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ferrariprince16 · 11 hours ago
i saw some people on Twitter talking about the possibility of max joining charles at Ferrari…. curious to hear ur thoughts 😬😬
hi anon
one word, two letters: no ❤️
not in this life, not in any other lives. ferrari is passion and is love and even if they fuck up it's something special, basically a region here in italy. it's not place for him. rbr is the perfect place for him, among shitty people
plus charles would always be ferrari first driver because basically that team breathes for him and m* would never tolerate that. he's good where is.
my honest opinion. have a good whatever time is in your country 💕
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sadclowncentral · 6 months ago
my opinion on quantum physics is that we should stop looking into it. it's none of our business and frankly the particles seem to agree
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bookish-historian · a year ago
Might fuck around and create a fantasy world in my mind to distract myself from the pressures of reality.
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flowery-king · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are back on my mind
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Tumblr media
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blackkatmagic · a year ago
How do you feel about "problematic ships"? Should fanfiction authors be allowed to write what they want regardless of how "upsetting" the material is? You're one of the first fanfiction authors I've ever read and admired and I'd love to get your take on this
People write murder stories. That doesn’t mean they support murder in real life. People write “problematic” ships. That doesn’t mean they support problematic things in real life. As someone who’s a fan of horror movies, and as someone who likes terrible awful villain ships where everyone is a trashfire, but who absolutely does not condone either thing in real life, I am of the firm opinion that people ship the things they do for their own reasons and I have no right and no place to demand answers from them, even when it’s something I personally find distasteful. 
Maybe they’re working through trauma. Maybe they’ve had a bad day and need to vent. It is not my right to know that, because real people are not being harmed and they’ve tagged their stuff appropriately. 
Partially my mindset comes from actually working in the mental health field and knowing that everyone has ways of coping. And, additionally, it comes from a deep, deep distaste of the sort of “trauma olympics” that comes from people trying to police what other people can write. Where do you draw that line? What makes a trauma “valid enough” for someone to be able to write vent-fic about it? How can you tell someone who can’t afford a therapist that processing their emotions through fic is wrong and bad? And like. I don’t know an author from Adam. I don’t have any say. I definitely don’t have the right to make them relive their trauma in front of the whole internet, and expecting them to because I don’t like the ship they wrote is not right. 
It is also, frankly, because I’m someone who has been harassed and sent death threats over fic I’ve written. I was told that writing two consenting adults with an age difference, even in a time-travel lens, was pedophilia. That writing two characters in a ship after i’d written a cracky fic about one accidentally ending up the other’s parent was “basically incest”. So like, forgive me if I don’t think most purity watchdogs are the most logical.
Because that’s what it comes down to: if you’re not allowing authors to write certain content, who gets to decide? You? A council of those who think the same as you? What if you decide that just because in one universe I conceptualize X relationship as familial, I can’t write a completely different AU with it as romantic? Is that right? Who has the right to decide that? 
So like. I get the drama. I do. Things that I find gross or bad give me that reaction, too. My instinct is to say fuck you i hate that and bolt. But. I am a rational human being and I can recognize that my personal freedom ends where someone else’s begins, and i have the ability to control what content I see and the mental wherewithal to read the tags on a thing to make sure it won’t fuck me up. I also don’t have any sort of right to try and control what other people do when they’re not actively harming people, and the sense to know that it would be bad for all involved to try. 
Seriously. Read the fucking tags, mind your own mental health, and don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing unless it is actively immediately IRL harming you, like “has showed up at your door to murder you” kinds of harming. Problematic is a really, horrifically vague term that varies from person to person, and trying to police that for everyone else is not good. Not for you, not for them, not for anyone. 
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veronicathegoddess · 6 months ago
thinking about only being allowed to wear short dresses whenever we go out so he can sit me on his lap and make me cockwarm him when other people are around while i hide my face in his chest, trying to conceal my moans and blushing face while he strokes my hair and whispers all the things he wants to do to me, just to make it harder for me.
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crybaby-bkg · 13 days ago
good morning…..Bakugou sings the healing incantation song from rapunzel every time he brushes your daughters hair in the morning. once she gets old enough to do her own hair when she pleases, you’ll walk by her room/bathroom and still hear her singing it to herself. :)
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very-salty-tenno · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have one fear
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princessanneftw · 2 months ago
Princess Anne looking less than keen while watching a demonstration on new techniques to deliver babies wedged in the mother’s pelvis with The Duchess of Cambridge.
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violetbumblebea · 24 days ago
The rest of the Justice League: I am fighting this fairly serious villain. He wants money and power. I must stop him and his conventionally armed goons.
Batman, stone faced: I am fighting Jellyfish-Gal and Wobbly Gang. They want to turn all of Gotham into jelly-based aquatic life and force the mayor to fund their biweekly tap dancing lessons. I must stop the Wobbly Gang from using their squid launchers to incapacitate people and take them for experimentation.
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sundayswiththeilluminati · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Greatest hits of my Destiny name collection part 2: Specific Jokes For Specific People.
(part 1, part 3)
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colony-drop-program · a month ago
I mean, Unleashed implies Sonic's a pretty voracious eater willing to try just about anything. The only thing he seems to hate are canned horror and durian
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photozoi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
The Brother finally consents to being photographed in Nature.
Tumblr media
But he doesn’t have to look happy about it.
the Brother- Silken Windhound
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madrewrites · 3 months ago
you know sometimes i forget that tumblr actually exists outside of tumblr
and then i have a professor bring up - during a lecture - the mushroom post and 'you cannot kill me in a way that matters'
and i remember that the circus has an audience
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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queenboudicaa · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Women say no thank you to men in women's sports -
art - famous artist birdy rose
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llamagoddessofficial · 6 months ago
…what were the moth boys like as kids? Pure fluff? Caterpillar boys?
They were just smaller versions of what they are now. Tiny winged balls of extreme floofiness, the fur serving as somewhat of a defence mechanism to both make them look bigger than they really are & trick predators into thinking they're venomous... because there's no way something that bright and furry won't have repercussions for eating it. Right?
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thatjayjustice · 6 months ago
Friends: 'how have you managed to not get Covid'🧐
Me: 'I'm immunocompromised & disabled so I don't see people, go anywhere or do anything' 😷
Friends: **immediately offer to come over, take me out or do stuff** 😄
Me: 'No. That is the opposite of what I would like to do, because we are in a pandemic' 🙃
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nonasuch · 7 months ago
A note for the ‘covid is just the flu’ anon, who I assume is just spamming anyone who takes sensible precautions in a global pandemic:
a) fuck you
b) please get vaccinated. Anon, I want you to eat shit but preferably not die, and definitely not tie up an ICU bed while you’re at it
c) I have 3 shots of Pfizer in me and matching masks for all my outfits. I’m handling my plague anxiety like a fucking champ.
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