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#scream 2
charismascarpenter · a day ago
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31 days of halloween october 14th ➼ scream 2
There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to create a successful sequel. Number one: the body count is always bigger. Number two: the death scenes are always much more elaborate - more blood, more gore - *carnage candy*. And number three: never, ever, under any circumstances, assume the killer is dead.
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s1mping4slashers · 2 days ago
the three goretober prompts will end with ** 
1. Face-Sitting ; Sidney Prescott
3. Hair-Pulling ; Billy Loomis
4. Disembowelment ; Billy Loomis and Stu Macher **
5. Uniforms ; Lester Sinclair
6. Cock Worship ; Vincent Sinclair
7. Role Play ; Randy Meeks
9. Forced Orgasm ; Asa Emory
10. Praise Kink ; Keiji ‘Red’ Devlin
11. Recorded Sex ; Carrie White
12. Body Worship ; Randy Meeks
13. Face Fucking ; Dewey Riley
14. Orgasm Control/Edging ; Nancy Downs
15. Melting ; HoW **
16. Massage ; Ian McKinley
17. Pegging ; Bo Sinclair
18. Sex Work ; Randy Meeks
19. Glove Kink ; David TLB
20. Video Call Sex ; Poly!Ghostface
21. Wax Play ; Vincent Sinclair
22. Thigh Riding ; Tatum Riley
23. Squirting ; Randy Meeks and Mickey Altieri
24. Predator/Prey Dynamics ; Buddy Swanson and Sam Wescott
25. Titty Fucking ; Bo Sinclair
26. Strap ; Sidney Prescott
27. Dumbificition ; Poly! The Lost Boys
28. Corruption ; Tiffany Valentine
29. Period Sex ; Stu Macher
30. Rotten ; Asa Emory **
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msookyspooky · a day ago
So Skeet hasn't seen Randy call Billy a rat faced, homorepressed mama's boy ☠☠☠
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s1mping4slashers · 2 days ago
Hi there!! I was wondering if you could write Ghostface(s) reaction to falling in love with reader? Could this include; Billy, Stu, Roman, Mickey and maybe Dead by daylight’s Danny? You don’t have to write for all hdksjsjsjsj <3 also I hope you’ve had a great spooky month so far!
HI IM SO GLAD YOU REQUESTED THIS HEHE I LOVED WRITING IT!!! I did Billy, Stu, Mickey, and Danny (I don't think I really have Romans character down enough to write for him so i hope that's alright!!) thank you for being so patient <3 and i hope you enjoy!!
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WARNINGS: none, few mentions of sex but that's it
He doesn’t actually realize he’s falling in love first tbh
I hc him as demisexual so when he realizes that he likes you, you’ve been close friends for a few years
And he doesn’t know what to do
He’s going to distance himself at first and try to act like he doesn’t have a crush on you
Which fails because the second he realizes it he’s going to get so insanely jealous that anytime he sees you talking with another guy he’s going to get pissed off at you
“What no I’m not mad. Go talk to your other best friend” type shit
Drunken confession that’s all I’m gonna say
Wakes up with a headache and goes ‘oh FUCK…”
I don’t think he’d realize he’s like,,, in love with you until something happens that either makes him think he’s going to lose you or if you say it first
Once he realizes though he’s gonna be all sweet on you, still really possessive and have that same toxicity but he just puts it under a different umbrella, y’know?
He’s the first one to fall in the relationship idc
Stu loves love fr and I don’t see him wanting to fight against his feelings like that
Especially if he’s in a relationship with you
If he’s not, and he fell in love with you while you two were just friends, he’s going to make a move regardless of if you’re in a relationship or not
Why be with them when you can be with him amirite
He’s also super possessive if you’re together, he hates the idea of you leaving him or someone else flirting with you
When Stu realizes he’s in love, he’s going all out in terms of gifts. Expect flowers, chocolates, love notes, hell I’m sure he’d do a fucking flashmob for you lol
This is the point in the relationship where you can tell his feelings have shifted tbh
Sex is more sensual and romantic (on occassion lol) instead of just a way for him to cum. There’s a lot of absentminded touches and kisses that aren’t meant to go any further than that.
When Stu falls in love with you, you’ll know <3333
First time writing for this guy i love him BUT that’s besides the point
So he’s the most vocal one about his love I think
He is also demisexual because I said so
But he can catch feelings so quickly lol but having sex is something that is waaaaay more intimate than he’d be ready to do.
A few months into the relationship is when he’d be ready and that’s how you know he really likes you
Like really likes you lol
I also see him dropping the l bomb the first time yall fuck lol
And he says it and pauses like “:0 oh my god… I didn't mean to say that… I mean… are you cool with it? Do you also love me? We can talk about it later”
He sticks with his word though so expect the conversation to come later
Mickey would be all nervous and shit, picking at his cuticles and all that, honestly really cute
And when you say you love him too???? You’re never getting rid of him
Like ever
He will kill you before he lets you leave him lol
Mickey is also very handsy and it increases by 100% when you both confess
I get the feeling that he’d be very… yandere in a sense
And his sexual appetite after the first time is going to actually shock you
And his tastes lol this man is into some fucked up stuff I love him
He’s going to be around you constantly, he doesn’t let you out of his sight basically
OKAY first time writing for him too :p
Danny is not accepting it lol
Like, at all.
Get used to not seeing or hearing from him for fucking days if not weeks at a time
He’d pretty much fuck you and bounce I think
Danny doesn’t get close to people and he’s not going to let you be the first
Sorry babe </3
He’d also get really mean and try to push you away from himself by being a prick
He’s gonna say shit that he knows is going to hurt you and even though it actually hurts his heart to be cruel to you (in this particular instance) he’d going to do it out of his own necessity
But if you stick with him? If you don’t let him treat you like that and push you away? It’s gonna throw him for a loop
Danny expects you to throw in the towel and if you don’t it’s gonna piss him off and make him feel all fuzzy inside
If you can get him to get over himself, he’d apologize for once about how he treated you and would explain his feelings
Lots of excuses though, so bare that in mind
Once you two get passed that though, he’s going to constantly be up your ass
Goodbye freedom and personal space <3
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vampirecorleone · 2 months ago
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"There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can NEVER have sex. Big no no! Big no no! Sex equals death okay? Number two: you can NEVER drink or do drugs. The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one. And number three: never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back."
Scream (1996) - Scream 2 (1997) - Scream 3 (2000)
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purpleratbastard · a month ago
the fact that sidney prescott became a women's helpline operator/advisor is so satisfying, considering the telephone is one of the primary tools that ghostface uses to terrorise her and his other victims. like, she really took on the job to be a safe call for women in trouble, in need, in danger of their male partners. her response to her trauma and her only contribution to the world (when she was living in complete isolation in scream 3) was to be that comforting voice at the end of the line, and to make other women feel less alone. and for that, shes a fucking legend.
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looooooooomis · 2 months ago
its the masterlist, baby
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FINAL GIRL | billy loomis x fem!reader
You were his final girl. And there was no chance in hell that anyone or anything was going to mess that up.
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | 
more to come...
* inspo found here
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stu macher x fem!reader one shots
somebody’s baby  chew on my heart
Tumblr media
poly!ghostface x fem!reader one shots
*inspo found here
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olyphantgifs · 5 months ago
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Thanks a lot, partner!
SCREAM 2 (1997) dir. Wes Craven
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