pagestoread · 2 months ago
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april | first week of the semester done. this semester, i decided to take spanish 🎉 it’s been good so far. pretty similar to my first language which has been very helpful. so happy to see the sun shining this week as well, we’ve been having cloudy, and i am over that. but here’s to more learning and more of the sun shining ☀️
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haiso226 · 3 months ago
Hi, I would just like to share that in English class, our teacher asked us to pick an issue we are interested in and/or passionate about for our essay for our month-long project.
Once we all picked them out, she asked us all to put them in this google doc for her to approve. As I'm scrolling through, I see issues like;
Human Rights
Gender Inequality
Mental Health
Corruption in the Government
I'd like to inform everyone reading this that me and my classmates are 12-13 years old, and we have thoughts on these things. These are matters that have been debated for years by adults, some of which are less educated on said issues than us. Yet we have real solutions and ideas based on solid, thorough research.
And for the cherry on top, this isn't something we're not excited to do, or we consider a ‘boring assignment,’ We talk about these things during our free time, during lunch and outside of school.
Maybe this is something for people to think about. That we, a group of 'immature,' or 'naive,' teenagers, CHILDREN have real discussions and thoughts about government corruption, rape, and discrimination.
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odetteden · 2 months ago
no one:
my spine during a 3 hour lecture: i choose violence
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audriraeart · 5 days ago
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Home Ick: Frankie Stein
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thebillionairelaw · 4 months ago
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Double tap and Reblog if you agree❤️❤️.
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heardatmedschool · 13 days ago
“We’re going to finish soon, there’s only fifty slides left.”
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rotting-cave-fungus · 20 days ago
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bovel · 2 years ago
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A druidic warlock for sure!  When I sewed more of my LARPing gear I was a wizard and I had some cleric in me when my burnout was at it’s worst. What class(es) are you?!
EDIT: @greebers reminded me that I’ve got some strong Bard-tendecies when doing ESO dungeons over voicechat. @godlingmajora @katyspirit
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venetiantwilight · 2 months ago
There was a free online test I saw years ago for testing your vocabulary in your target language and it would grade you by age. I am not sure how to say this right. Say if you are intermediate then you might would get a result saying you're as proficient as a 16 yo native speaker. Or if you're a beginner you might would get the result saying you are as proficient as a 4 yo native.
Maybe proficient is not the right word but you are graded on the extent of your vocabulary.
Does anyone know the test I'm talking about? Please, please, please help me find it! Any help is appreciated!
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chelstudying · 4 months ago
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jan. 31, 2022
finished my first day of classes for my study abroad today! it was pretty chill since i just had two online lectures, but i get to go in person for a seminar tomorrow!!
i’ve been pretty productive, but i still have a few things i need to finish up today: a couple readings, an article for my home university’s music magazine, and my portfolio and resume!
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pmseymourva · 9 months ago
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Hey peeps, if you ever wanted to get into Voice Acting for Characters, I cannot recommend taking a workshop enough, ESPECIALLY the one Strawberry Hill Music & Karen Strassman are hosting on October!
You can use the code SEYMOUR15 to get a discount on the class!
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ksmckaythingstolove · 8 months ago
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Attention……Time for class everyone!
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zigzagpunch · a year ago
Ideas to break the mold with your next D&D character.
Barbarian - Rather than be a screaming wall of beef, try a DEX based character. I’d love to see a Barbarian dual wielding light weapons instead of another half-orc with a greataxe/sword/hammer
Bard - Go to horny jail. Stop that. Just play a storyteller, or a con-artist, or a painter, or a wise and older teacher type.
Cleric - You’re automatically the mom of the group so why not embrace it? Cast your healing spells by licking your thumb and wiping your party members cheeks. Or give them forehead kisses and wish them luck on their first day of adventuring. Embarrass your party because they honestly can’t go on without you anyways
Druid - You don’t have to just be Radaghast the Brown.exe. Maybe your druid looks after a toxic swamp. Maybe they’re from a snow-covered mountain. Maybe they’re a street wise orphan who found out at a young age that the rats in the alley could speak to him, and he to them.
Fighter - This class isn’t as boring as you think. Have you ever seen a fighter use a bow? Try it, you won’t regret the power of an Arcane Archer. Or maybe dual Rapiers? Fighter is your chance to get the weird weapon combos out of your system. Also, Battle Master is severely underrated.
Monk - Ok. This one is personally going to be a character I play soon. Fat monk. Take advantage of the fact that your class features don’t care who you are or what you look like. Imagine your enemies surprise when the skinny little gnome punches like a truck. Or the hapless looking Tortle just runs straight up a sheer wall. Or the rotund and lumbering guy without any armour just dashes around like lightning. (Yes I DO main Bob in Tekken, shut up)
Paladin - I can’t believe how many people STILL think Paladins are the anti-fun police. The way you worship and play as a religious class is entirely up to you and your DM. Why not apply the stereotypes of another class to your Paladin? Maybe he’s the horny bard stand in. Or maybe he rages out pretty often.
Ranger - Everyone who plays 5e avoids this class because it's "underpowered" well, to that I say, underpowered chatacters are the most interesting. Try not worrying about a great build and focus on making the person inside the class the actual focus.
Rogue - Don’t be a criminal. Don’t even be just a guy who’s reeeeeealllly good at killing things. Sneak Attack is just a title, it’s not a combat style. Maybe you’re a great tactician, or maybe you’re an armourer’s apprentice so you know how to examine weak points. Maybe you’re a circus performer who’s fallen on hard times and turns to adventuring for money and survival. Don’t forget that Sneak works with ranged weapons
Sorcerer - This class is always described as “sexy spellcaster” but Charisma doesn’t always mean your character is physically attractive. You can have a forceful and charismatic personality in any body. Side note: fire isn’t the only type of damage in D&D
Warlock - Ah yes, the class with strings attached. This one takes some working with your DM but all I can say is don’t forget about your patron. Your relationship with them isn’t always a master/servant dynamic. Maybe you’re madly in love with them? Maybe they are always annoying you and nagging but you can’t exactly drop your agreement with them now. Or, perhaps, to paraphrase Travis Willingham; they need you more than you need them.
Wizard - Consider why you chose to become a wizard. Being one doesn’t happen by chance. You’re more than just a big brain. Are you sleazy and seeking to use spells to make life easier? Do you have ambitions on inventing a crazy new spell? I’d also love to see a Wizard with a high STR or CON score and just be a big beefy boi as well as being smart.
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fungusqueen · 9 months ago
I just enrolled in a class called Forest Mushrooms of the Pacific Coast (to refresh my mushroom knowledge). Thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for low-cost options to obtain a mycology education. It’s a 5 part webinar series starting in October. If you can’t attend live, there are also recordings available for anyone enrolled. The class is $49 but scholarships are available. The link is above (and below in case you prefer copy and paste!)
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elysian08 · 7 months ago
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I was studying developmental biology today. I'll have a final exam tomorrow so I tried to revise the material and catch up as much as I could. I feel a bit anxious because I couldn't finish with it all.🙆🏻‍♀️
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shepherds-of-haven · 3 months ago
If the Shepherds were in a classic RPG, what fighter archetype would they be? Who's the tank, the healer, etc.? Who do you send into battle first and who hangs back because they're squishy?
Ooh, good question! Let's see...
Blade: fighter/warrior/damage-dealer. Best used in an offensive capacity, but not necessarily as a tank to draw enemy fire. If he can get within melee range of an enemy, he deals extremely high damage and should have his hands registered as lethal weapons. His abilities tend more towards stealth and disappearing on the battlefield, so I guess he would be placed in an assassin/vanguard/lead-the-charge capacity, not hanging back as much as a support character or rogue, but without the loudness and attention of a tank.
Special abilities: high critical hit rate and fatal strike rate, impervious to traps and poisons, can use [Intimidate] while negotiating with enemies or shopkeepers
Trouble: support/ranged fighter/gunfighter with brawler tendencies. While typically used in a support capacity, dealing damage from behind the frontlines with his sniper rifle and AOE-style explosive attacks, he's not squishy and is capable of holding his own in melee combat if enemies break the line to get close enough to him. He's capable of both taking and dealing lots of damage, though slower-moving than true DPS characters like Chase or Blade.
Special abilities: every tenth bullet is automatically a concussive or explosive shot, improved accuracy with firearms, triggers [Fighter's Fury] when HP is low, leading to increased DPS and endurance
Tallys: support/ranged fighter/archer with hunter/scout tendencies. Better to not place her on the frontlines, as her high accuracy and offensive abilities are best used when she's somewhat protected by tankier fighters. She does her best behind the frontlines, dealing damage with her bow in powerful ranged and AOE-style attacks. Quite stealthy, she can also be placed in a scout capacity to get a lay of the land ahead of the party, allowing her to always strike first in combat without being noticed by enemies first.
Special abilities: [Ambush Expert] - allows you to strike first when she's in your party, animal friends will randomly bring her herbs and consumables outside of combat, automatically restores some party health after combat
Shery: healer/cleric/support character. With few offensive combat abilities and extreme fragility, she's better off as far away from the active zone of combat as possible. However, from afar, she can both continuously heal the party of damage, status effects, and give them buffs and boosts to their various abilities, making her both a healer and an amplifier/buffer character. Pairs well with characters who have strong defensive capabilities that can protect her.
Special abilities: always restores the party to full health after combat, can use [Quartermaster] to score a heavy discount with certain vendors, particularly blacksmiths and artisans; can use [Angel's Wish] when taking her to visit Churches of the One-God, giving the party a protective buff that lasts for 1 full day; [Innocence] can be used in combat to make enemies reluctant to attack her (similarly to using Charm in Pokemon)
Riel: bard/dancer/support character. NOW HEAR ME OUT... I don’t think there’s a “tactician” archetype for traditional RPGs, but that’s basically what he would be. He’d be extremely squishy and fragile, but he’d be able to direct the party, point out enemy weak points, and coordinate the battlefield in such a way that it would give his companions strong buffs and advantages while applying strong debuffs and damage-dealing effects to enemies. Having him present (far, far behind the frontlines) would have effects like lowering enemy defense and raising ally attack and DPS. Pairs well with characters who have strong defensive capabilities that can protect him.
Special abilities: [Guildmaster] gives him extreme discounts with all vendors while [Interrogator] gives him a strong edge in any situation that requires charisma, intimidation, negotiation, or otherwise; [Twelve Steps Ahead] automatically exposes enemy weaknesses and elemental vulnerabilities at the start of battle; impervious to illusions, lies, enchantments, and shapeshifting
Chase: rogue/thief/stealth character with strong DPS/damage-dealing tendencies. He can be used both as an offensive scout/vanguard-type character or as a sneaky rogue that lurks on the edges of battle, striking from the shadows and remaining invisible to most enemies. He deals high damage in both melee and ranged combat, using both daggers and guns, but is less resilient than the sturdier Blade, Briony, or Trouble. He has one of the highest attack speeds of the party. 
Special abilities: [Backstab] deals ultra critical damage when enemies aren’t facing him, possesses lockpicking and pickpocketing abilities outside of combat, capable of throwing smokebombs that obscure the battlefield and blind enemies
Red: jack-of-all-trades/mage. While squishier than many of the outright fighters in the party, he has an array of useful spells in his arsenal and moves quite quickly, flash-stepping and phasing through enemies to keep himself out of harm’s way. He can be used for both offense or defense and is a more balanced character, capable of fitting most roles as needed. As a melee combatant, his warhammer is quite slow, but his reserves of magic are among the greatest, making him a more useful mage character. 
Special abilities: allows you to escape any dungeon and return to the entrance without using an item, allows you to fast-travel back to any previous location outside of combat, [Fadestep] makes him impervious to damage for a brief amount of time (but also prevents him from causing damage), able to perceive, evaluate, and craft magical loot and artifacts
Ayla: defense/mage with strong tank tendencies. She specializes in defense, shields, barriers, and protecting herself and her allies from damage, making her a good target to draw enemy fire because she can withstand most attacks. While her offensive abilities are not as powerful as some other fighters, her tankiness and resilience makes her a good choice as a frontline attacker. She deals strong AOE-style wind attacks that can slow, immobilize, or slowly deal damage to enemies over time, draining their health or vitality. 
Special abilities: increases sprinting/stamina/rate of travel for the party, can jump or glide over many physical obstacles, [Survivalist] allows her to find and forage herbs and consumables in unlikely places
Briony: tank/berserker/champion. The tankiest of them all, she’s the party’s brass cannon, equipped to deliver devastating blows and insane burst damage at close range. The loudness and flash of her attacks automatically draws most enemy fire, and she’s able to sustain quite a lot of damage while dealing very destructive magical attacks, making her the ideal tank. However, her ability has  occasionally backfires by dealing a small amount of damage to herself, making her tricky to work with. She has few defensive spells in her arsenal and focuses on damage-dealing, DPS strategies, meaning she’s better employed in a quick, explosive assault capacity rather than long, sustained battles. 
Special abilities: [Meteoric Impact] is a devastating AOE attack that rains meteor fire down on enemies, usually decisively ending battles; however, it drains Briony’s magic completely and has a cooldown rate lasting 1 day. Can pick up or punch through many obstacles outside of combat. Equipping her with Gonturan increases her attack rate by 100%. 
Halek: tank/berserker who deals extra damage against demons and demonic enemies. Another tank who can sustain and draw a lot of enemy fire without slowing down, he deals a lot of damage with his Hunter spear and has insane amounts of stamina when his [Blood-rage] is activated. However, when [Blood-rage] is activated, he won’t take health potions and will keep fighting until he’s knocked out.
Special abilities: he can always sense when a demon is nearby as well as when someone is lying; lower-level demons are automatically trapped and paralyzed in place when he enters the field of battle.
Lavinet: dragoon/lancer/cavalier. The only fighter in the party who always rides a mount, she is extremely armored and quite impervious to weapon damage, though weak to magical spells and attacks. Riding on top of her horse keeps her out of reach of most enemies, and in a turn-based RPG system, she is able to travel twice as far as any other party member during combat. Her strong leadership abilities on the battlefield can give her allies buffs and boosts to their strengths. 
Special abilities: her high [Charisma] allows her to persuade and bargain with diplomats and politicians, as well as net her high discounts with vendors; [Duelist] allows her to automatically return critical attacks with her own; [Lancer’s Charge] uses 1 turn that withdraws her from the field of battle (making her impervious to harm), only to return on the next turn to deal a devastating attack
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uma-garota-nos-livros · 4 months ago
“Existiam pessoas que só queriam uma oportunidade. Pessoas que, por não se encaixarem no padrão, começavam a vida em desvantagem.”
Confidências de uma ex-popular
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dogtorari · 5 months ago
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Just to show some stuff I did In microbiology class!
We cultured E.coli and onto a new petri-dish we grew more !! We gram-stained today and Monday we will be looking at it under the microscope and furthering our culture practices with other bacterias!
I really love love love microbiology and honestly, having the professor I have makes it so much better!!
Read comments for an updated post!
Side note- in the video is my partner Brittany who was learning how to successfully transfer E. coli to her plate!
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imagine-loki · 9 months ago
Imagine having taken classes on Norse mythology and telling Loki you already know so much about him, only for him to be appalled by many of the things you say and vow to set the record straight on all of it.
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queenie435 · 11 days ago
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Can someone please silence the straights… we are doing this now!
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