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lonestarbattleship · 26 days ago
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Vought OU-1 Floatplanes sitting on the catapult of USS New Mexico (BB-40). Photographed during a Good Will Tour at Sydney, Australia, circa July 23 to August 6, 1925.
ANMM: 00020978, 00020980
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carbone14 · 2 months ago
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Les batteries de 127 mm du cuirassé USS New Mexico (BB-40) se préparent au bombardement de l'île de Saipan – 15 juin 1944
Photographe : Official U.S. Navy Photograph
©National Archives and Records Administration - 80-G-K-14162
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dontmeantobepoliticalbut · a month ago
A Bay Area OB-GYN is organizing an effort to bring abortion services and reproductive healthcare to several southern states bordering the Gulf of Mexico via a ship sailing on federal waters.
Dr. Meg Autry, who also works as a professor at UCSF, had already been working to bring this effort to life. But when Roe v. Wade was overturned, Autry said their plans were accelerated.
As first reported by KCBS, this plan called Protecting Reproductive Rights of Women Endangered by State Statutes (PRROWESS) aims to bring reproductive healthcare to states where abortions are banned, limited, or hard to access.
In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Autry noted that people living in southern parts of states with restrictive abortion rules like Texas and Louisiana, are actually closer to the coast than to nearby states with more abortion access. Additionally, it is less expensive to board a boat than buying a plane ticket to another state.
Autry has performed abortions for decades and refers to herself as "a lifelong educator, a lifelong career abortion advocate."
"It is my life’s work," she said.
"Part of the reason we’re working on this project so hard is because wealthy people in our country are always going to have access [to abortions], so once again it’s a time now where poor, people of color, marginalized individuals, are gonna suffer --and by suffering I mean like lives lost," Autry said.
She explained that this ship will operate on federal waters — nine miles from the coast of Texas and three from the coast of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi — where it can evade those states' abortion restrictions. PRROWESS will arrange for patients to be transported to the ship, which will vary depending on where they are coming from, once they pass a pre-screening process.
Autry and a team of licensed medical professionals will offer surgical abortions for up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. The PRROWESS team would also offer other point-of-care gynecological services such as testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.
"The project is being funded with philanthropy and the patients care is on a needs basis, so most individuals will pay little to nothing for services," Autry said.
Stacy Cross, president of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, which offers services in California and Nevada, said it's not surprising that health care providers are teaming up to offer services on the seas.
Cross explained that the abortion service provider community has been preparing for the possibility of a post-Roe world for some time now and that, "over the years we’ve talked about things like boats on federal waters out past the 5-mile line."
"It's just it’s a testament to the time we’re in, because its really horrific that we’re having to think of these things in the United States of America, how to keep people safe," Cross said.
Several California Planned Parenthood chapters told NBC Bay Area that demand from out-of-state patients at California clinics has actually been up for months already due to policies in other states.
“I think people are going to be as creative as possible, the people who have the funds are getting on planes and flying, we’re seeing other people drive here,” Cross said.
Autry's organization is still raising money to secure a ship and retrofit it for medical use. Once that happens, she says they'll put the captain, crew and medical team aboard and set sail.
Autry and her team maintain the process is legal in federal waters. Still, they expect legal challenges from those states every step of the way. The PRROWESS team has already tapped multiple lawyers to help them as they continue with this voyage.
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set-phasers-to-whump · 9 months ago
whumptober 2021 masterpost!
day 1 - barbed wire, bound - nick burkhardt
day 2 - garrote - marius josipovic
day 3 - “who did this to you?” - nick burkhardt
day 4 - “do you trust me?” - max evans
day 5 - broken nose - sonny carisi
day 6 - bruises - eddie diaz
day 7 - head injury - gereon rath
day 8 - pneumothorax - shawn spencer
day 9 - forgotten - kurt wallander
day 10 - hospital - neal caffrey
day 11 - drowning - gereon rath
day 12 - made to watch, torture - neal caffrey
day 13 - “this is gonna suck” - nick burkhardt
day 14 - crush injuries - eddie diaz
day 15 - fever dreams - nick burkhardt
day 16 - losing control - kurt wallander
day 17 - field care 101 - illya kuryakin
day 18 - cpr - shawn spencer
day 19 - bleeding, stabbing - gereon rath
day 20 - trapped under water - illya kuryakin
day 21 - bleeding thru the bandages - sonny carisi
day 22 - comfort - nick burkhardt
day 23 - self-sacrifice - illya kuryakin
day 24 - revenge - gereon rath
day 25 - hiding - illya kuryakin
day 26 - waterfall - illya kuryakin
day 27 - passing out, collapse - marius josipovic
day 28 - nightmares - neal caffrey
day 29 - “you’re still not dead?” - sonny carisi
day 30 - trapped - nick burkhardt
day 31 - hurt & comfort - illya kuryakin
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sidleyparkhermit · 27 days ago
I really do enjoy watching the rest of tumblr try to figure out what the hell AMC prestige drama Better Call Saul is, in fact, about
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emails-i-cant-send · 2 months ago
I have stomach cramps so bad today I couldn't finish my assignment for Spanish class and it's my final
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dionysus-complex · 4 months ago
anyways idk maybe we just go live with my family in rural New Mexico
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dis-you · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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thesquidkid · 12 months ago
Fight like a girl
Based on this prompt that @manescosmic got, I decided to give it my shot
Michael used his telekinesis to stop the Tupperware of orange slices from hitting the ground. He quickly lifted them up into his hand and kicked the truck door shut with his foot. Isabel had insisted that he pick the fruit up from her house along with the bag of white belts, water bottles, and "fight like a girl" tshirts. Even with his alien powers, it was a lot to carry. As he juggled the boxes and walked up the path to the YMCA front door, he was suddenly distracted by the view through the window into the front studio. There, in front of Isabel's inaugural girls self defense class and teaching basic blocking maneuvers, was Alex Manes.
Michael stopped in his tracks, nearly dropping the Tupperware box for the second time. He was frozen in place, looking at Alex's elegant moves that all the kids in the room copied. Michael knew Alex was strong, had felt it many times before, the shift of his muscled under his skin as Michael’s hands made their way across the other man’s chest and back, his firm thighs holding him in place as they lay on the airstream’s bed. He also knew that Alex practised various yoga poses for his physical therapy for his leg. But it was completely different, knowing that Alex was strong and flexible, and seeing it on display, accompanied by the captain’s bright smile as he explained the moves to his audience, repeating them as many times as the girls needed.
Isobel had opened up her self defense program for young girls four months ago, and already had a lot of success in Roswell. At first, she would do the teaching herself, based on the courses she took when she was rebuilding herself after Noah, but quickly she became overwhelmed by the number of students she had. It started by a young girl standing up to her bully, then a second, and finally she was teaching most of the girls in town. It was heartwarming for her, to see these young girls gain confidence and strength from her lessons, and that is why she decided to hire a new instructor.
Alex seemed very confident, perhaps even the most confident Michael had seen him since their high school days. He was wearing a pair of loose grey sweatpants and a USAF T-shirt that fit perfectly the shape of his muscles. He was also wearing a pair of short white socks, displaying his ankle and the prosthetic leg, showing how much had changed, how he didn’t try as hard to hide his right leg. There was still some way to go, but a lot had already changed in the last few months, quite possibly with the help of the class he was teaching, that Michael couldn’t stop the smile from showing on his face. That smile however was quickly replaced with something deeper as Alex turned around and moved his arms, giving Michael a full view on his back muscles.
Michael swallowed hard and shook his head, trying to not think of running his hands on that back, feeling it against his chest as they laid on a bed still in bliss. He took a few deep breaths to steady his breathing and his heart, made sure all his packages were carefully placed in his arms and didn’t risk falling over, and made his way into the building towards the second room, where he knew to find Isobel. There would be another time to dream (and maybe touch) at Alex’s muscles, and explore the new found confidence, but right now he had gifts for young girls who well earned them, and a sister to be proud of.
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suzteel · a year ago
“You’re not Isobel.”
The man at the door was handsome, in a dirty drunken sort of way. Alex could smell the liquor on him. Great.
“No, I’m not. Who are you?” He demanded.
“Michael. Isobel’s brother. Sort of. Long story. Where’s Isobel?”
Well if the man was Isobel’s brother, he probably couldn’t just slam the door in his face. “Roswell.”
“Roswell? Like New Mexico? Like aliens? Did she get abducted or something?”
“Yes, New Mexico. And there are no aliens there. She swapped houses with my friend Liz for the week.”
“She did?” The man swayed a bit in the door, looking like he was about to topple. “Damn. That must been what those missed calls where about. Not a big phone guy. Don’t check my messages enough. Listen, man. I have to whiz really badly. I’m happy to do it out here usually, but it’s hella cold tonight. Do you mind?” He’s pointing in the general direction of the guest bathroom, confirming that he knows is way around the house and is probably Isobel’s brother like he claims.
Alex supposed he could at least let the man in to pee. He opens the door further and steps out of the way.
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david-box · a year ago
Indian farmers have been protesting against the govn'ts laws since November, fuck.
Also, daughter of the president of the biggest political party (well, the one that had the most power til 2000) in Mexico hid $10.4M in Andorra. So that's cool.
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lonestarbattleship · a month ago
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USS New York (BB-34), USS Texas (BB-35) and a New Mexico class battleship at anchor near New York City on July 4, 1919.
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gra-sonas · a year ago
Do you think the cast of Roswell is heading to Sante Fe next week already? Vlamis comments about enjoying his last week in LA kinda confused myself.
I think some actually might, yeah. Not necessarily everyone, also probably not in order to self-quarantine, but to get settled and do what’s usually done ahead of a new season. 
Like going to costume fittings, getting lectured on Covid testing, sanitizing and other health regulations, and doing other organizational stuff. Vlamis also said in his Twitter Q&A, that he hasn’t received any S3 scripts so far. 
I think they already had individual talks with the writers via Zoom, but maybe not as a cast (like they know things about their respective characters, but not the other characters? IDK, I’m guessing here)?
I think table reads could still be a thing if they find a well ventilated space where everyone fits, and if they keep wearing masks and everyone gets their own table (and probably a microphone xD), it should be possible to go through scripts like they used to in the past.
The core cast also relocates to Santa Fe for more than half a year in total (with breaks for everyone, but filming is expected to last until April or May next year), and considering that going back and forth between their respective home towns and Santa Fe isn’t as easily done under current conditions, they’ll probably have a lot of stuff they’ll bring (not just clothes but stuff like workout equipment, cooking equipment, computers, bed linen, and so on) bc it might be a while until they can go home again. And while I think that they all rent furnished flats, they might still have to buy some things to make the rented space feel more like “home”.
At least this time, Vlamis will be able to drive to Santa Fe himself (last year his house mate Roarke drove him bc Vlamis’d had a knee operation and couldn’t drive himself). It’s a ~13hrs drive to Santa Fe from LA (without breaks), maybe he’ll take a break or two on his way and make it a 2-3 days drive? I think Trevino did that last year. Either way, I’m sure Vlamito’ll keep us updated via his stories. xD
I expect to see “heading back to Santa Fe” activity from most core cast members starting next week, and I think by the end of the week after next (around Oct 10/11), they’ll probably all be in Santa Fe. (Which would mean that Tyler’d celebrate his birthday (Oct 12) in Santa Fe - who knows, maybe he’ll stay in LA for his birthday and drive to Santa Fe after? 🤔We’ll see.)
Tumblr media
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wish-to-grow-a-garden · a year ago
Any piece of publication or media whatsoever: *Shows the slightest hint of having a possible lore or story*
My maladaptive daydreaming, writer ass, already trying to craft an entire storyline in my head: I CRAVE AN ENTIRE BOOK, FEED ME NOW.
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nativestephaniebrown · a year ago
right now is one of those times i desperately wish my school wasn’t so white
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mostlysignssomeportents · 2 months ago
The Geico STD story is the new McDonald's Hot Coffee story
Tumblr media
Here’s a media literacy rule of thumb: any time you hear about how the courts have done something outrageous and absurd to some poor, long-suffering, gigantic, wildly profitable corporation…dig deeper. The canonical example is the “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit” (aka Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants). You know, that time that an old lady got burned by her McDonald’s coffee and then sued for for $2.7 million?! Most people heard that story — and they heard it for a reason.
The Hot Coffee story was propaganda — specifically, it was propaganda for the idea that corporations should be shielded from legal liability when they maim or even kill the public through gross negligence. The real Hot Coffee story is a lot more complicated than the “lady gets millions because her coffee was too hot” tale that circulated widely.
One of the best explorations of the Hot Coffee story is Adam Conover’s excellent “Adam Ruins The Hot Coffee Story” video from 2016. In that episode, Conover explains what really happened.
The coffee that burned Stella Liebeck in New Mexico in 1994 was served at 190°F. It caused third-degree burns that permanently disfigured Liebeck, required multiple skin grafts, and disabled her for two years. The surgery was so drastic that Liebeck lost 20% of her body-weight while she was recovering.
McDonald’s had a history of serving coffee that was dangerously hot. It had received 700 complaints about the matter, and had had to settle numerous claims from people who were horribly burned by its coffee. However, it declined to settle with Liebeck, who initially sought $20k to cover her medical expenses.
Denied a settlement, Liebeck sued. The jury did award $2.7m, but the judge clawed it back to $640k. Liebeck likely didn’t get that amount — she and McDonald’s reached a confidential settlement under threat of McDonald’s appealing.
So, the real story isn’t: “Old lady spills coffee and gets millions.”
It’s “McDonald’s ignores hundreds of dangerous incidents for years, then maims a customer for life and refuses to pay her medical bills or change its practices to avoid future incidents. A judge says she’s due a fraction of the jury award, but she doesn’t get it because McDonald’s uses its massive litigation war-chest to force her into a confidential settlement.”
So why did you hear so much about this story? And why was the moral of the story inevitably about how bloodsucking lawyers are victimizing poor l’il multinational corporations like Mickey Dees?
It was propaganda. The “bloodsucking lawyers preying on innocent corporations” story is a creation of the business lobby, which has, for decades, argued that it should be immune to legal consequences when it harms or kills the public. The cause of “tort reform” is, in actuality, a corporate charter of impunity.
It worked. Over the past four decades, corporations have steadily whittled away the public’s right to civil justice, no matter how egregiously a corporation behaves. The main mechanism for this was the expansion of binding arbitration, a 1920s-era law that initially allowed big companies to agree to have their contractual disputes worked out by a mediator, rather than going to court.
Since the 1980s, a series of Supreme Court decisions have steadily expanded binding arbitration, allowing corporations to add “arbitration waivers” to their terms of service, employment contracts and other non-negotiated boilerplates. Today, the mere act of removing some shrinkwrap or clicking a link can result in the permanent loss of your right to sue, no matter how badly a company treats you.
Instead, your grievances will be heard by a corporate arbitrator, a pretend judge who is paid by the company that wronged you. Your case must be heard in isolation, and not part of a class action. The proceedings are secret, and even if you win, you don’t set a precedent for others who are similarly wronged. It’s “a justice system just for corporations.”
American corporations pushed the expansion of binding arbitration waivers as a get-out-of-court-free card, and for many years, it worked. Remember when Wells Fargo forged millions of its customers’ signatures to fraudulently open high-fee accounts in their names? The company argued that because the forged agreements included arbitration waivers, those customers couldn’t sue over the fraud:
Everybody got in on the act. If you’re a Pokemon Go player, you’re stuck in binding arbitration:
Same with Airbnb customers:
Unsurprisingly, Trump loved binding arbitration. One of his first acts as president was to strip nursing home residents of the right to sue, which was great news for the nursing homes that murdered patients by abandoning them to covid:
(Older voters love the GOP, but it sure as hell doesn’t love them back.)
Forced arbitration wasn’t just a matter of civil justice — it was also a matter of economics. As Lina Khan and Deepak Gupta showed in their 2016 American Constitution Society paper “Arbitration As Wealth Transfer,” “Forced arbitration clauses are a form of wealth transfer to the rich”:
But the business leaders who bankrolled the forced arbitration epidemic were — characteristically — overconfident. It turns out that arbitration has weaknesses. It’s possible to do mass arbitration — to automate filing arbitration claims by thousands of corporate victims, which triggers hundreds of millions of dollars in arbitration fees, which the company is on the hook for, win or lose.
Uber was one of the first companies to discover this, when thousands of drivers brought arbitration claims at once. Not only would Uber have to pay for arbitrators in each case, but because arbitration decisions do not constitute precedents, it would have to argue each case, over and over again, even if it won. The company surrendered and paid drivers $146m:
This spooked Amazon, which amended its terms of service for Alexa to remove binding arbitration:
Law-tech firms like Fairshake created automation systems to enable mass arbitration filings at scale and on a budget:
Something wonderful and wild started to happen. The companies that had argued for decades that binding arbitration was, well, binding, began to argue that arbitration waivers were unconstitutional, despite the precedents that they, themselves had bankrolled, at enormous expense.
The poster child of arbitration buyer’s remorse is Intuit, a company that has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars in tax-prep fees from the poorest Americans by tricking them into fake “Free File” products using dark patterns on its website.
Intuit is now facing arbitration at scale — more than 100,000 claims — and a court has ordered them to hire arbitrators to hear each and every one of them. After all it was Intuit — not its customers — who put the arbitration clauses in its terms of service, claiming that court cases were a bad way to resolve their disputes:
Which brings me back to McDonald’s, hot coffee, and juicy stories about giant corporations being abused by the courts.
Have you heard about the Geico STD judgment? A woman caught an STD from her then-boyfriend when they had sex in his car. She won a judgment against him for $5.2m. Geico insures his car. A court has ordered Geico to pay that judgment.
But it’s more complicated than that!
It’s not a court that ordered Geico to pay the judgment — it’s an arbitrator. Geico is one of the companies that forces its customers into arbitration. Why would an insurance company want arbitrators to hear cases about its refusal to pay claims, rather than judges?
I mean, duh. Insurance companies have a long, dishonorable tradition of taking your premiums every month, then stranding you when you actually experience an “insured event,” arguing that the obscure, obfuscating language in their contract doesn’t cover your losses.
The real Geico STD story is this: Geico demanded that the case be heard by its arbitrator, who ruled against Geico, because Geico’s insurance terms did cover this event. Now, Geico is claiming that the arbitration it insisted upon “violates the company’s due process rights” and that its own arbitration agreement is unenforceable.
The case that’s being reported on isn’t about the $5.2m award for the STD. That happened way back in 2021. The case that’s in the news this week is a court telling Geico that when it forces its customers into arbitration, it has to abide by the arbitrator’s decision, even in those rare instances in which the arbitrator finds against the company who pays their fees.
But you wouldn’t know it from the coverage. All this stuff about arbitration is buried way down in the story. The headline is: $5.2m judgment for a venereal disease!
This is McDonald’s Hot Coffee 2.0. Someone pitched this story, and the pitch emphasized the poor, downtrodden corporation (Geico is owned by Warren Buffet and has $32b in assets) — not the fact that Geico is reaping what it sowed. The real story here is: “Corporation seeks to replace civil justice system with a kangaroo court, and gets kicked by its own kangaroo.”
Incidentally, if you miss Adam Conover’s “Adam Ruins Everything” and you have a Netflix password, check out “The G-Word,” his incredible new show about regulatory competence and the deadly threats it holds at bay:
[Image ID: The Adam Ruins Everything title card for 'The Hot Coffee Case.' It is a split panel with Adam Conover on the left at a judge's bench, banging a gavel, and a confused Hamburgler on the right, in the witness box. They are separated by the center of the 'M' in the McDonald's 'Golden Arches' logo. Superimposed over this separator is the Geico lizard.]
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biralina827 · 2 months ago
ENMU Dedicates Casa del Sol Event Facility
ENMU Dedicates Casa del Sol Event Facility
ENMU alumna and philanthropist Dr. Gay Su Pinnell and husband Jeff Forster sit in front of the award-winning Navajo rug made by ENMU alumnus and Master Weaver Irvin Trujillo on display inside the newly dedicated Casa del Sol Event Facility donated by Dr. Pinnell. PORTALES, NM – May 27, 2022 – Thanks to a generous donation from ENMU Alumna Dr. Gay Su Pinnell (BA 66) of Dublin, Ohio, Eastern New…
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