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#like they build up slowly
cognitosclowns · 11 days ago
thinking about that oblivious reader and Andre ask and maybe once reader does find out, and has given consent to do it, Andre is going rough/fast the first time, just letting out all the pent up feelings that reader gave him. but once round 2 happens, he taking his time and exploring readers body like,, he's finally with them and he doesn't need his hand or imagination anymore,,
The first time is gonna be so fucking sloppy smndsd
HE DOESN'T HAVE GOOD COORDINATION AT THE BEST OF TIMES. He especially doesn't have coordination when his dick is hard enough to hammer nails msdandms.
it's almost definitely gonna be on his office couch. Possibly his place, also on a couch. No matter what, your first time together is gonna be on a very creaky, very soft couch.
Listen he doesn't even care about undressing at first - the first 5-10 minutes are just,, frantic humping <33 this man gets so worked up
he does that Thing where,, he'll make these little frustrated huffs even thought he's getting what he wants?? He's squeezing your sides n thighs n raking his nails down your back like he's trying to Juice you smdnsd but he's still making these Huffs bc,, He Wants More, Even Though He Already Has You?? IDK IF I DESCRIBED THAT RIGHT SMNDMSD
When he pushes in it's just this delicious,, 'fu-uck yes'
Either he's gonna have,, his head resting on your chest, looking into your eyes, or his face is gonna be buried at his neck
NO MATTER WHAT, THIS MF IS GROANING <33 lots of gasping, panting - a few relieved giggles in there, when he feels you clench up <3333
HES SAYING SMTH. GOD FUCKING KNOWS WHAT. You'll catch little things about him,, rambling about how good you feel n how <333 badly he's wanted this?? <33 how much he loves you for giving this to him??? <333
SHOCKINGLY, HE DOESN'T WANNA CUM INSIDE YOU THE FIRST TIME?? he full on Jolt up and pulls out, just so he can see the mess it makes on your thighs n stomach <3333 rrrr
His lips are never off yours <33 he's not Gasping For Breath now smdnsd so he,, doesn't need to keep his mouth away. All clumsy kisses babey <33
He has this,, super Dopey, Blissed-Out grin? Just,, so perfectly relaxed <333 as far as he's concerned, he's just won the fucking lottery <3
This Also Means <333 his mumbles get pretty sappy
it's sometimes hard to understand, cause,,, he's kinda slurring his words together + constantly interrupting himself with moans but <333 mostly ITS SUPER SAPPY SHIT ABOUT HOW HEAD OVER HEELS FOR YOU HE IS <33
he might,, mention smth about how often he used to jack off thinking about you <333 bc of how much you work him up <33
His thrusts are,, vv slow and hard?? Almost lazy <3 he's just,, savoring the warmth <333
His eyes get watery when he cums inside you <33 smth about the rush of warmth up his spine?? The softness of laying on top of you?? GRRRKGKRKGRK
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thinking about a Rachel/Leah roadtrip story...
leah graduates high school absolutely sick of la push. of watching sam and emily’s happy ending unfold, of vampires and responsibility, of memories of her dad around every corner...
she wants to get in a car and keep going until she hits the ends of the earth, and maybe has a chance to figure out who she is and what she wants now that everything she thought was her future has been flipped in the worst possible way.
sue doesn’t want her to go alone. (“mom.” leah says. “i can literally turn into a giant wolf.” “and?”)
enter rachel black: back for the summer from her first year of college, missing her twin sister more than she thought was possible, painfully aware now how little she knows herself outside a half of rachel’n’beck, a little bored, a little lonely, and a lot impulsive...
later, they’ll never be able to remember how it starts. where the pivot falls in their half-awkward catching up over bad diner coffee, who suggests what exactly--but it ends with the keys to the woodruff’s old honda crv in leah’s hand, a trunk full of hastily-packed bins, a cooler in one half of the backseat and a mound of blankets in the other--
or, well, really, that’s where it begins.
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worstloki · 2 months ago
thor and loki faking thorki to help each other out of arranged marriages
y e s
#thor and loki fake dating or secret dating and bluffing are simply always good ideas#thor and loki like 'okay i dont like this either but we're going to have to kiss' and then making 5 different shades of annoyed faces after#''thor you idiot of course we have to practice no one is going to believe us if THAT is what we're caught doing''#''that we have to be caught at all rankles me brother''#''easiest way to convince people of something is make it seem like something you don't want to convince them of''#''...i will concede that''#''if you have any better ideas i will hear them. i simply do not want to be married off to her.''#''neither. alas i do feel disadvantaged in staging such a covert scenario... ok we can try again''#''wonderful. don't expect me to open my eyes this time either''#''where would it be best to hold you from?''#''you did kiss sif did you not?''#''no??? you kissed sigyn????????''#''she kissed me!!!''#''do you have any advice to share?''#''dammit im going to see if the library has anything''#sorry i cant pick up the phone rn im thinking about loki and thor staging themselves to be caught kissing in alcoves by servants#and they're normally close anyway so maybe they play of errant rumours or something and keep staging things successfullt#and slowly building their way up until. like. idk. frigga walks in on them practicing on how to pretend they're having sexcy times???#but she doesn't even notice they're practicing to fake it??????#she's like oh they're trying to hide it and they're talking through things bc they're young and dont know what to do etc etc#and she just. doesn't do anything???????? if anything she's like 'oh they're happy 😊😊😊 i'll be leaving now 😊😊😊'#thor and loki who just wanted the rumours to get to those they were engaged to but now All Of Asgard Knows#bonus points if that's not even a turnoff for their fiancés#this is peak comedy
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michaelwheelers · 4 months ago
how did u do the colouring (esp the colorful fog on the edges) on the new girl gifset? it's so pretty!
Tumblr media
Hii, thank u so much! I hope this helps or answers either of your questions because I get off track a lot 👁👄👁 So I kinda show how I do my coloring and text effects in this tutorial I made here, but it's a bunch of video tutorials I made.
So like, here's another tutorial from me - this one is a text & picture tutorial and I'll be showing how i colored this specific gif in that gifset:
Tumblr media
I'm not 100% sure as to what the 2nd anon wanted to see specifically, so lmk if you have more questions 🤠
Ok so firstly, here's a link to the basic psd/coloring I used for this gif. It sucks but I just kinda used that one for all of the gifs in this gifset and changed little bits each time to make sure it worked.
Oh and to make these gifs, I use photoshop (specifically photoshop 2020)
Yellow and Purple Coloring:
1. So the first thing I did after doing the basic coloring for my gif is I made a new layer above the gif. I set the layer's blend mode to lighten like so:
Tumblr media
2. Then I get a soft brush and make it REALLYY big, select the color I want, and brush around the gif - like, literally outside of the gif, so that it has the airy effect.
Tumblr media
Then I lowered the opacity for that layer a little bit so it isn't too intense.
3. After that, I add another layer and change the blending mode to "multiply" instead of "lighten", use the same color (or make it a little darker) and do the same thing I did before - but try to only draw around the edges of the gif, and not get too close to the people in it:
Tumblr media
- Ok so basically, I'd add more steps but I honestly just continue to do these last two steps over and over as I add new layers, and I'll switch the blending modes between "normal", "lighten", "screen", and "multiply" as I add new layers. But I just try to see whatever looks best on the gif!!
I normally don't brush directly over the gif, and that's what I would say helps with making it look noice. Stick to brushing around it for the most part to make it look like it's blended in.
"Multiply" is great for creating that gradient effect and darkening parts of the colors you've added to the gif, and I like to use it a lot as a blending mode.
I also adjust the opacity a lot depending on each layer.
4. After I finish coloring the yellow part, I make a new layer and do the same steps for the purple, building up the layers slowly but surely.
5. Once done with both, I think I added a "brightness & contrast" adjusment layer and increased both the contrast and brightness a tiny bit to bring it together.
Here's the final remake lmao:
Tumblr media
it's not as nice as the first time i made this gif but i tried dksjdkdho
So UM i hope this helps??? Let me know if I literally failed to answer your questions bc yeah. Thanks! :D
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minashroom · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
being a god must be lonely yknow
#aphmau#mcd#still using the tags but ive been talking w mal abt a rewrite#minas art#i just think. itd work sm better as a slowburn like the slow realization that even reborn she still stuck in the same loop she was in when#she was irene like slowly building into her being a god#she wakes up shes just some girl another face in the village and fate just sorta being inevitable for her having 2 relive it over and over#watching her newfound friends have go thru it all again as she does but the difference is they get to rest. theyre humans at least more so#than she is. i do have like a vague image of what the end scene would be like though after everything settles and its her and zoey theyre#endgame btw :)) but like theyre old and aged sitting in pd overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset as you can see just how much has#changed from when she first wakes up in the world#even if she couldnt have truly experienced being a mortal in this time maybe the next time she tries she'll get it right and finally she'll#be able to rest#yk how it is <3#probs messed up some of it but im still tired#also hot take ill draw inevitably just 2 get it out there for the idea of a rewrite but. shad isnt aaron hes laurence it makes sm sense#i promise also also aaron just gets to be some dude just some guy who marries into one of the og werewolf tribes bc hes a traveling#fisherman who was originally from donnas ocean village also yip ties into this hes aarons adopted son after the descruction of#the werewolf village i just think itd be neat
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the-shark-well · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
double posting today . good evening minecraft oc community <3
enderman - Sojourner (he/they/it)
creeper w Sojourner - Cliff (he/him)
big creeper w antennae - the Queen (she/her)
The Queen Creeper is a creeper variant that can only be found underground under certain biome conditions , in a structure known as the Creeper Nest , found in the Creeper Tunnels cave biome . They share a similar rarity to ocean monuments or woodland mansions , and likewise probably have some maps scattered around in chests marking their locations . In the Creeper Nests you'll also find baby creepers and gunpowder blocks/carpet , which are used to hatch baby creepers from spores . baby creepers cant explode , they just puff up near you and hiss and when you smack them they flee </3 They can only spawn in tunnels connected to a nest . The Creeper Queen acts as a miniboss and once killed she drops a queen creeper spore , which you can take back and under similarly strict conditions , you can hatch her and work to tame her as she grows . She'll produce gunpowder blocks and carpet and baby creepers , which will grow up tamed n wont attack u an will blow up enemies for you :] Just . be careful bc they can still accidentally kill u or ur base if either gets caught in the crossfire SKAJSKS
Cliff is blind and was a baby creeper who explored too far out from the nest and got lost outside , he befriended an enderchild (Sojourner) and the two remain close throughout their lives . They're boyfriends <3
[reblogs > likes]
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starsmahogany · 5 months ago
What are the chances that Peeta lasted exactly 2 minutes during the first time they have sex. This is assuming he’d never done it before, which I know many people headcanon but not everyone. So let’s say he was indeed a virgin for the sake of this little scenario. How does home girl react? Is she like “oh was that all?” or is she like “no worries don’t be embarrassed because your sin noodle is huge anyway and I don’t feel like being broken in half today”
...I cannot even begin to describe the unholy WHEEZE that escaped me upon reading "sIN NOODLE" JASLKDHSJLKDS. AND TYPING IT OUT WASN'T MUCH BETTER. But Lord anyways lmao ANYWAYS-
I of course tread the "closer to canon" path, as well as the "reverent/delicate intimacy" path. So with all that considered, if he does finish quickly, I don't think she'd mind whatsoever. She would be more concerned about the actual experience and getting to share such deeper affections with him, as opposed to the level of pleasure. Along those lines, I don't think she'd be concerned with his size whatsoever- or even his level of skill really. She would just be happy/contented that they're even getting to delight in such things with each other; a year or however long ago, it seemed like the utmost impossibility.
...HOWEVER LOL, perhaps a bit down the line when they're deep and comfortable in their sex life, I can maybe see her cocking a brow at him or something if he finished way faster than usual. But it'd all be in good fun/teasing, because she'd know by then that that wouldn't be the last of their session.
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pepperpixel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hellooooo, have some fantroll art! cuz im just.. im love them.. first pic is dessie and xylona havin ~tension~. ...despite the fact i drew xylona w short hair.. which usually indicates endgame completed character growth xylona. who instead of vehemently hating dessie is just sort of awkward around her... but listen... listen... i have no explanation ghghg- but hEY! look! look at pics of xylona dekkri n dessie snoozing.... arent they cute? i think they are cute.. they fill heart w joy... lov them.. guh
#aberration odium#homestuck#fantroll#fantrolls#fan troll#hs#oc#dessie#dekkri#xylona#doodles#me in my head 'aw man it sucks being multifandom i wish my brain could just get the drive to draw a fuck ton of art for one specific thing#that way i could build up an audience around it and keep ppls interest in my art and stuff. thatd be. awesome#but no my brain gotta keep hopping around to different things. or it only wants to draw my ocs. fucking damn it brain'#me now. coming to the realization idek if i count as 'multifandom' anymore. cuz 90 PERCENT OF MY ART IS OF MY FUCKING FANTROLLS#hOW DID THIS HAPPEN. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME BRAIN#its like. 'wow yay i am making a lot of art for one specific thing now! BUT ITS SOMETHING SO FEW PPL CARE ABOUT'#AUGHGHG#i started drawing them more and than i couldnt stop. i unleashed the dam months ago. but more fantroll stuff is still rocketing out of it..#slowly my percentage of oc to fandom art started to shift. and than faster. and than faster. aND NOW IM JUST. FANTROLL ARTIST#AND I LOVE IT.. I LOVE DRAWING THEM.. BUT GOD.. BRAIN IS ALSO LIKE.#'we kno u enjoy this but isnt it a little irresponsible of you to be so self indulgent? ur trying to make money off ur art arent u?#what if u scare away the ppl who like u w all this homestuck crap.. what if u fuck up. what are u doing. draw shit ppl like. do it.'#thats kind of. a very negative thought gHGH IM SORRY FOR VENTING ACTUAL FRUSTRATIONS W MYSELF IN THESE TAGS GHG#when my brain says shit like that usually i just try to remind myself that.. from what ive seen w my youtube videos. when i do buckle down#and actually make something for shit ppl like.. it usually does get a good amount of views. so. if i am in a situation#where i rlly gOTTA make bucks. i feel like. i can manage to do that... i dont neccesarily need to be making a ton of money right now tho#so its fine! if anything this is actually like.. the best time in my life to be self indulgent w my art..#cuz i dont have a lot of real world. monetary responsibilities yet#so. yeah!
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nancydfan · 7 months ago
I know some of y’all want Nancy and Ace to get together and I do too. But I have just got to say:
Embrace the slow burn.
I want them together too, but let’s watch them heat up slowly. With each episode they build layers and strengthen their bond and relationship so that when they get together...mind blowing.
I personally don’t want to see anything until end of s3 maybe? I want it to be undeniable these two are meant to be together when it happens. That while they can be happy alone or with someone else, it is a perfect symphony when they get together. A perfect team.
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mellohi-melody · 8 months ago
hmmm i wonder if purpled’s map of the old smp that he made on like his third day is still up- it would be interesting to compare it to eret’s recent map
#this is like an open question btw- if ya know if the maps still up or if it was taken down you can reply!!#i’m very slowly making my way through purpled’s smp vods#i’m thoroughly enjoying them#but i’m only on the third day so idk if he kept the map up#it would also be an interesting sort of parallel- purpled’s ufo.. an old building made with excitement for a future on the server with a-#-map that shows how everything once was (before the big wars.. before all of this carnage) vs eret’s museum.. built as a sort of memorial-#-to the past.. with a map that shows the current rough state of everything#i dunno i just think it’d be cool#ash rambles#mellohi-posting#purpled#dsmp#dream smp#idk eret’s tag#eret#also consider purpled’s map from like a fanfic pov#his ufo is dusty with disuse- one can easily tell that purpled’s been gone for a while. one might wonder why.. and where he’s gone. maybe-#-they’d realize that purpled hasn’t been seen around for a long time. maybe they’d just brush it off and move on.#the map’s pinned up to the wall by space-themed pins. it’s a bit torn around the edges.. and there’s small doodles in the corners.. but one-#-can still read the map easily. they stare at it.. their eyes carefully avoiding the drawings and other signs that a hopeful kid had been-#-the one to make this. no one wants a reminder of their shortcomings.. and one could certainly see their failure to make this child happy-#-and loved as such. after another moment.. they pull the map down and roll it up (carefully.. ever so carefully. it’s a piece of-#-history.. after all) and put it in their bag. they decide that if they couldn’t help the child who had created the map.. they could at-#-least immortalize the memory. / it shows up in the museum the next day.#anyway i might actually write a full one shot abt that cause it sounds cool#and also cause i’m a c!purpled Stan even though he has like two minutes of content#fksbfjsb
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louloutche · 6 months ago
Molly never saw how Yasha looked like before she lost Zuala, hence Yasha’s “I’m a little different” when he was resurrected, but surely she must have told him. Can you imagine when, with time, he slowly comes back to who he used to be? And then suddenly one day, out of the blue, he looks at Yasha and simply says, with a bit of surprise on his face: “Your hair. It’s white. It’s how it used to be.”
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manoessay · 4 months ago
I had a rare decent idea.
C!wilbur piecing together how little of ghostburs memories he had properly recieved starting with an eye opening talk with c!fundy.Kick starting an investigation on what events he forgot.
I mean, getting disowned by your son would be a pretty awful memory and certainly an important one. Fundy would bring it up wouldn't he.
It would probably be the beginning of alot of self doubt and him questioning just how much hes missing, requireing him to seek out people, Places, anything that can humpstart a memory or tell him what ghostbur forgot . Hell probably remember his ghost writing stuff down but not knowing where to find it . Asking around trying to chart out the days he can remember.
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wallpengi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Kingprotea is such a cute design. I’d roll for her if i had the SQ to spare ;A;
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