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Monday, February 24th, 2020

I would like to start tracking how often I write, how many hours I write, and how many words I usually write per hour. I could do this on a spreadsheet, of course, but I figure someone on Tumblr might find this experiment interesting as well. Plus it will give me more original content to post and it should help keep me accountable about writing more often.

I had an unusual amount of time to write today and although my wordcount is not very high, I probably wrote more today than in the past month and a half combined.

Today I worked solely on Collide. I’m restarting the third draft because I really didn’t like how it was turning out and I kept running into plot holes I couldn’t climb out.

Writing sessions today: 6

Total hours: 5.5 (2 outlining, 3.5 drafting)

Total wordcount: 1,396

Words per hour: ~400

Tasks completed:

  • Finished outlining act one of Collide
  • Finished the first chapter of Collide
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I am still sick. Not as bad. But for sure still sick. And i seem to have a canker sore or something on the webbing of my mouth and it hurts a lot. 

I only had half a voice today. This morning i was just. Bad. And my throat hurt enough that i texted Jessica that i couldn’t come in. And she wasn’t exactly thrilled with me but she told me to rest up. I want to be able to be there tomorrow. But today i slept. 

James woke me up and told me that Marcus was also sick. He knew this because they asked him to sub in. Which would have been nice but he had a big day planned and while i didn’t know that I’m glad he took the day for himself. 

I got up and dressed. And once i was dressed and had a dayquil and some food i felt good enough. Not great but loke. I could make it through today. 

Our friend Benairen came over to talk dnd with James. And i chilled on the couch. I left right on time for work. No reason to rush myself. Not much to prep. 

I decided we would do a one day project with ‘en plenaire water color. And honestly it worked out great. 

Me and Kenneth, Kames’s coteacher who came to sub, was great with our kids. Our kids were mostly really good. And i had a really good day. The kids were very attentive when i talked to them before we got together and went outside to draw and paint. And while the fourth graders had some trouble understanding drawing what you see, the returning 5th graders made me so proud. Like they really made like leaps and bounds and it was wonderful to see what they came up with. 

Once we made it inside i chose a few that i felt really slowed progress and technical skill to show the class and we were able to give some light critique and see some styles and methods they didn’t actually know they were using. It was wonderful. Felt like a real art class again. I missed leading projects. I’m excited to do the next couple. 

We finished up the day. I had to go track down the key for the closet but was able to put every thing away and leave by six. 

I thought James was at the restaurant so i got burger king for dinner. Which was great but then i came home and he was here! 

I wish i would have known i would have picked him up food too. But he went out to get cat food and himself tacos and came home. And he’s playing music now while I’m chilling in bed as the medication fades and my cough comes back with my aches. Not fun. I will take a NyQuil soon. And get some rest. I was to be my best museum educator self tomorrow. 

I hope you are all feeling good tonight. Sleep good! 

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Monday, February 24 



During my basketball game on Saturday I did one jump block and slapped the ball out of the air. I also stopped a girl from getting to the other side of the court. Later, when I caught the ball, I went to go shoot it but instinctively passed to another girl out of habit. It was pretty embarrassing. 

I may be getting a chest binder next Saturday.


Today we get our free sketch day because we raised enough book donations for it. It was pretty fun. 

Everyone is mad at Brielle because her project is bout women empowerment but she only included pretty skinny girls. I agree but I didn’t say anything.

Pre Algebra

I got a B on my math test. I really want my overall math grade to go up to an A.

Social Science

Stuff idk


We finished the last presentation today. We worked on grammar and wrote some complex sentences. 


It was freezing outside but they still made us go out. I was wearing shorts which was honestly my fault. This morning it was sunny and then all of the sudden it started snowing out of nowhere. It got really cold and windy. A few hours later, it was warm out and the snow had vanished.

Computer Science

Jason and I want to learn robotics and become the next Michael Reeves. 


We haven’t gotten our tests back from Friday. I studied the guide for two hours and nothing from the guide was on or helped us answer the test questions. I also didn’t think plants could reproduce sexually so I know I got that wrong.


After some presentations, we finished our Shrek ad. It’s pretty funny but I don’t think it will win. 

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