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#howie chimney han
callmebrycelee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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hollywood-diaz · 4 months ago
athena: God you really are a parent to these three adults
bobby: *mumbling*
athena: what was that?
athena: oh no, not another
bobby: this is eddie
eddie: hi :D
athena: jesus fuck
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abow123456 · 2 months ago
Chimney, while helping Buck move into Eddie’s place: you don’t own a lot of stuff, do you?
Buck: nah, most of my baggage is emotional 🙃
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nothinglikeotps · 16 days ago
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stefanmikaleson1864 · a month ago
Good News
Tumblr media
Requested by Anonymous 
Hi I was wondering if you could write an evan buckley x reader. and the plot is the reader is apart of the 118 and dating buck and she gets hurt on a call and ends up in the hospital and they find out she’s pregnant
Everyone was just sitting around the fire house. Buck and Hen were playing some stupid game loudly and Bobby was making dinner. Eddie was taking a nap somewhere and me and Chim were restocking the rig. 
It was a pretty normal day. It wasn't too bad a nice and steady day just the way you liked it. It keeps you busy. It always seemed like the more you sat at the firehouse the longer your day went. 
Dinner started smelling good through the firehouse and your stomach started rumbling. It was loud enough for chimney to hear and he looked up and chuckled at you. 
“Guess someone’s pretty hungry tonight.” he said rhetorically and you just rolled your eyes at him. 
“I don’t know what it is but I’ve been super hungry lately like no matter how much i eat i’m always hungry.” you said to him 
“Awe is our little Y/N going through growing pains.” Chim said.  
You laughed and rolled your eyes away. Man it feels like there is a tapeworm in you. 
Thankfully Bobby called for dinner and everyone gathered around while Chim yelled very loudly that thank god dinner was ready because you were gonna starve to death. 
Buck Laughed and threw his arm around you as you all walked up the stairs to dinner. Someone woke up Eddie and he came and joined everyone at the table. 
Of course like always Bobby cooked up a wonderful meal for everyone. You quickly  devoured  the meal and everyone was just sitting laughing at you because honestly you didn’t care how messed up you looked you were super hungry. 
Next thing you know the bells ring and everyone jumped into action. You grabbed a bread roll and continued to eat all the way down to the ambulance. 
You arrived at the scene and it was a 3 alarm fire. It wasn’t to bad when we arrived to the scene but it did need extra assistance. 
You and chim sat back prepping the ambulance and the rest of the gang geared up.
 Buck walked over to you and squeezed your hand and then ran off. It was a bit of assurance for the two of you. 
You and Chim had began to see people and help out. You heard yelling and it seemed like it was coming from the top of the building but you couldn’t be to sure. You were pre occupied to what was going on in front of you. 
You got up and walked over to the ambulance and you heard someone call out your name but it happened so fast you didn’t have time to process because a piece of debris came flying out of the building and it hit you in the head. 
Everything went black after that. 
Cap ran over to where you were laying and quickly assed you. From what he saw it didn’t look that bad but most of the damage was more than likely on the inside. 
“Chim we need you over here now.”  Cap called out. 
“Jesus what the hell happened.” he asked when he came over opening up his bag and began working. 
He put a C collar on you and began taking vitals. Everything seemed okay so far which made everyone feel a little better at the moment. 
Buck Eddie and Hen all ran out and over to where you were. Buck bent  down and grabbed your hand and Eddie helped get the stretcher. They quickly went to take you away to the hospital as fast as possible . 
“I’m going with her” Buck yelled out and Cap agreed knowing there really no stopping him. He was going no matter what. 
Hen drove as much as Chim wanted to go they needed the more senior paramedic at the scene. 
They still needed a lot of help. As bad as it sounded they were down three people they couldn’t loose anymore help. 
Once you arrived at the hospital they quickly whisked you away. They drew blood first and once back there you began to regain consciousness. 
With a pounding headache you opened up your heavy eyes.  The light blinding you as you looked around to see what was going on. 
“Where am i what happened”? You asked. 
“You had an accident at work and some debris hit your head where taking you up to xray to see how bad the damage is okay.” the doctor said to you. 
You were unbelievably tired and just closed your eyes. Outside the waiting room the 118 had gathered out at the waiting room. More than an hour had passed and they were finally free to leave the scene. 
Within that hour you had your Xray done and your blood work had come back.  You were sitting in a bed in a room. 
You woke up head still pounding but with the work of the medication being pumped in your arm you felt a  little better. 
You heard the front door open and it was the 118 pilling in to see you. Buck ran over and hugged you first.  
You welcomed him with open arms. Though chim quickly pulled him away and went in and hugged you. 
You enjoyed the love but you were still kinda stumped on what was going on. You were about to speak up and ask when there was a knock on the door and the doctor came in. 
“Hello everyone how is the lovely Y/N doing ? we have all the test back and well if you want i can share them now in front of everyone.” he said 
“Yea sure it’s all family I don’t mind.” you said
“Very well, the first good news is that you don’t have anything majorly wrong just a concussion. The second good news is your pregnant.” ! he said
It sounded like a pin dropped in the room and you didn’t know what to say and poor Buck’s face look pale white. 
“Are you sure doc there’s no way it’s a mistake.” ? you asked 
“Nope 100% sure.” he said. Then excusing himself. 
Everyone was silent for a good minute not knowing what to say was this a good or bad thing they all thought. 
“ I can’t believe this is happening.” you said 
“I’m gonna be a dad.” Buck said looking down at you.  And all you could do was just nod still speechless. 
“This is so awesome I can’t believe this.” Buck said smiling down at you. 
You started smiling back and everyone began cheering and hugging you. 
“ I guess this is good news.” you said 
“Now we know why you were so hungry you didn’t have a tapeworm growing you but a mini Buckley.” Chim said 
Everyone began laughing and Buck squeezed your hand. 
You were happy this was good unexpected news and you were glad to share this moment with your family.
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evanbuckleybeloved · 2 months ago
remember when hen was talking to karen about why she didn’t invite her when she ‘went out for teppanyaki with chim’ because chim would invite maddie who would invite buck who would invite eddie and then bobby and athena would want to come ... it’s just how casual hen mentioned buck inviting eddie when everyone else she has listed were couples ...
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Bobby: I need you to stop being so reckless
Buck: Eddie is 90% of my impulse control
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hollywood-diaz · 3 months ago
bobby: lets say you're driving and Buck and Chim are in the middle of the road, what do you hit?
eddie: chim. id die before hurting buck.
bobby: the brakes eddie- you hit the brakes-
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alwayseddietrash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I found my folder of blank memes and I couldn't resist.
Apologies if someone has already done this one
911 memes 1/∞
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abow123456 · a month ago
Eddie, handing Buck a steaming mug of coffee: Blow
Buck: *shrugs and gets on his knees*
Bobby, Hen and Chimney, sat in the station kitchen: 😶👀
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nothinglikeotps · 5 months ago
"We didn't kill him, we just wanted to"
-Evan Buckley talking about the man who was just murdered
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 2 months ago
Flu Season
Tumblr media
  Requested: 911 imagine eddie diaz x Buckley reader where I've not been really ill for the past week and Eddie and buck are worried about me and send maddie over to check on me and she takes me to the hospital cause I collapse and turns out I'm pregnant and the 118 all turn up to see me and I tell them and Christopher is really happy about it thanks xx @beth-winchester21​
Flu season was here and it hit your school hard this year. 
Working as a teacher you were always exposed to germs and always knew this time of year is when the flu came and kicked everyone’s ass. 
This year it felt like you were getting it the hardest you ever got it. It was nothing you ever felt like before.
 You were so sick that you could barely get out of bed. Throwing up and feeling nauseous.
Eddie was worried about you, he hated to see you sick. Not being able to help or make you feel better killed him. 
He wasn’t the only one who was worried about you though. Buck and Maddie were both overprotective. You could of had a sniffle and they threw fits. 
So you didn’t think you were that sick. I mean everyone was just making a big deal out of nothing. 
You thought it was just a rough case of the flu. All you thought you needed was some crackers and ginger ale. The best medicine for the flu. 
Currently you were laying in bed. In and out of sleep. But you were woken up by the chatter coming down from the hall. You listened to see if you could hear who it was. 
Eddie’s voice rang through the hallway first. 
“Look man I’m worried about her this is clearly something else than the flu and I’m worried about her.” you heard him say. 
“ I know me to but you how bullheaded she is.” Buck said back and you heard Maddie agreeing with them. 
You just laid back and rolled your eyes. You knew they cared about you but dang why did they have to be so dramatic about it. You weren’t dying you were just sick. 
You heard Buck and Eddie get up to leave. They had to leave for work which you were grateful for because you didn’t want to be hounded over. 
You decided to get up out of bed and see Maddie. Getting up you felt a little lightheaded. But you decided to just push past it. You reached the end of the hall barely. 
Maddie saw you and rushed over at you. Yelling that you shouldn’t have gotten up out of bed. 
Which at this point you couldn’t argue you regretted your decision. Because you just felt you whole body give out and everything went black. 
You don’t even remember ending up at the hospital. You woke up being blinded by a light and what sounded like a heart monitor going off. You could also feel someone holding your hand. 
You finally opened up your eyes and looked down and saw Maddie sitting there with you. 
“What Happened?” you asked 
“You fainted at the apartment i had to bring you here. They took some blood work and test were just waiting. It hasn’t been that long.” she told you. 
They had you hooked up fluids and they were making you feel better. The two of you sat in silence. 
Just waiting for the results you weren’t too worried about it you thought there’s nothing going to be there. 
After what seemed like a while a doctor came in the room and you immediately sat up. 
“We have the test results and well congrats are in order your pregnant.” the doctor said. 
“You did have the flu but it was made worse due to the pregnancy but we got you hooked up to some fluids and were gonna get you rehydrated and you could be released later.” the doctor said. 
He left the room and you just sat there in silence because you didn’t know what to say. Maddie was smiling and trying to laugh you were glad this was funny to her. You had no idea how Eddie would react would he even want more kids? 
Later that evening the whole 118 and Christopher showed up to see me. Maddie called them and they came over at shift. You didn’t want anyone to make a big deal about you. 
When they showed up Maddie excused herself and let Eddie come in to see you by himself. You knew you just had to rip off the band aid and just tell him. 
“Hey Y/N are you okay ? I mean what’s going on are you okay baby we all been so worried about you.” he said grabbing your hand. 
“Eddie Listen I’m fine but there is something I have to tell you I’m Pregnant. I just found out. That’s why I have been so sick I had the flu but the pregnancy made it worse, and listen I understand if this is not what you want but-” he cut you off by kissing you rather hard. 
He placed a soft hand on your stomach and you placed your hand on top of his. The kiss broke and Eddie looked down at you with soft eyes. 
“Of course this is what I want I’m so happy I love you Mi Amor. were having a baby that’s so awesome.” he said to you. 
You heart swelled at his sweet words. You were happy that you were going to have a baby with this sweet man. The anxiety seemed to just go away. 
The rest of the 118 came in and everyone hugged you with Buck squeezing you so hard like you were at death’s door. 
Eddie got everyone’s attention, Listen we have an announcement to make. 
“Y/N is pregnant ! were going to be parents again.” Eddie yelled. 
Chris ran over to you giving you a hug and the whole room cheered and hugged each other. He couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and kept telling everyone he was finally going to be a big brother. You knew he would make a great one. 
“We knew it though we were all placing bets since you got sick.” Chim yelled out. 
The room burst out in laughter and Chimney started collecting his money. 
“I’m so proud of you.” Maddie Whispered in your ear. 
“I’m going to kill him.” Buck whispered to you. Maddie punched him in the arm laughing. 
Looking around the room you were so happy to have this wonderful and supportive family. You couldn’t have possibly believed this was your life but you were so beyond grateful.
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5x04 thoughts
The blame, Maddie just needs time....Maddie needs TREATMENT
Why are they adding a new dispatcher with a giant ego...this could have all been screen time for Sue and the regular dispatch members
Albertttttttt 🥰
Chimney 😭😭😭 (Kenneth's acting holy shit)
The twist was already obvious from the promo
Maddie clearly convinced Buck that she just needed time and was fine and I have no idea how he doesn't know but it really seems like he doesn't know she has PPD
I get chim being furious but also understand Buck was doing what he thought was right and also doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of her leaving, he keeps saying he knows her...but Maddie isn't Maddie right now, Maddie is in deep with a mental illness.
I love a Bathena hug
Poor Buck, Eddie gave some solid advice and was the first person to think about the fact that Maddie needs help, which he can see clearer because he's more removed from the situation
May and Harry are the cutest together
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