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#bi pride
grelleswife · 2 days ago
Hi, anon! I’ll admit that I’d never actually heard of Elvira prior to the news of her coming out, but we love big-tiddied goth ladies on this blog! 🖤 Although Elvira describes her sexuality as fluid, since she’s in a committed relationship with a woman while still retaining attraction to men, it certainly sounds like she falls somewhere along the bi spectrum. 💖💜💙 It’s a shame that she felt compelled to hide her orientation for nineteen years, but I’m so glad she’s able to live her truth now. Speaking as a bisexual woman myself, that’s very inspirational! 🥰
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robynochs · 10 hours ago
For those interested, the International Bisexual Research Conference has a YouTube channel. They've posted the BiCons panel (that I was on), and will be posting other sessions soon. 
Find it here:… 
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hidheim · 2 days ago
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I love doing maintenance tasks on my desktop, mainly because old&unfinished projects pop up.
This one is ICON, a series of fake magazine covers displaying various humanoid versions of pride flags and stuff. I never had the guts to finish this project. So there are only four drafts and one wip. I vaguely remember the idea behind it. It was supposed to be a mix of commonly known flags with few microlabels.
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hermes-left-nut · a day ago
bi culture is playing psychonauts and being attracted to both Sasha and Mila
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bi-girl-on-standbi · a day ago
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I know this joke above is a normal one for Bi people to make, and heck! Even I laugh at it, and say it. Because it’s true. It is an experience I’ve had, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
But I wanted to say that this thought process is wrong.
You are Bi. No matter whether you like Girls more, or Boys more, or Enbys more. You are Bi.
Bi isn’t a 50/50 even split, and if you are a 50/50 split well thats fine too. But it isn’t always.
Being Bi is a diverse label that a lot of different people can, and do, use.
So don’t worry about how many people you like, or how many people you date. Just because you have a crush on someone/date someone it doesn’t make you any less Bi.
Remembers its not always a 50/50 split, and that’s ok.
Love y’all! <3 <3
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adams-left-hand · 35 minutes ago
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bi, shy, and ready to cry
do not repost as your own!
you can use these as a background photo or whatever i don’t care
like and reblog if you save :)
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mulberrynukacola · 2 days ago
I want that kind of bisexual energy that Dante Sparda and Bayonetta radiate
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thefollow-spot · 4 months ago
Just saw a TikTok where this bi woman was like,
‘I’m a woman-leaning bisexual and you know what pisses me off? The fact that I’m dating a skinny white man and I love him and I’m happy, like what the fuck.’
And I just have to say. What pisses me off as a bisexual woman is that TikTok.
This is the Woke version of ‘my wife is the ol’ ball and chain, doesn’t it suck to be married,’ jokes. It’s not funny. Your queerness is not negated or tarnished by opposite-gender attraction, dating men isn’t inherently worse than dating women.
Love your partner.
Cherish them.
For fucks sake.
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sonicrainbooms · 3 months ago
happy pride month i love being bisexual and defining myself as bisexual and i really like how bisexual sounds and the bisexual flag is very pretty
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sincerelywhiterose · 3 months ago
Friendly reminder that tomorrow is the first day of pride month and if I see any biphobia, I will throw hands
This includes, but is not limited to:
saying that bisexuality excludes trans/nonbinary people (it doesn't)
saying that bisexuality is too binary (it isn't)
saying that bisexuality is outdated (again, it isn't)
saying/implying that bisexuals only care about gender rather than personality (which is gross and untrue)
derailing conversations on biphobia and its effects
excluding bisexuals from mlm and wlw spaces/discussions
speaking over bisexuals in conversations on the issues we face
refusing to listen to bisexuals if we say something is biphobic
ignoring bisexual history and activism
ignoring the present contributions of bisexuals to LGBTQ culture
making demeaning jokes about bisexuals or jokes that rely on negative stereotypes
stereotyping bisexuals in general
viewing bisexuals as 'half-straight'/'lesser' members of the LGBTQ community
and finally, speaking over bisexuals about the very definition of bisexuality
yes this includes saying things like 'that sounds more like [other sexuality]' or 'if you define your attraction that way you're [other sexuality] instead' in response to a bisexual person describing how they define their orientation for themself
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fagrune · 3 months ago
i love bisexuals who don’t conform to society’s view of gender!!! i love nonbinary and trans bisexuals and bisexuals on HRT or who’ve had top/bottom surgery! he/she bisexuals, she/they and he/they bisexuals, bisexuals who use all pronouns or neopronouns! butch/femme bisexuals and gender nonconforming ones!!! i love all of you!!!
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cottoncandysprite · 3 months ago
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Luz coming out to Eda like
Inspired by this tweet:
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