“Look, I give you my word that I will not hurt you. Have no fear.“

"I’m not afraid, I just don’t want your dirty soul around here, my knight.”

Damian did not show the hatred and anger he felt for the young woman’s irony.

“Please, I just want to offer peace.”

“May your peace offer be leaving this place and never coming back, then.”

“Now leave.” The demonic voice was the one who spoke.

“Not this time, my dear.” The young woman’s face closed in a frown of anger.

But before Raven had time to manifest her magic, the sorceress Jinx appeared behind her. And when the half demon was about to make something, a quick spell left Jinx lips and with her hands-on Raven’s neck, she made the young woman collapse into the floor, passing out.

Damian approached the young woman’s, watching her helpless figure on the floor, he then lifted the woman body.

“Great work, Jinx.”

Happiness was taking over him for finally put his hands on that creature. Her figure seemed to be sleeping in deep unconsciousness, and she couldn’t help but be beautiful. Her pink lips were small and well drawn, her skin was soft and pale, velvety and warm, and her soft tiara of chocolate curls was stretched out in the air. A sense of triumph welled up in his chest, so he smiled with satisfaction.

“I told you to choose wisely, my dear. Now let’s get out of here.”

The return took a week, just like on the way. The creature along the way was manipulated by Jinx, to make him unconscious. They arrived at the castle, and then Lady Shiva appeared to take the young girl body. Each one of them then proceeded to their designated area, the soldiers dispersed and the horses were taken to rest.

The witch’s body was deposited on the bed, half of the clothes that the young woman wore under her cloak were taken off. Lady Shiva then organized her body, placing her handcuffed hands resting on her abdomen. She covered the young woman’s body with a thin silk sheet, after removing the old boot and handcuffing her ankles. She then arranged her hair around the pillow. The rumors were true, the young woman was beautiful. She had small reddish lips, and a pale skin that gave her a porcelain doll look that was so delicate that it looked like it would break with a touch. Her lashes were long and her ears small. Lady continued to watch her for a few more minutes. There was something so tempting about her, even for a woman only interested in men, it was as if something in the girl beauty called deep down on her soul for her dirtiest and forbidden thoughts. She was going to put her hands on the sleeping girl face when Jinx closed the bedroom door and called her:

“What do you think you are doing, Shiva? Don’t you know that she is a powerful sorceress? Don’t be stupid to be tempted by spells.”

The woman woke up from her hypnosis, and soon wanted to punch Jinx in the face for calling her stupid.

“Who do you call stupid, damn witch? Just you to know that I have a free pass to hurt any subordinates in this castle.”

Jinx’s figure did not retreat because she was no longer so afraid of Lady Shiva, they were knew each other for a long period now. However, she knew the woman could be wild when she wanted to, so she apologized.

“I just warned you. We still don’t know if she is a complete witch or what. However, she has something off and it is better to stay as far away as possible, until I can identify what it is.”

"I see you woke up, my dear.”

Raven blew out a breath, resting her body on the headboard. Her head was spinning and she felt like she had been kicked in that area. The young woman was still groggy, her mind still awakening. That was when the memories came to her, hitting her conscience like a strong wind that takes whatever is in front. She quickly raised her head to look around, anger and a mixture of fear surrounding her heart. Motherfuckers.

“No, I’m still sleeping.”

Her wrists were trapped, as were her feet. She managed to sit up, but knew that leaving that place was going to be difficult.

“Azarath Metrion Zhintos!” And nothing happened.

“I see you are without your magic, witch. But don’t worry, if you promise to behave, I’ll give it back.”

“How are you? Where is that damn knight?”

Ra laughed. “I am the king of this nation. Ra’s Al Ghul, my dear. And the damn knight your asking is my grandson.” He then approached the bed. “And what’s your name, my beauty?”

Silence was what was he heard as the answer.

Another laugh.

“Well, well what a curious little creature you are…” The king sat on the bed and rested his hand on the mattress, close to Raven’s body.

“But after all, what are you?” He then gripped her chin firmly. After all, Jinx had warned him about the strong magnetism that the nymph exuded, and had already put a powerful spell to close his body and soul. However, Ra still saw the beauty of the young woman as a beautiful and dangerous jewel that he was crazy to study.

“People used to say you were a nymph, though I didn’t believe it. But now that I see you…” Ra’s face contorted in a smile full of malice and evil intentions. Raven felt disgust turn inside her soul.

“You are my greatest gift to this kingdom, my dear.”

Raven pulled her arms to fly over the old king, wanting to kill that old man. But the chains stopped her and the only thing she could do was to remain static like a rabid animal that is tied by a collar.

The king watched the figure of the young woman with great curiosity, as if she were a mystery to be studied.

“Are you going to be quiet, birdie? Okay, we’ll find out one way or another, so if I was you.”

The king smiled and then said:

“I hope you have pain tolerance.” And then he left the room.

Then a young woman of Raven’s age entered the room. Her face showed a smile, and in it was all the malice and evil that that fox, called Jinx, possessed.

“Welcome to the kingdom of Ra’s Alghul, your body now is owned by the state.” And then Jinx’s cold hands touched the girl forehead. The last thing Raven remembered was the sorceress’ torturing her with agonizing pain and a wide smile before she went out again into darkness.

“Very well, my son.” The approving smile spread across the King’s face. “Tomorrow we will have a ceremony, and I will give you the key to what will be our greatest triumph.” The king touched his grandson’s shoulder in approval. Kneeling, the young man did not look up, but he knew his grandfather was showing a proud face.

Damian admired the warm night lit by the full moon. He finally allowed himself to relax. It had been an exhausting two months of long training and research. Finally, he could rest his head on the silk pillowcases. Talia was proud of her son for completing the difficult mission and that night she sent two women as a reward to his room.

That is why two concubines dressed in silk and expensive fabrics appeared and entered the royal bedroom. He did not bother to turn his head, as the two started touching him and stimulating his senses. The two young women were beautiful. One was a blonde dressed all in blue, and the other was a brunette dressed in orange and pink. Both had their skin kissed by the sun from the heat of that season in Nanda Parbat. Both also had minimal fabric covering them.
The concubines then became more intense in their touches and soon the three were naked for the sweet and invigorating dance of bodies.

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Chapter One or Of The White Expanses 

The white cloak that covered the entire length was brilliant and exuded peace. The black figure of the young killer was climbing the mountains that January morning. He was a point of darkness in that clear expanse, and the only thing you could see was his eyes, two green jades. In his mind the plan was passed over several times, and he was ready to carry it out. He knew it would be dangerous, but deep down, his mind hovered with curiosity to meet the powerful mountain creature. His grandfather had been impressed by the number of stories the villagers were telling. They claimed to have seen the demon in person, blood red and with sharp ciphers over its head, and said its voice was worse than anything they ever heard. Others claimed to have seen the most beautiful nymph in the forest, a goddess, an entity. Some others have claimed to have seen a black shadow with a scary shape, tall and with four eyes. However, there were some who claimed to have seen a woman dressed in a dark cape, and that she would have already saved the lives of some with her extraordinary powers, others said to have received potions that cured them from illness. Ra had then become interested in the creature magic and wanted to have it as a new artifact for his use. Even if they already had an official witch, called Jinx. However, with new theories about a more powerful being, his grandfather knew he needed to have it under his guard. And so, it took months of research to find out what they could possibly being dealing with if they could get in touch with the witch, as well as putting together the plan and details. Damian however had just one week. His training was doubled as well as the security in the castle, orders were given to the sorceress so she would put a protective spell on the entire fortress, as well as on the Aghul, protecting them from any lethal harm that the powerful being could do. And then the expected day came, and the plan was started. The thing would have no choice but to go down the mountains and accompany him to the fortress. His mother, however showing great pride in her son, tried her hardest not to show her fear when sending the young man to the mountains. And so, she placed a tender goodbye kiss on his forehead.

Continuing to rise, the snow increasingly hindered his locomotion. He hated that the path was so long and cold, he already missed the company of his friend and knight Conner Kent, how would be probably cursing the entire time if he were with him. But Damian had no choice but to go this route alone. The middle base of the mountain was surrounded by its best assassins. Conner was a few feet behind, enough that his figure was no longer seen. It was close, he felt, he had been walking for teen minutes now. His muscles contracted as he felt to sense something strange in the air. He looked to the trees, in that part they were tall and leafless, thin and pale just like everything there, however they were almost looking at him and telling him to get out of that place as quickly as possible. There would be nothing to do, only proceed.

He continued on his way when a noise caught his eye. Damian shuddered in his place, ready to come face to face with the creature. His head quickly turned to where the noise was coming from. There was a small female figure there, picking berries. Her hair was brown and long like the wood of the trees. Descending from her shoulders were a shabby deep blue cover that descended on her back. The entire length of her body was covered in a long-sleeved black dress. A purple eggplant bow fell from her waist. Her face was a pale and delicate sight from afar. The air seemed to freeze; the young killer did not understand. Was she the creature? Who was she? His eyes narrowed and he approached slowly, like a jaguar stalking its hunt. Damian fascination cried out, as did his curiosity. So his hand landed on the tree and he admired her figure more closely, her face turning to the side as a sign that she was going to say something.

“You better get out. These mountains are dangerous.” Her voice was soft but serious, as she was not someone you could play with.

Damian didn’t understand how that figure had heard his footsteps and felted his presence. However, logic quickly hit his mind. And so agile he understood that she felt his presence because she was a supernatural creature. He just didn’t know that his presence had been felt long before, when he and Conner touched the top base of the mountain. Raven was already waiting for intruders to come there, and she was there waiting for her visitors, preventing them from entering further. When the human touched that tree, she knew she was dealing with something dangerous.

“You who should be leaving, peasant woman. These mountains hide a lethal magical creature.” Damian Al Ghul was smart enough to first throw the cards and then be sure what his game was. There was silence, her figure stood up and turned to face him.

Her eyes were light violet like the wings of a magic butterfly. Her lips were delicate and small, as if coming out of a drawing by a talented painter. Her pale skin showed all the beauty and smoothness of her figure. Her height was medium to low, but it did not prevent her clothes from falling very well on her body. From her figure emanated an ethereal and pure air, like a starry night with a full moon. She looked like a nymph; it was just like the beauty of the most beautiful nymphs that have ever landed this world.

“Excuse me, my dear superior colleague, but has it crossed your mind that perhaps this creature does not want to be disturbed? Why not leave what is at peace, be at peace?” Damian’s face tightened at the insult, but he had more important things to clarify.

“The creature has already killed all the men who came here! This is not being peaceful.”

“Why did these men come to these mountains?” She tucked the berries into a small bag that was attached to the left side of her waist and wiped her dirty purple hands on the fabric of her clothes. Damian moved closer.

“You are surprisingly articulate, mountain woman. I know it was you behind all the apparitions and demonic acts in these mountains!” The clink of the sword erupted in the room as soon as Damian took it off his back and pointed it at the beautiful and dangerous young woman in front of him.

“And, what of it? Tell me what you came here to do and leave soon, you don’t belong here. No one who seeks to harm should come to the mountains of Azarath.” A strong wind blew through her hair, and the tension in the air began to rise.

“I did not come here to kill you like my men, I am here to escort you to the great king Ra’s Al Ghul. He heard of your actions and would just like to know you. Your powers are notable for the rumors that have spread.” The young woman’s face tightened in disappointment. Why did she have to help those people? So, then they could go and spread it about? Why had her heart been soft when she knew she shouldn’t help and yet she did? Why, Gods of Azarath? Why did she get into this problem? Empathy sometimes puts us in places where ignorance might never have put us, sometimes the results are bad, sometimes good. In this case, it was bad.

“What if I refuse? Well, I have no interest in joining with this Ra’s Al Ghul . What will happen then? The creature crossed its hands on its chest, the wind blew hard on its clothes, the snow began to float in the air.

"I suggest you choose wisely.”

“I must immediately thank you for the invitantion, but I do not plan to go. Bye. Have a nice day.“

The young woman turned her feet to the other side and started walking. “The king’s word is an order. You had the option of giving in.” The assassin prince ran towards her, ready to attack her. However, when he was inches from touching her, she turned quickly. Her eyes a dark shade. Her hands glowed black, and in a matter of seconds, without even touching him, she threw him hard against the nearest tree.

"Leave.” The thick, horrifying voice that the villagers spoke so much about was manifested.

“Not without you, demon.” Damian Al Ghul stood up, the black figure against the purple figure. Death surrounding the environment. The wind that until now has been blowing through the white forest has stopped. Who will take the first step? And the killer kept his sword, and so he went on to attack.

Before he could reach her, her arms went up in the air and she pointed them to him. A strong shiver went through his spine when the black glow of her fingers crossed his body. Soon everything was dark.

The black figure collapsed on the floor and she was satisfied. Her body pulsed with blood, just as a voice screamed in her head to end the life of the man lying in the snow. And he remained on the floor while she looked at him for a few seconds. The young mystic then directed her feet to the fallen figure and crouched beside him. Her fingers pulled off the black mask that covered his face.

Shock hitting her when her eyes landed on the handsome man lying in the snow. His skin was olive, kissed by the sun. His lips were fleshy, with a chin that was outlined. Tha killer cheeks were a pale red from the cold. He was the most beautiful man that she ever seen in all her short existence on this earth. The young woman pondered for a few minutes, biting her lips.

“Damn you for coming here!” The verdict was that death would be the best solution. “You are like a fallen angel, but I felt your wickedness and darkness miles away. May death be your redemption.” She touched his face to suck life out of him, but her whole body was shocked when stories passed over her mind at lightning speed. She fell backwards.

She saw Darkness. Death. Desire. Light. Love. Power. Greed. But mostly import, she saw her Father. She shivered, knowing that in one way or another the young man was protected by his father. Raven’s face twisted into a frown. She kicked the man as hard as she could.

“Today you have won, father. But this battle will be mine tomorrow. ” She gave him another kick. The hatred was too much, that man next to her greedy and his thirsty clan came there. Did they invade the mountain with sinister intentions, and still leave unharmed? For Azarath! She was not going to allow any soul of that kind to continue a moment longer in her mountains, specially the kinds protected by her father’s pure infernal energy.

She blew out a breath from the depths of her soul. Her feet were apart beyond her hips, so she raised her arms at the height of her head, and black energy taked the form of a giant crow and that swallowed her figure and the lying down assassin.

The shiny figure appeared in the clearing, just as a loud crow sound was heard. On the cold, windy plains of the Mountains, the body of a dozen sleeping men was deposited. The gray sky worsened with the violent snow that was blown by the wind.

Raven, Queen of Darkness. Half demon and daughter of worlds dominator, Trigon. Its power and strength beyond the comprehension of any person. Mystical, witch and supernatural. She watched with satisfaction as she raised her arms, giving rise to black energy that transformed into the figure of a crow swallowing her figure and then disappearing.

The snow continued to fall. The sky and the mountains facing those men. Imposing human strength in the face of the strength of Gods. Fools.

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In a distant time, where powerful kings and queens ruled over earth, there was a powerful kingdom in the northwestern sea. Its rulers belonged to a violent line of rulers, always reigning with iron hands and authoritarian power. After centuries of war between the great gods of the beginning, the Al Ghul family ascended. And for centuries and centuries there was blood spilling over the lands of that kingdom.

Ra’s Al Ghul known as the head of the demon, was the sovereign of those vast lands. His wealth and arrogance were known to all, as well as his intelligence. He was the creator of an elite clan of assassins, called the League of Shadows. His wife had serious sterile problems and was only able to conceive years after they were married, but the boy was stillborn. Making both of them mourn for a long time the death of that long-awaited child. Years later, with the help of black magic, his wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Talia, his wife however, paid the price of life with death. Ra’s was plagued; however, he loved the girl as soon as she opened her eyes, and he came across beautiful eyes, feeling the pleasure and joy of having his first heir on his hands. The king treated the girl as if she were his most precious treasure, and for years and years little Talia was trained to be both the heir to the Al Ghul house and to take over as head of the murderer clan.

His heiress, however, years later betrayed him. In an episode of love, she had premarital relationships and ended up becoming pregnant by archenemy and rival Bruce Wayne. The powerful king of darkness asked for the hand of young Talia, but her father, more than ashamed and angry, said that the young woman would never regain her dignity because she would never marry anyone else. Talia hated him, because Bruce was the only true love she had in her life. She then cried for months in fear of her father killing the life in her womb.

And on a stormy night labor pains welled up for her, and Talia felt the horror of knowing that her father’s revenge would finally fall on her head. She held the baby in her womb as much as she could, but was soon told she needed to give birth, otherwise the baby would be born dead. And so, amid thunder, little Damian Wayne was born. The weeping echoed through the walls of the grand palace, and soon her father entered the bedroom doors, his face red with hate and with a dagger in his hands. Young Talia was bathed in sweat, blood on her thighs and arms, her shaky and tired body did not have the strength to fight when her father took the baby from her hands.
A strong gust of wind opened the bedroom windows, blowing out the candles. Talia braced herself for the pain that would follow. No tears on her face, only the pain latent in her heart. She closed her eyes.

A light baby cry, as well as the sound of rain was heard. Her eyes opened to see her father with her son in his arms. A smile and tears falling from his eyes.

“ It’s a boy!”

The boy was healthy and strong, and his eyes stared Ra. And he felt complete, as if his dead son had materialized in that baby.
The surprise was great for Bruce, who heard about the big party in celebration of the newest heir to the throne Al Ghul. His heart sank, however, when he learned that perhaps the boy would never see him. Talia in turn lost her place, but her father allowed her to have contact with her love. Unfortunately, in his life there was already another woman, and in his womb was Bruce Wayne’s first and official son. The princess then closed her heart completely and started giving attention to fighting and raising the boy, so he one day could become what she once lost.

And years have passed. Great effervescence of the culture growing, as well as the quality of life of Ra’s Al Ghul’s kingdom. People, despite being oppressed, had something to eat, and this generated a considerable increase in the population, with great soldiers and archers being born from this time. Damian Al Ghul was adored by his grandfather and mother, being trained from an early age to be a killer of the most lethal type. Receiving the best education possible, as well as developing war logic and strategies.
The young man was the best at what he did, and this primacy guesses Ra’s, as well as his intelligence and beauty came from his mother. Attributes such as observation and philosophical sense of life came from his father, even without Damian knowing him. Soon it would be his turn to assume the throne and thus exercise the role he had been destined since he was a baby. His grandfather and king were already analyzing the best future suitors. But before he could make any decision, there was something that troubled the powerful sovereign’s mind.

For some month’s Ra had heard from his spies that the people were talking about a supernatural entity from the mountains. And the illustrations of its achievements made him curious to say the least. Then the order came out of his mouth, and on a dark, starless night, his best men went up the mountain to capture the creature, but none came back. Which puzzled Ra even more, as the rumors were growing. The great king then set up an elaborate plan to get close to the creature. Then, on a cold day, a spinning peasant came out of his house, looking for supposed help from the creature again, and so he climbed the mountains and was given the service he was looking for, however, the creature warned him to keep silent about such deeds. The man who until now had seen only the horrifying creature, was shocked with surprise and fascination to see the creature transform into a beautiful nymph. His admiration was so great, as he did not think nymphs still existed, his race had been extinct many years ago. The man knelt in front of the girl and kissed her feet, she offered to lift him up and warn him to come down soon, because the mountain was sacred.

Knowing this, Ra set a goal in his mind: to find the nymph and use her powers at his will. And so, the old killer set up his plan.

The afternoon of reddish sunshine descended on the kingdom and hit the majestic castle. The young prince watched the landscape quickly as he headed for the castle’s master room. His grandfather called him urgently, and he knew that Ra did not accept delays. He crossed the hall and the murderous soldiers opened the door for Damian.

“Yes, my dear king. What do I owe your calling?”

The king smiled at the entrance of his grandson, and observed the figure of young Damian. He was a mix of the best of his family. His maternal features were accentuated with his father’s part, he reminded Bruce Wayne, but that memory did not displease him. Despite hating King Wayne, Ra’s couldn’t deny how much his attributes were.

“My dear son, you are a short time from becoming king. What do you think of a great gift for this magnificent occasion? “

The strangeness landed on Damian’s face. His grandfather was not the type to ask in order to act, he acted and then spoke.

"What are you up to?” His grandfather gave him a smirk.

“Nothing that is that important. Just something that could change our status on a global scale, my grandson.” His face shone with interest. “There is a creature that lives in the distant mountains of our kingdom, and its powers are at least very interesting. It is not known exactly what the creature is, however, we may be dealing with a nymph of supernatural powers. How can also become something of a demonic form, so we still don’t know about its true nature.”

“So, you think this creature will be able to deal with supernatural forces and bring more power over our family.”

“Correct, and this is my gift to you: a mystical creature to give you all the power you want. However, you must bring it to me first, and if you do, it will be exclusive and all yours.”

“You didn’t make it to her, did you?”

Ra’s face tightened in anger. However, he knew that Damian would be the only one able to do what he wanted. The young man seemed to ponder, however, immediately said:
“I need all the information you have so far, give me a week to prepare.”

“No more than a week. We need this creature as soon as possible. “

Damian nodded and bowed after leaving the room.

Damian Wayne studied everything that he was able about the creature. And although he was fascinated with what he had studied, he knew he could be dealing with something extremely lethal, as the best assassins in the League of Shadows had not returned from the same mission he was going to. And it was during a week that his mental and physical training had been tripled. When it came time to leave the castle and begin his journey, he made it obstinate, that the creature would be his. And when Damian Wayne wanted something, he certainly got it.

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Part: 1 /??

It was past midnight when both Damian and his father arrived at the manor. Both father and son were away on a business trip, for almost a month. Damian was glad to be away from Gotham and faraway from his annoying adopted siblings. His older brothers and sisters would just torment him at any given time of day. Once, his two sisters gave him a full make-over while he slept, he awoke to a light pink blush on his cheeks, red crimson lips, and a light green eye shadow. He should had awoken at the smallest detection that someone had invaded his personal space but the night before his brothers offered him a cup of his favorite tea, with a heavy dosage of sleeping medicine. Never was he going to ever trust any of his siblings again.

Damian said goodnight to his father and headed down the hallway leading to his room, he was just passing the manor’s library, its doors slightly opened. At first it was nothing to Damian, till he noticed a soft light was emitting behind one of the bookshelves. Putting his bags down, he slipped through the opened doors. Staying close to the walls Damian fixed his emerald gaze towards where the glow was coming from. He noticed that the light was flickering meaning whoever was behind the bookshelf was using a candle as a light source. He could hear the faint sound of a book sliding from the shelf. It has to be a burglar, Damian thought. It was way too late for anyone to be in here, besides only three people in his family ever used the library to actually do some reading. None of his siblings would be caught dead in the library. Damian looked all over the room for any kind of signs to show where the burglar could had use to enter the premises. Nothing seemed out of place, strange that the manor’s security system hadn’t gone off. Probably this burglar was skilled and hacked the manor’s system. No worries Damian was trained in the arts of self-defense and he was a very skilled fighter. His late grandfather made sure to train him when he was a mere child.

Damian silently stepped towards the fireplace and grabbed one of the fireplace pokers. It wasn’t his katana, but any thing would have to do and use as a weapon. The young Wayne stepped silently and walked behind the bookshelf. He found his intruder crouched on the floor flipping through an open book, Damian couldn’t make out the person since they were wearing a thick black hood covering their body and face. It made no difference to him. No way in hell was Damian going to allow any of his father’s books be stolen. Some of these books were very important to Bruce for half of the library’s collection belonged to his late grandmother Martha Wayne.

Damian calculated every possible outcome before lunging towards the intruder. It was no use his target sensed him and managed to evade his attack. Damian, now on his knees thrusted the metal bar towards the hooded figure, but his opponent intercepted his blow with their hands. Making Damian stumble back, this gave the intruder a chance to get up and flee towards the doorway. Quick on his feet, the young Wayne grabbed a thick hard cover book and threw it towards the culprit’s feet, making them trip. Damian dashed forward, stood before the intruder and pointed the spear-like end of the bar towards the intruder making whoever was under the thick hood scream. Damian stopped, staying perfectly still, the voice it almost sounded like it belonged to a girl.

And the lights came on.

What the hell is going on?!” Damian looked up to find one of his older brothers; Jason Todd at the doors of the library. He looked disorientated most likely he had just woken up.

“Todd! I found this intruder trying to steal-” Damian was cut off short due to being knocked back to the ground by his own brother. This gave Jason a chance to remove the metal bar from his hands and flung it towards the fireplace. “Jason get off of me?!” Damian looked behind his shoulder seeing that his brother was boiling with rage. He then turn his emerald gaze towards the hooded figure, to find a pair of amethyst eyes looking back at him with fear. In that moment he could have sworn his heart stopped beating.

Just then Damian could hear frantic footsteps approaching the library. It was one of his older sisters, Cassandra Wayne. She was huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. “What’s going on? I heard a scream-” Cass was looking around the room till she ran towards the person, Damian was trying to apprehend. “Raven are you okay?!” Raven, was that the girl’s name? Cass slid the hood that covered the intruder’s face and Damian couldn’t believe his eyes. She was beautiful. The girl before him had dark purple hair that reached just above her shoulders. Her skin was a most beautiful pale grey color, it looked so soft.

“You know her?” Damian tried to question, but it was hard to speak having his face pushed into the thick carpet floor.

“She’s my friend you idiot!” Cass shouted back, as she hugged the frighten girl very tightly. “Raven are you okay, he didn’t hurt you, did he?” Cass asked as she turned Raven’s head in her hands trying to find any scratch. It was strange seeing Cass acting so motherly, even if it was a friend.

“I’m okay. Just give me a moment to collect myself.” Raven sighed as Cass helped her stand up. The dark purple hoodie she was wearing was so big on her that it cover most of her body. Damian could notice she was wearing some sort black cotton shorts just the ones his sister wore.  

“Damian Wayne, apologize right now!” Cass shouted.

“I will as soon as Todd gets off of me!” Damian grumbled, Jason finally loosened his hold on him and both brothers stood up. The young Wayne patted his trouser and restraighten his shirt before looking back to the girl he accidentally tried to apprehend. “I apologize for scaring you and almost assaulting you. I just got back from a trip and thought we had a thief in the library.”

His brother scoffed at his lame apology, crossed his arms and said, “how the hell would a thief even be in here with the state-of-the-art security system Bruce had installed in the manor, genius?”

Damian was about to answer his brother, when the pale girl; Raven stopped him. “It’s fine. It’s partially my fault as well. I shouldn’t had been in here at this hour.”

“Let’s go back to bed.” Cass said gently, patting Raven on the back leading her out of the library. Before the two girls exited, Cass turn around and her face became dark, a side Damian only ever seen once. “You! Don’t think you’re off the hook that easily, I’m telling dad about this!”

Damian wasn’t really into the idea of getting a lecture from his father nor whatever demise Cass had planned for him for treating her friend in such a manner. What was really eating Damian in the inside was the fact he royally screwed-up in front of a girl. A girl that liked to read it would seem. He never met someone so into books before, various thoughts ran through his head where they could be friends. Where they could share their favorite authors, their favorite passages, and probably watch movies depicted in the vary books they read. Well all he could do now was dream since he was certain Raven would want nothing to do with him after this fiasco.

“Way to make a good first impression dude.” Damian had forgotten his brother was still in the room with him. “You probably be the Wayne, Raven doesn’t like.”

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