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chasingseb · a day ago
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fede18 · 2 days ago
Everyone who can't wait to see the trailer and DTS 4 to see all the drama of this season and the behind the scenes of this F1 championship:⚔
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My reason why I can't wait to see DTS 4🤤❤
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formulakimmich · a month ago
‘The pressure of the championship is really getting into Max’
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weaglesnbrobeans · a month ago
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Given the opportunity, I too would gently caress Max’s cheek during a rousing rendition of We Are the Champions.
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daniel3ric · 4 months ago
So no one told you life was gonna be this way 🤷 😂
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perstappen · a month ago
Checo's dad send Max a framed picture from the Mexico GP celebration
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That was so cute <3
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exilestappen · a month ago
because some people don't seem to realize these two are friends and they like each other and alex is allowed to be proud and happy for max, here's one minute of them being my favorite duo Ever <3
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your-favourite-blonde · a month ago
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Rare Pics Danny ric Edition
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goldfish-in-a-bowl · 14 days ago
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do you see the smile because I see it
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ghost-of-student-sufferings · 5 months ago
Ok Ok one more post about 2021 British gp
Normally I don't read news or any articles buttttt one about Lewis celebrating his win caught my eye, went to read the comments and I have found my new hero
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Patrick, I love you.
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fandomghostie · 5 months ago
I honestly can't tell what's funnier
Checo saying Lewis for 2021 Champion
Max calling Nico Britney
Lando being lost and doubting reality in 1999
Dan looking like he's fearing for his life while doing it
Or Kimi just saying himself for 2006, so he can go
But Micks "my dad" and Seb going eminem on the last few is just fcking powerful
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chasingseb · 2 days ago
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kepanchillysbxtch · 8 days ago
can i request a fluffy dad!danny ric with his son? maybe one where his son is so full of energy. i love your writing btw!
Hi Anon!! I have baby fever all the time so this, this is just 💯 I'm going to love this!! I hope you enjoy it and thank you it means so much to me.💖
ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛ: The Honey Badger dealing with his energetic mini and enjoying the little one on his time off.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: Fluff
ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛᴇᴅ: Yes
ɴᴏᴛᴇ: English is not my first language, this is unedited.
𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐈𝐬 𝐀 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐰𝐚𝐲, 𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘭 𝘙𝘪𝘤𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘰
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There were many things that you were thankful for in your life. Your family, friends, a job you enjoyed, your son, and of course your husband who had insisted that you take a day for yourself while he watched over Xavier. It was rare for him to be home and whenever he is home he would spend all his time with you and your son, but he knew you needed some time for yourself too.
You were stood at the entrance of yours and Daniel's home, your baby boy held to your chest while going over his schedule with Dan, though he already knew it from the top of his head he gave you the satisfaction of listening. You stopped when you saw the smile on your husband's face a small pout resting on your face.
"I'm doing it again, aren't I?"
Letting out a laugh he nodded his head and held his arms out for the four-year-old. Pressing a kiss to the little Ricciardo's cheek, who gave you one in return went to his dad willingly who was put down in front of him. He was already excited because whenever Daniel was around he could have all the sweets he want, and he was allowed to attempt driving on the sim.
"You're just being a mum, he'll be fine, go and have fun babe."
Sighing you nodded and kissed Daniel and bent down kissing the little boy before waving goodbye to them. The moment you were out of the door Xavier spun around and grinned at Daniel, the same one he had whenever he wanted something.
"Can I have ice cream for breakfast, please daddy?"
Of course, he had gotten the puppy eyes from you, a look that was Daniel's weakness even before the two of you got together. Mulling over his choices in his head the driver picked up his mini-me and grinned nodding his head.
"Don't tell mummy, or she''ll have my head on a platter."
Xavier clapped his hands excitedly and merged his father to move faster, and that is how most of their day went, the father-son duo playing, eating junk food his trainer or even you would never allow them to eat, but playing on the sim was by far Daniel's favourite thing to do.
"One day, I want to be just like you daddy."
It was the very words that melted Daniel instantly, his arms wrapped around his small body while holding him close, his feet controlling the pedals of the car while he let his son steer. Despite only being four years old he wasn't as bad as most kids would be, Daniel had wanted him to go karting as soon as possible and that time is fast approaching, but he knew you didn't want your baby to grow up just yet.
It was around half-past nine when Daniel had built a blanket fort for them, his laptop placed in the middle with Cars playing, the big brown eyes the both of you created staring at the screen even though he had seen it a hundred times. When ten pm approached and he yawned he crawled up to Daniel wrapping his litter arm around his dad and snuggled into him.
"I love you, daddy."
Four years and still to this day the driver was in awe of Xavier, he was the kindest and most energetic child he had ever seen, Daniel loved him to no end and so did you, he so badly wanted to do it all over again with you, he wanted your family to grow. Wrapping his larger arm around him and kissing his head hearing the light snores of his son he smiled and closed his eyes.
"I love you too, bud."
That was exactly how you found them when you got home, sound asleep in their fort holding onto one another, smiling at your boys you took out your phone snapping a photo, both their mouths slightly open and their hair messy, posting it to Instagram the little comment:
'Like father, like son.❤'
Changing into more comfortable clothes and removing your make up you crawled in careful not to wake them and snuggled into Daniel's other side, whispering a good night to your boy and husband who held you closer, kissing his cheek and drifting into a peaceful sleep.
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formulakimmich · 29 days ago
Finally we can use this one properly 🎅
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weaglesnbrobeans · 3 months ago
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I swear to god the Red Bull dynasty has one single brain cell and Seb refuses to let it go.
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lights-out-in-monte-carlo · 2 months ago
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riccardobaby · 15 days ago
baby - DR3
an: dates, names etc don’t match as cba to double check everything. This hasn’t been proof read.
Tumblr media
“Speculation is that these two have been dating for around a year, however we’ve never seen anything that confirmed this.” The Sky Sports commentator spoke over the camera clip of yourself and Daniel Riccardo.
You knew it would slip eventually, but you were still clinging onto the secret especially you were now in the first weeks of pregnancy. You definitely were dating, more like living together but nonetheless you were together. You had been rumoured to be dating a few of the F1 drivers when you became the first woman to be racing for Renault due to simple things like sitting next to them before a race or when a race was rained off.
The pregnancy was certainly a shock, and you certainly didn’t plan to get pregnant this early in your relationship, as well as the line of work you were in. You had yet to tell anyone else apart from Daniel, due to you wanting to finish the season before you announced this and stepped back from racing.
The Danny rumour stuck around longer as you were seen in the paddock together more and more, the looked you shared were somehow perceptron as ‘love eyes’ as they called it.
You were both standing watching the fans from the pit lane as you waited for your turn in qualifying. The rain was heavy now, but you were told you still would do qualifying within the next few hours. It scared you a little, you had let to test the cars potential in these conditioned.
A little over 15 minutes later, the rain had slightly got lighter and you were told to get ready for your qualifying lap. You were positioned behind Lando, watching as he pulled out of the garage and turned to leave the pit.
“You’ll do good. Don’t worry about the rain.” Daniel tried to reassure you. He lowered his voice to a whisper and leaning into you. “Be careful, for you and baby please.”
You gave him a quick smile, “I will don’t worry.”
“I would prefer if you didn’t race.” He told you again.
“There’s two more races to go, I’m not even slightly showing yet.” You reassure him, placing a quick hand onto his shoulder before leaving to get into the F1 car.
You were now in the car, and in the 24th lap of qualifying. The rain had got heavier now, and it was getting hard for you to see 6 feet in front of you.
“Lando is very close to you. Be careful going forward in the rain. The spray from the cars is making it harder” you heard Paul in your ear.
“Yep.” You managed to spit back. You knew you were gaining and were close to sitting above the McLaren’s number 4. As you kept pushing the car to the limit, managing to keep up with the McLaren as he turned the corners.
You were now right up his arse, barely inches between the front wings of your car to his rear. Unknowingly to you both, there was a patch of water on the upcoming corner on probably the tightest parts of the track. It threw Lando’s car into the wall on the left, and while you managed to avoid being thrown, Lando’s mangled car smashed into the left of your car throwing you into the opposite barrier.
As the abandoned cars came to a stop, you let out a deep breathe, a sharp pain shot up your rib cage. You remained still as you put both arms by your side, leaning fully into the seat.
“Are you okay?!” Paul screamed through the radio.
You put out a thumbs up out there car, scared if speaking would hurt your sides more.
Meanwhile the race was red flagged and the drivers were now starting to catch up to the wreck.
“Daniel, Lando and Y/N have crashed ahead. Pretty bad, watch for the wreckage on the road.” Daniel’s radio rung through his ears.
“Is she okay?” He shouted back, instantly slowing down as he turned the corner, knowing the race would be restarted.
“She’s not got out of the car yet.”
“She’s fucking pregnant.” He screamed back, “Where are they on the track?”
You had now managed to get up, barely standing as stewards and medical staff ran over to the car. You looked over to see Lando getting out in the same fashion, him gripping to his elbow as you were your side.
“I’m good.” You finally managed to speak when you were out, attempting to get your helmet off as much as possible. The feeling of it being in made your feel like you were suffocating. You doubled over as you tried to regain your breathing.
You put your head up as you felt someone approach you, seeing Lando tower over you. He instantly pulled you into a hug, “Are you okay?” He whispers into your hair.
“My ribs are agony. Are you?”
He pulled back as you notice Vettle’s car to slow down beside you both. He sticks his thumbs out asking it you both were okay, you quickly give a nod as does Lando, before he drives off.
The safety car came, weaving past the wrecked cars to the both of you who were now positioned on the gravel. Lando helping you get off the ground by his hand. You were taken into the pit lane where you were met with the team who were all looking at you with concern and shock.
“Daniel ah- he said you were pregnant.” Your PR Kirsty said to you, as you watched the medical crew enter the garage.
“When you crashed.” She responded. You went silent, unaware of what to say. Your hands went to your head as you avoided the eyes.
“Well this wasn’t how I planned to tell you all.” You admit, as the medics reached you.
“Yes I am pregnant, as much of you are probably aware but it is Daniel’s.” You start again, “If you want me to stop racing I will, but I’m that early that I wanted to finish the season.”
“We can talk about it once your checked out.” Kirsty smiled. “Congratulations your going to be a mummy.”
You were being checked out by paramedics, over on one of the chairs in the garage when you heard Daniel’s voice before you could see him.
“Where is she? Is she okay?”
“Daniel.” Paul called out to the entryway. Daniel was instantly in the room, running round your mangled car which was now back in the garage.
“Aw thank fuck.” You hear him say as he approached you taking you into a hug, placing a kiss onto your forehead.
“Be careful. My sides are sore.” You complained.
“Is baby okay?” He whispered.
“They know.” You confirmed, before he turned to face Kirsty and some of the team.
“Congratulations Daddy.” Kirsty smiled. Daniel’s grins as he looked down to your face, putting his lips to yours for some quick repeated kisses.
“I love you.” He whispered.
“I love you too.”
“You seem to be okay apart from your bruising on your sides, but I do still want to check you in hospital for baby.” The lead doctor told you, which you nodded in response. You knew and wanted this to be the case just to be sure.
Baby turned out to be completely okay, and Renault decided that you were to stop racing for baby’s sake incase a repeat incident happened, and may have ended up worse.
You accepted it. You weren’t too happy to begin with, especially with there being a race left. You knew it was for the best for not only your health but the baby’s.
Sky Sports somehow managed to capture Daniel checking you over in the garage which confirmed everyone’s suspicions, however the response you both received on the news of your pregnancy was overwhelming. Thanks to Daniel’s radio, listening back to the commentators during that time was actually funny. They were so speechless, they didn’t know wether to comment on his words or the crash.
Everyone wished you well on the last race of the season as you still attended to support your now very public relationship.
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mika-loverjoy · 2 months ago
Max: what seems to be the problem?
his cat: meow
Max: yes but where
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teenageracedirector · 16 days ago
Since the the 2022 season is fast approaching I thought it would be fun to make a F1 bingo card full of my predictions for the new season. I saw this off a TikTok by @/chloe.bee433 and really wanted to make one for the 2022 season.
This was a lot of fun to make! I really enjoyed trying to predict what is going to happen next season. I’ve added a blank copy under the cut if anyone also wants to do this! If you do tag me!! I would love to see what you guys come up with!
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versetappen · 5 months ago
danny 😮‍💨❤️‍🔥💪🏻
i uploaded this edit on instagram and tiktok as well!!
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