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#simon cowell
abitofintellect · 3 months ago
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homoqueerjewhobbit · 6 months ago
When are we getting our Ursula origin story that starts with her going on American Idol and being mercilessly eviscerated by Simon Cowell?
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soitgoes-taylors-version · 3 months ago
mercedes jones was right when she said simon was the gayest name.
Simon Snow
Simon from love simon
Simon from alvin in the chipmunks
Simon Cowell
Simon from young royals
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 8 months ago
Mon 5 April ‘21
Louis came online to tweet about The Snuts again (the Scottish indie band he followed after their livestream recently)-- or wassss that why he was around? He also unfollowed Jedward, the Irish singing twin act who got famous on The X Factor, who were tweeting a series of posts about 1D and contracts that hadn’t really gotten a lot of attention- but OH BOY DID THEY after Louis unfollowed! “We have 1D’s contract which was sent to use by mistake cuz we had the same label! Same management! Same security and accountants!” they said, and a long series of related tweets, including “Legally posting contracts online is gonna end up in court but we’ve known for many years the situation! Niall! Liam! Louis! Zayn! Harry! You’re survivors”, “There’s a reason Syco is called Psycho! 1D and Little Mix are legally fucked in contracts and can never speak out so we are!”, “There’s nothing MODEST about their previous management dictating their every move from Relationships to how they live their own lives! Justice for 1D & Little Mix”, and “Simon Cowell thinks he’s the Mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift.” They went on to talk more generally about industry issues, saying “eating disorders and depression are very common in the music industry”, “When artists ask too much questions they’re a threat and are blacklisted and not given the Radio/PR cuz they want them to fail”, and more. This stuff isn’t news but as long as it continues to be relevant, I guess it will need to be repeated.
Louis did not respond to the tweets (the screenshot of him commenting on it in a group-chat is fake), but the guys from The Snuts did respond to his support of their album, which is poised to potentially hit #1 this week; “Yes brother appreciate that massively.” Blogger Jaiden Michael, who has been tweeting about Louis being gay (ie, attempting to use his public platform to out him) for many years did respond so he could get back to doing that, with a bonus of bragging that he’d been doing it longer. That’s not really something to be proud of, mate! And Rebecca Ferguson, who has been talking a lot about her experiences of getting screwed over by Syco/ The X Factor (as well as the very memorable “a boyband member told me they were being picked up and thrown against walls [by management] when they challenged decisions”) also commented, calling for a Netflix documentary about it all. Any platform with a legal department brave (and well funded) enough to take on that project will definitely have a wide and ever increasing pool of people willing to talk on the record...
Anyway, Liam is playing a show! A show that sounds really weird and confusing thanks to the absolutely ludicrously jargon-y press announcement but is actually not that complex. The BAFTAS (British Film and TV Awards) are next week (April 10 & 11 at Royal Albert Hall) and Liam is performing as part of the show, but also it’s a special high tech performance, because the awards show is presented by a mobile network. He’ll perform on the 11th at 6:45, viewable in real time but only via a special app (and augmented reality, more on that in a minute) 15 minutes before the main broadcast, but then he’ll also perform as the opening act of the broadcast show at 7:00 (viewable by everyone). But not just him! The early version is only viewable through the special 5G app that will turn Liam into an avatar (in an animated scape of some kind if I understand correctly which I definitely might not) but that’s just the set up-- “the avatar will then join Payne as a hologram on the stage of Royal Albert Hall.”  YESS CLONE!LIAM! INTO IT!! So he’ll perform a 15 minute set, which you can get this special app to watch, with him as a cartoon, they’ll record the avatar singing, then he’ll immediately perform the same set again (on the opposite side of the stage one assumes) and they’ll project a hologram of the performance he just did to, like, harmonize with him. So that’s really silly, and also I LOVE IT, it will be ridiculous(ly awesome?!) Just think, finally one of them will do a live show collab with a member of 1D!! (WDYM that wasn’t what you meant? Aren’t you excited, I don’t understand I thought this was what you wanted??) Anyway if you think that’s weird, wait’ll you see his promo spot announcements which say “we’re BLEEPING excited!” and have him bleeped out as if he were swearing every couple minutes, and honestly make no sense; possibly they were trying to imply they were bleeping out exciting details which will later be revealed? Not real sure.
And finally, some random Bonus Content to tie the days reports together, why do Louis and the guy from The Snuts both follow the mobile network that’s sponsoring Liam’s BAFTAS performance? I really couldn’t tell you.
Also Niall tweeted about golf.
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multifandomultitheories · 11 months ago
okay but Louis’ first song since leaving Syco being about how toxic the industry is and how it hits you even when you’re down is just *mwah* chefs kiss 
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louthefish-28 · 3 months ago
A list of things that can happen if/when Larry come out
 this is just a list of probabilities, i will be adding more if i feel the need to
Their coming out news will probably start like “Broken hearted ex-one direction member Harry Styles finds comfort in ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson?” or “Two members of one direction see together, reunion soon?”
Larry coming out will have a Domino effect, it will lead to many, believe me, many things.
first off, if Larry come out, the next spectaculated relationship of 1D ‘Ziam’ if real, will come out
S*mon C*well has been mia for very long now, if you notice, and the only time he he has been on spotlight recently is on TXF news of it not being aired anymore. He wil continue being MIA, because soon all the news will be focusing on him and how unfairly he has been running the industry.
Rebecca Ferguson will speak out even more about her and the other artists’ mistreatment
Firstly, Harry will lose a lot of fans. It is expected because a lot of solo harries wish for him to be straight, and while the others do see him as queer they do not wish for him to be with Louis.
Louis will also lose fans, but they will not be as many as Harry’s, because his fandom is smaller and a very few believe that he is straight.
 This will cause a LOT of chaos in the industry.
The radio and the news stations will have field days for months before anything is confirmed, which will only lead upto more hate. It is important for us to be supportive in this stage.
The next question will be of the kid who was dragged into this mess. Louis will take the pat test and when it turns out that he isnt the dad, the whole family will be going mia and more spectaculations will be raised by the media but nothing we have already anticipated.
There will be a few more sightings of them together.
I feel that somewhere in between all this, there will be music promotion, because they will be trending and all the news will be about them, because of course, the are the new, ‘hot’ stuff.
The other artists who were/are being closeted or mistreated will speak up more, and this time, they WILL be heard and not just by the Larries but the whole media because it relates to L and H.
To clear everything up, they will be called on a tv show, most likely the Late Late Show.
The question rises, who will be in control of the management if the most famous one was taken down? Louis knew this would happen so guess what he told us a few months ago? That he was working on making a management which will be a safe space for all artists. He specified it that it wasnt a label, but a management. L and H have been through one of the worst experiences of being famous only because of the blatant homophobia in the industry, and they dont want it to happen all over again. They are trying to make sure they save the younger artists from the treatment they faced when they were younger.
Coming back to sim*n cowbell, the moment he had seen Louis he knew that he had the capability to become big enough to overthrow him from his throne of lies, so he put the most pressure on him. Stripped him out of his flamboyant personality and made him more calmed down. Gave him a long time girlfriend. Made him do stunts and give him a playboy and a party man image around 2015 when he started to protest and even gave him a kid, because he knew that 1d was coming to an end and he couldnt pawn off them for very long, so he had to squeeze out whatever he could get out of them and tarnish their image so bad that his comeback will be difficult. In a way, this is going to make their comeback stronger and salmon’s fall harder
He gave Harry a ‘womanizer’ image and fuck me if it doesnt make me want to punch that botox off his face every time Harry is seen with a blonde skinny woman and is spectaculated to be in a relationship with her. He groomed Harry from such an early age by putting the ‘he likes older woman’ image on him. The poor boy was rumoured to be dating Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she was 30, shame on you Cowell!
He did everything to make them seem straight, but God knows that they are as straight as Harry’s curls. Made it seem that their ‘bromance’ was ruined by the ‘delusional’ larries and blamed it on them because we were too close to the truth and he couldnt make that happen. 
Fast forward to 2021, and their images. Are. Still. The. Same. Harry is still seen as the womanizer and the person who likes older woman and Louis is seen as an irresponsible father who never meets his kid and doesnt introduce it to his long time girlfriend. Honestly, straight Louis is a disaster and i dont know how you can stan him if you think that he has had a 4 year girfriend, broken up with her and dated another model for a brief while, then partied and had a one night stand kid and gets back with the previous gf and doesnt introduce the kid and her to each other.
Babygate will be reduced in the industry, if not completely stopped.
This is all I’m writing for today, and as i mentioned earlier, i will be adding more if needed
Let me just add here, that this will not happen in a matter of days or weeks. It will take months or maybe even YEARS for these possibilities to take course as Louis and Harry do not seem to be coming out publicly any time soon.
This does not mean that they will stop queercoding or write each other messages through their songs
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angiethewitch · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I forgot how absolutely iconic these two legends are
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skepticalarrie · 5 months ago
Hello allie, have you seen Simon’s article about getting 1D back together?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No, I just saw because you mentioned 🥴 Well I really hope he can persuade the five of them to get in a room together so they can all beat his ass.
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yarrayora · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Why is it everybody want to watch Simon Cowell just be really disappointed in everyone?”
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just-readings · 2 months ago
not to be dramatic or anything but i will literally explode if i don't find someone to call me love and darling like baz constantly calls simon in awtwb
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Ok so I was scrolling on tik tok as you do when you're a bored teen and I saw a video on my feed that was about the possibility of Måneskin's new manger being Simon Cowell. And I was desperately hoping it was a joke until I saw another video about and then another one.
Here's the thing. I love Måneskin and this could be an amazing opportunity for them to reach further than their current audience, probably made up of Italians and eurovision watchers. But on the other hand after everything with One Direction and Little Mix and so many other artists I am terrified that this would just change them in a bad way (not them themselves but rather their music and image)
1. Firstly we know with Simon, modest managment and syco suppress and over work their artists. 1d released like 5 albums in five years and barely had breaks between them and tours. And Little Mix were worked to a similar schedule. Not to mention the effects this had on the various members of the bands.
2. Simon Cowell and homophobia/transphobia/misogyny. The thing I adore about Måneskin other than their music and just me being in love with them is that they aren't afraid to express themselves how they want to. The boys especially Damiano aren't at all afraid to be feminine and wear feminine clothes and makeup and whilst I doubt that Simon would have much success in trying to control that aspect of them, I personally would be terrified to go up against Damiano and Victoria, I would still worry that they might start wearing more conventional clothes and less makeup and stuff.
Now I do realise that they are older than Little Mix and 1 D were when they signed with Simon but they aren't much older. Damiano is only 22 and the others are around 21/20 if I'm right. They are still at a slightly vulnerable age and place, albeit less than the other bands because they already have a career. And so I'm just worried about them entering into a contract with him and having to change because of it.
Lastly and this is the most important thing for me is that I adore their Italian music. Don't get me wrong I love the English songs too but songs like "for your love", "chosen" and "I wanna be your slave" have nowhere near the emotional and lyrical depth of songs like "Coraline", "le parole lontane" and "Torna a Casa", as well as Damiano just always sounding much more confident and actually just being a better singer(in my opinion) in Italian rather than English. Anyway my point was that I fear and probably rightly so that Simon would try to make them write and sing in English more than in Italian.
Anyway all of this is purely speculation. Maybe they will sign with Simon and they'll stay as amazing as always(not that they themselves wouldn't still be amazing rather their image and music) and maybe (hopefully) they won't sign with him altogether and this will just become another rumour that goes away. And I will still listen to them anyway cause I am absolutely obsessed at this point with them.
Sorry for the long rant and thanks for reading till the end.
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twopoppies · 8 months ago
Hey Gina!! I'm a little confused about all the industry shit and you seem like you know a lot so I wanted to clarify—Louis is no longer under Syco, right? But he's still under Sony? Is Sony related to Syco or is Sony also fucked up on its own? And even though Louis is no longer under Syco he still may be beholden to contracts with them? Thank you so much for everything you do, sending you love <3
Syco was a division of Sony.  Louis as a solo artist was signed to Syco, so he was connected to Sony. When he was signed to them, he was with Arista Records for his US representation (also a division of Sony). He’s parted ways with Syco, I believe he’s no longer connected to Arista, and hasn’t made any sort of announcement as to where he’s headed. 
Is Sony fucked up on its own? Yes, but in different ways. The whole music industry is pretty fucked up. Simon Cowell (head of Syco) was a vindictive piece of shit who seems to have had it out for Louis, specifically. I don’t think Sony gave two shits about anyone but Harry because he looked to have the biggest earning potential. So did they let Simon have Louis, while they took Harry? Probably. 
Is Louis still beholden to contracts? It’s unclear. We have no idea what kinds of contracts he’s signed. He could have contacts with One Direction that are still binding. He could have contracts with Sony that are still binding. Something is definitely up because he’s been almost dead silent for a year. But none of know for sure why or when it will change.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 7 months ago
Tues 13 April ‘21
Okay well in today’s decent news, Zayn and Gigi (and PA Taryn) got papped in NYC taking Khai to the aquarium out at Coney Island. Bye bye Zayn’s blue hair, he shaved it off, but hello stylish plaid coat and ofc Zayn looks good with any hair, it’s ridiculous really. And Ingrid Michaelson teased the To Begin Again video- coming soon? Pap pics of Zayn would suggest YES! EDIT: oh! YES sure enough-- it premiers tomorrow!!! Things go right downhill after that though-- first off, not me being excited about Liam doing art stuff only to discover it’s a picture of PRINCE PHILLIP. Uggghh WORST REVEAL EVER LIAM, nooooo.
And the news doesn’t get better from there I’m afraid; TMZ reports that Olivia is being harassed by a stalker who keeps showing up at her AND JASON’S home (in LA). Apparently the stalker is upset about her and Harry’s ‘relationship’. That’s scary and I hope she and her family are all right and have the support they need! Meanwhile, the fact of the whole “she and Harry live together in LA” thing being so obviously and completely debunked by this, combined with the fact that the entire Holivia story is based on them having been photographed together off set two(2) times, EVER, both in a single 24 hour period 4 months ago, is finally too much for even head stunt sponsor deuxmoi; as of last night they said they don’t know if she and Harry are “still” together. The publicists aren’t giving up that easily though, and would rather make their client look horrible even while exploiting her serious personal crisis than give up their headline grabbing narrative (hmm, familiar); there was a scramble to regroup and what they were able to come up with to shore up their story was that Olivia lied on her court documents about where she lived. WOW... actual wtf, industry handlers are just really sincerely the fucking scum of the earth huh??
SPEAKING OF WHICH… “sources” say Simon Cowell is “broken and betrayed” (HELL YEAH, nice) and feeling the pressure from recent allegations against him and Syco and The X Factor. He “doesn’t feel like he should be made to look like the bad guy” BOO FUCKING HOO asswipe, maybe you shouldn’t have BEEN the bad guy! We’re told that he’s dealing with it by asking Cheryl Cole for help, and possibly thinking of calling Liam “as he’s worried that members of 1D could start turning their backs on him publicly,” UGH YES PLEASE THAT’S HOT. Out of all the boys people-pleaser Liam is certainly his best chance, true, but I’ll hope for the best (members of 1D turning their backs on him publicly! Someday we’re gonna see it- more than we already have- and it’s gonna be GOOD.)
Anyway that was a bunch of unfun news, let’s close on a high (and perfectly harmonized) note- Louis liked a post of vocal coach Helene’s about working with 1D, an incredible sounding video of OT5 singing Strong. “To get a chorus sounding strong, tight, clean and solid vocally you MUST work A Capella to hear what’s going on. We did so much of this...and it was always great to hear how the 3 part harmonies blended together with their individual sounding voices.” It IS always great to hear, thanks for that Helene, so nice.
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lovelovelovelarry · 8 months ago
i've always thought that some of the biggest proof that the kid isn't louis' is that if he really were, the situation would have been handled basically the opposite way of how they did it. louis is an internationally famous millionaire, and at the time was still being marketed towards teenage (and younger) girls. if he actually knocked up a girl he met in a club, for both his personal and professional benefit, his team would have kept it as quiet as possible, probably would have been throwing ndas around left and right, and they definitely would have strongly advised (i.e. forced) him to get a paternity test. they would not have announced the pregnancy at nine weeks. most people don't even tell close family and friends they're expecting until around thirteen weeks. you think they would have announced the pregnancy of the one night stand of louis tomlinson, a.k.a the member of the band who up until close to that point had been known for being the one in a wholesome, long-term relationship, that early before they even know for sure the kid is his? i don't think so. not to mention that if you're someone in his position, and some random, unknown girl you barely know starts claiming you're the father of her child and asking for huge amounts of money, you'd probably start asking questions before anything went too far. there's also the fact that louis is notoriously private about his life yet that kid's face is plastered everywhere they can get away with putting to this day.
let's be honest. if the kid really was louis', we probably wouldn't have any clue he even exists and wouldn't for a very long time.
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present-future · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drone robot / Treehouse Films by Simon Cowell
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maneskintookawaymysanity · 5 months ago
Just saw an interview where Måneskin confirm that Simon Cowell won't be their manager. Fucking finally. 🎉
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