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#injured trope
whumpxng · 2 years ago
in conclusion, characters that are willing to die for their friends/team without a second thought for themselves are my absolute weakness and i will forever cherish and love their damaged souls. thanks for coming to my ted talk
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wildfaewhump · 3 months ago
hey do me a favor and slam your character up against a wall. surround them with overwhelming force, stack the odds against them too high to possibly be won.
now don't let them give up. let them stagger to their feet, wiping that trickle of blood from their nose, favoring that leg or that arm, and let them bare their teeth at the enemy and dare them to bring their worst.
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hurting-fictional-people · 4 months ago
Any other day and Hero would see the shards of glass scattered in front of their now shattered bedroom window. The way the papers over their desk are set in a slightly different pattern than the one they’d left them in.
As it is, they are just happy to have gotten home without passing out from blood loss.
Hero stumbles to their bedside table, to the far too used emergency kit waiting there, one hand splayed on the wall for support while the other holds their side as a new wave of pain travels down their body with each step. They stand in front of the drawer for a few seconds, swaying on their feet until Hero simply lets their knees give out like they’ve been wanting to for a lot longer than they care to admit. 
“You’re leaving a trail of blood.”
Hero gasps and turns around, gripping the nightstand as they stare wide-eyed at the figure leaning against their doorframe.
“Villain,” Hero mumbles, trying to get to their feet. The attempt is futile at best, pathetic at worst – their arms can’t hold their weight, and a whimper rises to their throat when they try. 
Still, Hero grits their teeth and takes a deep breath to steady themself before pushing up with all the strength they have left, leaning heavily against the wall to keep straight.
“How did you get in here?” they hiss, glaring at Villain’s casual pose.
Instead of answering, Villain narrows their eyes and scans Hero from head to toe. “Where is the blood coming from?”
“It’s not mine.” 
But said as weakly as it is, it sounds ridiculous even to Hero’s ears. Villain huffs out a humorless laugh.
“Yeah, and you’re pale as a ghost just because of the lighting, I bet. Oh, and your wobbly stance can only be because you’re cosplaying a tube man, right?”
There’s not enough energy in them to be mad at Villain’s caustic humor. If Hero’s being honest, there’s not enough energy to focus on anything other than how the floor is suddenly spinning under their feet, how their head feels weirdly light.
As if underwater, they hear their name being called, but they’re too busy crumpling down to make out the word.
The floor gets closer, and they brace for the impact. But instead of being met with hardwood and unconsciousness, Hero is caught by strong arms and met with worried eyes and gentle hands. 
They know they can’t trust Villain. Well, they should know better than trusting Villain. But it’s the first time that night that they aren’t the one holding themself together, the first time in a long while that there’s warmth and comfort around them, even if pain still underlays the ease. 
They close their eyes, bury their face against Villain’s chest, letting their body relax despite every warning they’ve ever received about Villain. 
It’s only when Villain’s frantic hands start roaming around their body searching for the source of blood that Hero’s eyes snap open and they pull away, practically crawling backward before leaning forward on their hands, exhausted and near to tears from the pain. They are so, so incredibly tired.
“Please, leave,” Hero whispers, head low, staring at their fingers trembling on the ground. Not a good sign.
“You need help,” Villain states in a serious tone Hero’s never heard before. “Where’s your Sidekick?”
“Just, please. Please, l-leave me alone.”
Hero looks up and meets Villain’s worried gaze, not quite grasping the frown on their forehead. They wait for them to nod and get up, or to take the chance and snatch them away. Instead, Villain extends their hands, palms up, toward Hero. 
“Let me help you.”
They open their mouth to either tell Villain to go away or to plead one more time, but only a soft whimper comes out. Villain takes that as permission and reaches for them, wrapping one arm under Hero’s legs and the other behind their back before scooping them up.
Hero flinches when the movement sends another jolt of pain through them but doesn’t let out the strangled cry that lodges just behind their teeth. Two steps later, and Villain places them on the bed, gently leaning Hero’s back against the pillow before pulling away. They don’t dare recognize how cold the spot Villain’s hands held them feels without their touch.
“Why are you doing this?” they rasp out, closing their eyes against the pain. 
“I was waiting for an epic battle with my nemesis when I broke in, not for you to come home barely able to stand up, leaving a trail of blood in your wake. You seem to need the help.”
“You’re supposed to be a villain.”
It takes them a few moments, but Villain finally stops rummaging through Hero’s drawers, and a moment later they feel the mattress sink with the added weight by their side, the emergency kit placed between the two of them. 
“And you’re supposed to not be bleeding out in your own home.”
A huffed laugh finds its way through the fog of pain, only to bring in a new wave of agony with it. Hero bites their lip and moans softly.
“I have to see the wound,” Villain says so softly it makes Hero hurt in an entirely different way. How long it’s been since someone last talked to them like this? 
They nod swiftly, lean their head back, eyes still shut.
Villain’s hands feel warm and gentle as they tear Hero’s shirt open and suck in a sharp breath at what they find under it. Not from the gash, Hero knows – no, that was expected – but at the many scars crisscrossing their skin.
“I didn’t do any of those,” Villain breathes, and Hero peeks at them through lidded eyes. There’s shock written all over their face, but there’s also something else, something darker. Anger.
Hero simply nods again and lets their body relax as much as they can when Villain starts cleaning the wound. They barely flinch at the sting, but can’t help gripping the sheets with what little strength they have left.
“Why do you have so many scars?”
The only answer is a hissed breath when the pain deepens. 
“You scared me when you stumbled inside and I couldn’t see where the blood was coming from,” Villain whispers, almost as if talking to themself.
Hero’s eyes open completely at that, at the strain in Villain’s voice.
“Why do you think I use only black clothes? Black doesn’t show blood,” they murmur, as if that’s just another fact, just another meaningless joke. Villain’s lips part at the words, incredulous eyes staring at Hero for so long, they are the first one to look away, leaning back on the pillows, too feeble to hold their head up for long.
It takes a few moments, but Villain goes back to patching them up, letting the silence fill the room as they work. Time ticks by, and Hero lets the pain envelop them – after so long, they know there’s no use fighting it. Their eyes grow heavy, but they fight the sleepiness as best as they can. It’s only after a while, when Villain finishes stitching them up and starts wiping away the blood before bandaging the wound, that they speak again.
“Who did this to you, Hero?”
It’s the unabashed concern in their words that disarms Hero. The way Villain keeps their eyes on the wound, giving them as much space as they can while still tending to them. The way they cared and helped when no one else did. It’s the careful hands and tender touches that make Hero open their mouth.
“Heroes have to be corrected too,” they whisper. 
Villain looks up, shoots them an incredulous look that Hero nearly misses. 
They are so tired. The pain is finally starting to recede, the bed has never felt more comfortable, and they can’t hold their eyes open any longer.
They fall asleep to Villain’s shocked protests and insisting questions, knowing, somewhere deep inside of them, that they’re safe now.
(part 2)
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reylo-solo · 3 years ago
Fic prompt: Rey gets badly hurt and Kylo Ren can't connect to her by the force, so he rushes into Resistance territory just to be by her side!
Thanks for the prompt! I kind of took some creative liberty here in the fact that Kylo can kind of connect with her, but not fully. Hope that’s okay and that you like it! :)
Read it on AO3.
~phantom pain
The pain wasjarring. With one quick swipe of the blade Rey was on her knees, clutching ather midsection, which felt like it was on fire. The deadly weapon just barelygot her – she had fast reflexes, despite everything, and so she was able tomiss the worst of the assault. But even so, she could feel the hot bloodtrickling through the thin fabric of her shirt, wetting her hands and makingthem feel sticky. Her shoulders started to quake and – when did she startcrying? Faintly, somewhere off in the distance, she could hear a voicescreaming her name. Finn?
           She barely even noticed when she wasgrabbed by the armpits and hauled off to the medical tent. The world kind offaded around her; sounds were dulled, all motion was a blur. The only thing shecould hear above all else was the panicked, heavy beat of her own heart. Shecould feel it in her fingertips, and in the wound across her gut.
           As they laid her on the hardmattress and took to work cutting off her shirt to access the wound, she staredup at the white peaked roof of the tent and only one word crossed her mind,again and again and again:
           All the way across the battlefield,Kylo Ren screamed in pain and fell to his knees, although no weapon had touchedhim. His fingers gripped the earth below him as he shook, one hand cautiouslygoing to his abdomen, searching for an open wound that wasn’t actually there –but it felt like it was.
           “Sir!” a voice screamed at him inalarm. “Sir are you alright? Are you hurt?”
           Kylo clenched his teeth togetherhard and stood up, glaring sharply at anyone whose eyes still lingered once hewas on two feet.
           “I’m fine.” He chewed out beforewalking away.
           He wasn’t fine. He was anything butfine. His head was racing and one hand was still searching his midsection foran injury, because it had to bethere, he’d felt it. Unless…oh, no.
           Kylo froze, eyes going wide inmounting fear. He wasn’t injured, but she was.
           “No,” he breathed. The icy shock ofit all slid down his throat and settled uncomfortably in the pit of hisstomach. Something was wrong, but what could he do? What he wanted to do was go to her immediatelyand be by her side; to give her all of his strength if it meant she would getto keep her life. But that would arouse suspicion. Just the sight of himcrossing into enemy territory would be enough to make the entire battlefieldstop moving. He couldn’t do that. But…it was Rey.
           He hadn’t seen her since she closedthe door of his father’s ship in his face. Back when it happened, Kylo hadthought the pain he experienced in that moment, as pure and sharp as it was,had to be the worst thing he’d ever felt. But this was far worse.
           This was uncertainty. This was fear.This was overwhelming.
           Then he heard it, and the sound ofher voice was all it took to set him back into motion.
           His legs couldn’t stop even if hewanted them to. He was just moving forward, pushing any obstacle out of hisway; people, droids, supplies, anything. Gradually he picked up speed until hewas full-on running, weaving around people the entire way. He could hear peoplesay his name as he went, he could hear them pointing him out to others, and heknew then that if he ever got back to the Order after this he’d be completelyscrewed. The only thing was, he just didn’t care.
           He had one objective: to find Rey.Nothing else mattered.
           As he crossed into enemy territory,he had to defend himself if he ever hoped of finding her. Shots were fired athim but continually missed; somehow they were always just a little bitoff-centre. The farther he went the more people followed, screaming andshooting and shouting until finally one voice boomed above the rest of them.Another voice Ben recognized instantly. His mother.
           “Stop! Let him through! That’s myson!”
           Well, people stopped, but none ofthem looked very happy about it. Kylo didn’t bother turning around to look,though. He shut his eyes for a second. He could see white walls and smellantiseptic. There was the familiar sound of medical droids fast at work, alongwith pained groaning and fast-paced chatter. Of course she was in the medicaltent. He looked up for the flag that marked it and once he saw the flash ofred, he veered right and disappeared amongst the tents.
           “Rey!” Kylo screamed her name thesecond he entered the medical tent, causing several people to jump and yelp insurprise and then terror.
           Kylo’s hair was wet withperspiration and sticking to his face. His saber was holstered at his hip. Hedidn’t presume to look awfully intimidating at that moment, but apparently itdidn’t matter. People automatically backed away from him, hissing and cursinghim as he walked past. It didn’t bother him any. He had long ago stopped caringabout the reactions he got from people. There weren’t too many people he caredabout for it matter.
           She was all the way in the back westcorner of the tent. The droids had left her side, but her stomach was allbandaged up, with only a red shadow of seepage to hint at the wound lyingbeneath. Her skin tone was pallid; there were dark circles under her eyes. Shelooked thinner, somehow.
           The second he got to her bedside hefell to his knees with a dull thud and carefully took her hand in his. Allthose people that had been chasing him were standing around within the limitsof the tent now, still and silent, watching things unfold with a certain amountof confusion and wonder.
           There was that familiar spark ofelectricity, dancing between their fingertips as they touched. Rey’s eyesinstantly twitched and opened. Those lovely hazel irises roamed lazily back andforth for a second before finally coming to focus on Ben’s face, mere inchesaway from hers. Worry creased his forehead and the muscle in his jaw stood out,telling her he had his teeth clenched again. There were tears in his eyes andwhen she saw them she felt a little pang in her heart. Those eyes were too softand too beautiful to have so much sorrow and pain inside them.
           “Ben…” Her lips were chapped and theroughness of her parched throat made it hard for her to speak above a whisper,but she didn’t need to. He had heard her just fine.
           “I’m here,” he replied quietly,squeezing her hand.
           “You shouldn’t be,”
           “You called me, so I came.”
           “You’re going to get yourself killedover here,” she said, as sternly as she could in her current state.
           Kylo shrugged, entirely nonplussed. “Notknowing if you were alive or dead probably would have killed me anyways.”
           Rey smiled weakly and gestured toher wound. “Did you feel it too then? Or did you just hear me call your name?”
           “I felt it too,” Kylo confirmed.
           “Oh,” Rey’s face fell. “I’m sorry.”
           “Don’t,” Kylo shook his head. “Don’tapologize.”
           His thumb ran back and forth alongher knuckles, and she held onto him with all the strength she could muster. Shedidn’t know how long she’d get to do it for.
           “So is this your way of surrenderingyourself to the Resistance, then?” she asked with a small smile.
           Kylo let out a shaky breath oflaughter. “I guess so, yeah. Which means I’m probably going to die here anyway.It was worth it, though. I got to see you again.”
           Rey shook her head. “If they want tohurt you they’re going to have to go through me,” she argued.
           “Ah, but of course. You’re a forceto be reckoned with, even with…how many stitches?”
           “Even with fifty-two stitches.”
           Rey drew in a breath, warilywatching the wall of people that were slowly closing in on them.
           “Thank you,” she whispered. “I didn’texpect that you’d come. I just…wanted you there. I was scared for a second, youknow…that it was going to be worse than I thought.”
           “Of course,” Kylo said softly. “Ihad to come.”
           Very slowly he leaned forward tokiss her head. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she was able to savour every partof the moment. His lips were warm and soft on her skin; she wanted to feel themall over. The thought made her blood run hot. But now was not the time, not infront of all those people.
           “I’ll see you again very soon,” Kylopromised. “And, well, I guess you’ll know where to find me?”
           Rey smiled knowingly. “I guess Iwill.”
           Kylo gave Rey his lightsaber and shetook it in good faith. Then, he put his hands behind his head.
           Everything happened so fast. A groupof men closed in and cuffed him before hauling him upright and walking him tothe prison camp. The entire time he went peacefully, with a smile on his face.And Rey simply held his saber over her heart and told herself that she’d betterbe up and walking within the hour or there’d most certainly be hell to pay.
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whumpxng · 2 years ago
infected wounds. can we just talk about them for a second? let me tell you why they are precious in whump;
you’ve got the increasing pain, the wound is burning hot to the touch, there’s swelling, fever, malaise and tiredness, unable to move the injured area correctly. imagine all of these symptoms as they try and hide their infection on top of hiding the initial injury from their friend anyway
bonus: when the friend finds out, the whumpee tries to say they’ve been ‘managing on their own’ and that they’re ‘fine, just a little light headed’ as they slump down and pass out
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whumpingthroughlife · 3 years ago
You know what I love? HURT RIBS!...cracked/fractured, broken, or bruised. 
Imagine:  Seeing a perfectly sculpted chest with nice six-pack abs and flat tummy, the whumpee’s face twisted in pain as they wince with every movement and every breath is agony, their hand shielding their side as they walk gingerly so they don’t hurt themselves even more.  Coughing and sneezing only add to their pain.  I can’t get enough of it. 👍🤣 
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professional-idiocy · 5 months ago
Villain who works for Supervillain is trying to mediate peace between the hero team and their boss.
Only for Supervillain to view this as an act of betrayal.
Supervillain nearly kills Villain but they manage to escape. So now their only hope is the heroes who may or may not help them.
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whumpxng · 2 years ago
give me a whumpee who has to push through dizziness, who cant even walk straight bc they’re either injured or poisoned, but they have to finish this mission, this one last thing, maybe their friend/s.o is in danger? so they use the wall for support, leaning and holding on for dear life as they take steps to get to where they need to be, dragging their feet and trying so hard to not meet the floor 
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whumpwillow · 21 days ago
solo villains having to stitch up their own wounds since they can’t get proper medical treatment (because they’re villains) and have no one to rely on that will take care of them.
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well-im-whumped · 2 years ago
Runninh away tropes?
I love them! There are so many aaaa!! A few of my favorites would be...
• The whumpee has escaped their captors but is heavily wounded. Bonus points if our whump is holding their wounds in a bloody hand. Double bonus points if it’s the middle of winter and the whumpee has to face the elements all while leaving a bloody trail.
• The antagonist is chasing down our rag tag group of heroes, one of them is badly hurt and has to be carried by the muscle of the group.
• Our whumpee broke off from the group because an enemy of theirs is after them. (A lot of whump plot bunnies can come out of this)
• The whumpee is seriously injured but cannot rest or sleep because the whumper is searching for them
• anytime a character is running away and trips, injuring themselves OR giving enough time for the whumper to capture them
Tumblr media
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whump-galaxy · 7 months ago
The whumpee has a regeneration ability. Their captor just loves to de-stress by chaining them up and dropping them from heights.
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lady-whump · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Picture your whumpee finally getting away from the villain, and being terrified of being caught, so scared of having to go back that they just keep going and don't stop until they collapse.
And maybe.....
Friend/lover/family/random stranger finds them and helps them once they get over the initial horror?
And maybe.....
Whumpee isn't sure about trusting this person but
A) doesn't have much of a choice
B) decides that anything is better than where they were
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Whump Idea- Drugging Villain for their own good
1. Villain doesn't trust Hero, yet they are hurt and not sleeping due to the fact about being scared. But when Hero presents them the needle, they freak out. If they sleep, Hero could do who knows what with them. As they try to fend off any attack with said daunting needle, Hero gets them with it. They slump forward, crying, as Hero holds them.
Or alternative, Hero doesn't comfort them and forces Villain to endure their fear as unconsciousness looms over them.
2. Villain has been running and hiding for weeks, neglecting sleep and food. The heroes are getting tired as well and very agitated. Their intial plan was to help Villain with their sickness, but it quickly escalated. The team ends having to use a tranq gun to capture and bring Villain to safety.
3. Villain is in so much agony that even sleep won't take them. They writhe on the couch, table, bed as the caretaker cleans their wounds. Eventually, the distress and delirium gets to much that the caretaker to forced to give them a sedative.
4. Villain needs surgery, but of course the procedure is done at Hero's base. They prep the IV as Villain watches in anticipation as the anesthesia slips into their veins. Just as the world blinks out of existence, Hero squeezes their hand.
5. Villain is about to face off the greatest evil that not even Supervillain can defeat. Supervillain watches as Villain trains and preps for the fight, but when the day comes, their worry gets too great. They sneak up behind Villain and plunge the needle into their neck. They fall into Supervillain's grip. When they are restrained to the bed, Supervillain faces off instead.
6. Civilian finds a dying Villain. They crouch down next to them to scoop them up and bring them home. Safe at last, the Villain sighs and asks quietly, "make it easier, please." The civilian nods and slips the needle into their vein, granting Villain a pain free death.
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mypoorfaves · 2 years ago
A character telling their partner to stay awake is My Fucking Jam but ya know what's even better? The sick/injured character being alone and their condition is going downhill so they have to fight to stay awake on their own
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well-im-whumped · 3 years ago
name your top 3 whump tropes that begin with S
Okay this was tough but here we go!
(In no order)
1. Sacrifice: A character taking a hit for someone else, getting themselves captured/tortured instead, the whole deal. It’s all really great in my opinion. Sometimes I get kind of disappointed when my favorite character to whump ends up being the one who is saved in this fashion because “darn it we were so close”. But all is easily forgiven because this trope is a treat.
2. STAB STAB STAB: stab wounds are my favorite. Like gunshots are great, poison, etc. but holy cow do I have a soft spot for stab wounds. I actually think I’m so intrigued by it because usually it’s done when a character is betrayed (in the spirit of “et tu Brute?”). But even without that nice touch of treachery, stab wounds have a lot of drama attached for them. Is the blade serrated? Dipped in venom? Curved? Dirty? In conclusion: YESS.
3. Stuck: Spider-man Homecoming really made me fall in love with this trope. Whumpees stuck beneath fallen rubble or quick sand, or anything really that makes them trapped. It’s great because at first they fight like hell to get out, but then there’s a moment of panic and terror. That’s the real meat. At what point does our beloved hero give up?
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shy-violet-soul · a year ago
Stuff You Should Be Reading - Jan., Feb. 2020
Soooo far behind. Pay no attention to the fact that it’s 5/17/2020! 
Supernatural A Place Called Home by my sweet, precious friend & beta @thesassywallflower. The fantastically written series gives us Dean Winchester & OFC Kat - the two people who can save the world. But both of these star-crossed lovers feel they’re unworthy of the other. Can they find their way to sharing their hearts? ‘Not to be missed’ read!!!
Marvel Memory Loss by @captain-rogers-beard is a phenomenal series featuring amnesiac Steve Rogers & former agent Reader. What happens when both the bad guys and the Avengers are racing to get to the Captain?
Dead Sea by @pinknerdpanda is an enchanting Bucky Barnes AU. He and reader are a couple of lost souls that find their way to each other. When loss strikes, will that connection sustain them?
Fourlegged Protector by @stallingdemons is a super-cute RPF featuring Chris Evans and everyone’s favorite pupper, Dodger! Chris & his love can’t figure out why Dodger’s so attentive, but this goodest good boy knows what’s up.
Cold & Broken by @sunriserose1023 writes up one of my favorite tropes - someone’s injured and the other is fighting to keep them alive. But they’re both hiding feelings - - will tragedy push them to reveal the truth?
Foot in Mouth Syndrome by @heli0s-writes is a chaotic, hilarious, and tenderly touching romp between reader, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes, finding their way in this budding relationship.
Warm Hands part 1 by @teamcap4bucky I ha dread part 2 (which is a delight!), and have no idea how I missed part 1! Pregnant reader can’t sleep because a baby supersoldier won’t settle down in there! But her favorite uncle is on his way to the rescue.
Soul Like a Whisper by @stevehesaidabadlanguageword. The trope of not seeing color until you meet your soul mate takes skill to carry off well. This writer does a fantastic job! The imagery is powerful and the story is cleverly crafted.
Roses by @tropicalcap features everyone’s favorite God of Thunder! Thor’s sweetheart is of Midgard, and Thor is determined to follow all appropriate customs for this strange Valentine’s holiday. Sweetness ensues!
You Don’t Have to Say Anything by @sgtjbuccky: when you’re scared of the violent thunderstorm, Bucky is there to comfort you in all his sweetness.
Bloody Roses @the--sad--hatter keeps me in stitches! First of all, the reader’s responses to finding a shot up Winter Soldier in her flower beds sounded a LOT like what mine would have been. Secondly, watching the relationship unfold between these two is a treat.
Ridiculous by @bucky-plums-barnes is an adorable snapshot of Bucky trying hard to be a good boyfriend and help out with decorating. 
Must Haves by @all1e23 is a tender look into Bucky’s heart - the things he can’t live without.
The Witcher Things Unbearable by @anniesburg This writer’s style echoes with the artistry of centuries old fairy tales and modern romance! Geralt is hired to kill a monster, and instead finds true compassion & a gentle soul.
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withdrawingramen · a month ago
Whump prompt; 6
Villain turned whumpee! Villain is a notorious criminal with violent tendencies and finally gets captured by the Heroes. Said group of Heroes has lost one of their teammates in the past who died by the Villain's hands, so they take immense pleasure in taking their time with the new whumpee. By the end of a few weeks, with the whumpee battered, bloody and thoroughly bruised, group of heroes decides to have whumpee travel and apologize to every family they've caused harm and pain, apologize for every life they've taken, all in their weak, barely conscious, trembling and beaten form. But the villain still has a bloody grin stretched across their face, despite their aching body.
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artificile · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gm i wake up and immediately post this bc this is the sexiest moment in foxtail No U Can't Change My Mind
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charnelhouse · 6 days ago
"need to include these in requests"
Please don't, I am begging
Tumblr media
no plz gimme some
like that shit where you just have defeated THE ENEMY and both of you are smiling at each other and it's all so fucking romantic until you grimace and your mouth parts and you touch at your side before pulling your hand away and it's coated in BLOOD
i am a simple soul
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