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Dok su sante leda bile oko mene,

ti si ih tako vješto topio,

bio si vatra,

a kada su sante postale samo hladna

i ružna voda,

kada se pokazalo samo slabašno biće,

zasitio si se i pobjegao,

nestao si kao magla,

oh, ti kukavico,

ti monstrume.

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Looking to master the Tamagotchi On app games and earn all the newest prizes? Bandai America’s latest Tama Blog post is here to give you all the tips you need to master each game featured on the Tamagotchi On app!


The guide begins with the Catching Snowflakes game, which of course does change seasonally. To play this game, you’ll have to tap your device’s screen on the falling snowflakes and it will move your My Tama left and right to catch the snow! Catching boots, scarves, and even a snowflake will earn you points, but beware of the falling dirt! If you catch the dirt, then its game over! At the end of this game you’ll earn Gotchi points and or prizes which you will find in your present box.


Tamagotchi Restaurant Game is up next! This game is really one of our favorites. The guide reviews that all you need to do is match the ordered food from the customers with the dish that’s on the counter. You’ll score points for each successful match, and if you select the wrong dish, then its game over!

Each game earns you points which convert into either Gotchi points or prizes, and the prizes change all the time throughout the year so you’re bound to get something new and exciting! You can send the Gotchi points and prizes back to your Tamagotchi On after you’ve returned your My Tama back to the Tamagotchi On! Use the points to purchase food, visit the restaurant, or even shop for items!

Be sure to check out the Tamagotchi On App Game Guide on the Tama Blog right on the official Tamagotchi website!

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