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#enby pride
ace-aussie-asshole · a day ago
Straight people don’t question if they’re queer.
Allo people don’t question if they’re ace.
Cis people don’t question their gender.
Me doing all of the above: Fuck.
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profeminist · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"just not seeing enough people talking about carl clemons-hopkins, the first out nonbinary actor to be nominated for an emmy, and the nonbinary flag gown they wore last night"
Carl Clemons-Hopkins on IMDB
Tumblr media
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pettybisexual · 27 days ago
We should normalize people who come out as a certain sexuality and end up realizing down the road that they're actually something else.
Sexuality can be a very confusing thing and figuring out your true identity later on in life is totally normal and okay!
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cartoonsofthecosmos · 4 months ago
I hope everyone realizes how huge this is. Raine is nonbinary. They are the first ever nonbinary Disney character. Queer representation is rare; nonbinary representation is even rarer. This means that more kids are going to grow up and treat they/them pronouns as a normal thing. This means that less kids are going to think of nonbinary people as different than them. This means that more nonbinary kids are going to see themselves in the shows they watch and feel more comfortable in their own skin as a result. This is a milestone, and it deserves to be treated as such. 
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screams-in-enby · 3 days ago
A moment of appreciation for:
Amab non binary lesbians
Trans people with no dysphoria
Intersectional trans people
She/her trans guys and he/him trans women
Trans people that choose not to physically transition
Het trans people
Non binary men and women
Trans people with microidentities
Trans people in general
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pastelbaby-ella · 5 months ago
I love neopronouns! I love people who use neopronouns! You're not hurting the trans community by being yourself, you're valid
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queerbipolarpoetry · a month ago
I love the idea that our transness is not defined by DYSPHORIA but by EUPHORIA. its not hating your body, its loving being called your new name. its not feeling uncomfortable in certain clothing, its feeling BOSS in clothing you never felt you could wear. Its not pain, its joy. 
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vianadraws · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’m so sick of random people trying to invalidate my identity.
Bisexuality includes non-binary people!
Non-binary bisexuals are valid!
We are here, we exist, and we are NOT going anywhere!
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pettybisexual · 6 days ago
For Closeted LGBT People
With the holidays and family gatherings coming up, I'd like to remind everyone that you don't need to feel pressured to come out.
It's okay to be in the closet.
It's okay to still be questioning your identity.
It's okay if you're not ready to come out.
It's okay if you want to make your coming out a big thing.
It's okay if you don't want your coming out to be a big deal.
But most importantly: please only come out if you know you're safe to do so.
Have a great day and happy holidays! ♡
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sapphic-sprite · 10 months ago
Can we normalize trans/nonbinary people who don’t change their name? It’s about time we stop acting like every single trans person has to hate their birthname or get dysphoric from it. There are tons of different reasons why a trans person might not change their name and it’s really harmful to say they have to change it.
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gender-is-a-scamm · 3 months ago
I really wanted to share this tiktok because it explains the gender spectrum so very well. I sent this to my parents and they immediately understood the analogy.
Here’s a version if you just want to read about it and not listen to the video or both at the same time🥰
The person says that most people think about gender as a spectrum that has male and female at the ends and all other identities are somewhere in between male and female in the middle. So if you are less feminine you move more towards male and vice versa.
But instead we should think of gender as a universe full of planets. Most people get dropped at the male or female planet and its very crowded there. Most people stay on this planet and are happy there. Some people are not that happy and want to leave. So they get into a spaceship to travel to other planets that are neither male or female. Some may look like planet male and female but they are not and look a little different. Some look nothing like planet male or female.
Some move around in space, live on a certain planet for a while and then go back to planet male or female. And they go back and forth. Some people live to move between some planets but they never move to planet male or female. Thats genderfluid. Some people live inside of their spaceship and hover around a planet but never touch down. Some people move into their spaceship with everything they need to survive and head out in space and never land on a planet.
All these ways to exist within gender are valid.
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