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#this chapter is driving me nuts
penny-anna · a year ago
every so often I see these ‘eheheh tolkien never actually said hobbits were humanoid he just said they were short with hairy feet so they could look like anything’ and I’m like um
A young man he (merry) looked, or like one, though not much more than half a man in height... 
Tolkien, J. R. R.. The Two Towers: The Lord of the Rings, Part 2 (Kindle Location 3426). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition. 
‘I will not hide from you, Master Peregrin,’ said Beregond, ‘that to us you look almost as one of our children, a lad of nine summers or so; and yet you have endured perils and seen marvels that few of our greybeards could boast of. I thought it was the whim of our Lord to take him a noble page, after the manner of the kings of old, they say. But I see that it is not so, and you must pardon my foolishness.’
Tolkien, J. R. R.. The Return of the King: The Lord of the Rings, Part 3: Return of the King Vol 3 (p. 23). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.
are you sure? he never said what hobbits look like? u sure about that?
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hobbitsetal · a month ago
Who the heck is Clancy
Clancy is the deuteragonist of that stupid novel I can't manage to write, the one with Redmond as the main character.
Maxwell Clancy is the equivalent of a cop, a human married to a faery, a Good Dad and a Good Husband, and in the most recent draft I have, a guy getting drawn into a mob war as he tries to protect his family.
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blu-eh · 9 months ago
danny: i am literally not here to make friends
literally all of class 1-a: ah, a challenge 
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bloodfreak420 · 2 months ago
yall ever read a fic where u know where it’s going but u want it to get there SO BAD BUT ITS OVER 100K WORDS
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mefd19 · 8 months ago
Chapters: 8/? Fandom: Critical Role (Web Series) Rating: E Relationships: Fjord/Caleb Widogast
New chapter out now- setting the stage so to speak
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taehoneys · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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adammilligan · a year ago
i don't remember if i've said it before but thank y'all so much for all the nice comments you've left on tdodl like for all the work i've put into it i don't really think all that much of it because half the time it feels like i'm barely making it coherent but y'all are really nice about it so thank you❤❤
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littlerockerao3 · a year ago
I want to write another Throbb+their kids one shot, but I just can’t start it if I haven’t found a middle name for their youngest. (I’m weird forgive me)
Like, Arrow’s middle name is Eddard, Aris’ is Alannys, but what about baby Rowan???? Any suggestions?
Also, I’m about to finish the first chapter of the dolphin trainer!theon Throbb au, it’s going to be up in like... an hour? Two tops.
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holeybubushka · 11 months ago
When you’re all ready to write when you get home but you got stuck in an hour-long-traffic jam and as soon as you had dinner your brains dribbled out of your ears and pooled in a messy, jiggly heap on the floor...
Tumblr media
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thequibblah · a year ago
cross-posting this fic to is so jarring because some of those earlier chapters are. SO short. some are in the range of 3k to 7k, which to this day brings down my average chapter size, and i remember being so fed up then? “well this is all that can happen sorry this is just a good spot to end at”
and now my this is it chapter length hovers between 9k and 10k, except it’s truly like yes this feels cohesive, complete, self-contained, at last i have done it except
now that this monster fic keeps getting MORE monster i will simply have to write longer chapters so that certain storylines get the space they need. you either die amazed at fic with 20k chapters or live long enough to write them
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junionigiri · 2 years ago
Not coherent and brief mobile commentary. Spoilers
- Emily, Rule, and Mines? Did Reiko name herself after, um, Emily the strange? And Yui, after a ruler? And Shoda, after land mines?
Tumblr media
- presenting my fav team. Shinsou tearing up with mixed emotions. Monoma looking (at him?) With despondence. Reiko gracefully passed out. Yui still pretty as she is stuck on a pole. And Shoda all beaten up, showing how strong Mina's punch was.
- hay. Still sad that it's a perfect 4-0. I mean. I woulda been happy if the other team captured someone and still lost. The kids did their best but protagonist privileges.
- for all y'all's complaining about us complaining... I get ya. Shinsou would never win against Midoriya. We all knew that from the start. he only had a few weeks to train and Deku is strong yadda yadda But that's the weird thing about this fight that Shinsou was considered the biggest threat? You and Midoriya and the rest of the audience apparently disregarded the abilities of the other 4 kids on the team.
- while I'm proud of Ochako and Mina's raw power, Yui, Reiko, Shoda and Monoma were sacrificed to make them and Midoriya look good. I wish it wasn't so but nothing left to do about that.
- and also. Why aren't more questions asked about Deku's quirk? They accepted the "I dunno what happened but thanks Shinsou" explanation with a smile? Even though it legit looked like it was gonna a kill everyone at first?
- isn't that convenient for Deku =_= but I might be commenting too early re this. I hope people act a little more suspiciously later about it.
Tumblr media
- I know this is just mina being mina but I kinda dislike that Ochako's decision making was immediately linked to her crush on Deku. Because she has proven that she can be badass and think on her own feet even if she has to follow Deku's (illogical) plans. But I am p. Happy that Aizawa gives her that lil smile and acknowledgement that she has improved. I think this proves that Aizawa cares about his 1-A students as much as he does for Shinsou.
Tumblr media
- Ah I love this panel. ^_^ apart from Dadzawa doing as a Dadzawa does, he gives Shinsou pretty good advice -- no-one is immediately good at the start so Shinsou has a long way to go.
Tumblr media
- and thank you Hori even tho we expected this~~~~ I hope the fact that Vlad-sensei is the one who announced that he's going to the hero course next year is a sign favoring him being transferred to B :)
- and thank u Mina for calling out Mineta. He won't fail of course but at least the other characters consistently call him out for his gross behavior
- two things I'm intrigued about this and one thing Im happy about this panel:
Tumblr media
- Monoma learning something about Midoriya's quirk, and figuring out a counter strategy. What! What has he learned? Has he learned that it's multiple quirks? Or that it's a stockpiling quirk? Or maybe he figured out that he can copy multiple ones but maybe he tried to activate the wrong one back then?
- and Aizawa inviting Monoma to see Eri! Ahhhh what. I hope this somehow leads to Mirio's recovery?
- and the thing im happy about this is that Monoma still has an important role to play to the story. So he won't be removed or killed or exploded whatever u haters want to happen to him omg.
- Im sad that suddenly no interaction between Monoma and Shinsou =_= their connection is cut off abruptly agh. Well this is just my shipper self complaining I guess.
- finally this Arc is over even though the things I wanted to happen didn't happen. But at least! Shinsou's transfer and Monoma's visit to Eri makes me look forward to the next chapters!!!!
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