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I'm making a collection of evil corporations or organizations with pride logos that show the stupidity of rainbow capitalism. please add your favorites
Tumblr media
[image id: the logo for nerv, a fictional organization from neon genesis evangelion, colored in the pride flag colors. the nerv logo is half a leaf partially covering bold letters spelling N E R V and the words "god's in his heaven, all's right with the world" in an arc at the bottom. end id]
for those who haven't watched evangelion, nerv is a government organization that forces traumatized children to fight angels in giant robots and suffer extreme physical and mental pain, while all the adults that are part of the organization are absolutely the worst human being alive.
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chaoticcerise · an hour ago
"Being lgbt will get you sent to hell!"
Huh,that's a funny way of saying you didn't actually read the bible and just twist it so you can dehumanize people who are different than you for no other reason than you don't like it but free speech ig
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lgbtculture · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ghostonly · 6 months ago
How to have a good internet experience in 8 easy steps
#1 - Stop having a bad faith interpretation of every thing you read
If you think something someone said might have been something you disagree with, instead of starting an argument, ask them to clarify or ask them specific questions about what they said
You will be so surprised to find that half the people you assume are being shitty or negative just didn't phrase what they meant very well
#2 - Learn to block people
It's free, it's easy, and it will save your life. Tired of someone tagging your stuff with characters from a fandom you don't like? Don't try to control them by telling them not to, just fucking block them. Less upsetting to them, less work for you, less inflammatory, more effective.
#3 - Don't share your entire backstory with strangers on the internet
No one is entitled to your information - not your pronouns, your age, your sexuality, your location, nothing.
Share the things that you're comfortable with, but remember that the more you share, the more vulnerable you make yourself to attacks. Like, do not share your triggers in your bio. You are giving abusers and harassers a to do list. Keep that shit private for your own safety.
You can get harassed, you can get stalked, you can get doxxed. Internet safety is real and necessary and the less we care about it, the more we set up future generations to get hurt through the internet
#4 - Learn to say, "It's none of my business."
Don't understand someone's desire to use neo pronouns? None of your business. Can't understand why someone is a furry? None of your business. Curious about how someone who talks about being poor can have a Starbucks in that last selfie they posted? None of your damn business.
If you don't like certain things on your dash, unfollow or block people. If you don't understand how someone can identify a certain way or do a certain thing or like a certain thing or feel a certain way or literally anything, just remember, it's none of your business.
If you have genuine questions from a place of good faith (i.e. what inspired you to use neopronouns?/what do you pronouns mean to you?) Go for it. But if you're only asking questions to draw negative attention to someone or make them feel bad or to other them, you're just being a nosy asshole.
Minding your own business is also good for you because - and I mean this genuinely - feeling entitled and superior is fucking exhausting. I know, because I've been 20 before. You will have a way better time online if you just stop caring about shit that doesn't concern you
#5 - Learn to lurk
Lurking is frequently seen as a bad thing, like someone who's lurking is somehow being creepy. The truth is, lurking is a great way to learn. More people should do it.
For example, if you're new to a community, spend some time consuming content and information from that community without saying anything. This goes for fandoms, queer spaces, disabled spaces, cultural spaces, etc.
Nothing is worse than being in a community for years and someone popping in for the first time in their life and airing their opinions loudly and with zero respect for the space. A great example of this is that post someone made about the leather pride flag. You know the one.
(If you don't, basically, someone said that the leather pride flag is embarrassing and insulting to the queer community and has no place at pride and then got schooled by hundreds of people about how the leather pride flag is one of the oldest flags in the queer community and leather daddies and leather dykes were the people on the front lines protecting other queer people from cops back in the 80s and 90s)
So basically, learn the history of a community, research your opinions before you decide they're your opinions, and keep your ignorance to yourself until you're not ignorant anymore. Not only is this better for community spaces, you won't have 9000 notifications of people telling you to shut the fuck up
Learning to lurk to educate yourself about a space also makes actually speaking in that space a lot easier
#6 - Stop believing everything you read
I'm not talking about stupid funny stories. Believe them - it's not hurting anything to get a laugh out of something that may or may not have happened.
I'm talking about news and current events. If you hear that some celebrity did something and there are no receipts, go and find the receipts or discard it. People spread misinformation on here all the damn time. It's like a game of telephone and, unfortunately, a lot of small creators end up getting slandered and canceled because of it.
#7 - Quit wasting energy on hating random shit
Being annoyed by a certain fandom is one thing, but actively hating things that other people do just because you're not into it is such a waste of your energy. Not only are you actively putting more negativity into the world, you're wasting your own time on things that upset you.
Focus your time and energy on the things you do like and quit scrolling through Tumblr user AnimeIReallyHate7648's discourse blog. You might think it's fun, but there comes a point where hating something goes from kind of fun to actually obsessive and unhealthy for you as a person.
#8 - Unlearn purity culture
This is a big one guys. What is purity culture? It's referenced a lot, but I think a lot of you don't know what it is.
In short, purity culture is when people take many nuanced situations and try to divide them into black and white categories. There's the Good category and the Bad category. The problem is, life is not in black and white. You can't put a neat line down the middle between good and bad. This kind of thinking is extremely regressive. Ask any therapist alive and they will tell you that black and white thinking is unhealthy and often a Symptom of Something.
So, what happens is, someone sees something on the good side and spots something they think is morally objectionable in it and says, "this can't be here, it needs to go to the Bad side." (Cancel culture). The problem is, people are always on the lookout for anything wrong in the Good - constantly looking for impurities so that they can completely sanitize things and therefore be free of sin. So they will look harder and harder and harder and keep moving things to the Bad side of the line until there's basically nothing left on the Good side.
This ends up meaning that perfectly good media is canceled because every character in it didn't make the perfect, right choice every time. It damages media in that it demands characters be completely flawless - something no human is. When a character does something that's actually problematic, even if the media doesn't condone the behavior, instead of engaging with it and using it as an opportunity to learn and teach other people why that wasn't okay, people who subscribe to purity culture throw the baby out with the bathwater, saying the entire piece of media should be canceled because its creators support the problematic action of that character (even if they don't).
This entire line of thinking is extremely unhealthy, heavily informed by Christianity, infantilizes adults, assumes no one can distinguish fiction from reality, and promotes censorship, which has a long and sordid history.
I could go on about this at length, so if anyone wants a full post, just let me know. But the point is, purity culture is bad for community, it's bad for media, it's bad for healthy emotional and intellectual development, it's bad for interpersonal understanding and empathy, and it's bad for you.
Unlearn purity culture and you will be a happier person. If all else fails, remember step #4.
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bardcoven · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i fucking love this woman.
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little-witchys-garden · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The wise frog has words to offer you
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vive-la-revolution · 7 months ago
happy bi visibility day to:
transmasc bisexuals!
transfem bisexuals!
nonbinary bisexuals!
cis bisexuals!
ace bisexuals!
aro bisexuals!
bisexuals with a male lean!
bisexuals with a female lean!
bisexuals with no lean!
bisexuals in a straight-presenting relationship!
bisexuals in a gay-presenting relationship!
bisexuals who aren’t in a relationship!
polyamorous bisexuals!
closeted bisexuals!
bisexuals who are out and proud!
bisexuals with internalized biphobia!
bisexuals without accepting parents!
bisexuals with accepting parents!
bisexuals who just figured out they’re bi!
bisexuals who’ve known they’re bi!
bisexuals on the split-attraction model!
all bisexuals!!!
y’all are amazing and deserve the world <3
happy bi visibility day! 💖💜💙
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felixettos · 7 months ago
This post got wayyyy too popular
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aceauntie · 10 months ago
How I feel discussing my sexuality with other aroaces:
Tumblr media
Explaining it to my friends:
Tumblr media
Explaining it to people outside the LGBT+ community:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
we stan a legendary cotton candy haired goddess tbh
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blondebrainpower · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A Couple In Unique Wedding Attire
Kingdom Of Hungary - Budapest, 1920
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chitownwolf · 2 months ago
Actor Brian Michael Smith’s speech against the increasing anti-trans bills in Texas and across the country.
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starberry-kat · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So my June project may have extended (far) into July, but it’s never too late for pride right?
Introducing My Pride Ponies! Each one is based on a different pride flag! They’re up for sale on Instagram right now! $85 each plus shipping, except for the tall rainbow pony, who will be going up for auction tomorrow, with the profits donated to an lgbt+ charity!
If you want to claim one of these ponies, Click here to visit my Instagram post!
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allthecanadianpolitics · 5 months ago
The federal government's updated bill to ban the practice of conversion therapy has been adopted unanimously by the House of Commons.
MPs voted to fast track Bill C-4 on Wednesday afternoon. The Commons erupted in applause after the vote and several Liberal cabinet ministers walked across the floor to shake hands with and — in some cases — hug their Conservative counterparts.
Conservative MP Rob Moore moved the motion to fast-track the bill, which now goes to the Senate.
"It's a fantastic day," Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti told reporters after the vote. "This is what we can do when Parliament works together."
Continue Reading.
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bardcoven · a month ago
Tumblr media
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letters-to-lgbt-kids · 7 months ago
My dear lgbt+ kids,
Gaslighting is not a fancy term for lying.
It’s a very specific manipulation technique that abusers use to make their victim feel dependent on them. They convince the victim that they can’t trust their own thoughts and feelings and that they need the abuser to keep them safe. Gaslighting always has this one specific goal: making someone believe “You can’t be without me because you can’t trust yourself. You’d be lost without me”.
Lying, on the other hand, is something people do for a ton of different reasons. Some reasons are bad, some are good. Think for example about a woman lying about her whereabouts to throw off a stalker. Or a gay teenager lying about his sexuality to protect himself from his homophobic dad.
Let’s look at the second example a bit closer as I’ve heard people accuse others of “gaslighting” for choosing to stay in the closet. If our fictional teenager says “I am straight”, despite knowing for sure that he is only attracted to boys, he is certainly lying, at least on the technical level (even though I hope that you all agree that his physical and emotional safety justifies it) but is he gaslighting his dad here?
Obviously not. He isn’t trying to manipulate his dad into feeling dependent on him. He isn’t abusing his dad in any way.
Not coming out (either by omitting the truth and just not talking about your feelings or by actively lying and saying you’re straight/cis) isn’t gaslighting. It’s in many cases a safety measure - and even if it isn’t, it’s still not gaslighting because it doesn’t follow that goal of creating dependency.
If people accuse you of gaslighting for not coming out, they at the very least misunderstood what gaslighting means or they even purposefully twist the meaning to make you look bad.
With all my love,
Your Tumblr Dad
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crystaljelly64 · 6 months ago
⚠️ Mentions of aphobia and lgbt hate ⚠️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My relationship with my sexuality has grown in the past couple of years, from barely talking about it, to actively being involved in the community. I’ve learned a lot, both good and bad, and I want to be vocal about asexuality (as well as aromanticism), I feel like so many people who are against it simply have their own idea of what asexuality is, or don’t know enough about it.
Even I didn’t know enough about it when I heard of it. I thought it didn’t apply to me because, I DID wanna date someone, I DID like people. But I came to realize it’s so much more than that, and can be different for everyone it applies to.
I’ve felt genuine worry about talking about my asexuality BECAUSE of the lack of knowledge of it, how people might react. If people will be dismissive or mock me. But lately, I’ve wanted to discuss it in my artwork, in stuff I’m doing for college. I wanna create representation for us, because it’s so rare to come by. There’s so much I could talk about, but I’ll save that for a later post, maybe :)
For now, I want my fellow asexual/ace spectrum friends to know that you are valid, and supported, and deserve to be represented. You are loved 🖤🤍💜 Happy Ace Awareness Week!!! :D
(On another note, many of the phrases used in the comic to dismiss asexuality are things I have seen people actually say. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have these things said directly to me, but knowing people have said them still leaves me wondering who I can trust to talk about it with)
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crossdreamers · 7 months ago
An Entertaining Introduction to Drag
There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the relationship between trans and drag. 
Some say that drag artists are not trans, they are “only” performers. 
Others argues strongly that drag is a clear expression of gender variance, and since transgender is an umbrella term for all kinds of  gender variance, all drag artists must be trans.
To me this disagreement is proof of our language being to poor and restrictive to capture the totality of gender.
Yes, many drag artists identify as their assigned gender, and that is fine.
Yes, many drag artists want to express another side of their gender identity and think of themselves as some shade of nonbinary.
And yes, many drag artists are identifying or will identify as their target gender and might even transition. That is also OK.
So drag is not an identity in the same way as cis or trans. It is a way of expressing and exploring gender through performance.
This video is from blairimani on Instagram, who writes:
While drag can sometimes reflect gender identity for some, drag itself is a performance of gender expression, not gender identity. Drag can often be weaponized against trans people, intending to invalidating their identities. Trans men are not "women in drag," trans women are not “men in drag." Trans men are men, trans women are women, and nonbinary people are nonbinary.
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shirecorn · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am the same person I've always been. I am not more angry, or any sharper than I was before I found myself.
when I showed you my soft parts, you rejected me.
I'm happier now than I've ever been; just not around you.
Image replacement:
I am a hedgehog with simple lines and simple love. I close my eyes and rest.
"I am the same person I always was"
You imagine me as curled into a ball of spikes, pointing in every direction, with furrowed brows and a frustrated frown.
"I am not more angry-"
I am small and made of rounded shapes, I find a little flag with horizontal stripes. It's hard to tell what color it is. It doesn't matter.
"-or any sharper than I was before I found myself."
You're bigger than I am, so I've always look up to you. A hedgehog like me, your back is bristling with spines, but your face and hands are round and warm. They don't reach out to take the flag I hold up for you.
"When I showed you my soft parts,"
You've curled up as if defending against an attack. Sharp edges point in every direction. The flag, the piece of myself I handed you, is pierced through.
"You rejected me"
There are others in my life, now. A snake, a squirrel, and another hedgehog laugh with me. I face them and smile so hard my eyes shut with joy. The side of me they see holds all my softness, all my peace, and all my love.
"I'm happier now than I've ever been"
You're left sitting behind, with me facing away. I still have the same smile as before, but you cannot see it from where you are. All you see are the spines of defense that keep me protected from people who hate my joy.
"Just not around you."
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letters-to-lgbt-kids · 4 months ago
My dear lgbt+ kids,
Here are some good things that happened in 2021!
Just hours after his inauguration, President Joe Biden (USA) signed an executive order for more protections against discrimination on the basis of sex, sexuality, gender identity and sex stereotypes.
The Labor Department (USA) suspended an executive order banning government agencies from providing diversity training.
Also USA: transgender people are now allowed to serve in the military.
Homosexuality is no longer a crime in Bhutan.
Homosexuality is no longer a crime in Angola.
The new penal code in Angola contains anti-discrimination protections on the basis of sexuality and gender identity
In New York, commercial surrogacy has become legal for same-sex couples.
The EU parliament decided that all EU member states are a "lgbt+ freedom zone".
Victoria (Australia) banned conversion therapy.
Religious leaders in Uganda released a video documentary preaching love and support for the lgbt+ community.
In the USA, healthcare companies are no longer allowed to deny coverage to gay and transgender people.
Croatia allows adoption for same-sex couples.
The Mexican State of Sinaloa legalized same-sex marriage.
India banned conversion therapy.
The UK allows gay men to donate blood.
France allows gay men to donate blood.
Minnesota (USA) banned conversion therapy.
Argentinia included "X" in the National Identity Document as an gender option for nonbinary people.
Yucatán (Mexico) legalized same-sex marriage.
Yucatán (Mexico) banned conversion therapy.
Chile banned conversion therapy.
Swiss Voters approved same-sex marriage in a nationwide referendum (64.1% of voters accepted the reform).
The new law for Switzerland also guarantees adoption rights for same sex couples.
The congress of Querétaro (Mexico) legalized same-sex marriage.
Human rights advocates in Cameroon joined forces to produce a official report on violence against lgbt+ people (this is a win because official numbers and statistics help to make the problem more visible)
In Spain, an executive order was signed to allow free IVF treatment for single women and women in same-sex relationships.
The Chamber of Deputies of Chile approved a bill to allow same-sex marriage.
Canada made providing, promoting or advertising conversion therapy a criminal offence.
In Chile, same-sex adoption became legal.
Here is to more good news in 2022!
With all my love,
Your Tumblr Dad
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