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#elide lochan

It was time for more Cadre Weaponry! Yet another shoutout to @nalgenewhore for naming the parents! This one is also over 11k words.

Summary: Welcome to Cadre Weaponry - the shop for all your weapons needs, both antique and modern! Join the boys of the Cadre as they become friends and tackle this thing we call life. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll even find love along the way. Let’s see what happens when the girls bring their boys home to meet their parents.

Warnings: language and some references to sexy times because Vaughan and Sorrel are needy



He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t, well… petrified. Introducing his girlfriend to his parents was one thing, but meeting hers was quite another. It had been about two weeks since he’d taken Aelin home, and he knew this moment was coming. They’d been together for around two months, and he knew that was only the beginning of their story. 

Rowan supposed he’d just need to swallow his nerves. 

Yes, he was excited too, but he’d only be able to feel that when he stopped feeling like his heart was in his throat. 

Leaning back in his seat, he sucked air down into his lungs, hoping his nerves would flow out as he exhaled. It helped - but only minimally. 

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elide lochan threw herself between two of the most powerful fae males to try and save lorcan, and then lorcan put his shields down knowing that he would die so she could live.

empire of storms chapter 57 breaks me every time i think about it.

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Remember when Aelin left a note in the fake wrydkey for Lorcan to discover.

“Here’s hoping you discover more creative terms than ‘bitch’ to call me when you find this. With all my love, A.A.G.”

Most understated moment in the book😂😂😂

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Elide : are you actually asking me that question?

Lorcan : …

Elide : no, im genuinely asking, like i- i cant tell.

Elide : do you want me to- i can count them out if you want-

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“Kaltain,” her uncle rumbled, a demand and a threat and a promise.

The silent young woman—the one who never spoke, who never looked at anything, who had such marks on her. Elide had seen her only a few times. Had seen how little she responded. Or fought back.

And then Elide was walking up the stairs.

Up and up, making sure her chains clanked as loudly as possible. Her uncle fell silent.


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Elide : what are you, 2?

Lorcan : yeah, 2 inches taller than you.

Aelin, coming out from behind Lorcan : oHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Aelin: I’m going out

Rowan: where?

Aelin: either to get ice cream with Lysandra and Elide or commit a felony. We’ll decide in the car.

Rowan: ok, be home by 9

Aelin: thanks :)


Chaol: why do you encourage this

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love and care

elide x lorcan, modern au, pregnancy fluff, word count: 2670

A bowl was set down in front of her, filled with sweet oatmeal and covered in fresh raspberries, slices of peach, and cinnamon – exactly as she liked it. Elide picked up her spoon, dancing her shoulders. She smiled when her husband kissed the top of her head. 

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I finished reading Queen of Shadows and I just want to say that if anything bad happens to my favorite characters I will riot. As always my favorites are the side characters, in this case Elide, Manon and Asterin (and Abraxos😂)

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dorian : apparently the ‘bad vibes’ i’ve been feeling is actually ‘severe psychological distress’

Aelin, Lysandra, Rowan, Aedion, Elide : mood.

Lorcan, who came to sit with them because elide wanted to : wtf is wrong with you people-

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the wise and the cunning

elide x lorcan, canon divergence - eos era, fluff, word count: 3751

“Take these,” Ombriel said unkindly, pushing a bundle of clothes into her arms. “And change. You’re filthy.” 

The dark haired, pale skinned woman bit back her sigh and ignored the insult. She nodded demurely, murmuring, “Of course.” She slipped away, walking unencumbered by any pain due to her so-called husband’s support. Elide would miss the steadying brace when they parted ways. 

She would miss it for more ways than that, too. 

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Lorcan admiting Elide is his mate through an illusion maeve induced hurts so much. It hurts more when he says that the illusion isn’t real but he still deserved it. i felt that too much in my heart lorcan pls

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