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#is this how we do it
bananonbinary · a month ago
i dont like or trust brands but i DO adore government organizations and nonprofits like osha or the monterey bay aquarium and all their badly made memes.
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marisatomay · a month ago
cmon girlies we’re picking out a 10k+ single chapter fic on ao3 to read stomach down head turned towards our phones held next to our pillows as we move only our thumbs to scroll until our sedatives knock us out
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piracyisavictimlesscrime · 5 months ago
when you search "call me by your name" on youtube lil nas x's video is the first video to show up. nature is healing <3
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monsterqueers · 2 months ago
So with everyone abuzz about the Britney Trial, and appalled and shocked and horrified at what she has had to go through, I want to take the time to state that this is commonplace and a very real threat for neurodivergent folks of all stripes. If you have a paper diagnosis of something it can and will be used against you by abusers. If you are disabled and/or neurodivergent you are owned in the eyes of the law and society by the people you depend on. This obviously and predictably creates situations where abuse is prevalent.
What Britney revealed in this trial did not shock me at all because this is the reality of many many people. This is the threat that hangs over people like me if we dont conform and burn out to please an arbitrary standard of normal and don't lie like hell to doctors.
At any moment if my mother felt like it, she could simply take my autonomy away legally because I can't live alone. If I didn't censure myself all of the time around certain people regarding neurodivergence, I could end up in a similar position because a doctor decided I was too crazy to have rights, and unlike Brittney, there is no mass movement for justice for us common people.
I want everyone to realize that what Britney has said is commonplace for people deemed 'too crazy to function' and disabled people in general. We are abused at startlingly high rates by our caregivers (parents, doctors, etc), society thinks that our rights should be taken away for our own good. I want people to extend the horror and desire to see change to the rest of us who arent high profile and use that horror to enact real change.
Not just hashtag freebritney, but push to pass laws to protect the autonomy and freedoms of those of us who are effected by conservatorships, institutionalization, and general stamping on of the rights of neurodivergent and disabled folks in every area of our lives.
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to whatever teenager needs to hear this:
statistically your generation is having less underage sex & drinking less & doing fewer drugs & generally making better choices than your parents’ generation
the shit you see on tv is just a bunch of middle-aged tv producers (who should know better) sexualizing you & projecting onto your age group. 
do your best not to internalize it as normal (it’s not!), and absolutely call them on their bullshit. 
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tapedeck · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: Tweet from monicayk97 reads, "honestly i'm just fucking done and tired with it all. i'm angry that i know the white supremacist shooter's name before the names of the asian women. i'm angry that it's working class asians that are targeted and people wanna erase us all as wealthy. i'm just fucking angry" end ID]
some places to donate (compiled by monica):
advancing justice (atlanta, GA local org)
stopaapihate (aapi women-led)
'i'm ready' movement (aapi women-led)
asian prisoner support committee
apienc (for queer and trans asian people)
source tweet. (edit: includes other orgs to donate to, as well as some additional comments/corrections to original tweet)
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obirain · 5 months ago
Kinda wanna keep my mouth shut but also kinda wanna expose myself as a white american christian on main to say that all the backlash against lil nas x rn is a little, how do u say, fucking ridiculous 
Like you cannot accuse a gay black man of appropriating and blaspheming your religious imagery when that same imagery has been weaponized over centuries into a tool of institutional oppression. Y’all are acting like a fucking music video is a fully-fledged attack on the institution of Christianity as if Christianity should ever have been an institution in the first place. Like. Y’all we better stop it lol
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arahir · a month ago
"we took porn off tumblr for more lucrative advertising" like this you mean
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"post plus" pay me to have to look at these
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businessbois · 5 months ago
i feel like a good amount of people haven’t seen this clip and it’s a damn shame
(context: the dream team side went to tubbo’s jungle base early before the war was set to start and before the l’manburg side was on. tubbo was alerted of this by george getting an achievement in chat. he shoved everything he’d prepared into his enderchest right before they got there)
[Tubbo quickly puts diamond armor in his enderchest as he takes damage. He puts the last of it in right before he dies.] Tubbo: “Yep, there we go. We got it all in the chest, boys! We got it in the chest! Oh my god, we actually did it! Take the L! You can’t get jack! You can’t get jack! Ooh, ooh, you wearing your armor? You wearing your armor, are you? Ooh, you wearing your fancy armor, are you? Oh, oh, this is unfortunate. Oh, what, you gonna kill me?” [Tubbo_ was shot by Sapnap using [Sap LazerBeam]] Oh no, have I died again? Oh. Oh, that’s a shame.” [throws harming potions at them and then dies] “Oh, that’s a shame. KEKW, boys. KEKW. The clowns! Absolute clowns. Absolute clowns!” [Tubbo_ was shot by GeorgeNotFound. He respawns and breaks his bed] “Absolute clowns. Go on, you—go on. Kill me. Kill me. Where will I end up, eh? Where will I end up?” [Tubbo_ was slain by Sapnap using [Sapnap’s Schlong]] “Oh?” [He respawns] “And now we’re back at spawn. Onwards to L’Manburg, boys! Onwards to L’Manburg! You think they have crap on us? Oh look, they’re now 12 thousand blocks away and we are going to L’Manburg.”
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I'm so frustrated with news media culture
Tumblr media
This CBS article showed up in my newsfeed. I normally don't click on articles like these, but I read the headlines. My instinctive response to this headline was "what a tepid, noncommittal response from an uncaring administration." Mainly because that's the mental framework that media & social media has taught me to use.
Then I clicked the article:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What Biden actually said was that these laws are an atrocity (they are). He literally called them "Jim Crow in the 21st Century" (completely true). He made a sweeping condemnation, taking a far stronger stance than the headline implied--stronger than the media has taught me to expect. A much more accurate headline would have been "Biden condemns Georgia election laws" or "Biden calls Georgia election laws an "atrocity"".
As a progressive, I have enough complaints about the Biden administration without media companies purposely trying to mislead me with this shit. Keep in mind the vast majority of people who read the headline will not click on the article. That is just how headlines work. And this is just one of dozens of small but incredibly harmful journalistic practices. Too many U.S. media companies consistently twist words & highlight the wrong information in order to drive wedges between liberal voting blocs while unifying the far right and I am sick of it.
Always read critically, and hold your news sources accountable.
#reminder of the extreme importance of supporting independent news sources#especially nonprofits like Mother Jones#but always always always examine word choices and tone#it's become second nature to me to rewrite and rephrase news articles as I'm reading them#i go into mental 'editing' mode.#just rephrasing sentences a different way as an experiment can do a LOT to quickly uncover invisible bias#for every phrase there are two synonyms that could have been used instead. and the writer made the choice they did for a REASON#anyways. TONE POLICE MEDIA COMPANIES NOT MINORITIES#serious post#not a shitpost#no I'm not a fan of the Biden administration#but falling for shit like this is ultimately why we got that orange fucker instead of clinton#Christ think about how much better the last year alone would have been if we'd had Clinton#again not a clinton fan but we would have had a functional center for disease control for one thing#would have had a center for disease control in the midst of a global pandemic#remember the CDC? the thing Trump got rid of along with 100 other essential government services#well putting children in cages is expensive I guess. Walls don't pay for themselves#anyway. vote as a form of harm reduction#yes the system should probably be torn down and built from fucking scratch#but until you figure out a way to do that will you please just fucking vote to reduce harm#wow. this was such a small thing but apparently I was set to go off I guess#I am possibly just beginning to process the last 4 years of social trauma.
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pangur-and-grim · a day ago
Tumblr media
not gonna show their username bc I don’t want them to be harassed, but it’s so crucial that people see this 👁️👄👁️ I for one thrive on a diet of cadavers and secretions
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