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#personal pokemon headcanons

If you must handle a Toxel, do so very carefully. Wear rubber gloves and wash your hands after touching anything this Pokémon has touched. Toxel secretes a poison from it’s skin, and while it’s not known to be deadly, there’s always the chance of your skin reacting to it’s toxins.

Toxtricity is very picky about the water it drinks. This Pokémon will actively refuse to drink flowing water, as it gains much of it’s toxins from drinking out of stagnant pools.

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You’re welcome!

The Long Neck Pokémon has been known to eat over 100 different species of plants, including some that are poisonous to humans and other Pokémon.

Though Girafarig is best known for its second head, it also has the ability to sense other members of it’s species using psychic powers.

Having a second head to keep watch means that Girafarig can afford to sleep much longer than most Pokémon. This is important, as psychic Pokémon need a great deal of rest to stay healthy and active.

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Just some lil notes on Jen, do with them what you will:

  • Jen’s challenger number is 013
  • She has obtained 6 out of the 8 required badges for the gym challenge, having quit right before Piers
  • She’s quite decent at making curry, averaging between Milcery and Copperajah class
  • Favourite curry - Dry Sausage Curry
  • She has more than three pokémon, but favours keeping these three with her at all times: Artemis (Arcanine), Lulu (Unovan Yamask) and Nagi (Galarian Yamask)
  • She has a severe fear of dark-type pokémon- the presumed reason for why she quit before Piers specifically
  • It is unknown where she came from or where she got her letter of endorsement
  • Despite this, she is still a very skilled trainer- just not very confrontational, typically avoiding battles altogether
  • After having quit the gym challenge, she became a pokémon breeder instead
  • She is currently wanted for arrest for unknown reasons- spending most of her time in the wild area, away from any major cities
  • Her family’s identities are currently unknown

Aaaand finally-

  • Half Unovan, half Galarian

That’s all :)

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