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#bi pride

It is a sunday afternoon

My sister’s online friend has said something mildly homophobic in discord 

she quickly turns on webcam and marches upstairs 

she opens my bedroom door I am sprawled on my bed wearing three flannels at once 

both my rainbow and bi flags are visible above me 

Sweater Weather is playing 

this dude on webcam takes one look at me and disconnects from the chat

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(Cishet) men’s fetishization of wlw’s sexuality is not the fault of bi women! 📢

(Cishet) men’s feelings of entitlement towards wlw’s sexuality is not the fault of bi women! 📢📢

Bi women are hurt just as much as lesbians are by these things! 📢📢📢

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since pride month is nearly here and im a queer creator who makes queer things - heres another promotion of my redbubble page!

the ‘proud’ designs are on more than just stickers, you can get them on phone cases and hoodies and stuff too!!! any money made goes towards keeping me fed and helping me continue creating, so thats fun!!!

also!! there will be more designs made soon.


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