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#omg alice i LOVE this
notquitetwilight · 9 months ago
What do you think the clothing styles of each Cullen is? I've been trying to do research, but all I can find is "canon" fashion. I don't want Mormon fashion, I want on-trend, designer, and weird. I know you won't disappoint, Juliet.
Thank you so much for this ask! I think about how they should’ve been styled all the time so I decided to make moodboards to help illustrate my ideas:
Tumblr media
I picture Esme as a big wearer of dresses (sundresses and silk dresses especially) and playsuits in all sorts of light, neutral and bright colours. I know she wouldn’t be able to wear these much outside of the house given the fact that it would look out of place in Forks’ weather, but since she mostly works at home I picture her happily parading around the house like that because it makes her feel good.
Tumblr media
Give me Carlisle in cotton shirts and suspenders pleeeeeeeeeease. Also some nice waistcoats ughhhhh Esme insists he throws it back with some Peaky Blinders role play
Tumblr media
Bella I mostly see keeping how she was styled in New Moon, the movie she looked the best in imo. Lots and lots of flannel and plaid, comfy but cute, warm colours.
Tumblr media
For Edward I’m like “Twilight style, but make it international student.” So yeah just a more high-fashion take on his movie style really (he’s dressed by Alice after all) and also with some hoodies added bc hoodies can serve looks too!
Tumblr media
Rosalie I picture having a very mixed style as opposed to sticking to one type. She can go neutral, dark, bright; she can go girly, grunge, sporty, casually comfy, haute couture. Either way she’s always on trend and turns heads
Tumblr media
I definitely picture Emmett as being a vest-and-chain lover (he’s Irish-American after all 💀) but I also think he’d let Alice go crazy on him and drown him in labels or high-fashion two pieces that are probably way too much for a small town. But it makes his sister happy and he looks good so he doesn’t care
Tumblr media
Last but not least I picture Alice as wearing almost exclusively black or neutral in her main pieces and adding pops of colour through her accessories or makeup. She loves a platform-soled boot and shoes or bags that are patterned. Has vintage designer pieces from all over the world. She’s the label hoe who cried when she heard Michael Kors bought Versace ☹️
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xnovacne · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blessing the tl with Chishiya. You’re welcome 🖤
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cheshiya · 6 months ago
alice in borderland characters who i think are musty as hell
last boss: he doesn’t care. was better about it in the real world but only because of his mom. only showers if he thinks he needs one.
aguni: hatter makes him shower otherwise he wouldn’t either. smells like sweat and blood. it doesn’t really bother him and could care less about it bothering anyone else.
chishiya: anyone with a bad dye job and looks like he uses his fingers as a makeshift comb is going to make me think they’re musty. looks bummy as fuck with anything he chooses to wear in the borderlands; could argue it’s for comfort, he just has no taste. started off pretty clean though.
kuina: nonblack people with locs never smell good. that’s all i have to say. argue with your momma.
arisu: he unabashedly went into the most crowded place looking the way he did and without a shower. he belongs on this list.
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psyche-reads · 4 months ago
So I finally got around to reading Heartstopper and I was just kind of casually enjoying it, but then Aled from Radio Silence showed up?!?!? I knew Alice Oseman likes connecting her stories together but Radio Silence?!? The most relatable book I have ever read that will live in my heart forever??? I didn’t even know these characters had existed before that book came out, but now you’re telling me there’s MORE content about them?!? I need to read every one of their books, holy shiiiiitttttt
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whalyrae · 7 months ago
Chishiya : You're right.
Kuina : That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
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swiftsaltsweet · 6 months ago
Why Ch 24 of New Moon is the best chapter in the series
I’m taking no criticism, this is the best chapter and I’mma tell you why. While skimming through the series for reasons and....I never thought I’d say it but, I legit have a favorite chapter out of the entire Twilight franchise, and it’s in New Moon of all places. And I don’t know, I just need to gush ok? There’s just something about this chapter that’s amazing, it’s like a fever comedy. Like the absolute, unadulterated, feral chaos that is this chapter. It caught me completely off guard, esp considering we spent this whole god damn novel with Bella so depressed, like “it hurt to read I felt so bad for her” kind of depressed, with the last half having very clear PTSD reactions on top of that, before leading into some very clear suicidal tendencies for about the last quarter on top of that. It’s a heavy ass book. 
But then fucking chapter 24 and all it’s glory come along. We just spent a good portion of the last chapter with Ed explaining himself and trying to convince Bella that she is loved and has always been loved and he won’t leave and that she’s not dreaming. And then Bella, still not completely convinced, decides she needs to get his family to vote on her humanity. 
And like there’s some mushy stuff being said in the beginning, but that’s just there to lull you into a sense of security. Cause on the way there Bella let’s slip about the voices she’s was hearing and Ed’s just like “👁️👄👁️” And I’m low key screaming cause she’s being a biiiit to open about that, and then she’s like “Oh, that must’ve been happening cause you love me!” and now I’m high key screaming cause baby girl noooo! AND THEN Ed just smiles and is like “yeah that’s ok, that’s normal, btw it sounded like you were handling this better than me at least” and now I’m crying and screaming and the neighbor’s are calling the cops cause they think I’m being murdered. And at this point I’m like “Carlisle, please get these two a therapist or I’m gonna be thera-pissed.” And that’s before the fucking vote.
So they get there, call the family, the meeting begins. Alice is grinning like the literal devil she is (and we love her for it). Ed’s face is suddenly fierce, probably cause he just now saw the memory of his girlfriend asking his sister to eat her-I mean change her on the way to Italy. But we don’t have time to unpack that, we need to put this stuff to a vote.
BUT NOT UNTIL EDWARD PULLS A BITCH MOVE and says his lovely piece. Boy is off his rocker, but he’s going off it with a plan. Dumbass motherfucker over here thinks that he can play the most fucked up version of hide and go seek with the vampire government. And I don’t know what’s worse, 1) the audacity he has thinking Bella will go along with this plan, 2) the audacity that he thinks Alice will want to spend her time watching Demetri for the rest of Bella’s life (esp when she’s about ready to change her herself or get someone else to do it, Alice has no time for your foolishness Eddie), 3) the fact he thinks this plan can work, 4) the fact Emmett and Jasper think the plan is just swell while Rosalie/Bella/Alice think they all are fucking morons (thus showing, if there is at least one braincell in this whole fucking family, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward are not the ones holding it)
And then we have the vote, despite Emmett and Jasper drinking dumb bitch juice for a second, they end up not voting in favor of Ed’s plan. Probably cause Jasper is whipped and his wife already voted yes, and cause Emmett flipped a coin on whether Rose would hate it more if he fought the Volturi or just said ok to Bella being a vamp (yes that blessed himbo was still thinking about fighting the Volturi as he voted). 
AND THEN Ed storms out of the room and starts wrecking shit like the beautiful unstable toddler that he is. BUT THEN, Bella turns to Alice, looks her dead in the eye and is like “Ok where you wanna do it.” and klfajlksdjdsafs Fucking Alice “I see everything” Cullen can only stand there in absolute literal terror. DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING DID YA PIXIE STICK? You seriously didn’t see, no couldn’t even conceive the level of Bella’s audacity and bullheadedness???? But then you remember, not like 5 chapters ago, like a day or two ago in real time, Bella practically jumped Alice on the damn plane to Italy practically screaming “Bite me now!” like did she forget???? Like, Bella was right Alice, y’all both co-owners of the idiot market. 
AND THEN Ed comes flying in fueled by pure rage, and starts asking Bella if she’s lost her gd mind. HER TALKING ABOUT VOICES IN HER HEAD?? NOPE A-OK! He hears them too except like, he’s supposed to cause he has that power, Bella doesn’t. But his own sister cucking him on transforming his gf? Oh no this is over the line! All sanity is lost! THE DISCONNECT FKDLASJKLSAJF And then Alice is over here experiencing for the first time of what is called “shitting yourself,” is like “there’s a few issues with your plan at the moment Bella, such as me not eating you.” And then Bella’s like “give it the old college try Alice!” And Ed is acting like he’s gonna rip Alice apart and Alice is like “👁️👄👁️ I’m gonna die” and like Jasper is???? Not even there anymore??? fkdlsfjlakjf Like he left, he’s gone! No more mention of him! Like Mr. “Someone breathes weirdly near Alice I’ll show them what their insides look like” isn’t, at this very moment, german suplexing Edward’s ass into the ground???? Is he, along with the rest of not Ed/Alice family just looking on in horror at the uninformed brazenness happening in front of them?? fklsdjafk Is everyone, sans Rose, thinking “Maybe we shouldn’t have voted yes????” 
AND THEN Bella is like “Fuck it, Carlisle?” And like, at this point Ed is clutching at Bella as if he’s gonna have to fight his whole family off of her, and Carlisle is like “Yeah.......let’s do it” and Ed’s just grasping at freaking, very understandable, straws and is like “CHARLIE WILL BRING THE POLICE FORCE DOWN ON US IF YOU DISAPPEAR AGAIN!” And Bella, beautiful Isabella “Fuck da police” Swan is like “You mean all three of them? :/” But they’re able to talk her down to waiting till things cool off and wait a bit.
BUT THEN Ed, after whisking Bella away from his family before this whole interaction could become even more of a shit storm than it already is, is now pacing in Bella’s room like a mad man, trying to think of a way to undo this disaster he didn’t see coming and then his little walnut brain is like “A-HA! You want to be a vampire? Then what if it twas I who changed you instead? YOu want that? Well then GIVE ME MARRAIGE!” And Bella is like “oh damn I actually do want that :/” BUT YOU’D THINK IT’D END HERE but no, Charlie comes in cause of the commotion, and he starts talking to Bella and the beautiful idiot let’s slip she went cliff diving to her father and he’s just like “👁️👄👁️” and while he’s trying to object to Edward, Bella’s like “I’ll move out buddy boi, it’s me and Ed, or no me at all. This crazy duo is a packaged deal buck-o! Now get along so I can shower!” and then yadda yadda some mushy stuff and end with these two love birds kissing. Like....STEPHENIE! You think you can just throw some mush in there, after I just witnessed an entire circus being set on FIRE???
#twilight#new moon#twilight renaissance#twilight review#long post#alice cullen#bella swan#edward cullen#they're the stars of this post I don't want to flood the other character tags#new moon is just '👁️👄👁️' the book#i forgot what this chapter was like#and i've listen to people reviewing this book and they just????? do they not see the disaster that was in front of them???#it's always sanitized like 'oh they vote on Bella's humanity' like did they just watch the movie version of this????#like the movie version is utter trash compared to the book scene omg#I remember one youtube review saying that 'the book was more formal than the movie cause they sat at a table' and now I'm like ???????????/#Yeah it tried to be more formal but it was a screaming match away from turning into a reality tv show omg#like yeah they sat at a table and tried making it a legit meeting but we got tweedle dumb and tweedle dipstick over here running the show of#of COURSE it was gonna spiral into a insane mess#btw I love alice and she's my fav character but I also love seeing stuff bite her in the ass#it's called duality#and like there's a few other more normal/mushy stuff happening at the beginning to lull you into a sense of security#i say it's the best cause I'm still re-reading eclipse and need to re-read breaking dawn#its' at least the best from bella's perspective AT LEAST#MS ed's off his rocker the entire time so hey we're channeling that energy yo#I don't know what's funnier to me the all seeing psychic being blindsided and terrified#or ed and bella just showing their wholeass to the family right then and there and everyone has to deal with it#none of the characters win in this chapter but I know at least I was the winner :')
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broken-sonnets · 9 months ago
2021 domination
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ve been a stan for some time now but this year got me like:
Tumblr media
Thank you for existing
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escxpiism · 5 months ago
triggers: murder, suicide, drugs, grooming
with butterfly wings.
“ this is it, the deed is done, silence drowns the sound. before i leaped, i should’ve seen the view from halfway down. ”
‘too much heroin.’
but that hadn’t stopped luke. “ i can’t do this without you, ” he had said, that same pleading look that had ensnared her in the first place. he would then look to the drink he had offered her after two days of starvation and one of dehydration. and she would understand.
laced with barbiturate amobarbita.
and she would look at it. horror. intrigue. a terribly lethal devotion she had once had reemerging. and he would bring out a syringe and a shoelace. and he would tie the shoelace right above the crook of his elbow. and he would look at her again. “ this is the end of the line, alice. i need you. ”
and her mind would run a mile a minute. she loves him. she understands now. she doesn’t want him to be alone. but she hates him. he has taken a year from her in this 45º cellar. he has taken her youth at seventeen. and she hates herself. she fell for him. and she hates him. and she loves him. and she thinks about the drink. and she doesn’t think about the drink.
and he looks at her with sorrow. with guilt. maybe. and he places the key to the door and the chain in front of her. slightly out of reach. but close enough to prove to her that this was the end of the line. and he says “ if you ever loved me... i need you. ”
and she has loved him. she thinks. and she’s not afraid to die. but she’s terrified of death. and it makes no sense. and she wishes she could rewind time to the night she met luke. she wishes she had never asked him his name. because wasn’t that her first mistake ?
colt king cobra.
he is sad. he is impatient. he looks to the drink again, syringe still in one hand, hovering over the crook of his arm. “ i don’t want to do this, alice... ” but he has to do it. so he thinks. he leaves her alone in the room, key out of reach, drink still tempting.
was this a test ? one she’d failed miserably ? was the key a fake ? the questions that she wanted to ask all faded away when he returned. there was something behind his back.
he returned to his position. he faced alice. he picked the syringe up with his free hand. “ this isn’t what i wanted to do... ” but it was his last resort. his other hand comes into view. in it, he has a gun. “ i need you to do this. we’re going to do it together. ” and the gun is pointed towards her. and he looks to her drink. “ i want you to feel good. i want us to feel good. ”
there isn’t a hint of a joke in his eyes. she is terrified. she is enamored. she wants to do this for him. she does not want to die. she does not want to live. but she relents. she lifts the offered drink. there is no taste, but she knows he has put something in it. he spoke like it. he acted like it. he was kind like that. he was cruel like that.
and he breaks skin with the syringe. and he finds a vein. and he injects. and his muscles loosen.
for a doctor, he is not a wise man.
‘with his feet.’
there is a surge in her. and there is a surge in him. their eyes meet. their eyes are lit by hellfire. it’s a slow competition as the drugs settle quickly, but it’s a competition. in that moment, he is nothing but someone who wants to kill her. and she is nothing but someone he pretends he needs.
narrowly, she is able to grab the gun before him. and it is animal instinct that prompts her to aim for his head, a skill he has acquired from her father, and shoot. shoot. shoot. shoot. shoot. shoot.
a strange case.
she aches. visions of all the good times, and visions of all the bad times, blur together at once. and she is guilty.
for all the shots she took, there was only one bullet.
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aiuragf · 6 months ago
‘those’ chisiya fans that probably is a hq stan: “OMG! kenma and chisiya are literally the same person!!!”
Bro.... I didn’t know kenma see ppl as a pet and almost a sociopat but ok??? Yo Gasp wow Totally the same person Omg......
also im in the mood tho slander chisiya or just talk abouthim
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