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#xerox jams

My Ech. black prince props are rooting, as are some of my other succulent props. The new second half of my grow light installation is coming along nicely. I walked into my plant cave today and was like “yes this looks good, it is looking more like my vision boards, I feel the good vibes.”

It gives me the serotonin to face things like paying bills, taking care of the car issue, and making that one phone call I really don’t want to 🙃

And tomorrow my non-light-blocking privacy film comes for the windows so I can finish moving into that space without hurting my babies’ ability to sip that good, good sun juice (I’m gonna have an office again, yay!!)


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Grief is a funny thing, sometimes you think you’re done but then, like dust collected in some undisturbed corner of the room, you bump into more one day and wonder just how long it’s been there

But, like the dust, grief isn’t just about the clearing away process but it’s the echo of life itself—

Of good times past, memories, growth, all the little pieces of our soul that came together to make us who we are now; and so dust gathers while time passes as a receipt of entropy and testimony to the fact that we have lived

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Originally posted by dualvoidanima

Y’all it’s time to get back to the importance of checking our RISING SIGNS, think of it as your “what’s happening right now” sign

Ever notice how zodiac-based tarot readings can resonate with different parts of your life depending on which of your signs you use? Check your Rising if you want to better know what’s vibing in the current moment (and let’s be real, we usually want to know current energies)

Also when you’re checking for love compatibility with a prospective boo thang? Rising signs are more important than sun signs (1st House/Rising Sign vibes off the opposite 7th House of partnership)

Keep it real, babes!

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I’m somewhere between “take me to Rivendell and let me get lost in the autumnal majesty of the forest” and “I want a comfortable apartment in the heart of a bustling city with lots of windows for my plants and a stunning view of the metropolis at sunrise”

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Valerian is messing up my sleep schedule something fierce, keeping me sleepy and brain foggy way too long into the day but then keeping me awake later that night til I take more. I said enough of that and now it’s 7:30 in the morning and I’m awake still 🙃

But I’ve got an idea for an app or a new OS feature. So we know everything we do is getting tracked anyhow, so why not have a function on your phone that lets you set “review hours” where any activity on your phone that happens between certain hours (you set, or manually engage) gets pulled up in one nice neat spot for review later.

So, up all night and know your judgement gets weird past 2am? Let’s review all your social media activity and see if you’re still feeling confident about your likes, comments, follows, etc. And if not, you can easily mass select and delete!

Because some of us get chatty when we’re sleep deprived and essentially write Wikipedia articles in the comments section that nobody asked for. Yep, even on TikTok with its broken comments and short character limits…


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The ghosts are really popping this season 👻👌

Hit this with some likes/reblogs/messenger pigeons if you want this to become my ghost story thread. Not the spooky kind, the “real life adventures of a witch who talks with dead people” kind.

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Finally getting my plant hanging hooks mounted above the window! I’m so super excited about how it’s coming out but WOW the framers did a bad job, the studs are all over the place.

In other news, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to have imposter syndrome when it comes to plants. I’m hesitant to post pics because there’s a part of me that says “somebody who knows way more about this particular plant is going to cringe at something I’m doing wrong.” Yeah, gotta heal past that and show some green love eventually.

So for now please accept a flattering close up of my new goldfish plant!

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Went into a costume store and all my money astral projected out of my wallet, I was positively vibrating at a frequency that could shatter my spending limit but somehow I stayed within budget. BUT some things I don’t have that I feel I should have that I remember in particular:

  • an Akatsuki robe
  • intensely cheaper-than-normal stockings/garters that go for like 3-4x that normally
  • a Covid mask that says “this is my Halloween costume” (I seriously might go back for this)
  • various weapons
  • a BNHA jumpsuit
  • bodycon jumpsuits in various colors
  • a Black Widow jumpsuit
  • Kakashi’s outfit
  • the whole store

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

(I plan to do a Black Widow cosplay as soon as Cons are a thing again and I’m sooo tempted to get that jumpsuit too)

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Spirit asked me to pick a sign for a particular thing to know that energy was near, and I thought long and hard and came up with (quite sincerely I might add):

Black cats

Not thinking “oh it’s October, it’s just that time of year!” Nope, just “this is relevant to things that are happening in my life right now, and I don’t often see black cats around much so I’ll know it’s special” 🤦🏼‍♀️

To spirit’s credit, I am seeing way more black cats that anticipated so far this season and definitely not all are Halloween-inspired instances, but it also makes me second guess some of it 😅 #itried

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