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#bisexual pride
twisted-lies · 2 days ago
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Anon asked: hi kokichi!! could i request some bisexual kaeya icons please? no kin tags! ty <3 have a nice day!
Hey hey Anon! Here's your Bisexual Kaeya icons you requested! Just let me know if you need me to change anything at all
Don't tag as kin!
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thefollow-spot · 6 months ago
Just saw a TikTok where this bi woman was like,
‘I’m a woman-leaning bisexual and you know what pisses me off? The fact that I’m dating a skinny white man and I love him and I’m happy, like what the fuck.’
And I just have to say. What pisses me off as a bisexual woman is that TikTok.
This is the Woke version of ‘my wife is the ol’ ball and chain, doesn’t it suck to be married,’ jokes. It’s not funny. Your queerness is not negated or tarnished by opposite-gender attraction, dating men isn’t inherently worse than dating women.
Love your partner.
Cherish them.
For fucks sake.
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staff · 5 months ago
tumblr tuesday: animal allies
Here are the animals that live in your homes and have declared themselves allies. Give it up for Yuki, Toby, Mick, Rigel, Io, and Zendaya. Hear Yuki and obey. Yuki lives on a bird blog for birds, but we assume nice humans are allowed:
Tumblr media
This is Toby. Toby is a cat. He lives with his human artist and supports lesbians:
Tumblr media
Mick the Dick is a retired rat. We don’t know how he got his name but do not be fooled. Although retired, Mick is in fact still a rat:
Tumblr media
These proud little piggies are called Rigel and Io. Rigel and Io have two mums, and they are pretty stoked about that:
Tumblr media
Zendaya the cat knows that love is love. Her human likes MCU and writing fanfic. And Zendaya, we presume.
Tumblr media
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sincerelywhiterose · 6 months ago
Friendly reminder that tomorrow is the first day of pride month and if I see any biphobia, I will throw hands
This includes, but is not limited to:
saying that bisexuality excludes trans/nonbinary people (it doesn't)
saying that bisexuality is too binary (it isn't)
saying that bisexuality is outdated (again, it isn't)
saying/implying that bisexuals only care about gender rather than personality (which is gross and untrue)
derailing conversations on biphobia and its effects
excluding bisexuals from mlm and wlw spaces/discussions
speaking over bisexuals in conversations on the issues we face
refusing to listen to bisexuals if we say something is biphobic
ignoring bisexual history and activism
ignoring the present contributions of bisexuals to LGBTQ culture
making demeaning jokes about bisexuals or jokes that rely on negative stereotypes
stereotyping bisexuals in general
viewing bisexuals as 'half-straight'/'lesser' members of the LGBTQ community
and finally, speaking over bisexuals about the very definition of bisexuality
yes this includes saying things like 'that sounds more like [other sexuality]' or 'if you define your attraction that way you're [other sexuality] instead' in response to a bisexual person describing how they define their orientation for themself
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ruephilia · 5 months ago
i love bisexuals who don’t conform to society’s view of gender!!! i love nonbinary and trans bisexuals and bisexuals on HRT or who’ve had top/bottom surgery! he/she bisexuals, she/they and he/they bisexuals, bisexuals who use all pronouns or neopronouns! butch/femme bisexuals and gender nonconforming ones!!! i love all of you!!!
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pettybisexual · 25 days ago
We should normalize people who come out as a certain sexuality and end up realizing down the road that they're actually something else.
Sexuality can be a very confusing thing and figuring out your true identity later on in life is totally normal and okay!
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"I'm not sorry guys, it turns out I'm not *insert gender/sexuality*, I was just a bit confused."
Is perfectly valid. Want to use new pronouns? Go for it! Bi didn't quite fit, but pan does?! Identify with that! If you stop identifying as something, I'm not going to judge! I'm just glad that you're closer to finding yourself!
*I updated this adding "I'm not sorry" as no one should be sorry for finding themselves. Thanks to people for pointing this out as I simply forgot that I put that in*
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fedyorsundyinglove · 3 months ago
Reblog if you agree that gender and sexuality are fluid. No one needs to shove themselves into a box for the "comfort" of others. If you don't know yet, it's ok! If you don't want to label yourself, it's ok! Trying out more than one label is ok! You are valid nonetheless :)
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zitis-art-corner · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Bi Visibility Day - even to those of us who aren't visible in a mirror. Materials: Paint Tool SAI 2, graphic tablet
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geekydemigodinthevoid · a year ago
I love that the internet saw people comparing women and other alienated groups of people and went, “they’re dating,” and, “they support each other.” We’re improving as a society.
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chaoticfruit · 4 months ago
it's 2021, if you're biphobic i will straight up throw a brick at you.
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