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#only over a real person

 Once when I was about thirteen, writing my first fanfics, I showed a first chapter to my mom. It happened to utilize some swear words. Instead of telling me that they were inappropriate, she told me that it made my writing sound less intelligent. Swearing in your writing was like cheating: You couldn’t come up with anything better to say, so you used a swear word to make up for it.

  But that’s how people speak, mom. 

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Edit: oh hahahahaha, you were serious with this. I only saw the first line on mobile.

I’m not saying that Zoom doesn’t have security leaks, but I’m not going to just listen to an unsourced Tumblr post about it. The issue with the post itself is that it’s this over-the-top alarmism tone it’s got, coupled with this assumption that every teacher is automatically going to use it to spy on you as if that’s the reason teachers go into education and not a side effect of the current world we live in where everyone spies on you all the time.

If you have a teacher who tracks your eye movement then that person is just as insane as the person throwing a fit on that post, but you cannot live your life in a constant panic because people might misuse something. That’s just not sustainable. 

Look anon, you won’t read this because you’re an excitable young person who thinks that “ok boomer” is the height of humor (can’t disagree) but gets all surprised pikachu about someone saying “ok zoomer” to an unwarrented overreaction that could have just said “hey, here’s some sources that these features exist so let your school/teachers know and try to convince them to use something else.”

The only other thing I’ve posted since then was pointing out the fact that fandom cops want to slobber all over censorship of shipping or whatever, but then cry about free speech when it stops their “harmless fun” (which is not an exclusive zoomer issue, nor did I imply it was, so ??? there).

Anyway, I assure you, anon, in a few years you’re going to not be a teen or a young college kid anymore and suddenly you’re going to realize how obnoxious it is to see people who know nothing about anything are trying to throw shade on you for shit you aren’t even doing.

Good luck~!

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