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ekingstonart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gotta get a little creative when walking in on a Situation™ while wearing your civvies.
— based on a conversation with @searidings: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear supercorp call out ‘that’s my wife!’?
kara walking in to lena's office with her arms full of food for lunch, seeing two men attempting to kidnap lena and yelling 'that's my WIFE' as she throws lena's kale smoothie at their heads
Tumblr media
“It’s strawberry, Lena. You can’t go to battle with strawberry. Unlike kale, it has no interest in violence.”
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 11 months ago
This weekend I'm planning on starting a rewatch of S1 of Supergirl. I was thinking of doing a liveblog, but with a spin: I have to commentate with how I would graft Lena Luthor into the season as though she was there from the start.
Would y'all be interested in following along with something like that?
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drfitzmonster · 9 months ago
i like lena's braid
a lot
it reminds me of karen allen's hair in raiders of the lost ark
i had a very, very strong proto-gay crush on marion ravenwood as a kid
so i am a sucker for a braid
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badfriend · a year ago
Tumblr media
"and saves lena" hm yeah sure
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swashbucklery · a year ago
This week’s Supergirl was so CATHARTIC in the same episode they gave me a beautiful gut-punch legitimate friendship apology and FINALLY admitted that non nocere was utter nonsense that violated every single rule of brains ever and couldn’t possibly work MY SKIN IS CLEAR MY CROPS ARE WATERED etc.
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mcgrathandwives · 2 years ago
So like does this mean we get to see Katie run around with swords again or nah?
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sidswipe · a year ago
Tumblr media
Dalhia, Lena and Mila captured
Version alternative des deux premiers épisodes de Skyland où Mila aurait accompagné ses enfants pour s'installer à Puerto-Angel en se joignant à l'équipage du capitaine Aaron Cortes, malheureusement sa fille Lena étant une Seijin, la Sphère souhaite s'emparer d'elle pour en faire une élève formé au Tutorat où Mila a été jadis formé puis s'en est évadé après avoir découvert la vérité sur la dictature de la Sphère par le pirate Marcus Farell.
Malgré toute la puissance de ses pouvoirs ainsi que ceux de sa fille, Mila et Lena n'ont rien pu faire contre la puissance d'Oslo le chef des Tuteurs capable d'utiliser ses pouvoirs en permanence, y compris la nuit. Pour veiller à ce que les pirates du capitaine Cortes ne tentent rien d'héroïques pour les libérer, Dalhia fut prise en otage en plus de Mila et Lena et vont être conduites à la prison de Kharzem. Alternative version of the first two episodes of Skyland where Mila would have accompanied her children to settle in Puerto Angel by joining the crew of Captain Aaron Cortes, unfortunately his daughter Lena being a Seijin, the Sphere wishes to take her to make her a pupil trained at the Tutorship where Mila was once trained and then escaped after discovering the truth about the dictatorship of the Sphere by the pirate Marcus Farell. Despite all the power of her and her daughter's powers, Mila and Lena have been unable to do anything against the power of Oslo the Tutor Leader who is able to use his powers all the time, including at night. To ensure that Captain Cortes' pirates don't try anything heroic to free them, Dalhia was taken hostage along with Mila and Lena and will be taken to Kharzem prison.
Work developed by YamiDarkness1989
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scribbling-punk · 3 months ago
Letter from Hogwarts.
Prompt:  I think people forget, but the supers are weak against magic.
Lena grunts as she lands heavily on the mat, her features wrinkling as all of the air is knocked from her lungs. Kara extends a hand to help her up, but she stubbornly swats it away as she shakily forces herself to her feet. Sweat trickles down her spine, her tank top uncomfortably sticking to her, but Lena isn’t ready to back down just yet— not by a long shot. 
“We can take a break if you need one.” Kara offers her a reassuring smile. They’ve been training for almost an hour and there’s not a single hair out of place on her stupidly perfect head. It’s infuriating, enough to force Lena’s legs forward as she once again lunges at the superhero.
Kara sidesteps the attempt with ease, her fingers wrapping around Lena’s slender wrist to stop her from crashing into the training room wall. “Seriously, it’s okay to take a break, Lena. It’s pointless to tire yourself out just to prove some kind of point.” Her hands find her hips, baby blue eyes narrowed as they stare into frustrated green.
“You said I couldn’t join you in the field until we trained.” A few strands of hair escape her ponytail and tickle her nose, Lena blowing them away with a disgruntled huff. “Which, by the way, seems unnecessary. I’m more than capable of taking care of myself, and even if my fists fail I could always…. poof.” Lena gestures wildly with her hands.
“Alex trains, Brainy trains, even I train,” Kara shrugs. “You don’t get a pass just because you got your letter from Hogwarts.” Lena raises a brow, her eyes shining with something that Kara doesn’t understand until it’s too late, her back hitting the wall with an un-Kara-like oof.
“Oops, I guess my powers are still a little erratic.” Lena smiles sweetly— too sweetly. “Perhaps I do need to train, after all.” She casually clasps her hands behind her back, her hip cocking outwards as she waits for Kara to react. “The Girl of Steel isn’t afraid of little old me, is she?” Lena tilts her head to one side, her saccharine tone laced with a hint of challenge.
Kara rolls her shoulders with a smirk, her advance forward slow and ominous, a shadow of a smirk playing on her lips. If it were anyone else, they’d perhaps take a step back at the very least, but not Lena. Never Lena. Instead, she merely murmurs in Latin and lifts her hands, cockily grinning across as Kara before she can fully close the gap between them.
With a thump, Kara hits the floor, her eyes wide as she stares at the vines insidiously crawling around her legs. She’s trapped, Lena’s newfound magic impervious to her strength no matter how hard she fights to break free. The witch has the nerve to laugh, emerald eyes gleaming with satisfaction as she drops to her haunches in front of her.
“You’re cheating.” Kara’s bottom lip folds outwards, her gaze landing on the warm hand that rests on her knee.
“Or, am I simply proving that I’m not some damsel in distress who needs to be protected at all times?” Lena’s forehead crinkles as she lifts her brow, “you didn’t mind the last time I tied you up.”
“No, you’re definitely cheating,” Kara shakes her head, attempting to ignore the embarrassed heat that bleeds upwards from her chest as she steadfastly ignores Lena’s teasing.
“The bad guys won’t play fair, Kara.”
“The bad guys aren’t supposed to be training right now,” Kara shoots back, growing flustered as the vines tighten around her knees. They loosen and disintegrate with a wave of Lena’s hand, and the brat has the gall to beam at her as she hauls Kara back to her feet.
Kara immediately seizes the opportunity and spins them around, her lips barely an inch from Lena’s as she pins her against the wall. Their eyes meet, green eyes suddenly darker as Kara easily hears the hitch in her breath.
“Now who’s cheating?”
“I thought you said the bad guys won’t play fair.” Kara leans forward, sweetly capturing Lena’s lips with her own. Her hands settle on rounded hips, her thumb sneakily slipping beneath the hem of Lena’s tank as she rubs teasing circles into her soft, but clammy, skin.
“Well,” Lena blows out a wavering breath, her fingers wrapping around bulging biceps as she clings to Kara, “I sincerely hope you don’t do that in the field.”
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coffeeshib · a year ago
Lena knows fully well she can defend herself whenever her quarterly assassination attempt creeps up to her but still she uses the Super watch so Kara can come save her and hold her in her big strong arms
Lena Luthor is a damsel in distress by CHOICE!!!!!! not because she actually is
Tumblr media
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archerslove · 3 months ago
remember that deleted supercorp scene where lena is saying "im not a damsel in a tower, if you go after leviathan im fighting by your side"
fast forward to season six and now lena won't just sit in the tower, she's going to fight by kara's side
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captaincartervalues · 9 months ago
Not me remembering the supercorp s5 deleted scene where Lena tells Kara she’s not a damsel and how it parallels with Nia telling Brainy she’s not a woman who needs protecting
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 9 months ago
Not a Damsel, Not in Distress (Billy X Fem!Reader X Stu)
Characters: Billy X Fem!Reader X Stu
Universe: Scream
Warnings: Mention of murder, attempted murder, injury, fighting and violence
Request: can you do a billy x reader x stu where the two are planning to kill her when they kill everyone else, and then realise she's an absolute fucken badass, and theyre lowkey hella attracted to her and so they have a little change of plans
Tumblr media
A lot of murders had been happening in your neighborhood. Starting from last week, 4 kids in your age range had been killed. You’d gone to school with them, or knew someone who knew them. The first two were at first deemed freak accidents, but after the 3rd death, it had become obvious that something was going on, and after the 4th, it became clear that someone was responsible for this.
You were on high alert. You didn’t go out unless absolutely necessary, doors and windows were locked, curtains and blinds shut the second it got dark so people outside couldn’t tell if someone was home and more importantly, home alone. You checked your car before getting in then immediately locked the doors when you got in. You added some hidden self defence weapons to your keychain. Admittedly, since you’re a woman you did most of this anyway, but still. However, as you looked around at your peers, your other classmates, your teachers, parents, hell, even police… everyone was laid back. You weren’t sure if they were all still in shock over the murders and didn’t process the dangers still, or if they were just running on the hope that even if another death happened, it wouldn’t be them or someone they knew. You weren’t willing to risk that. 
Your parents, despite your protests, had decided to go out to see family a few towns over, and wouldn’t be back till morning, leaving you home alone. You’d asked if you could go with them, but they wanted you to stay back to house-sit. It was like they wanted you to die! However, you had accepted that there wasn’t much you could do about it, and instead prepped yourself. You prepared all the coffee and energy drinks in the entire house to be at your disposal, refusing to sleep tonight until the sun was rising, closing the curtains and remaining on the first floor. You had the television on a low volume, spending this time to just do all your homework and go above and beyond, deciding that if you survived tonight, you might as well make sure you get a good grade. You also boobytrapped parts of the house. Under the couch was a knife, along in other little hidden areas around the house, the only blade not hidden being a pair of scissors beside you for your project, and they were craft scissors, the tip of them being blunt. You’d decided to use your dad’s fancy metal pen to do your homework, and poured some of your old perfume into a spray bottle, keeping it on the coffee table, and of course you had a lighter on you. Everything from anyone outside would see was simply a girl pulling an all nighter to get her homework done while home alone. 
That’s why they chose to target you.
Your house phone rang, and I looked over it. It was on the table between the couch and the armchair, so you could easily reach over and reach it, and you did so. “Hello?” You asked, holding the phone to your ear.
“What’s your favourite scary movie?” An altered voice asked you. You immediately knew what was happening. You took a deep breath, remaining calm. 
“I’ve seen a lot of those, there’s pros and cons to a lot of them. Are we talking about movies that are classics and good, movies that are classics but are bad, movies where the plot is good or where it doesn’t make sense?” You listed. A moment of silence fell over the phone. “What’s your favourite scary movie?” You returned the question, looking around calmly like you would when on the phone, though really you were double checking that everything was where it was. Curtains closed, doors and window locked. You noticed that a curtain was slightly moving from a breeze.
“So you think you know your scary movies?” 
“Do you think you could survive being in one?” 
“I’m already in one- no one else in this town seems to process that we are, but we are.” You said, turning off the television, leaning on an arm, letting your fingers slide under the couch, grabbing the knife, but keeping it hidden. “I think I’ll be the badass girl who comes out victorious.” 
“Let’s test that.” 
You turned quickly, getting up as you did so, putting the knife you had against the throat of the cloaked, masked figure behind you, who was welding his own knife, but clearly wasn’t expecting you to be armed yourself, since his weapon wasn’t prepared. “So you’re the killer, huh? The choice of costume really explains the questions.” You commented. He tilted his head at you, but you didn’t break eye contact. You remained focussed, and it was because of this focus that you heard the faint footsteps behind you. You moved quickly, ducking in time as someone lunged for you, you catching their leg and throwing them over your back, hitting the couch, and getting between you and the other person, and you took a step back, seeing someone dressed the exact same. “Oh, so there’s two of you?” You asked, grabbing your spray bottle, calmly spraying the one on your couch multiple times, his hands coming to his face to cover his eyes. He jumped up, having his own knife, and you pulled out your lighter. “Ah-ah, careful there, that wasn’t water.” You warned, making him freeze. The one behind the couch came around and that’s when the games really began. 
You shoved his friend in front of him causing them to fall, you taking off to the dining room that you walked through to get to the kitchen, and you ducked around the corner, grabbed your next weapon, and waited around the corner, and as one of them came through the entrance, you swung, hitting him with a chair. The chair, to your surprise, shattered, and he hit the floor hard. You couldn’t help the surprised laughter that came from you, before you remembered your situation, and you moved to the kitchen, grabbing the frame entrance and using it to swing a few feet over the entrance, and then you stood at the counters, turning and waiting. The one you’d hit was getting up, his friend, coming at you full speed, and as soon as he took his first step into the kitchn, you dashed to the side, as he slid on the washing up liquid on the floor, colliding with the cabinets. You didn’t look back, running back into the hallway, and back into the livingroom. There you saw the one you had hit had seen your movement and met you in the room, charging at you. This time you didn’t run. You fought back. 
He swung at you with his knife, you ducked, back, kicking instead, knocking him back. You positioned your knife correctly in your hand, taking a step forward, and as your attacker tried to jab you again, you dodged to the side, grabbing his arm, pulling him towards you, and with your hand with the knife in it, slashed his side. He yelled in pain, confirming for you that he was in fact a man. He clutched his side as he stumbled, and you kicked him down, where he curled up a little. You turned, going to check where your other problem was, seeing the space empty, but the kitchen door leading to the backyard wide open. You turned back, seeing a blood stain, but no masked, cloaked killer. 
“You okay?” Stu asked when he saw his friend rushing back to the car as quickly as he could. He got in, Stu immediately driving off. Billy checked his side, seeing his hand covered in blood. “I can’t believe she doused me in alcohol… is this perfume? I’m gonna have to wash this or they’ll know it’s me from the smell-”
“Stu!” Billy snapped. “She fucking stabbed me!” He emphasised. “This has never happened before.” 
“She was ready for us. She home aloned us. Who knows what else she had planned if we hadn’t ran.” Stu fussed as he drove. Billy was quiet, leaning in his seat. “How bad did she get you?” He asked. Billy didn’t answer. Stu glanced over, seeing Billy grinning. 
“Do you know what this means?” He asked. 
“We’ve met our match?” 
“Maybe… but maybe… just maybe… we could turn this plot around and instead of her being the girl who stops us, she’s the girl who joins us, and us three become a force to be reckoned with.”
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!
*Not my gif
TAGS:  @courtneychicken​  @graysonmalfoy​ @bellero​ @originalpottervengerlock​ @supernatural-pan​ @esoltis280​ @lena-stan-xavier​ @lady-of-lies​ @sebstanismylife​ @macbetheliza @mandywholock1980​ @cdwmtjb8​ @caswinchester2000​ @determinedpines​ @huntheimpossible
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 9 days ago
So. My friend and I were planning to meet up for her birthday this week and watch some Project Runway together, BUT I had a covid exposure and am now too jittery about potentially passing it on that we are now talking about doing it remotely.
Now, this is the friend who doesn't actually watch Supergirl, but is tangentially aware of Supercorp, and so has become the person I vent to about the CW's shitty ass decisions. So my idea has shifted to us watching Netflix together remotely.... with a Lena Luthor speedrun of Supergirl.
I think we could at least do S2 in one night, if we're judicious with our episodes. I'm thinking:
- episode 1, aka the meetcute
- the episode with the alien detection device, aka the flirting begins in earnest
- Luthors, aka the ship sets off on its maiden voyage
- Ace Reporter, aka the one where Kara is jealous
- the finale eps, aka the boobcage/damsel in distress eps
With of course some stills from the fight ring/roulette episode solely so my friend can see Lena in the cranberry romper. Jumpsuit? Idk what to call it, it's gorgeous and KM is gorgeous in it, and that's explanation enough.
Yes, my friend is gay.
(Especially for Katie McGrath)
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frenchpuppycormier · 10 months ago
Last prompt from @krdnvrs ;)
#22: kissing someone's cuts/bruises/scratches
She was in Brazil when she got the call.
She was in Brazil fighting some shape-shifting alien trying to wreak havoc by toppling over Christ The Redeemer, when she got the call.
Lena had been attacked.
As quickly as she can, Kara thwarts the alien's attempts on dooming a whole civilization into peril, then races back home with said alien cuffed and in her arms.
Determination painted across her face, she breaks the sound barrier and heads straight to the DEO.
When she arrives, the first thing she does is shove the terrorizing alien into the arms of Vasquez, and sweeps her gaze through the bustle of agents until she spots Alex.
"What happened?" she yells.
Alex turns around and holds her arms up in a placating gesture. "She's fine."
"What does that mean?"
The agent sighs, "She witnessed an assault and intervened. While doing so, Lena sustained a broken arm, several bruises from an elbow to the nose, and a kick to the gut. Because of her, the attacker backed off the original victim but moved onto Lena instead." Alex shakes her head, exasperated, and puffs air out of her mouth, "I'm not saying I approve of or condone this kind of behavior, but your girlfriend's a badass."
Kara raises her eyebrows and nods in agreement. She quickly backtracks, though. "But what was she thinking? She's tiny!"
"I don't know. You'll have to ask her that yourself."
"What is she doing here anyway?" Kara frowns.
"She was on the phone with me when it happened," Alex replies. "I figured it'd be easier if I just took her here."
Kara steps forward and hugs her with such a fierceness that The Hulk himself would be jealous of. She loosens her grip to let her sister breathe and murmurs, "Thank you, Alex."
"I love her too, ya know," Alex smiles and pulls back. She gestures down the hallway. "Go. She'll be happy to see you."
With that, Kara power walks to the med bay, and when she sees Lena through the window she visibly melts. Lena is fast asleep, one arm in a sling and a butterfly bandage above her eyebrow. Thankfully her beautiful nose wasn't broken, but it was deeply swollen.
Kara leans over her and softly presses a kiss to Lena's forehead. The action causes her to stir from sleep with a furrowed brow and downturned lips. She opens her eyes and they immediately find Kara's.
"Hi," she croaks and smiles.
Kara sighs and sits on the edge of the bed, pulling Lena's good hand in her lap. "What am I gonna with you?" she asks in a tone which suggests they've had this conversation before.
"Love me unconditionally?" Lena winces.
The blonde bites the inside of her cheek to hide the smile threatening to emerge, but just barely. She carefully rests her forehead against Lena's, careful not to bump her nose, and closes her eyes. "You know I already do. You're it for me, Lena. Nothing will change that."
Kara opens her eyes and kisses her on the cheek, before leaning back to see those sea foam irises. "But next time, please at least call for backup? Or at least pepper spray the bastard first."
"Technically I had Alex on the phone..." she trails off. Kara just stares at her with condemnation. Lena huffs and rolls her eyes. "Fine. Whatever you say, love. I'm just sick of playing damsel all the time."
"As much as I hate when you put yourself in danger, I think what you did was far from being a damsel. You, missy, were a hero today," Kara punctuates her statement with a kiss to the cut above her eyebrow, then places a softer one on her nose.
Lena hums contentedly, "Speaking of heroes...how was Rio?"
"Nothing I couldn't handle," Kara waves a hand. "It would've been a lot more fun with you there. How much longer until your suit is ready? I can’t wait to fight crime with you by my side."
"Well, it was only supposed to be about a couple more weeks of tinkering, but now," she lifts her broken arm, "I have a minor setback."
"I'm sure if you asked Brainy he could help you finish it," Kara suggests.
"Nah, this is a fun project for me, I can handle waiting a little longer. I don’t want to rush it. Besides, this way I can spend more time with you," Lena smiles and squeezes her hand.
"You say that now, but I'm gonna be pampering you so hard, you're gonna wish you hadn't said those words," Kara smirks.
Lena grabs Kara by the cape, and pulls her forward so their faces are mere inches apart. "Never," she mumbles against soft lips and closes the distance with a searing kiss.
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halfholytrinity · 3 months ago
been rewatching CWSG season 2 and 3....goddamn this show used to be palatable! it had rich plot! characters with depth! special effects that didn’t make me want to poke my eyes out! good callbacks to earlier events and characters!!
also still cannot believe they present Sam Arias, absolute single-MILF, at the same time as the Maggie-Alex breakup ((BECAUSE SHE WaNTS KIDS)), and that relationship *isnt* explored romantically like damn. it was really right there. and THeN the TWiST that would’ve added to the whole Reign arc !! that would’ve been fun storytelling in a whole other dimension but no
also so many lingering, hungry stares between Lena & Kara jesus. screenshots don’t do it justice but I forgot just how much they do the Damsel in Distress in S2-3 and wowzas. just wow. we get a couple direct and indirect I Love You’s in these seasons and ugh my heart 
anyhow that’s it just screeching into the void for all the potential this series had 
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baereaved · 4 years ago
My friend is finishing the level 4 arc and she says that she doesn't like Lena and I'm like ??!?!!!!¡¡¡¿¿? Why I'm still your friend?!!?! Like you can't do that!?! That's illegal!!!
tbh drop her from ur life
forreal tho i kno for me that disliking lena was basically just? misogyny? that’s all it was. i was just a bastard when i was younger and that rlly was the only reason i disliked her even if i couldn’t admit it to myself, bc she’s a girl. ur friend might be the same way
bc honestly… lena’s so great. she’s so good, she’s so strong, she’s so sweet and amazing, fucking… icon much? i love her. ur friend needs to like… open her eyes
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peggystormborn · 5 months ago
Okay, yes, I know, another km fic with William in it, I realize I have started to become formulaic. But I couldn't resist a quick take on what would happen if it turned out Nxyly was the one to bring Mon into the mix.
Bonus: I actually managed to get the fucking cut to work for once!
"Last chance, Kara Zor-El..."
"Nxyly, please...I know there's good in you."
The 5th dimensional princess groans. "Ohhh, is this the part where you inspire me to be my best self?"
"You CAN be..."
"Yes, darling, because that always works out SO well for you, doesn't it? You forget, we were friends in the other reality. I saw your memories. And I seem to recall your own best friend...what was it again...oh yes, the one who poisoned you on purpose...did SHE ever become her best self on your watch? Or is she still wallowing in her own sense of victimhood?"
"This is between you and me, it has nothing to do with Lena."
"No, of course not, she's irrelevant. So let's talk about you, shall we? And your...pathetic, pointless efforts to make YOUR best life. I assume that's what you were doing with this one, wasn't it? Before you just...gave up. Once again." She indicates William, currently shackled to the floor on the other side of the warehouse where the two nemeses are presently circling each other.
For his part, the male damsel in distress puts on his brave face. "Kara, don't worry about me, just...go, find help."
"Oho," she tsks at him. "Quiet now, dear boy. The women are talking."
"Nxyly, he's an innocent, I won't let you hurt him."
"You needn't worry, Supergirl, he's of no interest here. I simply can't have him running off to call the cavalry, that's all."
"Then...what do you want?"
"I want you...to suffer. For what you did. For trying to leave me in that place. You were the first friend I'd ever had in that horrible world of monsters. You said you'd help me, and the first thing you did was betray me!"
"You nearly killed my father!"
"Another useless man! I told you, he'd only ever hold you back. You'd have been better off if I'd taken care of him right then and there."
"You're wrong. You were wrong about him, and you're wrong about me."
"No. I wasn't. The only mistake I made was try to kill the wrong man."
She inches closer, and lowers the timber of her voice. "...I know what you saw in that place. What the Phantoms made you see, over and over and over. Your deepest, darkest fear, the one that haunts your nightmares still."
Kara's eyes widen. "Nxyly..."
"That's right, child...I'm going to kill the man you love right in front of you. I'm going to make you watch as the life drains from his eyes. Again."
Struck dumb, it takes a moment for Kara to collect herself, and take stock of the sudden, sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. When she finds her breath again, she realizes a cage has materialized around her. She grasps the bars and makes an effort to pull them apart, to no avail.
"...Nth metal darling, just as you remember. I thought I'd recreate a...pivotal moment, let's say. For the two of you."
A flash of remembrance strikes Kara, and she looks to her right, to see there is a separate cage next to her. Empty.
"No...no, you can't do this..." she breathily musters.
"Kara, it's all right," William yells from across the room, still yanking on his chains, despite the obvious futility of the action. "No matter what happens, it's not your fault...don't...whatever she's after, don't give it to her..."
Nxyly turns almost in slow motion, a cackle bubbling up from her chest. "Oh....oh dear, you...you thought I was talking about YOU, boy? Didn't you hear me when I said you were of no interest?"
William ceases his fruitless attempt to escape, and freezes. "I...but you..."
"Oh, my," the imp pulls a face mockingly. "Well, this IS awkward, isn't it? But don't fret, lad. It's not your fault. You're only human. And this one here..." her gaze returns to Kara. "Well...she has rather... particular taste."
Kara glares at his look of utter confusion for a moment like a deer in headlights, before composing herself enough to return her attention to Nxyly. "You can't hurt him. He's...he's not here."
"You think time and space are impediments for me? Come now, you ought to know better. Didn't our mutual friend Mxy spend an entire evening mucking about with your timeline? To stop what'sherface from completing her stupid evil plan?"
"Kara...what is she talking about?" He gawks at her, baffled, as she struggles to find the words, any word, to even begin to explain all of this.
Nxyly, endlessly amused, claps her hands together. "Well, what do you say, hmm? I'm always up for a good reunion! And no worries about the timeline, his hourglass was just about to run out anyway!"
She does nothing more than flick her wrist, causing a cloud of sparkling blue dust in the empty adjacent cell to coalesce into humanoid form...
And there he is. She expects his signature red and blue, the inverse of her own attire, but instead he's wearing jeans and his old brown jacket. Strange, since she knows full well that jacket should currently be packed in a cardboard box full of his things at the back of her closet. His beard is gone, too. He looks... younger, somehow. Like...
...like he did that day when they were held captive. By Cadmus.
"Oh, Rao..." her heart sinks even further.
"What the sprock..." she hears him say, looking down at himself, in his old clothes, and then at the bars that surround him, before finally turning in her direction. "Kara...?" he marvels, gazing at her blankly. "Wait...where are we? When are we, your time or mine?"
She gulps audibly. "...It's...it's not him. It's a trick." Kara slams her eyes shut and shakes her head, blocking out her vision.
"Not how my power works, darling," Nxyly shrugs. "I can summon people, but I can't conjure them from nothing. He's the real deal, love. If you don't believe me, ask him something in your...what did Mxyzptlk call it? Your stupid moon language? Mxy couldn't speak it, and neither can I."
Tentatively, she inches closer to him, grabbing one of the bars that separate them, and croaks, "Ti-os shokha rrup?" Is it really you?
He gasps slightly, affected by her presence and proximity, despite the perilous situation they're in, one he doesn't yet understand. "...Ost khahp, Kara. Nahn rrap voi?" he responds. It's me, Kara. Are you all right?
But it doesn't even matter now, now that she's near enough to smell him, now that her ears have clocked the sound of his heartbeat, now that she sees the warmth in his grey eyes, tinged with worry for her.
She nods, and winks at him, out of her enemy's eyeline. He says nothing, but there's a subtle change in his stance that confirms to her that he's ready to follow her lead. First, though, he places his hand on top of hers, and she sees it:
His Legion ring.
She has to force herself not to smile, and turns back to Nxyly.
"You lied. It's not him. I know the difference. THIS is an imposter."
"Oh? Well, then, I suppose it won't matter to you if I kill him right in front of you. But first...just for the sake of nostalgia..." The imp suddenly shapeshifts into another unwelcome face: Lillian Luthor. Standing in front of the man she loves with a gun.
"I believe..." Not-Lillian begins. "That this was the moment when..." She points a gun at him and pulls the trigger, striking him in the leg, just as real Lillian did all those years ago. He groans, grabbing at the site of his injury, and falls to the floor in a fetal position. After a moment, his body goes limp, as blood pools on the floor around him.
It takes every ounce of willpower Kara has to not scream and fling herself in his direction. She simply stands there, seemingly unperturbed. She even manages a shrug for good measure.
For the first time since this mess started, Nxyly looks confused. "You'll do nothing, then? To help the love of your life?"
"I already told you. It's not really him."
Frustrated, Nxyly marches over, dematerializes the bars holding them both, and grabs at his lifeless form, turning him onto his back.
Too late, she realizes there's a hand gripping one leg. While the other is occupied with balling into a fist and barreling at her face.
A split second later, the she-imp is unconscious a distance away on the floor, and Kara is rushing to his side to assess his injuries.
"Don't move," she says as she applies pressure to the gaping hole in his leg. "Maybe I can find something in here to make a tourniquet..."
He groans and sits up, trying not to enjoy her fussing over him too much. "Kara, I'll be fine. It's a 5th dimensionlly- inflicted wound." He presses the top side of his ring against his leg, and the bleeding suddenly reverses itself, the puddle under him contracting and flowing back into his body, before the former gusher closes up entirely. On top of that, his clothes change into his standard suit of red and blue, and his signature beard reappears.
"Wh...how did you..." she stammers.
"I upgraded my ring to combat 5th dimensional energy," he shrugs. "I got a message from a mutual friend, warning me I might be the target of an attack."
"Mutual friend?" she wonders.
"Wow. Okay, and you just...trusted him?" she scoffs.
"Not as far as I can throw him, which...is actually not a great metaphor since I can throw him pretty damn far, but...I couldn't see any down side to adding that kind of protection in. Here, give me your ring, I can use mine to give you a system update, so you'll have it, too."
"Oh. Um..."
"Kara..." he sighs with exasperation, examining her bare fingers, as they both rise to their feet. "...I gave you that ring for protection, you know..."
"No, you said it was in case I ever needed you."
"That too, but...I knew you wouldn't need me need me." He shrugs, looking down at his blue boots. "I just...I hoped it would keep you safe. Like, you know, you did for me, once upon a time. And hey, it worked!" He looks up at her, beaming, as though she's just done something magnificent.
She scoffs at him. "Why are you smiling so much? I just got you shot in the leg! Again!"
"Well, that's a pretty big upgrade from five minutes ago, when I thought the next time I'd see you would be in Rao's light."
"...Wait, what?"
His eyes go wide. "Uh...nothing."
"...Mon-El..." she growls.
"Hmm?" he hums with mock-innocence.
"Were you...about to die? Is that what she meant by 'his hourglass'?"
"Um...I don't..."
"Mon-El! Screw the damn timeline!"
"Okay, okay...there may have been a slight...terrorist attack across the Mogosi red line..."
"And let me guess, you went in single handed to stop the whatever it was from blowing up?"
"...Something like that..."
"Well what was I supposed to do, send Winn? He's got a family! And I'm...you know..." his boots have suddenly attracted his interest again, as he works to avert her steely gaze.
"I mean...yeah." He rubs the back of his neck, sheepishly.
She doesn't know what to say to this, so they stand there, awkwardly stealing glances at each other.
"Um..." comes a voice from the other side of the warehouse, as William still stands chained to the floor, just a few feet from where Nxyly's unconscious body landed. "I... didn't want to interrupt, but...could one of you possibly..."
"Oh my God!" Kara gasps, speeding over to break the chains.
"Wait..." Mon-El stops her, coming up alongside. "Let me." He taps his ring to the side of the shackles and they go poof in a cloud of glitter.
"Well," Willam says, rubbing his sore wrist. "I...think I might understand now why you and I didn't work out..."
Mon-El clears his throat. "Um...should I..."
The other man. chuckles lightly, and extends his hand. "Hi, I'm William. Kara's friend."
Visibly relieved, Mon-El shakes his hand.
"Wait... there's one thing I still don't get," Kara wonders. "She said she was recreating a significant moment for us...why would she choose that one? We weren't even together then."
"Uh...probably because...that was the day I realized I was....in love with you."
"Don't you hate it when the villains are more insightful than you?" He shakes his head and sighs.
"Oh, Rao...SO MUCH..."
He exhales heavily, then smirks. "So...how you been?"
She rolls her eyes at him, but plays along. "Uh, let's see...trapped in the Phantom Zone, my dad's alive, terrorized by Luthors and magical creeps, oh and my sister is about to marry into the Olsen family, so..."
"Ah. So...same old, same old shenanigans, then..."
She groans at him, loudly. "Shut up, Daxamite."
His laughter echoing through the empty warehouse is music to her ears.
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whythinktoomuch · a year ago
Something’s wrong. 
Kara can tell the moment she steps into Andrea’s office because Andrea’s avoiding her gaze. And pacing. And fidgeting, meticulously tugging at her own fingers before dropping her hands away altogether with a sharp exhale. 
Andrea was uncertain and nervous, her entire body riddled with unease, and something so clearly had to be wrong. 
“What is it? What happened?” Kara hisses, her shoulders already squaring, ready to be draped by a red cape at a moment’s notice. 
Andrea’s cheeks swiftly lose all color and her heart starts pattering just a tiny bit faster, but her scoff sounds just as natural as ever when she says, “Nothing happened, Kara.” 
“Okay...” Kara crosses her arms, her frown unassuming though unconvinced. “Why did you call me in here then?” 
A darkened scowl tugs at Andrea’s sharp features, her jaw clenching tight and determined. But the moment quickly passes without consequence, and Andrea’s shoulders eventually drop, and she draws back every so slightly. “Just... wanted to make sure you were working.” 
Kara stares, bewildered. “Well, I was.” 
“Good,” Andrea says flatly. “Get back to it then.” 
“All right,” Kara says, her abject curiosity thoroughly unsatisfied. “I’ll go do that.” 
She can feel Andrea’s stare burning a hole into her back as she leaves the office. 
Kara notices her right away. It’s impossible not to, even with her senses slightly dulled by the pleasant buzz that could only come from consuming an exorbitant amount of Chinese food in one sitting. 
The sight is unexpected, but not unwelcome, and there’s no point in trying to convince her heart otherwise. So, even though she shouldn’t, Kara can’t help herself as she bursts into Andrea’s office, her heart thundering and stuttering in her ears in equal measure. 
“What are you doing here?” she demands, the question cutting through the air, sharp and splintering.  
Lena barely looks up, hands still carelessly sifting through the various documents spread across Andrea’s desk, her expression somehow bored. As if she had any right to be there. To disrupt Kara’s entire life with a simple look. “What does it look like I’m doing?” 
“Andrea’s not here,” Kara informs her coldly, and Lena just rolls her eyes so heavily, never pausing in her task. And, well, it’s unfair. “Lena, you can’t just—”
“Really?” Andrea’s clipped tone rings out as she stomps into the room. “You’re just going to show up like you—what—own the place?” 
Lena flashes a smirk, her shrug small yet utterly self-satisfied. “Well, you weren’t exactly answering my calls, babe.” 
Andrea’s scowl deepens considerably. “Get out.” 
“Fine...” Lena sighs, tucking a small flashdrive into her pocket. “Already found what I came for anyway.” 
She saunters out, but not without throwing one last look over her shoulder. A frown, apparently, for Kara’s benefit. Her eyebrow raised in such a pointed fashion that it must mean something. 
It twists at Kara’s stomach, already swirling unhappily in the wake of Lena’s perfume. 
Kara quickly glances back at Andrea, who was now taking her seat at her desk with a weary sigh. “Was that something important? Do you need me to get it back for you?” 
“It’s fine,” Andrea says, waving her hand dismissively. “You can go too.” 
Kara blinks, taken aback. “Andrea, I work for you, so if you need me to—”
“Yes! You do,” Andrea all but snaps, cutting Kara off with an icy glare. “And I’m telling you to get out of my office.” 
After a prolonged, teetering moment of holding her tongue, Kara just shakes her head in disbelief. “You’re the boss,” she mutters, fastidiously reminding herself to not slam the door on her way out. 
It’s been a long day of putting out literal fires all over downtown for Supergirl, and Kara’s tired, covered head to toe in soot, and in desperate need of a hot shower and a warm bed. And so, it’s only natural that she hears a bona fide emergency unfolding on her way home. 
The unsavory combination of a distinct click of a hammer being pulled back and a panicked wait! has Kara hurtling straight for L-Corp without a second thought. Within seconds, she has her cape thrown up and over Andrea’s trembling form, bullets ricocheting uselessly off the heavy fabric. 
Tugging Andrea close to her chest, Kara throws her cape aside in a sharp flourish, and blows out a gust of freeze breath that scatters the gunmen like veritable dominoes. 
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Kara can’t help but demand, her tone verging on the more exasperated side of incredulity. “Why are you snooping around Lena’s office?” 
Andrea snorts. “I wasn’t snooping,” she says in a slight sneer, and the wave of whiskey hits Kara as a solid wall of sickly sweet because, oh, Andrea was so very clearly and oh so thoroughly drunk. “I was just... well, it doesn’t matter. Just let go of me.” 
Kara backs off, shaking her head. “I don’t know what’s going on between you and Lena right now, but whatever it is, you need to fix it. Fast. Because it almost got you killed tonight.” 
“They weren’t after me,” Andrea says, rolling her eyes. “They were after Lena. I just happened to be here, and well, collateral damage, I suppose.” 
“But you would have died just the same. How are you not getting that? You could have died, Andrea, and—” 
“Stop,” Andrea snaps, her eyes wild, yet terribly, terribly focused. “You don’t have to do this. I’m not some pathetic damsel in distress like your precious little Lena. I don’t need—”
The next thing Kara knew, Andrea’s staring up at her, mouth slightly agape, her delicate wrist somehow encased in Kara’s tight grasp. “Never... talk about Lena like that,” she gets out between painfully gritted teeth, and Andrea’s breath falters in a half-hearted scoff. “She’s a friend. Mine and yours, and she’s the most...” 
A pained whimper tumbles from Andrea’s lips and stops Kara cold, and she promptly snatches her hand back, cheeks burning furiously in realization and shame. 
Andrea rubs at her wrist, where Kara’s grip remains readily apparent, an inexcusable brand of angry pink and slight bruising. “A friend,” she repeats, eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Right.” 
“I’m sorry...” Kara reaches out instinctively, her heart sinking with heavy regret, but Andrea flinches away from her. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you...” She sighs and backs off even more with a ducked head. “Listen, just go home, okay? Take care of yourself.” 
With one last apologetic nod, Kara grabs the pair of still unconscious, would-be assassins by their shirt collars and takes off into the air, desperately fighting off the inevitable guilt still hanging over her as she flies over to the nearest police station. 
When she hears the persistent knock at her door, Kara wastes no time super-speeding out of her bed and right to the door in question. Because it’s practically four in the morning, and anyone knocking at her door at four in the morning has to be having an emergency of some sort or another. 
But even so, it comes as a complete shock when Andrea ends up being the person standing on the other side of the door. 
“Andrea?” Kara blinks, the exhaustion slipping off her bones as bewilderment settles in its stead. But Andrea hardly seems to notice, shoving her way into Kara’s apartment like she belongs there. “... How did you know where I live?” 
“What the hell is your deal with Lena?” Andrea says, whirling around in a fury, and it’s immediately evident that she was somehow even drunker now than she had been at L-Corp. “Why are you so fucking obsessed with her anyway?” 
Kara’s jaw drops in outright disbelief. “I—ex-cuse me?” she sputters out. “You show up to my house in the middle of the night to interrogate me about Lena, and I’m the one obsessed with her?” 
“You’re changing the subject,” Andrea says, words sliding out of her mouth careless and slurred. “I’m just asking a simple little question, and all I need is a simple little answer, so if you would just please get—”
“It’s none of your business.” 
Andrea blinks. Then blinks again. Then stares. 
“It’s... none of your business how I feel about Lena,” Kara says with a defiant shrug. “Or anything about us really, okay? Just try to focus on your own issues with her, and stop making everything so messy and complicated.” She then shakes her head, sighing. “This is all highly inappropriate, by the way. You’re my boss, Andrea. You can’t be drunkenly berating me about personal matters like this. Like, at my apartment? This late?” 
“So, you meant it then?” Andrea asks softly. 
“Meant... what?” 
“What were you going to say?” Andrea asks instead, now tugging at her sleeve, rubbing insistently at the imprint that Kara’s hand had left around her wrist. “Before you stopped yourself, what were you going to say about Lena?” 
Kara’s stomach drops, the implications behind Andrea’s simple line of questioning striking her where she stands, where she lives. “I—I don’t know what you’re talking about...” She goes to adjust her glasses, but her hand closes around empty air, and Kara’s already made so many mistakes today since getting out of bed this morning, and yet somehow, it seems that she’s made even more just in the last five minutes. 
“Don’t be like that,” Andrea says, pressing closer, looking up at Kara so earnestly that Kara’s ears start to burn, as if in solidarity. “Just tell me.” 
Kara forces a laugh, eyes darting helplessly around her sparse living room. “She’s just... really important to me, okay? Happy now?” 
“Even with everything going on between you two?” 
“Well, yeah. Nothing’s ever going to change how I feel about—”
Kara’s cut off as Andrea’s lips crash against hers. 
All higher brain function snuffs out, and Kara freezes in place. She can barely process the firm press of Andrea’s mouth, soft lips moving against her own slowly yet insistently, the bittersweet taste of whiskey spreading across her tongue... 
Then Kara grabs Andrea’s shoulders, shoving her at arm’s length with a strangled gasp. “What are you doing? You can’t—Andrea, you’re drunk!” 
“I’m... not.” Andrea sighs, almost resigned, and Kara could almost laugh out of sheer incredulity. Or maybe hysteria. Perhaps both. 
“Um, yes, you are. I can literally taste the whiskey off your breath,” Kara says, before abruptly coughing and shaking her head. “I mean, smell. I can smell the... you know, the whiskey...” 
“No,” Andrea growls, her eyes growing sharp, alert. “I’m not... Andrea.” 
Kara takes a step back, her entire face scrunching into a deeply perplexed frown. 
She studies the face staring back at her. The sharp features, the pouting red lips and the jagged scar across the brow, all deeply familiar and completely at odds with the assertion that had just spilled forth from those very same lips. 
But Kara wills herself to look harder, to look past the obvious, and meets the insistent gaze before her head-on. Her heart pounds painfully in her chest, somehow recognizing the eyes before her brain can even catch up. 
They’re the wrong color, but it’s the very same softened expression that had accompanied the words that still drift into Kara’s awareness at the most inconvenient moments. 
I know you believe that everything is good...
Kara swallows hard.
And kind...
She blinks and shakes her head, but it clears up absolutely nothing for her. 
And that is one of the things I love about you. 
Kara holds her breath, and dares to venture, to believe, to hope. 
“... Lena?”
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coffeeshib · a year ago
lena luthor is a damsel by choice and everyone's like: WaiT DidNt u inVent my NeW bLasTer Gun in Ur OfFiC3 whY didNt u uSe Th4t inSTead?
Lena 'thirsty' Luthor still clinging tightly to Supergirl even though they're already at the DEO: Because... reasons.
Lena, pressing her face against Supergirl's neck & making herself at home in her arms when everyone asks again, what reasons?:
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shepherds-of-haven · 10 months ago
I love your work Lena, but Shery is very.. one dimensional and simple compared to the rest of your characters. A typical damsel in distress honestly, and I wish more could have been done for her character. Maybe her being attracted to the shepherds and using them/slightly manipulating them to always defend her, due to her being weak enough to, and using them to her own gain, and preferring to have others do things for her instead of learning to defend herself and stand up for herself, but instead she just seems like, again, a damsel in distress.
Hi anon, I respect your opinion, but I don’t really agree!
I don’t view Shery as a “typical damsel in distress”—she’s an ordinary person in an organization of superpowered, extraordinary people, and she has her own thoughts, motivations, and complexes surrounding that. She’s decided to help the Order as best she can, in her own way, but she constantly doubts whether she belongs or if she’s doing enough. Shery is an interesting case, to me, because she demonstrates that the Shepherds are comprised of people from all walks of life, a motley family where you don’t have to be a one-of-kind-assassin or the king of thieves to belong; you can be like Shery, or Lavinet, or Red, or Riel, and all of those different skill sets and personalities are valuable and important, even if they’re not necessarily renowned in combat. I think that’s an important thing about the Shepherds, and Shery is a great example of that!
I don’t believe making Shery manipulative, evil, self-serving, or toxic would make her more interesting or “do more for her character”—but that could just be a matter of personal taste. For me, it would make her unlikeable and a displeasure to write—I wouldn’t want to write her that way because individual, inner conflict is more interesting to me than conflict with other Shepherds, and it would make her a less viable romance option in my mind, as well.
I will say that Shery’s character arc isn’t close to written or complete yet, so feeling that she’s simple or one-dimensional is an assessment that might change as her story unfolds.
However, there will always be characters that aren’t someone’s cup of tea, so it’s understandable if you’re not a fan. I don’t feel that any of my characters are one-dimensional, but that’s because I know them best, and readers’ POVs are always different from an author’s!
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