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#jay talks

I want to scream!!!

My roommates puppy came into my room today this ungodly hour of fucking 5:40AM and decided today was the fucking day she was going to jump up and PISS ALL OVER MY BED!!!

I have never ever been so fucking pissed in my life. I didn’t sleep at fucking all last night stressed out of my god damn mind because of school and then the fucking dog pisses on me. She apparently pissed on my roommates bed too but if you’re going to let an untrained dog sleep with you on your bed, you signed up for that not me.

My roommate won’t train her properly either! She says she is and honesty probably thinks she is but today has been the only fucking time she has taken her out of the house to go to the bathroom in the morning. I have to do it or basically shame her into doing it all other times. I am tired, this is not my puppy I shouldn’t have to fucking do shit.

Then, and then!!! My roommate is upset cause I’m upset but wtf would your reaction be to a fucking puppy pissing all over you, your very expensive laptop and all you bedding that you just washed like a day ago. Of course I’m going to fucking freak out, yell and get angry!! What the fuck else is the proper response! Especially since I haven’t fucking slept at all today!

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Idk what happened but like an hour ago I honestly felt like I was dying, like my stomach hurt, the good old “I cant tell if its hunger or too fullness” showed up, I could feel my heart hammering away, I had a massive, massive headache (now it’s just a bad one), the world felt like it wasn’t actually there….

I managed to drink a juice box and now I fell relatively fine,,, :// idk why my body hates me

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Resident Evil 3 is coming out in 5 days and I really wanna get it, if anyone would help me get it I’ll make them a costume profile of your own liking/gifset for your favorite video or something… just let me know.

Heres my ko-fi page

(Disclaimer: you are not obligated to do it unless you absolutely want to)

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My dinner tonight consists of a massive bowl of salad (salad dressing is for posers), chocolate almond milk (lactose intolerant), mint chocolate chip yogurt (bc I consume milk anyways), and arguing with my little brother why my yamper Lily should not be named Jade (she does Not have the color jade on her!!! if anything the accents are lime!!!) <- 5th time we’ve had the same argument

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*side eyes my 2 ocs I literally never talk about*

…..okay but whAT IF I MADE A THIRD ONE-

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bro your "why can i not simply have both" tag on the ear vs. fang post really got me, esp because that was my first thought too

Ik right?! It was so hard to choose bc first of all they are both cool af, secondly I grew up wanting elf ears (Tolkien was my entire childhood) and wanting fangs came with high school

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by jasperwhitcock

tagged by: @aliceseesyou thanks for tagging me, I love how much out of fandom interaction ive been seeing!

Edward — how well do you read other people?

I think I read people pretty well. I manage to pick up motivations and emotions from people even when they’re not outright said, and it’s actually saved me from trouble a couple of times in life.

Bella — do you often find yourself underestimated?

Actually, people overestimate me all the fkn time and it’s incredibly frustrating. My extended family has this crappy habit of treating me like an employee and not a human being family and they all overwhelm me with favors and jobs and then get frustrated when I;m too burnt out to do something for them. :/ On the other hand, I tend to underestimate myself pretty often, so maybe we all need to find some kind of middle ground here.

Alice — what is your relationship to your past?

I hate the ‘it made me who I am sentiment’ sure, it might be true, but why should i have to be someone who’s gone through a lot of bad things? My past is something I grapple with a lot and my coping mechanism is to just not think about them so that’s not great. But that’s not to say there weren’t a lot of good things and fond memories that I have!

Jasper — how perceptive are you of other people’s feelings?

Oh my god, so perceptive it’s annoying. I’m very empathetic and it’s honestly exhausting. I used to come home from work completely emotionally drained because people seemed to know how perceptive I was. They would just drop all their troubles on me and then walk away feeling better, meanwhile I felt like crap! Energy vampires, ISTG

Rosalie — are you more tenacious or easygoing?

Somewhere in the middle? I try to be easy going most of the time, but when I get my mind set on something, I am going to get it done.

Emmett — what are your strengths?

These are really hard questions, haha! I guess… I’m great at detailing a car! I’m reliable, and loyal. You could not speak to me for three years, but I’d still help with almost anything at the drop of a hat.

Carlisle — what role does compassion play in how you view the world?

I honestly think compassion is one of the most important things in the world. And sometimes it feels like there’s not enough compassionate people in places where there should be. Positions of power both large and small, from political offices, to nursing jobs.

Esme — how quickly do you develop feelings of love & care for someone in your life?

I love so easily. I was in love with my boyfriend before we even officially got together lmao. To be fair, I’ve known him most of my life. I don’t very often let people into my life so the most recent example would be about a year ago when I sometimes started babysitting for a family friend. It took maybe three 8 hour babysitting sessions for me to absolutely adore that kid and I would protect her with my life.

Renesmee — if your parents had other options for your name, are they worse or better than the name you were given? or do you communicate your thoughts & emotions well to others?

I’m so ridiculously bad at making my emotions known. It’s lead to so many miscommunications, instances of me being taken advantage of or manipulated, and it’s the reason it took six months for me to ask my bf if we were dating or if we just hung out outside our friend group a lot. I’m literally too nice to say no to someone if they’re asking for something reasonable. But also I’m a huge loudmouth who never stops making their opinions known, so it’s an interesting oxymoron in my personality.

I’m tagging oof, I’m not sure who hasn’t done it already @rosaalee @howlonghaveyoubeenseventeen and @empathetic-cowboy maybe?

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Carmilla, rose, and raven 💕💕

Carmilla: Describe your style. What is your aesthetic comprised of? My style is about as varied as can be. I have some really retro inspired pieces inspired by 70′s fashion, I have some really goth clothes, sometimes I’ll wear ‘fuckboy clothes”, I have really fancy stuff, some slutty stuff, I have some more modern, VSCO girl yellow type stuff, and some hand me downs from my parent’s teen years in the 90′s. But I usually default to goth/emo since it’s what I know best.

Rose: Which time era do you fancy? Why?  Lately, I’ve been VIBING HARD with the 1970s. The CLOTHES, the MUSIC, the CARS. Second Wave Feminism, Technology hadn’t encroached on every aspect of people’s lives yet. DAVID BOWIE.

Raven: What mythological creature would you be and why? Of course I wanna say vampire haha, And my go to answer used to be vampire lol! But recently my friends have been pointing out my pixie like qualities, so maybe that? But also maybe a brownie? Helpful and nice until someone makes me mad, and then I’ll just lose it lol

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