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#thanks for the love yall <3

okay this one is so fuckin cute i was gone for a bit to eat dinner and hELLUR THE TEARS INVITED THEMSELVES BACK IN

dear george,

my absolute sunshine. i’m doing amazing, now that your letters are with me. i try my best to take care of myself, george, but i won’t lie to you that there are some days that i just simply unable to. and i know for a fact that you absolutely would do that, and i would do anything just to be near you again. if holding onto your pinky could send me into a blushing mess, then i must be a tomato once i do all those things with you. ooh yes, absolutely, please just prank fred for me, i haven’t been able to have my revenge yet the other day (he turned my hair green!). only god knows how much i miss you as well, my love. i miss everything about you, i miss the way your hair would point to every direction every morning as you wake up, i miss the way your eyes would brighten up every time i compliment you, i miss the way my fingers feel going through your hair, i miss the way you would always had your hand on my back when we meet people, i miss the way you kiss my nose every night before we sleep, and i absolutely miss the way your arms circle around me, keeping me safe and warm. i’m glad i’m not the only one miserable without my lover beside me, for every time i close my eyes, i hope to see you in my dreams, george. if you’re the luckiest man in the world for having me, then i am simply the luckiest woman in the world for having you love me as who i am. don’t you worry about not getting kisses from me, darling. soon enough i would and i will attack you with affection every second i get the moment we meet again. and george, you’re my home too.

the one who shall love you for eternity and beyond,


it’s 10:07pm here guys, and I’m going to shift tonight! Thank you so much to everyone who took some time of their day to send me these lovely letters 🥺🥺🥺 you guys motivate me so much and i just can’t thank you enough ugh i love yall so much <3

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good morning bau simps and the plethora of porn bots that follow me. hope ur having a good day

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Thank you it really means a lot. Thank y'all for being so nice I dont really know any of y'all but you’re all so much nicer than the people I know lol <33

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hot pink: we both have equally terrible taste, grey: i am 100% convinced you are god

anon please god i hope u see this bc i Love you

send me a colour!

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definitely mugen train!!! i loved demon slayer so so much, and as soon as the movie comes out in america i am watching it right away!! it looks so good, and it is INSANELY popular (like, highest-grossing-anime-movie popular)

so definitely that! and then of course any way the wind blows, but i feel like this is a given! i’m very excited. (and nervous)

and i don’t know when exactly ice adolescence is coming out, but i have been looking forward to it since yuri on ice came out basically, i really hope it comes out soon

(probably a lot more things but my memory is not great)

thank you for sending in an ask, anon! have a great day :)

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here where the sky is falling

we let the waters rise

i’ve waited a hundred years

let’s talk about the old days

you would use your songs to say the words you couldn’t say

send me a “hi” via ask and ill shuffle my playlist and create a poem for u w the first line of the first five songs that play !

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Decided to jump on the bandwagon and do one of these!! The trend this year seems to have been Space Camp aaaand Douxie and I’m not mad about either of those. Also, it turns out I posted no art in September so I went to my doodles instead.

Here’s to an uneventful and wonderful new year!!! Thanks for sticking it out with me this whole time! <3

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i just noticed that i hit 200 followers!!

i will be pairing this event with the fact that im debating dropping out of uni as an excuse to spend my evening writing!!! if i cant get any more work done, that is.

thank you all so much yall are super cute and the bestest

also thank you all for being so patient with me since my writing is super slow atm

as always my inbox is wide open for any thoughts yall have on your mind and also tonight i will finally be answering some because i might have time

Love, Rosie

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✧・゚:*  merry christmas to everyone that celebrates on the 25th! we have received a total of seven apps so far which means we only need three more to go until we can decide on an opening date! our next batch of skeletons will also be posted very, very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that~ 

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Omggggg nonnie!! More anon love?! What on earth have I done to deserve this outpouring of love?! Nonnie omg wow, wow, wow! Thank you, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart! This means more to me than I can even put into words! Hearing you say you love my writing just fills my heart to bursting! Half the time when I write and post, I’m so insecure and anxious and feel like I’m not good enough. But you coming here and saying such beautiful and sweet things is honestly just bringing tears to my eyes in the absolute best way! Like it makes me feel so valued and seen, like knowing you notice and appreciate and love the work I put into my writing is by far the best thing you could ever say to me! Thank you a billion times! You’re making me smile oh God my cheeks are hurting from how much I’m smiling right now! I’m so blessed and honored to know that I can bring a smile to your face every day! Gosh, you’re so sweet, thank you endlessly! I feel so accomplished knowing I can make you smile daily with my writing! Just wow, thank you! I’m a ray of sunshine for you?? That’s so cute oh God, now I’m definitely crying (happy tears, I promise)! You are a ray of sunshine hehe! Seriously though, thank you wow just- thank you. I’m holding your comments close to my heart and I just want you to know that hearing you say I’m a ray of sunshine for you is one of the cutest thing I could ever hear! You’re beautiful and amazing, and I love you so very much! ✨☀️💜🥺💗

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