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Trauma ICU hasn’t existed for about a month now. We are strictly COVID. I haven’t seen a single visitor in about that same amount of time; never thought I would miss a time with them but it makes End of Life distressing for everyone, to say the least.

On a bright note, our patient tracking boards are pretty much obsolete and are now used for Panda and puppy live streams to keep our spirits up.

I hope you all are staying safe, healthy and sane. Lean on each other, look for the light because there is far too much darkness otherwise.

Much love,


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I’ve just started rewatching grey’s anatomy and now I know what the current season and probably the last few seasons have been missing, it’s the medicine, the cases, the patients, the anatomy, the life changes! The balance of the medicine and drama. I know with 16 seasons it’s hard to think of new ideas. Maybe it’s time for greys to come to an end. Or maybe bring in some nurses? Nurses that aren’t just sex toys but actual medical professionals?? That would give greys another perspective. Surgeons and surgical nurses. I guess I’m biased as a student nurse


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But I have a question about quarantine. I might be getting a dog soon and like, puppies need to go for walks and stuff or else they’ll get lazy. Am I allowed to bring my dog out for walks in public? Like as long as I’m not hanging out with anyone or walking in huge groups I’m still social distancing right? This probably sounds so stupid but I really need to know because I don’t want to upset people nor do I want an unhealthy dog. I was on call with my school friends last night and they said it was fine, I just need more opinions from other people just to be safe. Can someone please let me know?

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working night shift is getting really old

I miss waking up early in the morning and watching the sun rise with my coffee

But we live in a world where I have to sacrifice my sleep schedule and sanity so I can pay for my schooling to probably work plenty more years screeching at the sun

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So my hospital is using so much oxygen because all the patients on ventilators, CPAP, BiPAP, high flow, or just plain NRB/NC we needed to call a separate liqud oxygen trailer to just supply the ER. Our oxygen pressure alert was alarming nonstop the last 4 days and finally last night the trailer was in place.

I cannot fathom the shit going on.

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‘Coronavirus: 'Nurses prepare for the worst but not this’’, BBC
My fears regarding this pandemic are specifically in New York City because I feel like we’ve been hit harder. And we’ve been hit first. And I feel like we’re setting the standard for what the rest of the country is going to do and how they’re going to respond. I am fearful that we haven’t even gotten the worst. And we’re already running out of critical items that we need. I am fearful that we are going to go to war-time medicine. And when I say that, I mean triage, being with a patient and saying ‘this person doesn’t have a good quality of life to begin with so we’re not going to take heroic measures to save them’. That’s my biggest fear. I also fear that we’re just not going to have any supplies. Are we going to be mandated to be at work for 24 hours? What else is going to happen? The fear of the unknown is what bothers all my co-workers.
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I’m about to throw hands with someone on Facebook. He said it was fair that ED and ICU staff get N95s while we get surgical masks on the med/surg turned covid floor. Apparently I signed up for this. News flash, nurses didn’t sign up to go into airborne precaution rooms with a flimsy surgical mask!

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I feel that when you love God and you have affection for the knowledge of God, you get curiosity for the philosophy of human existence and what makes someone human through psychology and the sociological perspective. I noticed this is who I am; I love God very much. I am very sensitive and thoughtful because I love God. I am insightful and will want to understand what makes a person, a human.

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Some advice someone told me if your facility does not provide proper PPE or - even more idiotic - instructs you not to bring your own to work due to the lack of PPE.

1. Know that you need to be selfish about your safety. Not a lot of people can do what you can do. And if one of you is gone, think of the potential lives that you couldve saved or changed.

2. Prepare that even if your facility still has PPE, expect supplies to run out soon. Your facility should have not made cuts to their supply chains prior to this pandemic.

3. Make a paper trail - What you need to print or have copies of (if possible)

- the facility’s default policy and procedures regarding PPE.

- state laws and regulations or OSHA regulations regarding infectious diseases, especially if they’re more stringent than CDC guidelines (remember, they’re JUST guidelines). Anything on pandemics or bioterrorism helps too.

- copies of any E-mails, notices, or flyers from your hospital regarding lack of PPE or changes in PPE policy.

- scientific research papers regarding effectiveness of PPE.

- scientific research or reports regarding Covid 19 transmission and lifespan.

- copy of your last n95 fit test results

- current facility inventory of ppe items. Every Hospital is going to come up with the blurb “our staff and patient safety is our priority” and that “we have adequate PPE” Bullshit. Ask and have them define what they mean by “Adequate PPE”.

- your unit layout (no negative pressure rooms, co-ed, open or curtained wards)

- your union contract (if you have one)

- don’t print, but do look to see if you are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

4. If you come to work and find yourself in an unsafe assignment, notify your supervisor.

- have a willing witness with you so this is not a he said/she said situation.

- State the reason why you are refusing your assignment - not because of the patient but due to safety reasons. (I.e. lack of protective gear, being pregnant.)

- Ask for alternative assignments or duties if possible.

- Take note of other people who are present as potential witnesses. (Keep a copy of your assignment paper.)

- Do NOT resign. Have your manager or charge nurse go through the avenue of diciplinary actions/escalate the situation. Make sure that your reasons are clearly recorded.

- if you are escorted by security out of the hospital, follow their instructions. Take their names down too. Let them know that you have nothing against them (I’m pretty sure they have nothing against you either). They can serve as your potential witnesses. Ask for a log or a security ticket from them as proof that you didn’t leave from your own accord and that nothing is falsified.

4. Facing diciplinary action:

- if you have a union, contact them, even if they’re useless AF. You chucked a portion of your paycheck to them, they need to work for you. If you don’t have a union, contact a lawyer (not sure if nursing malpractice insurance companies provide one in this situation, but its worth a try). Use them to collect all those reports are made about “your behavior”. Collect any afadavits from any sympathetic witnesses as well.

If your higher ups call you for a meeting, have your union representative or lawyer with you if possible. If they’re pushing you to sign something, read EVERYTHING carefully and take your time. Make addenums if they allow you to. If you don’t like what you see, don’t sign it, but still have a copy that you did meet them at the table. If you agree to the terms of said document, make sure everyone in the room signs the document before you do.

- if they fire you, time to collect unemployment.


Useful but nonrelated information:

- some hospitals have started recycling programs for masks. Not sure what to think of this but worth a try collecting

- if you are positive Covid19, if you have an android phone that hasn’t opted out of Google’s data collecting and you’re VERY GOOD at quarantining yourself, collecting your entire location history might help in proving you caught the virus at work.

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#nursing #breakfast #day3 #babykitties #youcandanceifyouwantto

This little guy can multitask like no other! Hes here chugging milk while also leading a air spin class!

Also…..What WOULD a cat spin class look like….Loud blasting generic house music and all….

“Get those buns MOVING, mrs.whiskerton!’

*bass hits*… hiss like a sneeze untzzuntza ….nmmmmm hiss like a sneeze


(Yall really cant tell me this is worse then "real” club music) (at Portland, Oregon)

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